General information

Minitractor Belarus 132n


The universal multifunctional minitractor Belarus 132H is designed to perform on limited and small land areas of a large range of both agricultural and other types of work. These works include:

  • plowing of light soils
  • harrowing,
  • land cultivation
  • inter-row processing of vegetables and melons,
  • grass mowing
  • fertilizer application
  • loading and unloading operations,
  • cleaning the area from debris and snow.

Appointment and complete set of a minitractor

The mini tractor can be successfully used for the transportation of small loads and for carrying out a number of works using stationary mechanisms and units, providing them with mechanical drive from their power take-off shaft (PTO), for example, using pumps, woodworking units.

The production of this universal minitractor Belarus 132N was established at the Smorgon Aggregate Plant (SAZ OJSC), which is part of the Minsk Tractor Plant (MTZ) production holding.

The plant was built in 1982 and specializes primarily in the production of special equipment for public utilities and agriculture. But gradually with the growth of production capacity, the range of products increased significantly. Among the products of the plant should be highlighted:

  • tillers,
  • mini tractor MTZ 152 and 132H,
  • garden tractor,
  • utility equipment based on MTZ tractors,
  • agricultural and communal accessories to mini tractors (plows, harrows, cultivators, brushes, snow plows, etc.),
  • cargo trailers for passenger cars and motoblocks,
  • motor cultivators,
  • components for the tractor MTZ 920.

For the wide and diverse use of the Belarus 132H mini tractor, it is possible to install a large number of attachments and additional equipment. The most optimal and adapted in terms of their design parameters for this model is considered to be equipment, which is also produced at JSC SAZ.

That it allows you to achieve the most efficient and productive work. Among such equipment should be highlighted: plows for various purposes, harrows, potato planters, cutters, potato diggers.

General characteristics of MTZ 132H

Belarus 132H minitractor has all-wheel drive, that is, it has a 4x4 wheel formula. If necessary, when performing a number of works, the rear axle has the ability to turn off. The use of a hinged frame on a tractor is an important feature of the performance of this model.

This design allows you to achieve high maneuverability, increase the permeability of the minitractor, reduce its turning radius. Also important design decisions should be considered the function of cross-wheel locking of the front differential and the possibility of changing the wheel track, which can be 840, 700 and 600 mm.

The MTZ 132H minitractor is completed with a 13 l petrol power unit. with. and manual gearbox. To start the engine, it is possible to use an electric starter or a special pen. The clutch is made in the friction, multi-plate version. The power take-off shaft Belarus 132H has two speeds.

Design and characteristics of the main units Belarus 132H

The following petrol four-stroke engines with air cooling can be installed on the minitractor:

  • Lifan LF 188F D.
  • Honda GX 390.

Both versions have a single-cylinder version, have a volume of 389 cm3, with a nominal capacity of 13.0 liters. with. and fuel consumption of 313 g / (kW / h). Fuel - A92 gasoline.

The plant also produced a limited batch of Belarus MTZ 132, which was completed with two-cylinder petrol four-stroke engines produced by B & S and with a capacity of 16.0 liters. with.

Hydraulic equipment.

The basis of the hydraulic system of the minitractor 132H Belarus is a high-performance gear pump brand NSH6-3-L powered by an engine drive. Also in the hydraulic system includes:

  • single directional valve with spool-valve mechanism,
  • hydraulic cylinder for adjusting the hinged device
  • oil tank with special replaceable filter.

As an option, at the request of the client, it is possible to assemble a front hitch with a hydraulic cylinder


Minitractor MTZ 132, regardless of the engine used in the model, is completed only with mechanical transmission. It also used a 4-speed manual transmission, providing 4 forward gears while driving and 3 rear.

The clutch coupling is made in the friction version, multi-plate version and constantly working in an oil bath. Differential front axle have a lock function, which is carried out by means of a mechanical drive lever, located on the dashboard.

Technical data and parameters of MTZ 132

The following technical characteristics and operating parameters allow the Belarus 132H tractor to carry out a wide range of different works (except for the parameters already noted in the characteristics of the main units):

  1. Traction class - 2.
  2. Traction effort - 2,0 kN.
  3. Dimensions:
    1. Length - 2.50 m.
    2. Width (800 mm gauge) - 1.00 m.
    3. Height - 2.00 m.
    4. The base is 1.03 m.
  4. Total information:
    1. Agroscope - 0.27 m.
    2. Weight - 0.53 tons.
    3. Turning radius - 2.5 m.
    4. Trailer towed weight - 0.70 t.
  5. Movement speed:
    1. The smallest:
      1. forward speed - 2.85 km / h.
      2. reverse - 4.05 km / h.
    1. The greatest:
      1. transport - 17.75 km / h.
      2. reverse - 12.95 km / h.
  6. Wheel size is 210/75 R13.

Advantages and disadvantages of the tractor Belarus 132

In their reviews, the owners of the 132H minitractor distinguish the following advantages that it possesses:

  • four-wheel drive, providing high throughput and enhanced grip,
  • good traction achieved by the installed engine and transmission design,
  • economy and versatility
  • small compact size and high maneuverability allowing the use of a mini-tractor for work in conditions of small and complex areas, as well as for maintenance of livestock farms, farms, greenhouses,
  • 2-speed power take-off shaft providing high-quality operation of attached and auxiliary equipment,
  • the ability to change the gauge allows you to increase the versatility in the performance of agricultural work,
  • convenience of transportation, agricultural machinery can be transferred to the trailer of a car,
  • availability of a large number of various additional equipment,
  • maintainability based on the availability of spare parts and simple tractor design,
  • towing capacity of a loaded trailer weighing up to 7 tons.

In addition to the advantages, the owners of the MTZ 132 tractor also note certain disadvantages of the mini-tractor:

  • the absence of a cabin practically does not allow using the tractor in the winter period of time,
  • when performing work on cleaning the area from snow, you cannot use the front blade and the rear brush at the same time,
  • lack of diesel power unit
  • low-quality crimping of the hoses installed in the hydraulic system,
  • the need for frequent adjustment of steering and clutch.

Additionally, a number of owners express comments on the build quality of attachments produced by SAZ OJSC. Despite the existing disadvantages, the Belarus 132H mini-tractor clearly outweighs them, which makes it highly popular among farmers, summer residents and small utility companies.

Purchase of a mini tractor

It is best to buy Belarus 132N in specialized salons and departments of official MTZ dealers. It is here that will offer the best price offer will provide a guarantee on the purchased equipment, will help to equip the minitractor with the necessary additional equipment. In the majority of such salons there is an opportunity to purchase agricultural machinery by installments or on credit on favorable terms.

The cost of a new tractor starts from 185 0000 rubles. If there are restrictions on financial opportunities to pick up Belarus 132H it is possible on the market for used agricultural machinery. The working version of a minitractor can be picked up, starting from 70,000 rubles.