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Top 10 chainsaws


The chainsaw is an indispensable tool in solving a multitude of problems, from drank shrubs in the backyard to felling and forest processing. Nowadays there are a huge number of models of chainsaws of various brands. All of them differ in characteristics, purpose and price. We have compiled this rating for those who are looking for a good and inexpensive chainsaw for home or country house.

1. Chainsaw CARVER PROMO PSG-45-15

At the moment it is one of the cheapest chainsaws. Will be suitable for performance of single works on a personal plot, but in any way for a felling and sawing up of the wood.

What I would like to mention in this saw is the simple and quick access to the air filter without tools, as well as the Quick Start system, which is designed to start the engine more easily. There is also an anti-vibration system and a special coating on the front handle to absorb vibrations. According to the manufacturer, the body material is made of high quality material that is resistant to low temperatures.

  • Easy start
  • Convenient switch button,
  • The plastic is really durable,
  • Good build
  • Oil never leaks,
  • Convenient to use,
  • Productive and content powerful for this price.
  • Before first use, it is advisable to stretch all the bolts and nuts,
  • For some users it may seem like a bit heavy
  • Chains from the kit may not last long, so it is better to immediately buy a new one.

It is supplied complete with a tank for mixing fuel, a tire, a cover for it, a chain, a hex key, a screwdriver, and a notched stop. Before use, carefully read the instructions for use.

2. Union ПТС-99371

Produced in China under the Russian brand of chainsaws, the Union PTS-99371 has all the standard functions, including an emergency stop system, an easy start system, a primer, an anti-vibration system, and a toothed support. It is also worth noting the quick and convenient access to the air filter and spark plug and a rich complete set.

The set includes a chain, a tire with a cover, a socket wrench, hexagons, a file, a screwdriver, a fuel tank, and a toothed stop. In the TOP 10 best cheap chainsaws for the home, this saw is in third place. Of course, it has drawbacks, but for such money the model is quite good and, if used properly, will last a long time.

  • Great combination of price and quality,
  • Easy and convenient in work,
  • Good build quality and durable case material,
  • Easy to start,
  • Constantly follow the oil supply channel to the chain, as it can be clogged with sawdust,
  • Not very reliable chain tensioning mechanism,
  • It is advisable to immediately change the chain and spark plug to better ones.

Tip! In order not to be mistaken in the purchase, ask the specialists in the store to start and properly adjust the chainsaw.

3. Chainsaw MaxCut MC 146

In second place is a chainsaw of the American brand and Chinese production. It has all the standard features, including automatic adjustable chain lubrication, toothed dog stop, chain catcher. Quite efficient engine of 45 cc has a capacity of 2.9 liters.

The saw uses Easy Start technology, which makes it easier to start the engine. Included are a chain, a tire and its casing, a small set of tools for assembly, as well as a tank for mixing fuel with oil.

  • Built-in protection of the crankshaft and clutch from overheating, as well as anti-vibration system,
  • Affordable price,
  • Easy start even in cold weather
  • A large set of additional elements
  • "Weak" tension mechanism. Some buyers complain that the thread wears on the tensioner very quickly,
  • The power of the chainsaw differs from that stated by the manufacturer in a smaller direction,
  • The chain in the set can be said for the sake of sight - it lasts for a while, quickly becomes dull,
  • Limping plastic quality.

4. Chainsaw Caliber BP-1500

In fourth place is the chainsaw Caliber BP-1500. The model is made in China under the Russian brand. Will be suitable for small works on a personal plot. Equipped with a vibration dampening system, a primer (fuel injection), an emergency stop system, an adjustable oil pump.

The chainsaw comes complete with a hexagon, a toothed stop, a tire and a boot for it, a chain, a screwdriver, a file for sharpening a chain, a tank for mixing fuel

If you do not know which cheap chainsaw is better to buy, then the caliber BP-1500 may be the best option. Judging by the reviews of customers, the model is quite powerful for its class, it is steadily starting and running, inexpensive to repair and maintain.

The best cheap chainsaws for home and garden

Now we have a saw that clearly resembles something ... Hmm, but its design clearly has a lot in common with a very decent "donor" - Komatsu-Zenoah G3700, and this is a good recommendation. How successful was the clone in practice?

The Oregon inscription proudly painted on the tire is good news - it promises the reliability of the saw unit, although the protective plastic on the tire still peels off quickly enough. The tire itself has a length of 35 cm, which is quite enough in domestic use. The chain has the most common pitch - 3/8 inches, there will be no problem finding a replacement.

The motor of the chainsaw is a small two-tactic with a volume that is a little less than 40 cubes. On the one hand, this gives little fuel consumption, on the other hand, the saw is clearly not for heavy work, for this 1.6 horsepower is clearly not enough. The gas tank is also small - 300 ml.

Although the handle of the chainsaw is made of fairly cheap and hard plastic, the vibration level on it is acceptable, and given that the saw is not intended for professional use, it will not tire in its average statistical mode of operation. There are no complaints about the operation of the chain brake.

Alas, the Chinese would not be themselves, do not need a tool in a little fine-tuning after purchase. In this case, we are talking about the carburetor - on many saws, it should immediately be readjusted. The casing was not very well made - sawdust quickly stuffed under it, interfering with the brakes and slowing down the chain itself. However, any tool after work is worth cleaning.

The best household chainsaws

The service life of such devices assumes that they will rarely be used - a maximum of an hour per day. They are not designed for cutting thick tree trunks, respectively, they have small power (up to 2 kW), engine size (about 40 cm ³) and weight. There are other external differences - the household saw is equipped with a 30-40 cm long tire, and safety chains are visible on the chain, which, although limiting the speed of work, reduce the return on the tool, minimizing the possible risks of using the tool.

This is the best chainsaw, if the main task of the tool is to "be in the wings" for cases when for economic needs it is necessary to cut small amounts of firewood from time to time, or to cut trees.

Makita EA 3202 S 40 B

Household saw with Easy-Start quick start system, vibration damping system and automatic lubrication system for important components.

+ Pros Makita EA 3202 S 40 B

  1. Cold start function - it is easy to start up under different weather conditions.
  2. Relatively quiet sound when working.
  3. Low weight - confidently held in the hands.
  4. Spring anti-vibration mechanism provides an almost complete lack of recoil during operation.
  5. Sensitive sensors kickback - when it occurs, the saw immediately stalls and blocks the chain.
  6. Large fuel tank - enough fuel to do everyday work.
  7. Adjustable oil supply for chain lubrication.

- Cons Makita EA 3202 S 40 B

  1. Native gasoline hoses can jump off - it is treated by replacement.
  2. When working in a horizontal position, a chain can fly off - the key for its installation must be kept with you.
  3. Non-standard chain installation - requires some skill.
  4. Inconvenient to cut the end - it is difficult to make an accurate cut.
  5. It is necessary to get used to the system of protection against the return stroke - with unaccustomed saw it can stall without the occurrence of an emergency situation.
  6. The drive sprocket is welded to the clutch drum - if you need to replace it, this increases the cost of repair.

A well-made tool for domestic tasks - cutting building materials and felling thin (up to 20-30 cm in diameter) trees. The low weight makes the saw more comfortable for work requiring mobility, for example, pruning.

Partner P340S

Under this brand, China produces Husqvarna chainsaws - one of the recognized leaders in the industry. The household tool is equipped with automatic chain lubrication, locking system for the return stroke and anti-vibration springs.

+ Pros Partner P340S

  1. The presence of a primer to facilitate the start.
  2. Small weight - if necessary, some time can be cut on outstretched hands.
  3. Low gas and oil consumption
  4. The overall build quality of the engine. It is felt both at work and during storage - there are no oil leaks and similar problems.
  5. Large selection of components - you can buy in retail or order via the Internet.
  6. Convenient design itself is provided with detailed instructions.
  7. Good value for money when used as intended.

- Cons Partner P340S

  1. The back cover and the oil supply pipe on the chain are poorly protected from the ingress of sawdust - for prolonged use, these places must be cleaned.
  2. There is no oil level sensor and gasoline - you have to navigate "by eye".
  3. Poor vibration protection. In addition to the impact on the hands, it affects the bolted connections of the handles - they have to be tightened periodically.
  4. The chain that comes in the kit, it is desirable to immediately replace.
  5. Often clogged air filter.
  6. In the complete set only a chain and a key for its tension.
  7. It is necessary to revise the oil supply hose to the chain - it can be transferred during assembly.

The manufacturer is positioned solely as a household tool for short work on the farm. Owners note that with proper use, the saw is able to serve for many years without any complaints.

Hitachi CS 33 EB

The “trick” of the model is the New Pure Fire system for reducing the force and amount of exhaust, which in addition reduces fuel consumption.

+ Pros Hitachi CS 33 EB

  1. The system is easy to start the engine - after running start up with the first or second throttle jerk.
  2. The light weight of 4.2 kg makes it comfortable to work even in uncomfortable places.
  3. A well-thought-out anti-vibration mechanism - except for the weight of the saw itself, nothing works on the hands.
  4. The overall price-quality ratio even for a household model.
  5. The use of engine exhaust reduction technology is a contribution to the preservation of the environment and an additional reduction in vibration.
  6. The quality of components - many owners of this saw say that it has been working for them for 5-8 years.
  7. Balanced center of gravity.

- Cons Hitachi CS 33 EB

  1. The lack of Russian-language instructions - you need to look separately or understand yourself.
  2. If it heats up and stalls, then until it cools, it will not start.
  3. The air filter can pass fine dust into the carburetor. For treatment, it is necessary to additionally lubricate the gap between its halves.
  4. There is no manual fuel pumping - the airlock is removed for a long time at the very first start - in some cases it is necessary to turn the starter for 20-30 minutes.
  5. The chain is running around - you need to immediately purchase a worker.
  6. Special attention should be paid to the tension mechanism. Before adjustment, be sure to release the tire attachment - otherwise there is a high probability of breakage.
  7. Without additional adjustment, excessive oil consumption for chain lubrication.

Despite the "household" characteristics, due to its weight and reliability, this chainsaw will suit professionals as well as an addition to more powerful models.

The best semi professional chainsaws

Such chainsaws were ranked as the best because of their versatility - they are powerful enough to be used when felling small and medium-sized trees, light enough so that carrying does not create too much inconvenience. If you periodically give such a saw to rest, then without fear it can be used for 4 to 5 hours a day.

These devices can already be used by the economic services or those who work on their own by providing services for cutting trees or sawing firewood. On such tools, an engine with a power of 2-3 kW is installed, with a working volume of 40-60 cm³ and a tire 50-60 cm long.

Criteria for evaluation

When self-selecting a tool is taken into account:

  • the real value of chainsaws,
  • efficiency and drive characteristics of the drive,
  • level of technical equipment,
  • in a number of cases - maintainability and interchangeability of spare parts with similar types of developments of other brands.

Marketing analysis shows that a good inexpensive chainsaw in terms of its basic parameters meets the demands of ordinary citizens, agricultural farms, forest and park services workers.

By all accounts, the best chainsaw for home and garden is an economical, simple in design, convenient to use and durable model of a popular brand with a capacity of one and a half to three horsepower. The budget chainsaw, due to its limited capabilities, is most often purchased for one-time dismantling or construction work.

Published in the information field, the top 10 best chainsaws consist of Shtil, Huskvarna and Hitachi brand models, known for impeccable quality of their products. The test of chainsaws of these manufacturers proved their full compliance with the stated service and operational requirements.

The list also has several popular brand tools ALPINA A 3700 and Daewoo. According to specialists' forecasts, these developments in the “Best Chainsaws 2018” rating will occupy the leading places.

The proposed range of gasoline saws of different brands can be divided into 5 groups.

Chainsaw Caliber BP-2600 / 18U

The powerful benzomotor saw is designed to perform sawing operations with problematic wood trunks with a cross section of up to 400 mm. The performance of the semi-professional category tool provides traction parameters of a 3.5-strong carburetor engine and an 18-inch headset.

In the list of additional benefits of a saw weighing 6.2 kg and costing up to 4500 rubles:

  • in its category, the best cheap saw has a modern industrial design and convenient access to tuning nodes,
  • operation time in autonomy mode,
  • the presence of a primer, diaphragm carburetor, modern lubrication systems and emergency stop.

Huter BS-45M

In an affordable price range is a German chainsaw Huter series BS-45M, which has proven itself among private owners and farmers. The design used the power parameters of the 45-cc gasoline engine drive with an estimated power of 2.3 liters.

The sawing mechanism, equipped with a 16-inch long tire, is lubricated with oil entering the headset in a given volume.

Productivity is regulated by an oil pump.

The design of the tool incorporates a number of exclusive engineering solutions to improve work efficiency and extend the life of component systems and components. In the Russian market, you can buy a tool at an average cost of between 4200-4500 rubles.

DDE CS2512

Light and small chainsaw in this series is focused on the maintenance of gardens and forest-park zones. A tool with a low-toothed carburetor propulsion unit with a power of 1.2 hp and weighing only 3.15 kg is easy to manage and convenient to perform high-altitude work.

The standard equipment has a bracket for mounting the shoulder strap. Compact in transportation and reliable in operation, the tool is part of the equipment of expeditions, tourist groups, emergency departments and lovers of active rest.

Huter BS-52

This model has a semi-professional level, confirmed by:

  • installation of a drive with a working capacity of a cylinder of 52 cm3 and a power of up to 3.4 hp,
  • high-performance saw device with a length of 20 inches,
  • the presence of typical for semi-professional models of launch systems, lubrication and operational safety.

The Huter BS-52 petrol saw, which costs up to 5,500 rubles, is one of the few developments that combines a budget price with increased productivity and quality of standard components.

PATRIOT PT 3816 Imperial

The household saw with a body weight of 5.4 kg is completed with a 38-cc power unit with a capacity of 2 hp. A characteristic feature of the product is the availability of a complete set of technical equipment, including a quick start system for the engine of automatic dosing of chain oil supplied to the Oregon headset.

Optimum working conditions for the operator are ensured by the effectiveness of a standard vibration damper and a silencer, which is convenient for capturing the shape of the body and handles.

Hyundai X 360

The functional successful in all respects South Korean chainsaw series X 360 is focused on a range of economic and construction work. The household class instrument is equipped with a standard 37.2 cm3 power drive with a power of 1.6 hp. and the company 14 inch tire Hyundai with a wear-resistant saw chain Oregon.

The model with the base cost of 6400 rubles has in its composition:

  • starter with quick start device EASY START,
  • convenient location of the chain setting mechanism
  • lubrication system saw mechanism
  • высокий уровень эксплуатационной безопасности с минимальным временем срабатывания тормоза аварийной остановки.


В потребительских рейтингах достойное место занимает бензомоторная пила известного южнокорейского производителя бытовых товаров компании Дэу. In particular, the demand for the semi-professional model of the DACS4516 series has stabilized in the Russian market for household gasoline-powered tools.

The instrument with modern technical and operational parameters is driven by a two-stroke carburetor 45.2 cubic engine with a power of 3.1 hp.

In constructive terms, the saw is easy to distinguish from similar in purpose models:

  • extensive use of light alloys
  • full heat and moisture protection,
  • the presence of wear-resistant nikasilovye coatings on the piston drive group.

The tool kit also has a low-profile chain with a smooth entry into the cut and a plastic case that is convenient for transporting the saw.

Partner P350S

The household saw of general purpose can be used with equal success in a wide range of construction and economic sawing works. The 410 mm professional type tire is activated by a 2 hp engine with a working volume of 38 cm3.

The cost of the tool within 9,000 rubles is repeatedly compensated for by high reliability and long life of the saw, economical fuel consumption and long-term work at high revs with minimum consumption of working time for cooling the power unit.

In the list of design features - located on the handle controls and carburetor with automatic air damper drive.

Husqvarna 440E

Opens the review section of semi-professional gas saws model Husqvarna series 440E. A tool that is universal in many parameters and costs a little over 14,000 rubles, differs from budgetary analogs:

  • driven by an economical and environmentally friendly 2.4 hp X-Torq® engine,
  • Smart Start® easy start system
  • modified in terms of reliability primer
  • built-in switch in reverse mode.

The easy-to-maintain and durable saw of the 440E series has proven itself in operation in all parts of the country, including regions with a harsh climate.

The chainsaw technology of the world leader Efko ahead of many competitors at the start. The model 137 saw costing from 10,600 to 11,000 rubles belongs to the category of lightweight and productive tools for general use.

In the merits of the product:

  • 35-cc engine with 2.2 hp extended life and the saw unit with the guide tire of 410 mm,
  • small weight within 4 kg and ergonomic body configuration that is convenient for long-term operation, minimum noise pressure and vibration,
  • adjustable oil pump system for automated headset lubrication,
  • inertial switch of the emergency chain brake mechanism,
  • increased effective area of ​​the engine air intake filter and collapsible exhaust silencer.

ECHO CS-260TES-10 ″

The semi-professional saw of Japanese production in all respects is not inferior to analogues of the leading European brands. The functionality of this model is focused on household sawing and use in garden and forest-park technologies.

The 12-inch headset is activated by a 1.23-strong subcompact engine with a volume of 27 cm3. The presence of the primer and the ES-start system minimizes the difficulties of cold start.

In the list of advantages of the product:

  • increased engine life
  • two-stage air purification scheme
  • three-piece clutch mechanism
  • presence of a shoulder strap attachment point,
  • 5 year warranty from the manufacturer.

Hitachi CS30EH

The model of semi-professional level in terms of quality and effectiveness of use is identical to the best developments of European and Asian manufacturers. The versatile saw of the CS30EH series is designed for small home and construction sawing jobs.

The instrument with its own weight of 3.4 kg is equipped with a 34-cubic two-stroke gasoline-powered drive, with a capacity of 1.8 hp. Complete with a 14-inch professional headset that is compact and convenient to work in hard-to-reach places. The cost of 21,000 thousand rubles. 100% meets the quality of the saw and the level of its technical equipment.

Makita EA3203S40B

In the production of competitive high-grade chainsaw machinery, Makita, known for the quality of its products, implements its activity. One of the most successful developments is the EA3203S40B gasoline saw.

The tool in the price range from 11,200 to 11,600 rubles works from a subcompact gas-powered drive with a capacity of 1.81 hp. Due to the high traction characteristics of the engine, the professional work of a professional 16-inch saw mechanism is ensured.

Periodically updated rating of semi-professional chainsaws of this brand over the past years has tended to stable growth.


The products of Shtil company are in special demand in the domestic and European markets for chainsaw equipment. In the list of the most popular and sought-after developments - the model series MS 180 C-BE.

The design of the saw includes a reliable and stable in operation engine with a working displacement of 32 cm3 and a power of 2 hp. realizing the full activation of the drive of a standard sawing unit with a length of 400 mm. Structural nuances - easy start system, convenient access to internal systems, units and chain tensioning mechanism.

Professional chainsaws

There are few people who want to buy an expensive professional-grade chainsaw. In private and private farms to realize the power of a powerful and productive tool is extremely difficult.

The scope of application of a professional power saw equipment includes:

  • logging,
  • large-scale construction
  • Work on felling and sawing of increased complexity.

A characteristic feature of professional chainsaws:

  • large reserve of engine power and torque,
  • reliability of components and systems
  • high level of equipment,
  • increased autonomy and stability of the temperature mode of the engine during continuous operation at high speeds.

Husqvarna 372 XP 18 ″

Easy, powerful and productive in work the tool is focused on application in the conditions of big operational loadings. A saw weighing 6.1 kg is activated by a carburetor gasoline engine with a cylinder working capacity of 70.7 cm3 and a power of 5.3 hp.

The Husqvarna Series 372 XP 18 ″ comes with a high-performance branded headset with a guide rail up to 70 cm long and a durable saw chain.

The main advantages of this model include:

  • comfortable in terms of noise and vibration conditions of the operator,
  • stability of the gasoline drive traction characteristics regardless of external factors
  • convenient for the location of the main and minor controls.

The selling prices for this model vary in the range of 40,000 rubles, according to experts, the ratio of cost and quality for this power category is optimal.

Hitachi CS 40 EL

The tool of a professional class is the best assistant when performing sawing and free works. The saw made from qualitative materials with power up to 2,86 hp differs from similar developments of other manufacturers by their versatility, increased lifespan, and resistance to workloads.

The benzomotor drive with a working capacity of a cylinder of 43 cm3 and a torque reserve of the CS 40 EL series saws ensures efficient operation of the saw unit with a length of 16 inches.

In the list of tool benefits:

  • affordable price in the range of 18,000 rubles,
  • small weight within 4 kg,
  • modern design and balancing,
  • stability of performance
  • addition of the system of easy start-up of the engine by the decompression valve.

Hyundai X 560

This model of the well-known South Korean brand can be easily distinguished from similar developments with a combination of democratic cost and high-performance technical and operational capabilities.

The tool, which costs up to 12,000 rubles, has a set of basic accessories, complemented by exclusive design solutions.

In advantages of this model:

  • equipped with an economical carburetor Valbro 49.3 cc 3-strong gasoline engine drive with increased lifespan,
  • brand vibration damper,
  • adapted to the difficult climatic conditions of the engine start system.


Professional chainsaw Patriot series PT 6220 in its power category at a price belongs to the line of budget tools, its average cost is at the level of 11000-11600 rubles.

Model PT 6220 takes advantage of a reliable and easy-to-maintain two-stroke carburetor engine with a working volume of 62 cm3. Traction parameters of a 4-strong power unit provide a drive of a 20-inch headset with Oregon-branded components.

In the list of benefits of the tool should be noted:

  • the minimum time interval for the actuation of the inertial brake emergency stop,
  • modified scheme of automatic lubrication of the saw mechanism,
  • effective vibration damper, excellent balancing and ergonomic design of the saw as a whole.


The above review of professional-grade chainsaws completes the model of the well-known brand Calm of the MS 361 series. For this chainsaw weighing only 4 kg, a 43-cc brand engine with a capacity of up to 2.86 hp was developed. The tool can be operated with headsets from 38 to 46 mm long.

The characteristic properties of the model Calm MS 361:

  • optimum combination of weight and power parameters,
  • Magnesium alloy light engine crankcase
  • availability of a quick start device, supplemented with a decompression valve.


General purpose tool with a capacity of 2.9 hp, initially focused on the performance of short sawing operations in the construction and economic sphere. Drive 450 mm-th tires implemented traction properties 45-cc engine.

The budget-priced (only 8,000 rubles) saw is equipped with modern and efficient launch systems, lubrication of loaded units and safety.

In the list of operational equipment:

  • automatic dosing of chain lubrication,
  • inertial activation of the emergency stop brake,
  • good balance and modern design of the instrument as a whole.

Husqvarna 240

Household model of a well-known brand with a capacity of 2 hp and the cubic capacity of the benzomotor drive 32.2 cm3 contains in its design engineering solutions characteristic of the semi-professional model range. The tool comes with an economical and environmentally friendly carburetor drive, developed using X-TORQ technology.

In the list of design features:

  • effective vibration damper type LowVib,
  • rubber anti-slip pads on the arms,
  • the most simple and effective injecting air cleaning system Air Injection,
  • twin carburetor throttle control and the inclusion of the "Stop" mode.

In terms of improvement, the primer and the inertia switch of the emergency braking mechanism are improved.

Makita EA3202S40B

Chainsaw famous Japanese brand is made in China. One of the most successful company developments received a modern economical 32-cc engine with a power of 1.8 hp.

The length of the 400 mm set allows you to work with industrial and construction wood with a section of 350 mm and more.

Construction tool provides:

  • minimum parameters of vibration and noise pressure,
  • operator-friendly single-lever control of basic work functions,
  • long time between overhauls,
  • Easy engine restart due to Memory-Power-Ignition technology.


Japanese saw ECHO series CS-350WES-14 on the basic parameters is identical to the best analogues of the European range.

  • The model of a household class in terms of equipment and operational reliability can claim to be semi-professional status.
  • With its own weight of 3.68 kg, the saw is activated by a 2-horsepower engine of increased power, with a working capacity of the cylinder of 35.8 cm3. The kit includes a proprietary sawing device with an extended guide rail.
  • The cost of the tool is 18,000 rubles.

This indicator is compensated by a full set of modern equipment. In the presence of a semi-automatic drive valve carburetor, a device to control the bypass valves of the engine and three-cam clutch.

CALIBER BP-1800 / 16U - the most inexpensive model

One of the most inexpensive gasoline saws for domestic use. Saws small trees, cuts thick branches and bushes. Allows you to harvest firewood for the winter.

Saws thick boards across and along the fibers. An electronic ignition system is provided for reliable start-up of a gasoline engine.


  • Very affordable price for such characteristics.
  • Vibration protection.
  • Rich equipment.


  • Noisy.
  • Weak branded tire and chain.

CARVER PROMO PSG-45-15 - optimal for the garden plot

Easy enough tool to work on the garden plot. The power of the two-stroke engine is enough for sawing small logs, boards, and bars. Applied automatic lubrication system of the cutting chain.

It is possible to confidently start in the warm and cold season. Equipped with an emergency brake to stop the chain saw under abnormal operating conditions.


  • Simple, easy to use design.
  • Powerful enough engine.
  • Price.


  • Too much plastic in the design.
  • Too heavy to work at height.

Top chainsaws among semi-professionals

Designed for felling trees, sawing logs. Used for construction work. Equipped with a 40-stroke two-stroke engine

60cm³, capacity 2

3kW Completed with low profile chains.

The crankcase is made of hardened polymer. Limited to continuous use in the range of 4

6 o'clock. As an auxiliary tool in logging, they are used as delimbers.

Union PTS-99452T - inexpensive among semi-professionals

An affordable, semi-professional saw with a gasoline two-stroke engine, will perform a wide range of actions for sawing wood for household and construction needs.

The length of the tire and engine power is enough for felling of trees of medium diameter. Will replace the professional tool as a lopper.


  • Inexpensive price in its class.
  • Starts in any weather.
  • Suitable for harvesting firewood in your home.


  • Weak plastic.
  • Craftsmanship build.

PATRIOT PT 5220 Imperial - optimal for medium difficulty logging

Reliability and durability contributes to the use of most components of metal components. The length of the tire allows you to dump a tree of any diameter.

The design provides for a side tension mechanism of the chain. Built-in protection against accidental launch. Provided with a button to swap the fuel mixture. The duration of the work contributes to semi-automatic carburetor.


  • Long tire.
  • Powerful engine.
  • Rich equipment.


  • Heavy for small jobs.
  • Established chain leaves much to be desired, stretches like rubber.

Bison PBTs-560 45DP - convenient on site

A semi professional chain saw is ideal for use on the construction site. It will be used in the construction of agricultural buildings. Engine power and fuel tank capacity will extend the workflow to 4

A steady sawing process is ensured by the Japanese carburetor, good balancing and chain design.


  • Powerful, reliable saw for medium-sized works.
  • Excellent weight distribution and ergonomics.
  • Almost no vibration on the handles.


  • Noisy.
  • Heavy to work at height.

Husqvarna 440e 9671558-45 - a universal saw for versatile tasks

Convenient, easy to use semi-professional tool. Allows you to produce a wide range of work - from logging to construction and art works.

Equipped with an economical and environmentally friendly gasoline engine. Built-in system "Quick Start". Ergonomic body and handles with anti-vibration protection.


  • High performance and easy to use tool.
  • There are no smelly exhausts.
  • Economical.


  • Sometimes there are problems with cold start.
  • The case for transportation is not provided.

Top professional chainsaws

The chainsaw is designed for a wide range of jobs. Equipped with a 60 engine

90cm ³, power up to 6kW. The design is designed for long continuous operation in difficult conditions. A shift can last up to 8

12 hours a day.

The total resource reaches 2000 hours. Carter is made of metal. High performance provides full-profile chain saw. Professional models are mainly used in logging.

Friendship-4M - the most massive in the Soviet period

Old-timers of the Russian market, who came from the Soviet era. Equipped with a two-stroke single-cylinder engine that allows you to perform basic wood operations - to cut middle trees, saw logs, cant, planks, and procure firewood. Successfully used in private farms during construction work.


  • Simple clear design.
  • Unpretentious in operation.
  • Availability of spare parts.


Ural - budget domestic professional

Domestic professional, developed on the basis of chainsaws Friendship. It has a more powerful engine, which predetermined the purpose of the tool - industrial logging.

Конструкция имеет очень удобные ручки, вынесенные вперёд, позволяющие трудиться в глубоком снегу. Удобству работы способствует возможность поворота пильного полотна на 90 градусов.


  • Доступная цена, особенно, по сравнению с импортными аналогами.
  • Мощный надёжный двигатель.
  • Простота в управлении.


  • Громкий звук.
  • Двигатель чадит при работе.

Makita EA4301F38C – надёжный универсал

Easy enough chainsaw with universal use. It features an even and clean cut, which allows it to be successfully used in the construction of building structures from a wooden frame.

It is used in gardening dachas for tree and shrub care. Differs in safe operation, - in the event of a shock recoil or an emergency, the brake quickly blocks the movement of the chain saw.


  • The best price for technical specifications.
  • Two modes of operation, depending on the season.
  • Easy sure start engine.


  • A little expensive for the garden.
  • Poor equipment.

Husqvarna 372 XP - for very difficult conditions

Professional tool for working in difficult conditions of logging. The length of the tire and the powerful gasoline engine make it possible to cut down most trees during a work shift without stopping the engine.

The saw differs in quality of assembly and reliability of knots. The crankshaft is made of forged steel; the crankcase is made of magnesium. The design used a reliable and effective anti-vibration system that facilitates the work of a lumberjack.


  • Powerful reliable engine.
  • High-quality assembly.
  • Effective vibration protection system.


  • Heavy, but it is from unaccustomed.
  • A little expensive for domestic purposes.