General information

Several ways to quickly and accurately pluck a broiler


The manual plucking method is reliable and efficient. He has his strengths and weaknesses. This type of splint is divided into:

  • dry way
  • scalding method
  • mixed way.

The first method is resorted to only in the case when it is not possible to use others. The advantage in this case is that the pen stays dry. Pluck the chicken in this way begin immediately after slaughter, while the carcass is warm. If you miss the time, then remove the feathers will be problematic.

  • When blood is drawn from the carcass, the bird is placed on a flat surface and the feather is removed from the tail and wings with quick, sharp movements.
  • The feathers of the spinal and thoracic regions are removed against the direction of growth of the feather, taking them in small bunches.

The disadvantage of dry plucking - the process takes a long time, up to 30 minutes. In addition, small plucked feathers fly around the room.

If you need to process a lot of birds, it is better to pre-scald chicken.

  • Before stabbing a chicken, you need to heat the water to + 90 degrees and pour it into a deep bowl so that the water does not reach the edges.
  • The slaughtered chicken must be raised with its paws up, and wait until blood is drained from the carcass.
  • It will take up to 4 minutes.

After scalding, pluck feathers carefully, as skin can be torn off and plucked chicken will lose its presentation.

Then you should dip the chicken in hot water for 40-50 seconds. During this time, the carcass must be carefully turned from one side to the other. After the time, put the bird on the table and start plucking it. This should be done in the direction of the pen. The process of plucking with this method takes up to 20 minutes. It is most convenient to delete feathers in the following order:

The disadvantage of this method is that indoors, during work, an unpleasant smell is established. Therefore, the room for work must choose such that it can be aired.

A good method of quick and high-quality plucking is a mixed way. To use it, you need to cook:

  • hot (up to + 90 degrees) water,
  • thick fabric
  • bulk dishes.

Put the slaughtered bird into hot water for 5-10 seconds, let the water flow for 5-8 seconds and tightly wrap the carcass in the fabric. Well, if you still put the carcass in the package.

Leave the bird for about fifteen minutes. Over time, the chicken is placed on a flat surface, begin to pinch. This process is fast and efficient.

Mechanical way

If there are a lot of chickens in the household, the manual method will quickly tire the owners. Engineers helped solve this problem. They offered a special nozzle to the breeders of birds, which can be bought in specialized stores. Its surface is evenly studded with silicone “bolts”. This nozzle is fixed on the drill or screwdriver. The device is ready for operation.

The principle of operation of this nozzle is as follows:

  • When you turn on the tool and approach the carcass, silicone "bolts" tear out feathers.
  • The owner only brings it to the chicken for a certain distance in the place where the feathers are still preserved.

The work on plucking birds takes little time: in 5 minutes you can quickly clean the broiler from feathers. But this work requires caution: this can damage the skin of a bird. Then she can not go on sale.

A farmer is also found in farms, which facilitates and simplifies the work of plucking.

Get to hard to reach places

When plucking for ease of work you need to follow a certain sequence. To hard-to-reach places are taken last:

  • small feathers remain on the upper legs. If you can not remove them with tweezers, then it is better to chop them off with the legs and throw them out,
  • there is a feather on the tail and on the wings, which is difficult to pluck. Only tweezers and even pliers will help here.
  • after the removal of a large feather, you must once again walk on the thighs and abdomen. Tossing the chicken from one side to the other, grasping with fingers, we pluck all the fine fluff and hemp,
  • at last pull out the stumps and the remaining feathers should be under the wings. This is convenient to do with tweezers.

How to singe the carcass correctly

Chickens are rubbed with flour, so as not to burn the meat. The resulting soot is easily washed off with water.

What to do next with plucked chicken? It is necessary to sing it in order to remove the down, feather, hairs remaining on the carcass.

  • First you need to dry the bird well, then rub it with flour.
  • To singe the bird, use a gas burner or a gas stove burner.
  • When working indoors, you should ensure good ventilation.
  • Holding the chicken in your hands, bring it in different sections to the fire for 2-4 seconds. With more contact with the flame, the skin of the chicken may burst.
  • After singing the carcass should be washed.

Gutting process

Next you need to gut the chicken. The main condition is to maintain the integrity of the pancreas and intestines. Their damage is detrimental to the quality of the meat: it will become bitter. Eviscerate perform strictly in a certain sequence:

  • removing the ass along with guts,
  • removal of goiter from the esophagus,
  • removal of viscera.

Nutritional insides: stomach, heart, and liver. Everything else goes to waste.

Now the bird is cut and cooked. If the meat is laid in the freezer, you need to remember that it should be stored no more than three days. Then the meat loses its taste. The best bird is feathered, stabbed yesterday or the day before.

Plucking broilers in a poultry farm

Industrial volumes dictate a different method of plucking chickens at poultry farms. Preference is given here perosemnym machines. Machines are divided into different categories according to the following criteria: speed, volume. Plucking at the poultry farm is as follows:

  • after slaughter carcasses are subjected to heat treatment. For this bath is filled with water (+ 70 degrees), which is diluted with salt. Air enters the baths, creating a sensation of boiling water. Chickens suspended by the legs, immersed in water for 3 minutes. During this time, the skin softens and allows the pen to be easily removed,
  • Regardless of the type of machine (cyclo-automatic or disk), the principle of their work is the same. Rubber or rubber tips eject feathers from the carcass. Water is constantly supplied to the device, washing away the remote pen.

The carcass is plucked instantly. To give it a commodity form, further plucking is done manually. The complete process of removing the pen takes about five minutes.

How to explain the stiffness of broiler meat

Home broiler meat is much tougher than chickens from a poultry farm. This can be explained as follows:

  • poultry farms use a variety of drugs that stimulate the growth of birds. At home, breeders are trying to grow an environmentally friendly product,
  • home broiler - active bird, real athlete. Therefore, she has a developed muscular system. And a factory broiler is a bird, limited in movement, it sits more than moves.

The quality of the meat also depends on how old the bird is. The older she is, the tougher the meat.

How to deal with the meat of sick chicken

Many owners are concerned that their bird is falling ill. And it is not clear: is it possible to eat such chicken meat?

Experts are inclined to believe that with good cooking, the meat of such chicken does not pose a danger, since the majority of poultry diseases are viral in nature. A highly processed virus dies. Definitely, eggs of sick chickens can not be eaten. You can not eat offal unhealthy poultry.

What to do with the pen

When plucking, you must immediately sort the pen. This will help further in its application.

Small and medium feathers are used for stuffing feather beds, pillows. For this fit and a large pen. But it must first be split.

From this material, you can create a decorative panel or bouquet.

For any work you need a feather and not a single bird. Time after time, the material is bagged and dried. When it has accumulated enough, the pen in the mesh is dipped in soapy water for 30 minutes, then rinsed and dried. It is good to do this in the summer: you can dry in the sun.

Finished pen can be used for its intended purpose.

Of course, the process of slaughter chickens is not for the faint of heart, but sooner or later any poultry farmer will have to face it. Therefore, it is best to get acquainted with this process in detail so as not to bring suffering to your pets and yourself, and also not to spoil the meat, because then the whole process of feeding broilers and chickens will go down the drain. On it we say goodbye to you, good luck on your seasonal dacha.