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Treatment by bee stings: indications for the use of apitherapy


Another unpleasant and extremely common problem of the male half of the population is prostatitis, which does not allow many members of the stronger sex to live normally, turning ordinary everyday life into a real nightmare. However, an alternative to traditional means of official medicine, to combat this is not at all a pleasant ailment, there are also the bites of the same, tiny pets that collect pergu, honey, propolis for us, and even give their small lives for us.

Moreover, apitherapy sting points for prostatitis video will show available and simple, and it will not take long to look for them. Everything is clear and simple there, however, it is worthwhile to ensure that the procedure is carried out by a specialist, and not by you, when you first see the bees at such a short distance. Interestingly, bee stings are practiced only according to a pattern, but also in the foreskin (never to be confused with the head).

Where and how to conduct treatments with bee venom?

Therapy is carried out in a special room, equipped with the necessary equipment.

The person settles himself as it is convenient for him and after that the specialist begins his work.

After all the poison has entered the body, the sting is immediately removed. The whole operation takes about twenty minutes.

After removing the stinger, the wound is smeared with Vaseline, after which the person must lie down for another 30 minutes.

With good health the patient is allowed to go home.

Important information and contraindications to the use of apitherapy

To control the correctness of the procedure, it is necessary to observe the following recommendations:

  1. Increasing the dosage occurs gradually.
  2. At the time of therapy, it is worthwhile to eat dairy and vegetable products, saturated with minerals and vitamins.
  3. It is necessary to follow all the principles of a healthy lifestyle.
  4. You need to avoid fatty, smoked, spices, alcohol and other harmful products.
  5. It is necessary to avoid strong physical exertion for an hour after the procedure.
  6. You should not sunbathe in the sun, go to the baths, engage in heavy physical labor.
  7. It is necessary to postpone the next session if swelling and redness remain on the skin.
  8. The procedure is not carried out during menstruation.
  9. To improve the healing effect, it is necessary to take other bee products as agreed with the doctor.
  10. Procedures are always performed at the same time.

List of contraindications for apitherapy:

  • intolerance to bee venom (idiosyncrasy).
  • lactation period
  • bee products allergy,
  • carrying a child
  • adrenal pathology,
  • postponed tuberculosis,
  • postponed hepatitis
  • relapse of infectious and chronic pathologies,
  • one month after the introduction of prophylactic vaccination,
  • renal, hepatic, cardiac or respiratory failure,
  • type 1 diabetes,
  • Addison's disease
  • malignant tumors,
  • children under 5 years old.

How to be treated by bees is a very interesting video, be sure to take a look!

Nature has given us the opportunity to stay young, healthy and beautiful as long as possible.

Let's not neglect such a generous gift and use every chance to be happier.

This will help us the most effective method, proven for centuries, apitherapy.