General information

Dodonov's coop: building comfortable housing for chickens with their own hands


Thinking about breeding hens, first of all create appropriate conditions for them. This can be done only if there is a coop equipped according to all the rules. The question can be solved in two ways: buy a finished structure or build it yourself.

DIY building

Before you start designing and assembling the house, you need to decide on its location. Chickens react to extraneous noise, so they choose a place away from highways, pumping stations, and residential buildings.


Focusing on the projects of Dodonov, you need to determine the optimal dimensions of the future construction:

  1. For 5-7 hens, with a mini open-air cage under the same roof: 260x185x185 cm (D / Ш / В).
  2. For 10 chickens, with an open-air cage under one roof: 352x225x223 cm.
  3. 10-15 hens, with an open-air cage under one roof: 480x230x235 cm.
  4. For 10-15 hens with an open-air cage: the dimensions of the house are 315x235x205 cm, the dimensions of the enclosure are 300x260x150 cm.
  5. For 20 chickens, with an open-air cage under one roof: 375x380x235 cm.
  6. 30-40 chickens: with an open-air cage under one roof: 640x460x230 cm.

In choosing the dimensions of the future structure one can also be guided by the recommendations of livestock specialists: with floor content per 1 m2, there should be no more than 2 heads, and with cellular maintenance, no more than 4 heads.

Do I need a foundation

All models of stationary chicken coops Dodonova raised above the ground level structures. To do this, he uses the legs with a height of 15 cm. But for self-assembly of a poultry house, they can be replaced by concrete posts, screw piles or other supports. You can also install a house for birds on a strip foundation.

The advantages of structures raised above the ground level are that the risk of damage to the structure by rodents and the penetration of predators is minimized. The lower overlap is not in contact with moisture and is ventilated, which prolongs its life and eliminates the development of rot and mold.


The choice of tools depends on the type of materials that will be used for the construction of the floor, walls and roof.

But in any case, you will need:

  • Drill or screwdriver,
  • Hacksaw or jigsaw,
  • Metal shears,
  • A circular saw,
  • Improvised tool: screwdrivers, pliers, hammer,
  • Roulette,
  • Construction bubble level is at least 80 cm long.

Dodonov chicken coops are built on frame technology.

For the construction of such structures are required:

  • Moisture-resistant plywood or OSB not less than 8 mm thick - for frame plating,
  • A bar with a section of 100х100 mm - for installation of a framework, racks for the open-air cage, the device of the top and lower binding,
  • Boards 100-150 mm wide and 40-50 mm thick for the construction of a truss system,
  • Insulation (for year-round models): mineral wool plates or foam plastic with a thickness of 50-100 mm,
  • Facing materials to protect the walls: plastic or metal siding, wall paneling, block house,
  • Waterproofing materials: roofing felt, coating mastic (if the chicken coop will be built on a concrete foundation),
  • Facing materials for the roof: slate, ondulin, professional sheet, metal tile.


In developing his projects, Dodonov was guided by one rule: comfort for birds and convenience for the farmer. Therefore, all models of the poultry houses of the author - is the embodiment of this principle. The range of houses of different sizes and purposes.

The most demanded model has the following dimensions:

This building is designed for the maintenance of a small herd: from 10-15 birds. It is such a livestock more often plant gardeners and owners of private farmsteads. The coop has an attractive appearance, it is made of modern reliable materials.

Maintenance of the structure, caring for the herd, is easy. The author accompanies his projects with detailed instructions, which explains all the nuances of operation.

But even a small construction weighs a lot: about a ton. Therefore, transportation of the mounted house is not always convenient. A better solution would be the installation at the place of delivery.

Therefore, chicken coops are mainly supplied unassembled. Each design meets the requirements for poultry.

All nuances are taken into account:

  • The wooden elements of the house are treated with special compounds that protect from moisture and damage caused by insects,
  • The lower zones are protected by metal nets and galvanized metal that prevent the penetration of predators and rodents,
  • The lower floor of the building is ventilated, since the house is raised above the ground with the help of supports,
  • There are windows and doors,
  • Each model is equipped with lamps in the quantity necessary to create a comfortable light for birds.
  • Each lamp is equipped with a protective canopy,
  • The package includes avodoilki and avtokormushki,
  • The house is zoned, there are places for feeding, rest and laying eggs.

The assortment has stationary and mobile chicken coops. In the presence of drawings and all the necessary materials, the Dodonov chicken house is easy to build with your own hands.

But first you need to choose the design that will meet all the wishes.

Buy or build

To decide what is more profitable to buy or build, consider all the "pros" and "cons" of each method.

The advantages of buying a finished chicken coop:

  • Lack of troubles in finding and purchasing materials, performing calculations and design work,
  • There is no need to purchase equipment (lamps, car feeders, auto drinkers),
  • Save time and effort.

The advantages of building a hen house Dodonov do it yourself:

  • The possibility of modifying the project to fit your needs,
  • Can use cheaper materials
  • Savings on transportation or delivery of the finished design,
  • You can save on the exterior design of the house (for example, to make a roof not from an ondulin or metal tile, like in Dodonov, but from slate or sheeting).

Types and models

The house of Dodonov is a comfortable building, the design of which takes into account all the requirements for the maintenance of poultry and the characteristics of its behavior. The author of the projects is an experienced canal that offers a wide range of houses for the herd.

In the catalog of chicken coops there are structures for different purposes:

  • Summer
  • Winter
  • With aviaries and without them.

Premium class

These houses for chickens are different original layout of the house, the grounds for it, design. Each element and construction site meets all the requirements for houses for the maintenance of poultry.

High-quality insulation of the structure allows you to maintain the optimum temperature in the most severe frosts. The base on which the house is installed is mounted from a bar with a section of 100x150 mm. The wood is pre-treated with protective compounds from rotting.

Class "standard"

Models of the class "standard" are affordable, but also comfortable. There are winter and summer options for poultry houses. Structurally, they are a "trailer" on a platform with legs, which is divided into two parts, united by one roof.