General information

Sofas from pallets with their own hands


The main purpose of pallets, or pallets - neat stacking and safe transportation of building materials and any other goods that require extremely careful handling. These products are made of wood and may have a square or rectangular shape, slightly different from each other in size.

Where to get these same pallets? You have three options:

  • contact construction hypermarkets,
  • order the manufacture of products in the carpentry workshop,
  • use the help of friends working in the warehouses of building materials.

In any of these cases, the pallets will cost you a minimum amount.

Craftsmen have long and successfully made from pallets with their own hands a variety of products for home and household. Including, quite comfortable, practical, aesthetic furniture. Today we will tell how to use pallets to create a beautiful sofa that will take its rightful place in your home and help you save money.

Making a sofa of pallets: what is needed for making furniture

What do you need to make a quality sofa out of pallets for your home, cottage, or relaxing in the garden? The bearing element of the future product is the pallets themselves. They will need at least 6 pieces, but if you have the opportunity, it is better to buy eight pallets in case of unforeseen breakdowns or other force majeure.

In addition, you need to stock up on the following materials, accessories and tools:

  • steel corners for interconnecting individual elements of future furniture,
  • screws or nails,
  • a hammer, screwdriver or screwdriver, a hacksaw in case you need to slightly adjust the dimensions of the pallet,
  • primer, varnish or paint, as well as brushes or rollers for painting the base of your sofa,
  • furniture legs, accessories, cushions, fabric with any filling. You can also use upholstery and foam rubber separately - in this case, you will need a stapler and many, many clips.

Before you make a sofa with your own hands, you also need to prepare pallets. To do this, we make disinfection of pallets, thoroughly clean them from any contamination, grind, remove knots and tease, then we first coat it with a primer, and then paint or varnish. The choice of color depends solely on your taste preferences.

The easiest sofa of pallets

To begin, we will tell you how to make your own hands the most simple sofa of pallets. Despite the fact that its production takes a minimum of time, the product can still be fully used in a city apartment or a country house. All work is performed in this order:

  • from four pallets we make the basis of future furniture. They are stacked in pairs and fastened together to ensure maximum structural strength. Then, legs or castors can be screwed to the lower pallets so that the base looks as solid as possible,
  • we cut another pallet in half and make a backrest out of it on the sofa. If you want to increase its strength characteristics, you can use two whole pallets for this purpose,
  • in the presence of two more pallets, it is also possible to actually make armrests with your own hands, making the sofa more comfortable to use,
  • the sofa is still upholstered furniture, so you need a ready-made mattress or foam rubber, which is great for use as a filler. It is laid on the base and covered with the fabric of your choice,
  • we fasten the upholstery on the back side of the pallets with clips and a stapler. You can also use small nails and a hammer, but the first option is much more convenient.

Now you just have to set up your own ready-made sofa anywhere in your home and use it for all sorts of purposes.

In exactly the same way you can make a corner sofa. To make it, you will need either six rectangular or eight square pallets, which are immediately placed in the corner of the room and equipped with filler and upholstery.

Comfortable sofa with drawers for storage and bed linen

Now we will try to complicate the task and make a more practical sofa with our own hands, in the lower part of which there will be drawers for storing bed linen or clothes. In addition to the tools and accessories already listed above, for this purpose we will also need:

  • plywood sheets approximately 2-5 millimeters thick. It is from them that you can make strong and roomy drawers,
  • fittings - guides and rollers, as well as handles for boxes,
  • connecting elements - all the same screws or nails. You can also use quality glue to make drawers.

A straight or corner sofa is made of pallets in the same way as we described in the previous paragraphs, so we will tell only about how to make and install the boxes:

  • we make our own bottom of plywood, as well as the side and back wall of products,
  • to make the front wall, you can use the board from pallets, chosen exactly according to the size of the box,
  • if necessary, paint the finished products with your own hands or paste them with a special film to improve the appearance,
  • We attach metal guides to the pallets located at the base of the sofa,
  • screw the roller to the plywood structure with your own hands.

If everything was done correctly, the box should be easily removed and moved back along the guide.

The sofas from pallets presented here are inexpensive and practical furniture that you can easily make with your own hands with a minimum set of tools and accessories. In addition, you can endlessly experiment with the appearance of products - paint the base in different colors, open them with varnish, glue them with decorative film or wallpaper. The ability to independently choose the fabric for upholstery also opens up virtually unlimited horizons for the design of future furniture.


In conclusion, it is worth noting that making a sofa out of pallets with your own hands is quite easy and simple. It does not require special skills in the joinery and the availability of professional tools. Even a newbie will be able to cope with the workflow. Self-assembled sofa from the pallet will please the owners with high technical characteristics, ease of maintenance, mobility and the ability to move from place to place, due to low weight.

Features and benefits

Wooden pallets or pallets are boxes for storing and transporting various goods, building materials or products. Such boxes can often be seen around grocery stores, in warehouses. However, in skillful hands, these unpolished and coarse objects can acquire a completely different face.

Furniture and other items made from pallets fit perfectly into eco-style, loft and scandi styles, and are well suited to country houses and summer cottages. It's all about the tree, which is not hidden upholstery and pillows. The texture of the material gives the interior a natural warmth, purity and freshness. Light passes easily through the cracks in the pallet boards - such furniture does not clutter the space. In addition, such a sofa is very light, you can move it anywhere, which cannot be said about its massive “comrade” of chipboard and foam rubber.

But the most important advantage of furniture from pallets is cheapness. Such a design solution can afford even a student in a dorm.

The decor of these sofas can also be different. You can leave the tree clean, just smooth polishing it. Lacquer coating will give strength and shine.

You can cover the wood with a stain - it will give a deeper and darker shade.

Well lays on pallets water-based paint. The sofa created using the techniques of “aging” of the tree will look great. You can add furniture by cutting, burning out or applying decoupage.


Sofa of pallets can be designed for different rooms and purposes. For giving or at home in the city will suit:

  • A small sofa bench with a back.
  • Ottoman for the rest.

For home interior, you can consider options:

  • An ottoman or bed with a headboard.
  • Bed based on the pallet.
  • Sofa with armrests.
  • Corner sofa.
  • Children's sofa bed.

And in the country, and in the city apartment upholstered furniture from wooden pallets will perfectly complement the "cabinet" of the same materials. Coffee tables, dining tables, breakfast trays in bed, shelves for magazines and books, hanging shelves - all this can be done from the pallet in the same style as the main piece of furniture.

The sofa can have a back (then it will be used for sitting) or a small headboard (then it will become a place to sleep). It is easy to supplement such a sofa with armrests, drawers from the bottom, to make it completely closed on three sides.

You can turn the pallets into a couch - a sofa in oriental style, on which you can lie and eat / smoke a hookah at the same time.

Most often, the construction is simple: a base is made from a pallet on which a mattress is placed on top. You can specially order a comfortable mattress of the appropriate size and cover it with a beautiful cloth. A retro mattress taken from the mezzanine is perfect for rustic options. The role of the backrest and armrests most often perform pillows. They can be ordinary, but best of all - furniture, from foam rubber. As an option - leave the pillows from the old couch and wrap them in a fabric of suitable style.

The easiest base option is pallets on the floor. No legs needed! You can supplement the base with wheels - then the sofa can be moved very easily from place to place.

How to do it yourself?

Pallets are not just crates, knocked down anyhow. This is officially adopted in the field of logistics and cargo auxiliary equipment, which is produced according to standards. A certain number of pallets are included in the container, and the containers are unloaded into vehicles. That is why it is so easy to work with pallets - they come from production of the same size, dosochka to dosochka.

  • Europallets has dimensions of 80 cm by 120 cm. The distinguishing sign is a stamp burned with legs with beeches EUR in an oval.
  • Finnish pallet a bit wider - its size is 100 cm by 120 cm. The distinctive sign is the stamp of FIN.

Euro and Finnish pallet are certified. They have the same height - 14, 5 cm.

Thus, if you want to use these types of pallets for furniture without legs, you can immediately expect that the height of the base of the sofa will be just over 14 cm from the floor.

Non-certified samples may also be on sale (they are also used in the domestic market) - cargo pallets that are equal in size to Finnish and European, but they have no stamp. Moreover, they can be made of boards of different thickness and width.

Pallets differ in grades - first, second and third. Top-quality pallets are fastened with screws. Moreover, they are clean, bright and have no damage. Low-grade pallets can be dirty, darkened, and inside - knocked down by ordinary nails.

All this is important to consider if you plan to make furniture not from new pallets. Knowing that inside the nails, you should carefully inspect the pallets and strengthen the connections so that the sharp fasteners do not accidentally fall out.

Ideally, it is better to buy new or quite a bit of used premium Europallets. It is inexpensive, but much safer. They look eco-friendly, and the stigma adds style.

After choosing the pallets themselves (the size of the pallets will make it possible to understand how many pieces you need for a sofa of a certain size), you must treat them with an antiseptic. This is especially true for used pallets, but it doesn’t hurt the new one. This is done not only to kill the bacteria, but also to prolong the life of the tree. Special formulations:

  • Prevent rotting.
  • Prevent the formation of mold and mildew.
  • Reduce the "flammability."

Antiseptics are water, oil and combined - which one is right for you, it is better to consult a specialist in a building materials store. Clean the pallets and degrease them before processing. Then with a brush or roller need to apply the composition on pallets, according to the instructions. Usually the wood is literally impregnated with an antiseptic, applying 4-5 layers. After that, the tree dries out for 2-3 days (ideally - if on the street or on the balcony).

Now the pallets are ready for assembly. The easiest type of sofa is a bench. This option is suitable for gardening or garden area, like outdoor furniture.

One or two euro pallets and several wooden bars 5-6 cm thick will suffice for it. A puncher, a screwdriver, bolts, screws, washers and metal corners are useful for work.

To make the basis for the bench, you need to do the following step by step:

  • Saw the pallet into 2 unequal parts. A standard pallet is assembled from 7 boards, it is necessary to divide it so that on one part there are 4 boards, and on the other - 3. The wide part will be the seat, and the narrower part will be the back.
  • Fold back and seat with each other at an angle of 90 ° and firmly pull the screws or screws.
  • Strengthen fastening with wooden barsthat should be attached to the diagonal from the top corner of the back to the bottom corner of the seat. Get something like a diagonal armrests.
  • If desired, the remaining boards can be made legs, so that the pallet is not lying on the ground. It is best to make them low and thick enough and fasten, reinforcing the metal corners.
  • Throw on the sofa a mattress and pillows.

This sofa is best to put against the wall, because over time, the back can be a little loose.

To make an ottoman for spany, you need 6-8 standard pallets.

To get a beautiful base, you will need to use europallets, on the legs that have a seal of EUR.

  • Each pallets measure from one edge 20 cm and saw off completely this part (along with the "legs").
  • The board, which sawed off, and the legs need to be separated, removing the fasteners from the inside. These parts will become fasteners in the place where you will connect two pallets together.
  • Take two pallets with felled edges, fold them with a cut to each other.
  • Under the boards, put the "legs"and put the board on top, which turned out to be sawed off. Secure with screws.
  • That way you don't just knock two pallets together., and make a “seam” that will hide the cutting place and the base of the bed will look like a single large pallet.
  • Combine other pallets in the same way. It will be very nice and convenient if the base of the ottoman is two pallets high, that is, you need to make two bases and put them on top of each other, connecting them with fasteners. There is no need to fear that the construction will collapse - the pallets are initially designed for large loads and for standing on top of each other.

  • The base is additionally sanded and sanded. You can toned pallets with stain, varnish or paint if you want.
  • After that, you can put on the couch mattress (any, depending on your wishes of comfort), as well as decorate rugs, bedspreads and decorative pillows. Advice from experienced designers - so that the mattress and pillows do not “ride” on the bed, you can sew around the edges of strong ties and skip them between the pallet boards. So the mattress will remain in place even after a stormy night.

Corner sofa can decorate your living room, and in the country - a veranda or gazebo. You can make a low sofa from a single layer of pallets - then it will be furniture in oriental style.

Ideal if you add it to the same low table. For the living room fit higher furniture from pallets stacked on top of each other.

The instruction is as follows:

  • For one row of base, 3 pallets will be needed. Two of them are connected to each other in length. This will be the longer part of the seat. You can just knock them down, but you can - with sawing and putting the legs, as described above.
  • The third pallet is joined at a right angle with the long part of the seat - get a shorter part and form the angle.
  • Further, if necessary, we make the second row the height is similar.
  • The back of such a sofa is made from other pallets. To do this, remove them from the legs and bottom boards. Wooden lattices will turn out. They need to be placed vertically, attached to the bottom of the base. So the back will turn out strong enough and high. Put as many "grids" as you need along the length of the sofa.
  • Next is the grinding, toning, decoration with paints and textiles.

With armrests

At master classes by designers in the style of "loft" often show a sofa with armrests from the side parts of the pallet. This is a universal material from which furniture can be assembled from a designer. The side parts can serve as shelves, legs for tables, shelves for storage.

If you need a sofa with armrests, then they will need 2 additional pallets. Saw the side parts with the legs, without separating the parts. The parallelepipeds will turn out to be empty inside, with bars and legs along the edges. They will be the armrests. Just put them on the sides of the sofa and attach the screws. С одной паллеты получится 2 подлокотника – левый и правый. Чтобы они стали более высокими и функциональными, продублируйте их сверху еще такими же деталями от второй паллеты.

Идеи дизайна

В зависимости от стиля и назначения, можно сделать самые разные диваны из поддонов. The most important rule of successful interior decoration is support. That is, such a crafting sofa should not be alone. It must be supplemented with a table, shelves or some other details from the same pallet.

A lot depends on textiles - its color scheme and texture of fabrics will help to achieve an impressive effect.

Preparation of pallets for work

First of all, you need to find suitable pallets. They are in the building stores and enterprises engaged in transportation of building materials.

If the pallets were not purchased at the store, then you need to check if the integrity of the structure is not compromised, whether the rusty nails stick out and whether there are no cracks on the boards.

If pallets have already been used somewhere, they must be thoroughly cleaned. It is better to carry out this procedure on the street.

To brush away dirt and dust, you can first broom or brush, and then the trays can be washed. If there is a hose for watering the garden, then it can be easily done with it.

After that, the pallets must be sanded so that there are no clues or rough places on the boards.

To do this, you can use sandpaper, a special machine for grinding or a brush attachment for a drill.

Required materials and tools

To quickly make a sofa out of pallets with your own hands, you need to prepare in advance all the necessary materials and tools. In addition to square or rectangular pallets, you will need a saw or handsaw.

You can use corners, screws and nails to fasten wooden pads, you also need a screwdriver, a screwdriver and a hammer.

Wooden boards without fail will need to be coated with a primer, and then varnish or paint for wood. To do this, you will need to arm yourself with brushes and rollers.

In addition to all this, in order to make a sofa, you will need fittings, legs, corners for furniture, a stapler, pillows and seats, or fabric with a filler.

Making a simple sofa from pallets

  1. In order to make a sofa of the usual size, you will need at least six pallets, but it’s better to get eight, all of a sudden, some will break in the process. One pallet should be disassembled into boards that will help fasten the pallets together.
  2. All pallets must be thoroughly cleaned and sanded.
  3. From four pallets you need to make a base. To do this, two wooden pads need to lay on the floor face down and fasten them with corners and planks. Similarly, you need to combine two more pallets. The fifth tray must be cut into two equal parts - it will serve as the back of the sofa.
  4. Then you need to cover the pallets with a layer of primer and cover up the cracks and irregularities.
  5. After the primer has dried, you can cover the trays with a layer of varnish or paint. After some time, it will be possible to apply another layer.
  6. After the parts have dried, you can attach legs to one of the pairs of pallets. If you can not buy them in the store, you can also make them yourself - from wooden bars.
  7. Then you can proceed to the assembly of the sofa. To do this, you must first fasten two pairs of pallets together. It is very important to connect the parts well using self-tapping screws or special fasteners. You can also treat joints with wood glue.
  8. In order to make the sofa back of the sawn pallet, you need to use metal hardware.
  9. From the boards it is possible to build armrests or shelves for the storage of various trifles for a sofa.

The base for the sofa is ready, it remains only to make upholstery, or attach pre-purchased in the store pillows, mattresses and seats.

Corner sofa of pallets

It is also possible to make an angular sofa from six pallets. It is better to choose rectangular pallets measuring 120x80 centimeters.

They need to be processed and cleaned according to all the rules, paint if desired, and then fold each other over three pallets in one row in the corner of the room and fix. The back for such a corner sofa can be made of boards.

After that, you need to make the sofa upholstery, or attach to it thin mattresses and pillows, purchased in the store.

Sofa of pallets with drawers

Pallets are good because there is a space between the boards that can serve as storage for small things. But if you wish, you can make a complicated model of the sofa with drawers.

In order to make such a sofa out of pallets with your own hands, you also need six rectangular wooden structures. Three of them need to pre-disassemble the boards. In addition, you will need:

  • plywood sheets
  • drill
  • Bulgarian
  • jigsaw
  • screws
  • four wheels
  • drawer handles
  • primer
  • wood paint or varnish
  • tassels or roller
  • sandpaper
  • cushions and seats
  1. To begin, all pallets must be prepared for work, cleaned and sanded.
  2. The basis of the sofa will consist of one pallet, you need to immediately attach the wheels to it. It is better to choose in the store rollers that have brakes.
  3. The back will be made of the second pallet - for this, one side of the rectangle must be cut to 91 centimeters, and the other to 47.
  4. Armrests will be made from the third pallet. It must be cut into two parts, the size of which should be 47x80 centimeters.
  5. After that, it is necessary to fill the free space between the boards in the pallets in order to get solid surfaces. To do this, you need to use boards from disassembled pallets. You can use glue to coat the joints with it.
  6. Then you need to attach the back to the base. For this you need to use screws or screws.
  7. Now you can attach the remaining two parts of the pallet to the sides of the sofa.
  8. If there are gaps somewhere, they can also be filled with boards.
  9. Then the product can be coated with primer, varnish or paint and leave to dry completely.

While the sofa is drying, you need to make two identical drawers. For this you can use sheets of plywood. Storage boxes should have sides of 35 and 38 centimeters.

The height should not exceed 10 centimeters.

At will boxes can be painted and attached to them handles. Sofa on wheels ready.

Sofa from one pallet

A small sofa for a hallway or balcony can be made from just one rectangular pan. In addition, you will need tools, leg blocks and a plate for the backrest.

  1. First you need to cut the pallet along the middle.
  2. It is necessary to set aside one part of the pallet, and turn the other part from the side where the bases are fixed, to install four legs from the bars. For this it is better to use special corners.
  3. Now you need to take the remaining half of the pallet and set the back of the sofa.
  4. After that, you can cover the sofa with a primer, water repellent and varnish, or paint. Do not forget that you need to process and the board, which will become a cover for the backrest.
  5. After this, it is necessary to fix the cover for the backrest from the board using hinges.
  6. It remains only to fix the sofa against the wall and find suitable pillows or a mattress for it.

Registration of sofas from pallets

Sofas made from pallets should not only be beautiful, but also comfortable, so you need to choose soft pillows or mattresses in the store. In addition, you should take care that the base is in harmony with soft details in color and texture.

For example, if the frame of the sofa is painted only with varnish, it is better to use pillows made of fabric that imitates sackcloth, white seats or checkered in country style.

Pillows of different colors or with a bright print will suit to the monophonic white or black basis of a sofa.

It should also take into account the characteristics of the room for which the sofa is made. For example, for giving and a country house it is better to choose dark pillows. So it will be possible to wash them less often.

Where can I put a sofa of pallets?

Sofa of pallets - a great option for those who have a country house or cottage. This piece of furniture can be installed not only indoors, but also on the veranda or terrace.

In an apartment such a soft corner can be arranged on a balcony or, for example, in a recreation area where residents like to drink tea.

Sofas from pallets will also look good in the hallway or living room. Thanks to the cushions and seats, a sofa of pallets can be the brightest spot in any room.

Original sofas from pallets

Creating sofas from pallets is a fascinating process that requires a person to connect imagination. Based on the characteristics of the room and the available materials, you can make unusual sofas, which, for sure, will cause a lot of admiration among the guests.

Step sofa

This piece of furniture can be built in a large room. The sofa can be in the form of a staircase consisting of several steps - the first sofa will consist of only one row of pallets, the second - of two, and the third - of three tiers. On such a sofa there is enough space for all guests.

Sofa bed

Sometimes it happens that guests can stay all night. And in this case, they are very useful sofa bed. The base of such an object should be large and wide to fit a person, but in this case the backrest can be made quite low - about 15 centimeters.

Multifunctional sofa

Those who spend a lot of time on the couch will surely like the idea of ​​making a multifunctional piece of furniture.

Such a sofa should have a wide back on which it will be possible to put books or a desk lamp. In addition, should be wide armrests.

You can attach a small tray to one of them so that it is convenient to drink coffee in the morning. And it will be possible to increase the storage space if you fold the pallets back to the inside.

The advantage of sofas from pallets

Sofas from pallets are good because you can easily change the upholstery on them. Also cushions for them can be easily fixed with the help of ties, which can be passed through the gaps between the boards.

By the way, the space between the pallets can be filled not only with things, but also, for example, with lighting, which will make the sofa even more beautiful.

In addition, the advantage of the sofa from the pallets is that it is not very heavy, so you can move it around the apartment and even lend it to friends for parties.

Furniture made of pallets is a salvation for those who cannot buy expensive items for themselves, as well as a great thing for creative people, which allows them to dream, to open their abilities even more and to stand out from the crowd.

And contrary to skeptics, it does not look cheap and looks very original. And if suddenly the sofa gets bored, then it can be easily disassembled and make something else.