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How to equip a room for growing indoutok


Poultry farming is perhaps the most profitable branch of agriculture. At the same time one of the most popular species of birds from all the breeders and villagers raised by musk ducks. The main advantages of this bird are considered to be unpretentious in terms of housing conditions and feeding, rapid weight gain and excellent taste of meat. Breeding musk ducks at their summer cottage, therefore, can be a very profitable business.

Breed description

Muskas call a special species of ducks, the main distinguishing features of which are:

  • wide chest
  • short neck
  • long wings, tight to the body,
  • short legs,
  • long pointed claws.

At the base of the beak and eyes of musk ducks there are special growths, which are brightly pigmented warts. The plumage of birds may be blue-white, black or chocolate. In most cases, the body has stripes or specks. In general, musk ducks look, breeding at home which are very profitable, quite original. It is possible to distinguish them from representatives of other breeds by the sounds they emit. These unusual birds do not quack like other species, but hiss. This duck got its name due to the fact that during the breeding season a sharp musky smell emanates from the drakes.

The merits of the variety

Many owners of household farms and farms refuse to contain ducks in general because of their voracity and too fat, not so tasty, as at hens, meat. The musky variety of this deficiency is completely devoid. Her meat is juicy, but it is absolutely not fat. Keep this product is allowed up to one and a half years.

Grazing feed - that is why musky ducks basically gain weight. Breeding at home, therefore, is a low-cost procedure. The advantage of keeping a musk duck for meat is also the fact that, unlike ordinary breeds, it can do without a reservoir.

Deficiencies of the variety

Cons such occupation as breeding musk duck, practically does not have. The only drawback of this species, according to many summer residents, is the low hatchability. The percentage of hatching of musk duck eggs is very low, both in natural incubation and in artificial incubation. The explanation for this is very simple. The fact is that the eggs of a bird of this species are covered with a very dense nadkorlupnuyu film, badly passing air. Because of this feature, the breathing of the embryos is strongly restrained. And consequently, their development slows down.

What should be the room

Musk ducks, breeding, rearing, the content of which is a relatively simple matter, develops well, but such an assertion is true only if they are provided with comfortable conditions. A poultry house is usually built about the same as for chickens. In any case, the barn should be spacious enough. If the ducks in the house feel constrained, they can even begin to lose weight. Thus, during the construction of the barn you need to keep in mind that 8 individuals must have at least 1 m 2 of area. But it is better to make the house more spacious.

Of course, the room in which the ducks are kept should be dry and well ventilated. To prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases, the floor of the house should be filled with a thin layer of fluffy lime. Peat or wood chips should be laid on top of it. Also, owners of cottages containing musk ducks, advised when building a house to pay more attention to its light. In this case, breeding musk duck (photos are presented on the page) will be more profitable. The fact is that with enough light, this bird develops much better. The south-facing window is a must in any case in the barn. And of course, several lamps should be hung in the house.

One of the features of musk ducks is that they do not tolerate low temperatures. Therefore, the shed will have to be warmed and put heaters in it. The temperature of the air near the floor should ideally not drop below +18 g. Heat ducks also do not like. Therefore, the optimal temperature bar is 20 gr. How comfortable a bird feels can be recognized by its behavior. If the ducks are lumped together, it means they are cold. If they open their beaks and breathe heavily, the air temperature in the house should be lowered by turning off part of the heaters or opening windows and doors.

How to equip a barn

Muscovy duck, which breeding involves good care, of course, needs not only a comfortable house. Shed still need to properly equip. One of the distinguishing features of this bird is that it can fly. Therefore, in the house for such ducks, as for chickens, equip roost. However, in this case they are not placed too high. Of course, you should install feeders and drinkers. The first should be wide enough. The easiest way to use the old trough under the feeder. Drinkers in the barn need to put more. They drink these birds a lot and often.

Breeding a musk duck at home implies, among other things, equipping the house with nests. Place for laying and hatching eggs should be in every female. The easiest way to build nests is to use ordinary wooden boxes. From their walls you need to pull out on the board, thus arranging the entrance for the duck. You can also make more convenient nests. For their assembly from scratch boards and timber are usually used.

How to make a jack for indootki

The most suitable material for the manufacture of nests are wide boards with a minimum thickness of 20 mm. Pre-assembled frame of timber 40 x 40 mm. The best option would be to knock down a rectangle with a size of 500 x 400 x 200 mm. Further, it is divided by partitions into three sockets and sheathed on top, behind and on the sides with boards. So that the eggs do not roll out, you need to arrange the threshold. To do this, simply fill the board on the bottom edge of the front frame. Ready nests stuffed with grass and straw.

Installing the resulting box should be in a dry place, away from drafts and so that later it was convenient to remove the eggs and ducklings. Place the nest should be so that the birds did not see the owners entering the barn and other hens. The fact is that musk ducks are different stealth. In the nest mounted in sight, the hen will feel uncomfortable. Equipping places for hatching should start in the winter. In this case, by the spring the ducks will get used to the nests and sit on the eggs without problems.

Cultivation of a musk duck suggests that there is a special place for walks next to the barn. Aviary should be closed at the top. As already mentioned, musk ducks can fly. In the aviary, as in the barn, you need to install drinkers and feeders. Also inside the walking "courtyard" should be placed cups of ash. The presence of a pond when breeding musk ducks is optional. However, water treatments have a very good effect on the development of this bird. Therefore it is worthwhile to equip a small artificial pond in the aviary. You can make it, for example, from an old bath. The last one just needs to be dug into the ground. To make it easier for ducks to get out, on the edges of the bath it is worthwhile to put long boards with rails filled across (peculiar "ladders").

Such a small artificial reservoir is suitable for a small number of ducks. If the birds in the country a lot, it is better to arrange a real artificial pond. For this, a large excavation is excavated in the ground. Further, its walls and bottom are concreted. The water in such a pond, unfortunately, is usually quickly polluted. Therefore, it will have to periodically pumped and changed to a new one.

Before the release of the ducks in the aviary you need to carefully examine its territory. There are some things that must be known to summer residents who have decided to engage in such a business as breeding musk duck. The peculiarities of keeping the aviary in the aviary consist in the fact that it should be rather closely monitored. The fact is that these ducks can sometimes swallow completely inedible objects. First of all, walking should be inspected for the presence of everything brilliant. Indo-art likes such subjects in particular. This applies, for example, glass fragments, nails, screws, etc.

In winter, birds are released into the aviary only at a sufficiently high air temperature. This species, unfortunately, has very sensitive flippers. With a long stay in the cold ducks can simply freeze them.

How to feed an adult bird

In the diet of ducks from the age of 20 days must include boiled potatoes. At night, the bird give germinated grain. In addition, adult individuals must feed green mash on skim milk or bran milk. Breeding a musk duck in the country is no more troublesome than keeping, for example, the same chickens. But some nuances in the cultivation of this bird are still there. So, for example, in no case should we give ducks products:

  • sour or moldy,
  • cut into very large chunks.

Forage musk ducks swallow very eagerly. Therefore, if the pieces are too large, the bird can simply choke. It is also highly recommended not to give the ducks bread. It is known to contain yeast. The latter activates fermentation processes in the bird's stomach, which can lead to a delay in development.

Muscovy duck, the breeding of which is relatively inexpensive, should not be limited in food, however. A feature of waterfowl birds is that they quickly accumulate fat. However, musk ducks, unlike other breeds, gain weight mainly due to meat. So you should not be afraid to overfeed them. But at the same time in the trough at a time do not need to impose too much food. Duck - a bird is extremely sloppy. Therefore, if the feed will be too much, the birds simply scatter it around the shed or aviary.

Breeding rules

Relatively fast livestock replenishment is what distinguishes the muscovy duck. Breeding in the incubator of this bird is a rather difficult task. Therefore, in most cases, the owners of summer cottages allow ducks to breed naturally. Moreover, this instinct is very well developed in this species. The ducks are quite capable of going young and on their own. About the good maternal qualities says at least the fact that this bird is often used as a hen to breed chicks and other species of domestic birds.

For breeding choose the best individuals - with good plumage, healthy and large. The peculiarity of the musk duck is that it degenerates very quickly with closely related mixing. Therefore, those gardeners who want to breed this bird on their own will have to maintain at least 2-3 lines. For progeny for four females leave one drake.

Oviposition in ducks from the age of 8 months begins in March. It lasts 4-5 months. Next, molting begins, and then - the second period of egg-laying. To display ducklings of this variety, thus, it is possible almost during the whole warm season. However, many gardeners are advised to leave hens on the nest in the spring. After all, it is much easier to care for young stock in the summer than in the fall. In addition, in March-May, the highest percentage of fertilization is observed in duck eggs. If in the spring this figure is about 95%, then by July-August it is reduced to 60%.

A duck sits in a nest after 10-14 eggs have accumulated in it. The long development of the embryo is a characteristic feature of such a breed as musk ducks. Breeding (how many sit on the eggs of the female - a question that worries many beginning poultry farmers) they are distinguished by their characteristics. In most cases, hatching in birds of this species lasts about 33-35 days. At the same time in the nest bird is almost always. Therefore, food and water she needs to put next. Some especially zealous ducks sometimes even have to be removed from the nest and sent for a walk. Hands themselves to touch the eggs is not recommended, otherwise the duck may refuse to incubate them.

After chicks hatch, two broods usually run under one female. In this case, the second soon sits down on the eggs. Remove the ducklings from the nest as carefully as possible. Musk hens usually behave quite aggressively, protecting the brood. The duck can pinch the hands of the host and crush the eggs. Small ducklings should not be allowed into the pond. Their fluff quickly gets wet, and the fat layer is not there yet. Therefore, babies can drown or even just catch a cold. Musk ducks are allowed to bathe only after the feather appears.

Egg Incubation

Thus, the natural breeding of musk duck is a simple task. However, sometimes gardeners and owners of home farms for various reasons have to breed this bird and artificially. The incubation mode in this case should be strictly followed. The first two weeks, the eggs do not air and do not spray. At the same time they are periodically turned over to 45 gr. The temperature of the air in the incubator is kept at 37.8 o C at a humidity of 32%. Next, up to 30 days inclusive, eggs are cooled twice a day, opening the incubator for half an hour. Also, twice a day do spraying. Air temperature up to 21 days is maintained at a level of 37.6 o C, up to 30 - 37.4 o C. Humidity during all this time should be approximately 29-30%. Do coups on 45 gr. until the 30th day. Further, this procedure is terminated. Up to 35 days, the temperature is gradually reduced to 36.9 o C, and the humidity is increased to 34-35%. At the same time do spraying and cool the eggs continue 2 times a day.

Muscovy Breeding: nestling

The first three days the brood is fed with boiled egg. Then, for another 3 weeks, the chicks are given millet porridge with chopped greens. To feed the ducklings should be a weak solution of potassium permanganate. From the third week of life, babies can begin to give porridge from shredded (oatmeal, barley, wheat), mixed with fresh grass. From one month of age, young animals are transferred to an adult diet. Until the age of 10 days, ducklings are fed 6 times a day, up to 30 days - 5 times and then 4 times.

Sometimes these birds are grown not on hay bags, but on mixed feed. In this case, you should buy a product marked PC-5 for broilers.

Slaughter time

70-90 days after hatching is the optimal time for the slaughter of such a bird as musk ducks. Dilution and their maintenance over a longer period of time is a disadvantage. This is explained by the fact that after reaching the age of three months, ducks begin to eat a lot (disproportionately added weight). By the 90th day, the average weight of the female reaches about 2.5 kg, the drake - 5 kg.

Actually, the slaughter itself is done by cutting the veins through the open beak with scissors. Next, the carcass is suspended for blood flow. Then it must be kept for 3-4 hours until the fat solidifies. From the feather carcass released on the usual technology. That is, first remove the large tail and primary feathers. Then clean the back, sides, tail, chest and neck. At the final stage, pluck the wings and remove the hemp.

Ways to market products

Breeding a musk duck is a fairly profitable home business. But, of course, the profit can be obtained only if there are markets. Poultry meat of this variety, as already mentioned, is characterized by simply excellent taste. Therefore, in the market it is in demand and is quite expensive. In order to further increase revenue and avoid losses, you should:

  • apply additional supplements with vitamins,
  • keep the ducks clean
  • Do not allow the bird to swim in cold water (up to 18 degrees).

Well, of course, you need to comply with the diet. Implement duck carcasses can, for example, on the urban market. Some summer residents also rent them to stores. There is another way to make money. The fact is that duck livers and hearts are used to make the homeopathic medicine "Oscillococcinum" used to treat the flu.

Thus, breeding musk ducks as a business can become an occupation, truly profitable. The main thing is to comply with the technology of breeding and feeding birds. In this case, the livestock will quickly replenish, and the young growth will develop well.

Peculiarities of keeping musk ducks, how to prepare a compound for poultry

A distinctive feature of musk ducks is their calm disposition. The bird does not make loud noises (quacking, clucking and hissing), therefore it does not disturb the calmness of the hosts and their neighbors.

Beginner farmers often have a question - how to grow an indoutok at home?

Muscovy duck - a very thermophilic bird, so it avoids swimming in cold water, although it easily tolerates cold even in an unheated room. But for this, the bird must be provided with deep bedding.

Мускусные утки по требованиям к содержанию весьма схожи с обычными курами и не требуют специфических и особенных условий содержания.

Мясо мускусной утки имеет красноватый оттенок, а его вкус напоминает мясо дикой утки. The meat of this bird has the most optimal and balanced content of amino acids, and eggs contain much less cholesterol than chicken eggs. Wherein egg indoutoki 1.5-2 times larger than chicken.

The Indoout carries 70-120 eggs per year, and the live weight of young animals at the age of 10 weeks is 2.5-4 kg. Red Muscovy duck has greater fertility, so its egg production is more than 120 pieces per year. Muscovy ducks are very good chicks and, besides their eggs, can incubate chicken, goose and turkey eggs.

Regarding the features of breeding musk duck, from an economic point of view, it is desirable for a private farm to keep several families of birds, where there will be 2-3 females per drake.

Before proceeding with the breeding of Indo-ducks in the compound, it is necessary to carefully prepare the premises for their maintenance.

How to build a feeder for indoutok

For the manufacture of trough suitable boards 2-2.5 cm thick. The boards are knocked at an angle to each other, and from the ends of the trough in the trough hammer wooden plates, giving it additional stability. In order to prevent spillage of food, small sides, slightly inclined inward, are nailed on top of the feeder. Also fixed to the trough fixed handle, which also serves as a device that does not allow the ducks to climb inside the feeder. With a content of 10-12 ducks, the total length of the feeder must be at least 55 cm.

How to make a drinker for indoutok do it yourself

The drinker can be made from an ordinary plastic bottle with a capacity of 1 l. To do this, take 2 bars 10–15 cm long and 2 cm thick. Then they are knocked together in the shape of a letter G. A cork from a plastic bottle is attached to one of the bars with a screw, and then the drinking bowl is screwed to it.

Also on the basis of a plastic bottle you can make a vacuum drinker. To do this, take a bottle of the required size and a small pallet. The bottle is attached to the wall with a wire frame or metal profile. After that, you need to pour water into the bottle and screw the container with a cap. The bottle is placed in the frame upside down, and the pallet is placed under the bottle, leaving a small distance between the bottom and the neck. The sides of the pallet, which are above the neck, will prevent water from spilling. A little unscrew the lid, and the drinking bowl is ready.

The water in the drinker should always be clean and fresh. The drinker should be rinsed regularly to prevent water from blooming. As a preventive measure for poultry diseases, once a week a weak solution of potassium permanganate can be poured into the drinker.

Indo-ducks, musk ducks, are very unpretentious and easy-to-care poultry. Such birds are able to provide good productivity at the lowest cost, and following the rules of breeding will surely justify all your investments in this bird.

How to contain indoutok in the winter?

The maintenance of indoutok in the winter at home should be made in a warmed barn or greenhouse.

If you plan on breeding Indo-ducks seasonally, then it is quite possible to keep them with ordinary ducks, as they are very calm and not pugnacious. For the maintenance of the indouk during the winter period, the house must be equipped according to all standards, namely, it is good to insulate not only the walls, but also the floor, in order to exclude sharp temperature drops and drafts. As well as to prevent the appearance of musty air and dampness, it is necessary to equip the ventilation system, or insert a window with a window leaf.

Indeutoc poorly tolerate climate with low temperatures and high humidity.

Otherwise, this may lead to frostbite of their paws and subsequent death of individuals. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of in advance how the barn (or greenhouse) will be heated for the ducks to live in it during the cold season.

The maintenance of indoutok in the winter period is a difficult process. The main rule in the maintenance of such individuals is the presence of a heated poultry house. A shed for poultry of the breed in question should be well prepared and have warm walls without cracks, as well as a heated roof and floor, by the time the Indo-ducks begin to drive for the winter.

The walls can be insulated with plywood, ordinary plaster or additional wood layer, and also quite often uses materials such as mineral wool and foam sheets for this purpose.

If a wooden floor is paved in a barn, then to increase its service life, you can lay sheets of old linoleum on top, which will protect the tree from excess moisture and fast decay processes. If the floor is made of concrete, then in this case you will need a couple of centimeters more litter material.
It is best to make a litter out of straw or sawdust, laying them on a thickness of at least 5 cm. As the litter becomes soiled, a new layer is simply poured on top.

Therefore, in the barn there must be a ventilation system, or a window with an opening window. With the onset of severe frost, the shed must be further heated, for this you can install:

  • brick oven
  • a small stove,
  • or special blue heating lamps.

The temperature in the barn for the comfortable maintenance of the indoutok in winter should not be less than 12 degrees Celsius. Inside the premises should also be placed:

  • feeders
  • drinking bowls
  • separate egg houses,
  • perches in the form of logs or small inverted boxes.

In order for the birds to freely walk out, it is recommended that a special manhole be made at the door with dimensions of 40 by 40 cm and at a height of 20-25 cm from the floor. The hole itself should be closed with dense material or with an opening door.

Many farmers for keeping ducks in winter create all the necessary conditions in polycarbonate greenhouses, which is also very convenient.

In order for the musk duck to feel comfortable in winter, there should not be any cracks in the greenhouse, and wooden flooring should be put on the floor. And also should be used as bedding dry straw or sawdust.

The interior of the greenhouse must be equipped exactly like in the barn, that is, there must be troughs, perches, drinkers and egg laying houses.

The diet of indoutok feeding in winter must necessarily contain such crops as:

It is recommended to feed the indoutok in winter with cereals twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, on the basis that one bird per day should consume at least 350 grams of dry food.

During the daytime, it is recommended to feed the indoutok at home during the winter period with wet mash made up of raw vegetable crops, in the form of shredded pumpkin, cabbage, fodder beet and carrot.
It will not be superfluous to add boiled tubers or peeling potatoes into the mash.

It should also be noted that the composition of the winter diet of musk ducks should include mineral additives in the form:

In the morning, indo resids can be given food waste from the table, but they should not be soured. The water in the drinkers should be constantly, with every 2 days you should change the water and wash the drinkers.

The main care for indouka in the winter is the implementation of proper feeding and maintaining cleanliness in water troughs and feeders. As well as weekly treatment of the house with disinfectants to prevent the occurrence of parasites.

If you properly take care of chicken meat at home and regularly release poultry for walking, then individuals will grow healthy and strong, and the egg production rate of adult meatballs will remain at the same level as in the summer season.

Like any birds, indooot must walk, breathe air. Undoubtedly, in the summertime, ducks do not pose any particular problems, but in winter time, many poultry farmers ask themselves the question: “Is it possible to walk a duckling in the winter and how to do it?”.

In order for musk ducks to not freeze in winter, you should properly equip the yard for walking. The best option would be if you position it on the south side of the house and enclose it with a high net for at least two meters or a fence.

In the corral, you must first remove the snow and all sharp-piercing objects, as well as lay a bed of straw or sawdust so that the ducks do not hurt and do not frost the paws.

At the time of walking the drinkers and feeders should also be taken to the pen. Ash baths in the open air will also be very useful for birds. But it is not recommended to admit them to water bodies and puddles, as this can lead to freezing of the paws and death.

We set up a house

About unpretentiousness Indo-drain has already been said a lot. However, some minimal modest conditions are also needed for their comfort and, of course, it is necessary for the birds to create them. Be sure to remember that Indoutka come from warm South America, and therefore endures severe frosts are not always good. Despite the fact that ducks are waterfowl birds, who prefer to spend most of their time on the paddock and at water bodies, they need a warm room. Otherwise even undemanding Indo-outs can get sick and even die.

Floor and walls

Considering that the Indoutok should be protected from hypothermia, a warm floor is one of the main conditions. The tree is considered the warmest and most environmentally friendly material for the floor. However, this raw material is also perishable, especially given the dampness that ducks will give. However, completely abandon the wooden floor is not worth it. You can raise the floor from the ground by 10-15 cm, lay it with boards, and put on top, say, old linoleum. He will save the tree from unnecessary moisture.

The floor can also be made concrete. But in this case it will be cold enough and you will need a solid layer of litter so that your Indo-drain paws are not supercooled. Also should be insulated walls. For this, any organic material is used: sawdust can be poured into the pier, mineral wool or polystyrene can be used. However, wool or foam should be hidden in the interwall space, so the walls are sheathed from the inside with clapboard or chipboard.

If your house is brick, then it is desirable to warm the walls from the outside with polystyrene foam and paint from the inside. If the winter in your region is frosty, the room with the Indo-outs will need additional heating.

If your plans breed Muscovy ducks, then, of course, in this case you can not do without nests. Jacks for Indoutok are placed on the floor away from the aisles or too lighted places. Remember that Indo-out birds are meek and shy and require solitude and peace when you hatch or lay eggs. As well as darkness, so if your house is well lit, artificially create shadow zones in it and place nests there. This should be done approximately at the end of winter; it is from this period that the Muscovy ducks start the breeding season.

Strict requirements for what should be the nest, no. Anything can be adapted for these purposes: old boxes, boxes, baskets, flasks, old doghouses. You can put together a nest of their laths or teza, it is desirable that it has a sill to hold the masonry and the roof, so the bird will be calmer. Inside, the structure should be carefully lined with straw, and duck down will report itself. The number of nests should correspond to the number of birds, so there will be no disputes and fights between females.

Drinkers and feeders

Of course, not a single house is complete without troughs and feeders. There is nothing especially in constructions for watering and feeding.

You can use wooden long feeders - troughs, installed along the walls of a poultry house or a walking area, or make feeders from plastic bottles. Drinkers can be very diverse: purchased or made independently.

For example, you can consider the auto-drinker from a plastic bottle or can. Of course, a simple basin with water will also fit. However, remembering the duck addiction to water, do not expect that the water in it will remain clean at least half a day. In this case, nipple drinkers are the way out, the water in them is always clean. Useful video for anyone who is breeding Indo-ducks or just planning it, on!

Tools and materials

We propose to pay attention to the construction of wood, for sure the slats or tes are in the household of each.

  • wooden slats or just any pieces of wood and bars in the amount of 4 pieces,
  • nails or screws
  • measuring tape, hammer and saw,
  • straw for filling.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. First of all, determine the size. The optimal size of the socket for Indeutki: 400 x 500 x 250 mm.
  2. Sort the slats and cut them in compliance with the specified dimensions. You can use any soft wood, chipboard or OSB.
  3. Knock down slats or wood using bars as supports.
  4. Make a threshold and leave enough space for the manhole so that the bird can safely pass into the nest, but so that a lot of light does not fall there.
  5. Put the nest in a dark corner, cover the bottom copiously with litter. And on top, place either a piece of chipboard or a piece of slate so that the nest has a roof. The main thing is that it is stable and does not fall on the bird.

Video "Subtleties of the content of Muscovy ducks"

Many interesting things about Muscovy ducks can be found in the video below, as well as look at their nests!

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Comments and Reviews

We were once presented with one indout and one drake, and from that time our passion for these birds began with our husband. They have never created any special conditions, ducks are completely unpretentious, at first they went along with the chickens, when they became larger, they separated a separate corner. True, sometimes indutki ignore the nests that we make to them and rush in some of their places)

Everyone is so praised by the indoutok, that I decided to start them) We keep 15 chickens, I think this neighborhood will not confuse either those or other birds, according to the information, these ducks do not need special conditions!

Normally live ducks with chickens. But hazing in chickens is terrible, at first the ducks were terribly pecking, chasing all over the yard ... Poor drake, twice the size of a chicken, ran from chickens like a scalded dog. Shutting his head into a corner, and the chickens were pecking at him with the whole crowd ... They did not touch the ducks much, or this disgrace did not come across my eyes. Over time, this hazing ended, peace was restored in the bird yard.

Four years keep these ducks, very satisfied. There is a problem with them, they are volatile, and if they are not closed on top, they can fly away, though not far away, but troublesomely catch later. It is necessary to cut the wings, or one wing

I love these ducks, I have ducks living with chickens, ducks on the 1st floor of the chicken coop, and chickens on the second.

Hello, ducklings (they are 4-5 weeks old) have become bald neck and back, in the afternoon we take them out in the sun, in the evening we take them to sleep in the house, feed them with feed, just give boiled potatoes, fresh grated cucumbers, maybe you need to give a ryazka from the pond?

Good afternoon, Maxim. Poor plumage always indicates a lack of protein feed (protein). Either the feed is chosen incorrectly or poor quality, or the growth of the bird is intense and the body does not have time to maintain the growth of the feather. In any case, giving a duckling pond is very useful for ducklings. But you also need to include either a protein premix, or just to give cottage cheese, yogurt.

What to feed the little wild ducklings?

Anastasia, good afternoon. Wild ducklings can be fed with the usual food: chopped egg, boiled millet, greens and especially, if possible, daphnia (duckweed) knead in a mash with millet or egg. Greens wild ducklings can be given from the first day of life. Then you can transfer to starter feed.

Ducklings have bald backs, what to do?

Is it possible to give grape leaves grape leaves?

What caused love to indoctrums?

It is more correct to call a bird a musky duck. Many people think that its name is associated with special growths on the head, which give a relative resemblance to turkeys. This is a misconception. Turkeys have nothing to do with this species. The name “indoutku” was formed from the phrase “Indian duck”. Since these birds came to our lands from South America.

The musky bird of these ducks is called because they emit a steady smell of musk. A great popularity of the mind brought calm and livable character. Indeutok almost no cry, and rarely show aggression.

Muscovy duck is large, has a wide chest and strong legs. It requires special feed, but has high egg production. For home farms, it is important that the independent baby can sit and raise their chicks, so there is no need to buy an incubator for breeding.

Indeututka secretes a fragrant secret from the red glands on the muzzle

Room selection

Indoor stock should be warmer than a regular chicken coop. For these birds do not fit the cage or lightweight summer house. When building it is necessary to immediately organize the insulation of walls and floors, so as not to worry in the winter. Ideally, build a log shed and brick it outside. But this option is quite expensive, so every owner chooses materials based on financial situation.

During the construction of a warm barn, special attention is paid to floors and bedding. Musk duck paws do not have a fat layer, but are equipped with an extensive network of vessels. High limb sensitivity is a big problem in breeding South American ducks. В холода лапки перемерзают, что ведет к гибели птиц. Поэтому полы помещения надо приподнимать над землей, дополнительно утеплять минватой или шлаком, и присыпать толстым слоем подстилки. Лучше всего настелить полы из дерева, а сверху, для тепла и удобства, положить слой линолеума. Теплыми получатся глинобитные полы, но они не слишком гигиеничны. Если пол бетонный, то подстилка должна быть толще, чем на деревянном варианте.

Concrete floor in the shed for indoutok poured on a special technology. First, 15 cm of soil is poured to lift the surface, 10 cm of rubble is poured onto the ground, tamped with it and covered with a solution on top.

If for breeding musk ducks it is necessary to adapt an existing farm building, then it is insulated with mineral wool, slag or other material. The walls of this shed is best plastered, and 80 cm from the floor sheathe plywood sheets or boards. In the room, be sure to cut through the window, and insert a double frame with a window leaf.

Indoor room should be well insulated.

When building a room with his own hands, the owner must take into account the breeding of how many individuals he plans. The area of ​​construction is determined as follows - every 3 birds must have 2 m² of living space. The height of the house is about 1.8 to 2 m.

How to equip a house?

The equipment of the house consists of the following elements:

  • Feeders, at the rate of 5-6 heads each. The length of such a product is about 1 m, its width is not more than 25 cm, and its height is 10-12 cm.
  • Drinkers of different sizes, with a depth of not less than 20 cm. The width of the drinkers should not exceed 25 cm, otherwise they will have to be covered with bars so that indo-sweeps will not try to swim in drinking water.
  • Perches, made in the form of a low podium. For musk ducks have to build their own roosts. Do it from a wooden bar or log. The podiums for rest are not placed close to the walls; a distance of 40 cm should be kept. The height of the roost is 20 cm, its width can be the same.
  • Nests made of tesa or plywood. Right on the floor of the barn there is a wooden house with a roof and a small roof. This may be a single construction, or several non-communicating sections under the same roof. Inside the nest is lined with straw or shavings. Small sawdust can not be used. Down female heats the nest itself.

There is nothing especially difficult in equipping the house for musk ducks. If in the same room the owner plans to contain several species of poultry, then the jacks for the indoutok are set apart from all. These birds do not like noisy company at the time of laying. The number of nests depends on the number of females. Each must have a separate place for egg laying.

Indo-ducks can be kept in the same barn with another poultry

Heated Barn Shed

Heat-loving pets will not survive the winter without additional heating, even in a warmed barn. Heating devices are turned on already at 5 ° frost. Electric lamps, stoves, stoves, heaters or electric fires are suitable for heating.

The easiest way is to heat the room with blue lamps. Their power - 50 watts. A medium barn will need 6-7 pieces. Bulbs are fixed on the ceiling and covered with a protective cap made of mesh.

Comfortable room temperature for breeding musk ducks - 12 ° heat.

But utyatnik air every day, opening the vents. Birds do not like musty air and are sensitive to cleanliness. Room cleaning and bedding should be carried out regularly.

Independence love fresh air

Extension outing

Muscovy duck, like any domestic animal, loves to walk. In the summer there are no obstacles for this. But what to do in winter? After all, a bird with such sensitive legs on cold snow or frozen ground will not be released.

For winter walks, a fenced paddock is attached directly to the bird shed. The height of the fence is not less than two meters, since ducks fly well. Before releasing the birds, the exercise yard is cleaned of frost or snow, and is lined with warm bedding from a thick layer of sand or sawdust. It is good to use straw for bedding, it not only creates a warm carpet, but also absorbs excess moisture.

Walking for Indo-Tiles should be carefully fenced

Usually the paddock is attached to the south side of the house, protects it from the wind, and covers it from canopy rainfall. During the walk, the feeders are placed in the courtyard. There are also boxes with ash bath. But the passages to the reservoirs for this period overlap, bathing in cold water for this living creature is certain death. If the temperature drops below -10 °, then birds cannot walk.

Difficulties in maintenance may arise only in the initial period, when the costs of setting up decent housing for the indoutok are required. Next breeding is on the thumb track. Each female is able to carry up to 100 eggs during a cycle, and the weight of one egg is about 75 g. During the season from spring to autumn, females can grow 2-3 broods of 16-17 babies. What makes breeding and growing very productive. Livestock replenishes very quickly, even if you regularly let the ducks to the slaughter.

Breeding musk ducks is a profitable process. They eat relatively little when compared to ordinary ducks, do not require complicated care, and carcasses are considered a delicacy.

Hostesses bake for solemn feasts. So musk duck will be a pleasant variety on your table, and will bring profit from the sale of products on the market.


Young females achieve the ability to lay eggs by the age of 190-210 days. In warm weather, egg-laying begins a little earlier, in the cold - later. Independent rush twice a year - in spring and autumn. Each of these periods lasts about two months.

The number of eggs depends on the conditions of detention and may vary. 80 to 140 eggs per year from one duck.

To produce offspring, 3-4 females should fall on one drake. Of the 95% of eggs, viable chicks appear.

Plumage change occurs within two months after laying. The first molt occurs in 2.5 - 3 months. During molting ducks do not rush.

In the process of spring shedding completely replaced feather cover. Autumn is replaced by down and small feathers.

In an industrial environment, arrange forced molting to obtain maximum productivity from poultry.

Trimming wings

To musk ducks do not fly away, they cut their wings. It is important to trim only one wing, otherwise the bird will retain its ability to fly.

All the feathers are shortened to the appearance of the tubular cavity of the pen, it is approximately half. The procedure is carried out once a season. Subsequently, the duck will get used, and will no longer make attempts to take off.

Properly organizing the feeding and maintenance of indoutok, the owners receive their own food products. It is also possible to make a profit from this type of poultry farming. Musk duck meat is dietary and has excellent taste. Therefore, problems with the sale of products should arise.