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Dandelions in the diet of rabbits - familiar with the rules of feeding


Breeding rabbits in Russia is gaining popularity every day. Rabbits give birth not only as a source of dietary meat and valuable fur, but also as pets. Many farmers have a question, is it possible for dandelions in rabbits and in what quantities? Dandelions for rabbits are considered a favorite treat. Ornamental rabbits can be given dandelions in moderation, based on body weight and personal pet preferences.

Can the rabbit eat dandelions?

Rabbits most often eat leaves and stems. In the diet of ornamental rabbits, the presence of green and fresh herbs should not exceed 30%. In order for animals to grow and develop properly, a daily ration should be made up so that it contains all the necessary treats for a pet. In addition to green and fresh food, give hay, dry food, fruits, vegetables and drinking water in unlimited quantities.

What is useful dandelion?

Decorative rabbits need to eat fully. The plant contains many nutrients and vitamins. Dandelion milk contains vitamin A, C, iron, protein and calcium. In the autumn, this supply of vitamins for animals is simply necessary. It is especially useful to give the stems and leaves to pregnant, lactating females and small rabbits. The stem is very juicy and small bunnies eat it with pleasure. The composition of the dandelion includes all the necessary components for the full growth of growing rabbits. The plant moderately affects the appetite and the tailed animals perfectly eat the offered food. The main rule is to comply with the measure and not to overfeed animals.

Please note that in some cases, after drinking dandelions and beets, the urine of rabbits turns reddish.

The rate of dandelions for feeding

Giving fresh dandelion to rabbits is possible only in the spring period, when it contains the maximum amount of vitamin. Leaves and flowers can be given fresh. During the rest of the year, dandelions are harvested dried for the winter period. Young animals should be fed in small portions. Can I give dandelions mixed with other greens? Yes you can. Feed pets should be according to the scheme: 2 times a week it is recommended to give leaves, flowers and plant stems, and on other days for a change, you need to feed another grass.

It is enough for an adult to give one leaf for the first time and look at the reaction of the animal. If disorders of the digestive system are not observed, then you can slightly increase the dosage. Watch the pet's reaction, if the rabbit likes the new delicacy, then in any case, fresh and healthy grass will benefit. Young cubs are offered a plant not earlier than one month after birth. Some farmers interfere with dandelion with tansy, wormwood and plantain, such a mixture has an antibacterial effect.

Proper harvesting and storage of dandelions

To feed your pet food quality, you need to properly collect and store the plant. The maximum concentration of beneficial substances found in the leaves and stems of dandelion. Collect the plant is necessary only on clean edges and meadows, away from roads and plants. If you do not comply with this condition and collect grass in the city near the roads, then in such plants there will be nothing useful, and the concentration of harmful secretions will exceed the permissible norms. The perfect combination would be grass from your own garden. In the warm season, pets can be released into the garden, so that they independently graze on the grass and choose plants to their liking.

Flowers dandelions can be given in very small quantities. It is better not to do this, but if it does, it is not scary. Basically, rabbits feed on leaves and stems, which are good nutritional supplements.

Can I feed dandelions rabbits?

Any farmer with experience will tell you that dandelions can not only be given to rabbits, but also necessary. But it is necessary to feed the pet with this plant with care, mixing it with other types of herbs. In fact, dandelion is a valuable source of calcium for growing up and older adult rabbits. The only caveat - the urine of the animal from the use of such food can turn red. This is normal, you should not worry about it, especially when the animals periodically eat more and beets.

In the diet of your rabbits dandelions should take up to 30% of the total mass of green fodder.

Since there are a lot of calcium in dandelions, it can negatively affect the growth of not strong rabbits. Excess calcium, as well as its deficiency is harmful to rabbits, kids and adults. Therefore, mix this plant with hay and other herbs and only in this form, safely give your little animals!

What about decorative rabbits?

Ornamental breed rabbits can be given dandelion stalks, leaves and flowers as well as ordinary rabbits. Recommendations on how to feed decorative cuties, remain the same. Do not overdo it, make sure that the percentage of green mixtures is strictly observed. You can mix chopped dandelion mass with a variety of wild plants. Periodically change the composition of the mixtures.

Remember that it is possible to give herbs and leaves only from the 3rd week of life, gradually offering such food to babies. Rabbits are very inquisitive and will surely be happy to eat a dandelion. Also, watch out for the regularity of stool and pet urination. If after the introduction of such a component there are problems, immediately remove it from the diet. However, if it is properly harvested and assembled in clean terrain, its benefits are very great.

How to feed dandelions?

We have already mentioned that dandelions can be fed to rabbits not in pure form, but only in mixtures. It is best to give, mixing with such herbs as tansy, plantain, wormwood. Such a mixture will additionally have an anti-parasitic effect. Of course, do not forget about the usual fresh hay, because coarse fiber should be constantly in rabbits. Never sprinkle plants with animals that have not been washed with clean water!

Dandelion, before giving the rabbits, you need to rinse well with hot water, it is hot, not boiling water. After that, you need to dry the raw materials, one can even say, to stock in a well-blown place without moisture and dust. When the food is completely dry after washing, mix the raw material with hay and put it in the feeders. The direct function of this flower is the activation of liver and kidney functions. Therefore, it can be called a super-useful delicacy.

You can feed dandelion-grass gatherings with your grass a couple of times a week, on other days you can add some other plant component to the hay.

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