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Blackberry pouring with cherry leaf: cooking options


Homemade wines and liqueurs are very popular. Practically any berry or fruit is suitable for their production. I will teach you how to make delicious liqueurs, true masterpieces. For a start, I’ll tell you the simplest recipe for black chokeberry at home. The basic version, a minimum of ingredients, a minimum of effort, only patience.

Blackberry pouring: the easiest recipe

Prepare a clean glass container, lid, towel. I do not indicate the number of ingredients, we take enough berries to fill a cooked can or several cans.

  1. Rowan berries are separated from the twigs, sifted, rinsed well and dried on a towel. We put the berries in the prepared container on the shoulders, fill with vodka so that it completely covers the berries. We will cork a lid and remove it in a dark place.
  2. We will insist for at least a month, periodically shaking the jar. In a month, let’s dissolve the liquid, measure its volume. Take a third of the sugar from the volume of the tincture, for example, if we have 1 liter of tincture at the output, then we take 300 g of sugar. We combine the berries tincture and sugar, mix and remove for a couple of days. Pouring ready.
  3. The second way to make this liqueur is to add sugar to the berries immediately, pour vodka on them and stand in a dark place for a month. We will only have to strain the resulting drink and pour it into beautiful bottles. And, of course, enjoy the wonderful liqueur, its aroma, taste, color.

In the treasury of useful tips

  • If it is not possible to process the berries immediately after harvest, you can freeze them in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. After such a freeze they will lose their excessive astringency, the liqueur will acquire a very soft velvety taste.
  • If you can not freeze the berries, you can dry them. The skin of the berries is dense, chokeberry - a dry berry, the drying process does not take much time. For the preparation of the brandy, you can use dry rowan berries, also pouring them with vodka, but in this case the process of ripening the drink will last a half to two times longer in time than when using fresh berries.

Pouring chokeberry on vodka with cherry leaf

The next recipe is black chokeberry juice on vodka with cherry leaves.

We continue to share recipes, we will discuss an additive such as cherry leaves. Pouring of berries, infused with vodka, has a good color and taste. But any drink can always be improved, enriched, add an unexpected touch, which we will do.

  • 2 cups of rowan berries,
  • 50-70 leaves of cherry,
  • 300 grams of sugar,
  • 1 liter of vodka
  • ½ tsp citric acid
  • 1 liter of water.

Prepare a clean glass jar, saucepan, wooden tolkushku cover, towel.

  1. Fruits of mountain ash are separated from the twigs, rinsed and dried on a towel. Cherry leaves, wash, dry. We will put the berries in a saucepan and knead the tolkushkoy until juice appears, fill it with water, add sugar, put cherry leaves. We put the pot on a very small fire so that the berry with the leaves of the cherry cooks and languishes. Stir the mixture to dissolve the sugar.
  2. Turning off the fire, leave the pan for the night, the cherry leaf should give its flavor during this time. In the morning we merge the resulting infusion, remove the leaves and squeeze the berry mass, it is no longer required. Strain the liquid, pour it into the jar, add vodka. Shake well, close the jar lid and remove in a dark place for 1-2 weeks. Pouring of chokeberry with cherry leaves is ready!

We remember the unshakable rule of winemaking - the drink must be infused. If desired, the amount of water or vodka can be changed, based on their preferences, to get more or less strong drinks.

Pouring chokeberry at home “One Hundred Leaves”: a simple recipe

I have another interesting recipe liqueur, called "One Hundred Leaves". This liqueur is unusually aromatic, the taste is noble and refined. And I have my own zest in this recipe. According to the recipe, which can be called standard, it is supposed to use three types of leaves - cherry, raspberry, currant. I add a fourth kind - a leaf of pear. This little detail, but the result is much more interesting to taste, sweeter and more tender, since the pear sets off any drink very unobtrusively and gently.

  • 2 cups of chokeberry berries,
  • 300 grams of sugar
  • 25 leaves of cherry, raspberry, black currant, pear,
  • 1 l of water
  • 1 liter of vodka
  • ½ tsp citric acid.

Prepare a clean glass jar, lid, pot, wooden towel.

  1. Aroni's berries are sorted, separated from the twigs, washed and dried on a towel. Raspberry, cherry, black currant, pear leaves, wash, dry on a towel. Berries put in a saucepan, knead tolkushkoy until juice appears.
  2. Before we lay the leaves on the berries, we strongly remember in our hands that this will improve the extraction of substances in the aqueous solution. Fill all with water, add sugar, citric acid, put on a small fire to languish, I never boil the leaves, otherwise the taste of the drink will spoil.
  3. After tasting berries with leaves for half an hour, we will leave them for 10-12 hours for a better infusion. Then we will merge the liquid into any container, squeeze the berries well, strain it. Add vodka to the resulting infusion, mix, remove in a dark place to “ripen”.

This delicious, fragrant liqueur does not need advertising, it will easily become a “hit” of the season, delighting you with a light taste and a long pleasant woody aftertaste.