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Fungicide - Switch - characteristics and description


Gardeners are concerned about how to save vegetables, flowers and fruit trees from all sorts of diseases. The most common problems are diseases of fungal origin, rust, powdery mildew and others. Mushrooms penetrate into the tissues of vegetables and trees, flowers through microraniums that appear on the background of sunburn or frostbite, through other plants, the soil. A number of fungi get on plants through garden tools or compost, therefore the most rational way to fight fungal infections is a complex treatment of plants.

Fungicide "Switch" today - the most popular drug, judging by the reviews, is quite effective. This chemical helps protect the plant from spores of parasitic fungi.

About the drug

Instructions for use for the fungicide "Switch" states that the tool allows you to get rid of powdery mildew, rot, gray mold and other fungal diseases. The mixture is suitable for the protection of fruit trees, vegetables, flowers, shrubs. The highest efficiency is seen when used to protect grapes, tomatoes and cucumbers.

The composition of the drug

Switch fungicide is a two-component agent containing:

Both components are not phytotoxic and are approved for use in agriculture, including the treatment of grapes.

Ciprodinil is effective at low atmospheric temperatures, but not lower than +3 degrees. Not washed off by rain. It has a systemic effect for 7 to 14 days. If the instructions for use are followed, then the drug does not show resistance to pathogens. Does not cross-react with other fungicides. It has a devastating effect on the formation of amino acids, which prevents the growth of the fungus.

Fludioxonil is an analogue of a natural antimycotic agent with a wide spectrum of action. It has no toxic effect on plants. Widely used for seed dressing. It has an inhibitory effect on the mycelium of the fungus.

How to use

The instructions for the fungicide "Switch" for use for grapes recommends the primary treatment after the end of flowering. Re-processing can be carried out at the beginning of the formation of clusters, that is, during the season two treatments are carried out. The tool allows you to get rid of almost all types of rot. Approximate consumption - from 80 to 100 milliliters per 1 m 2. The duration of the fungicide is from 14 to 21 days.

General terms of use:

  • 2 grams of product per 10 liters of water
  • diluted fungicide must be used on the day of preparation,
  • it is possible to process cultures in the morning or evening,
  • there should be no wind outside.

Instructions for use of the fungicide "Switch" says that it is possible to use the product not only for grapes, but also for other crops for a number of diseases:

Chemical composition

Composed of two active substances. They protect plants at any stage of development of the fungus. Svitchem treatments are effective during the spore germination period, during the growth of the mycelium at the initial stage and when it penetrates into the cells.

The process of preparing the working solution does not depend on the type of agricultural crop. Pellets (2 g) with stirring, dissolved in warm water (10 l). You can use the sprayer tank. Pour some water into it, pour in the granules, stir until they are completely dissolved, add water to the required volume.

With the fungicide there is an exact instruction, where for each culture the consumption rate per square meter is indicated. Recommendations must be followed.

Plants are treated in cloudy weather, in the morning or in the evening. Permissible wind speed during operation 4-5 m / s. About 2 hours there should be no precipitation so that the drug is fixed on the surface of the plants.

How to store

The shelf life of the fungicide in sealed original packaging is 3 years. Store in premises intended for household needs.

The causative agent of the disease is a fungus that reproduces asexually. In total, more than 50 types of pathogenic cultures, ...

The recommended air temperature in the warehouse is from -5 ° C to + 35 ° C. The drug should be used immediately after opening the container.

From various rot, the winegrowers carry out the treatment with different preparations. The list of sought-after funds is given in the table.

Fungicide Switch

Switch - fungicide designed to combat various types of rot that infect plants at all stages of growth, ripening and fruiting. Especially often it is used in the cultivation of vegetables, grapes and stone fruit.

The switch is a recognized European standard for combating all species and subspecies of the fungi of the genus Botrytis (gray mold) and most pathogens of secondary rot. The official manufacturer is Syngenta LLC, (Syngenta), a Swiss company formed in 2000.

It has branches in 90 countries of the world, including Russia. It specializes in selling seeds of key field crops in Russian regions and in plant protection products.

Characteristics of the drug

  • during germination spores,
  • at the beginning of mycelium growth,
  • when mycelium penetrates the plant cell,
  • stops the growth of mycelium in the cell.

The drug is prohibited for use in the sanitary zone of fish ponds. The switch is not allowed to use the aviation method. The price varies between 900-1200 rubles per 100 g of the drug, 150 rubles per 10 grams and about 10,000 rubles per 1 kg.

Pros and cons of the drug


  1. The switch is registered and recommended for 27 crops.
  2. Effectively affects almost all types of rot and pathogenic fungi.
  3. It is an innovative drug, consisting of 2 new effective components, which provides the drug with high biological activity.
  4. It affects wintering pests.
  5. Use is possible both in the medical, and in the preventive purposes.
  6. Spraying is possible during the flowering phase,
  7. Not washed off by rain, precipitation in the form of fog.
  8. Does not change its impact on plants at a large temperature range,
  9. The rapid action of the drug and good absorption by the plant.
  10. Does not require frequent repetitions, guarantees a damaging effect for a long time.
  11. Additional use: seed dressing, soil disinfection, when used on grapes improves the taste of wine.
  12. The drug is easy to use, has a detailed step by step instructions.
  13. The tool is economical to use, does not require a large amount of funds in the application.
  14. Restores plant after damage and hail.
  15. The composition of the drug ensures the protection of crops at any stage of disease development, except for the complete destruction of the plant.

The main disadvantage, in the opinion of gardeners, is the high price and uselessness of the tool in case of extensive damage to the plant.

Fungicide "Switch": what is this drug

The drug “Switch” is a fungicide that protects roses, berry and fruit crops from gray decay, powdery mildew, gray mold and other diseases, but is most often used to protect and treat cucumbers, grapes, strawberries, apricots, plums. This fungicide contains two active ingredients: 37% cyprodinil and 25% fludyoksonil. It is these two active substances that allow controlling pathogens of many diseases.

Drug benefits

The main advantages of the fungicide "Switch" are:

  • Application to many cultures, from a variety of diseases.
  • Can be used as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent.
  • It is used for seed dressing.
  • Processing of a plant during its flowering is allowed.
  • Does not cause resistance in parasitic fungi.
  • Fast and long-lasting - it begins to act after two hours, and the protective effect lasts up to 20 days.
  • Low toxic to humans and insects.
  • Easy to use.

Preparation of the working solution and instructions for use

The proportions required for the preparation of the working solution of the fungicide “Switch” are the same for all types of crops and are about 2 g of the drug per 10 liters of water. During preparation and spraying, the solution must be constantly stirred, and it must be consumed on the day it was prepared. Consumption of the drug is from 0.07 g to 0.1 g per 1 sq. Km. m (for each culture, details are given in the instructions for fungicide).

Should be processed no more than 2 times per season, the intervals for all cultures are different:

  • For grapes - from 2 to 3 weeks (it is best to start spraying during the period of fruit ripening).
  • For tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries - from 10 days to 2 weeks.
  • Fruit trees - from 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Roses in open and closed ground - 2 weeks.

Compatibility with other drugs

In most cases, “Switch” can be combined with pesticides (“Topaz”, “Kvadris”, “Gold MC”, “Lyufoks”, etc.), can be used together with products containing copper, as well as other fungicides. But in each case it is necessary to consult the instructions that come with the drugs.