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Popular varieties of lilies, photos and descriptions of the most spectacular


Each year, breeders bring new varieties of lilies, the number of which has long exceeded five thousand mark. Each of them has its own characteristics:

  • stem height
  • size, shape and color of flowers,
  • periods of flowering
  • requirements for growing conditions.

Asian popular varieties with photos and descriptions

The most popular with gardeners around the world are Asian lilies, varieties, photos and descriptions of which are discussed in this section. Flowers of this group are not demanding to care and perfectly tolerate harsh winters. The variety of cultivated varieties allows you to pick up lilies for every taste - dwarf and up to one and a half meters in height, of every possible form and color of flowers, except shades of blue and blue.

Marlene (Rus. Marlene)

This variety is famous for its abundant flowering in June and July. Light green stem powerful, 80-100 cm tall. Leaves 13-15 cm long, pointed. Large flowers, reaching a diameter of 20 cm, have a very delicate color with a slight red specks in the center.

Asiatic lily hybrid - Marlene variety

At the base of the petals color cream, on the tips - rich pink. Up to 100 buds can be formed on one stalk of a Marlena variety lily.

Lion Heart (Rus. Lion Heart)

The stems of this variety of lilies rise 60-80 cm and carry 10-12 flowers of medium size (12-15 cm). The color of the flowers causing - black with a purple tint, and the base and tips of the petals - bright yellow. There are dark purple dots all over the petal.

Lily Lion Heart is distinguished by defiant coloring

Annamarie Dream (Rus. Annamaria Dream)

Srednerosly variety, up to 60 cm. The flower is carrying 7-9 bottles. Terry flower, medium size, without specks, with bright maroon stamens in the center and white or white and cream colored petals.

Asiatic lily hybrid - Annamiria Dream variety

Black Out (Rus. Black Out)

Tall variety, 110-125 cm. Dark red saturated color gives flowers extraordinary beauty. The petals are glossy, with dark specks. The main vein on them is expressed in a darker color, down to blue-black.

The garden lily Black Out has a dark red saturated color

Lollópop (Rus. Lollipop)

Representatives of this variety are medium tall (90-100 cm). Large flowers two-colored (white in the center and with bright pink or crimson tips), without specks, are located in inflorescences of 3-5 pieces. A distinctive feature of this variety are large onions.

Lollypop lily variety - a bright representative of Asian hybrids

Flore Pleno (Rus. Flore Pleno)

Describing the types of garden lilies, not to mention the variety Flora Pleno. This is a tall, up to 120 cm, representative of Asian hybrids with thick double flowers and curved petals. Color flowers - fiery orange with tiger specks all over the petal.

Lollypop lily variety - a bright representative of Asian hybrids

Flora Pleno blooms in July. It does not form seeds, but babies are formed in the leaf sinuses (heads, or bulbs) for reproduction.

Oriental lily hybrids - varieties and description

All types of garden lilies, photos and descriptions of which are discussed in the catalog, have their own characteristics. So, the eastern hybrids are distinguished by large flowers and unusually charming flavor. Compared with other types of lilies, they are very demanding in terms of growing and wintering the bulbs. They bloom later Asian hybrids, in July and August.

Lovely Girl (Russian. Lovely Girl)

The oriental hybrid of the Lovely Girl variety is famous for its extraordinary beauty. It is a medium-sized variety, 70-80 cm high. The flowers are large, can reach 20 cm in diameter. The color of flowers is cream, with a bright yellow longitudinal spot along the entire length of the petal and red specks. The edges of the petals are wavy.

Popular Oriental Hybrid Lily Variety - Lovele Girl

Magic Star (Russian Magic Star)

Beautiful oriental lilies, varieties, photos and descriptions of which we consider, are the dream of every gardener. Magic Star is not an exception, medium-grown variety, up to 100 cm in height. The flowers really resemble a magical star - dense, up to 20 cm in diameter. Their color is pink with a bright crimson spot along the petal and rare specks. Border petals white, corrugated.

Oriental lily Magic Star

Barbados (Rus. Barbados)

The famous variety Barbados in all its glory represents the eastern varieties of lilies, the photos of which illustrate their extraordinary beauty. Stem 90-110 cm tall carries up to nine large buds. Flowers in diameter up to 25 cm, rich crimson with specks and white piping along a wavy edge.

Variety of Barbados lilies extraordinarily beautiful

Extravaganza (rus. Extravaganza)

Extravaganza variety is famous for its fragrant, delicate and very large flowers. Their color is white with a soft pink longitudinal stripe and bright specks. The petals are moderately corrugated and slightly bent. Oriental garden lilies, varieties, photos and characteristics of which are described in the article will certainly become an ornament for a garden decorated in any style.

Lilia Extravaganza is valued for its fragrance and beautiful tender buds.

Hybrids of Lilies Longiflorum Asiatic

Modern hybrids, bred relatively recently, have absorbed the best qualities of their specific ancestors. LA hybrids or Longiflorum Asiatic hybrids are a modern group of varieties that breeders obtained by crossing representatives of long-flowered and Asian species. These garden lilies, varieties, photos, and descriptions of which are presented in the article, please with large flowers with a delicate aroma, endure all the vagaries of the weather, are suitable for forcing.

Indian Diamond (rus. Indian Diamond)

In height, this representative can reach one and a half meters. Large flowers of bright orange without specks. 7-9 buds on the stem are directed both upwards and to the sides, and create an incredibly beautiful orange “cap”.

Indian Diamond attracts with a bright orange color

Ceb Dazzele (Rus. Keb Dazzle)

The stem of this variety of lilies carries 5-7 buds and reaches a height of 100-110 cm. Bright yellow flowers with rare specks at the base are directed upwards.

Keb Dazzle - tall hybrid lily with bright flowers

Black Beauty (Rus. Black Beauty)

One of the first is the group to which OT hybrids belong, the Black Beauty beauty lily variety, its photo is amazing, but does not convey all its beauty. Tall, up to 2 m stem carries a lot of buds. The flowers are of a yellowish form, painted in cherry color with a greenish spot at the base and white edging. On the petals there are dark papillomas.

Sort Black Beauty - one of the most beautiful OT hybrids

Northern Carillon (Russian. Northern Carillon)

This variety of lilies can be safely called legendary. For many years, he was considered the best OT-hybrid of Canadian breeding. In the spring the leaves of this lily are purple. The flowers are drooping, white with a bright raspberry center. On one stem up to 20 flowers, the size of which can reach 30 cm in diameter.

Canadian breeding variety Northern Carillon

Shocking (Rus. Shocking)

Stems 80-100 cm tall leafy. Multiple flowers muted yellow or peach color with bright red strokes. The throat of the flower is light green with red specks. Variety lilies, photos of which are presented below, will create a real sensation in your garden.

Lilies Shocking perfectly look in any garden

The best varieties of lilies for Siberia and the Urals

Lilies are grown not only in the southern regions, but also in difficult climatic conditions of Siberia and the Urals. Frost-resistant varieties of lilies for Siberia, photos and names of which you will find in our article, are not afraid of extreme climatic changes and calmly endure cold winters.

In cold regions, LA hybrids are grown, varieties of wispy lilies, Asian hybrids, varieties of photos and the names of which are described in this article. Hybrids of dapper lily or martagon are very hardy, grow on any soil and are not pretentious to care.

Lily Kudrevataya suitable for cultivation in Siberia.

The stems of martagon lilies are tall, the flowers are usually marshmallow, not large. The color of the flowers is varied - from light pink to purple with many shades. Suitable as well, flowers of orange variety Nicotine with purple specks.

Martagonov Group - a bright and unusual variety Nicotine

For cultivation in Siberia, choose some varieties of oriental hybrids with high frost resistance. Among them, the variety Siberia with white corrugated flowers.

East hybrid - Siberia variety has increased frost resistance

It is impossible to list all the varieties and types of lilies with photos and descriptions, so we told you about the most popular and popular ones among gardeners. We are sure that from the variety of these incredibly beautiful flowers, you will find those that will please and will delight you in the garden for many years.

A variety of lily varieties, what lily to choose for your flower bed

Lilium (Lilium) - a plant belonging to the family lily. These flowers are very popular among flower growers, which accounts for the large number of their varieties and types. In this article we will look at the best varieties of lilies.

Asiatic Lily Latvia

Asiatic lily Latvia (Latvia) belongs to the Tango varieties (this variety has abundant specks). The center of the flower is abundantly dotted (sometimes it seems that it is completely brown), and the tips of the petals are bright yellow. Latvia Lily is perfect for cutting, because its aroma is slightly perceptible and soft enough.

Main characteristics of Latvia lily:

  • stem height 90-110 cm
  • petal length 10 cm,
  • flower diameter about 15 cm
  • cupped flower shape
  • flowering period - the end of June-August,
  • landing period - April-May or September,
  • frost resistance (up to -25 ° C),
  • preferably planted in sunny or slightly shaded places.

    Asiatic Lily Latvia is an unpretentious flower that grows in one place for 3-4 years.

    Snow white lily

    The snow-white lily, or Candidum (Lilium candidum), is a root-lily of its own, which forms a basal rosette of leaves and does not possess stem roots. The tall stems of the snow-white lily can be from green to purple-black (it depends on the shape). Lily Candidum has pure white flowers with golden yellow anthers. Petals can be rounded or very pointed. This variety has a pleasant aroma.

    Important! White lilies do not like frequent transplants (should be transplanted 4-5 years after planting).

    The main characteristics of Candida lily:

    • stem height up to 2 m
    • petal length 12 cm
    • flower diameter about 10 cm
    • funnel-shaped flower,
    • flowering period in late June or early July,
    • landing period - at the end of August or the beginning of September,
    • preferably planted in sunny or shaded places.
    For the winter period, the snow-white lily should be covered with leaves (not less than 10 cm) or modern materials, for example, lutrasil. Spring (April and May) frosts snow-white lily tolerates easily.

    Lilia Marlene (Marlene) - Asian hybrid. The peculiarity of this variety of lilies is the ability for fasciation (accretion of the stems), which leads to an interesting effect: there are up to a hundred flowers at the top of the stem. Unpretentious in cultivation, resistant to diseases and frost - these liliis will be gladly chosen by novice growers to give. Marlene lily flowers have a bright pink color with a large white and cream spot in the center and single dark red patches.

    The main characteristics of lily Marlene:

    • stem height 80-100 cm
    • flower diameter 15-20 cm,
    • flowering period - June-July,
    • landing period - end of April or mid-September,
    • good frost resistance
    • preferably planted in sunny and sheltered places.

    In the fall, stalks of Marlene lilies are recommended to be cut (at a height of 8-18 cm from the ground). Since this type of lily is frost resistant, you should not cover them.

    Important! When buying bulbs should be careful: unscrupulous sellers show photos of these lilies of different colors. Remember, what color are Marlena lilies - only pink. The phenomenon of many flowers (fasciation) is not always - no matter how convincing you are of this.

    Purple prince

    Lily Purple Prince (Purple Prince) is an OT (or Oriental-Tubular) hybrid.

    During the flowering period, each lily bud Purple Prince blooms in a large flower of maroon-purple color. In unblown bud color is almost black. Slightly twisted satin flower petals give a beautiful view to these lilies. In a bouquet of purple lily Prince looks just amazing. Many growers consider this variety the most beautiful lily, and it also has a delicate, sweet aroma.

    The main characteristics of Purple Prince lily:

    • stem height 120-150 cm
    • petal length 9-10 cm,
    • flower diameter of about 20-25 cm
    • the flowering period is June - July,
    • recommended landing period is at the end of April, May or September,
    • preferably planted in sunny places.
    For the wintering of Purple Pris lilies, the stems should be cut off the ground, covered with leaves (10 cm thick), and in regions with a harsh winter, it is recommended to dig it up and store until spring.

    Lilia Urandi (Urandi) is an OT hybrid with a delicate coloring and a strong but pleasant aroma. Blossoming buds fascinate smooth transitions of different shades from pure white to light orange, with pink and bright yellow. Lily Urandi has slightly wavy petals with strongly twisted tips.

    The main characteristics of lily Urandi:

    • stem height 100-120 cm
    • in diameter a flower is about 15-20 cm,
    • flowering period - May-August
    • landing period - March-June or September-December,
    • good frost resistance (up to -30 ° C),
    • preferably planted in sunny places.
    Lily Urandi perfectly kept in a cut state.

    Lily martagon

    The lily is marvelous or Martagon (Martagon) (popularly also called sarana, royal curls or Turkish lily) - a magnificent flower plant that became the basis of the hybridization of numerous varieties.

    The tall green stalk of the lily Martagon is pubescent with short hairs. Its flowers have specks and many colors: white, yellow, pink, lilac and even black. The number of flowers on the peduncle can reach 50.

    Main characteristics of Martagon lily:

    • stem height 120-180 cm
    • in diameter a flower is about 6 cm,
    • flowering period - June-July,
    • landing period at the end of April, May or September,
    • good frost resistance
    • can be planted in the shade.
    After planting, it blooms in a few years, but this variety of lilies can grow up to 20 years without a transplant.

    Tiger lily

    Tiger lilies (Lilium tigrinum) or lance-leaf (Lilium lancifolium) - unpretentious perennial plants. Tiger lilies are orange, yellow, red, pink in color with dark purple specks (terry-shaped flowers can also be found).

    The main characteristics of tiger lily:

    • stem height 100-120 cm
    • in diameter a flower about 8-12 cm
    • the flowering period falls on July,
    • landing period - the beginning of September,
    • good frost resistance
    • partial shade is well suited for normal growth.
    In winter, tiger lilies cover with leaves, humus, the thickness of the shelter should not be higher than 15 cm.

    The lily has many varieties. And what are the most beautiful lilies, flower growers decide for themselves. How many people - how many tastes and opinions.

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    How to choose a lily for the garden

    Lily is loved by gardeners and is widely used in garden design. But if you are only going to start growing this flower, it will be interesting to find out where it came from and how a particular variety was obtained. Therefore, in this article we will discuss the modern classification of wild species, hybrids and varieties of lilies.

    Lily - a perennial bulbous plant, has more than a hundred species and thousands of varieties growing in different parts of the world. Their variety is striking: from simple "modest" to stylish exquisite "fashionistas" with huge, fancifully colored flowers of different shapes and the direction of the petals. Plants differ in size of flowers - from 2.5 to 30 cm in diameter, and the size of the bush. There are also low-growing forms suitable for use as indoor plants, and real giants up to 2 m high. But selection does not stand still, and therefore new varieties constantly appear, more colorful, unpretentious and resistant to diseases.

    Lily classification

    There are separate classifications of wild species of lilies (Comber's classification, 1949) and hybrid forms (de Graf’s classification, 1964), but the International Classification (1982), which includes both species and hybrid forms, is the most popular at present.

    According to this classification, all forms of lilies are combined into nine groups, eight of which include hybrid forms depending on the origin, and in the ninth group, the original species and their varieties are combined.

    According to the classification, all forms of lilies are combined into nine groups, eight of which include hybrid forms depending on the origin, and in the ninth group are the original species and their varieties.

    The group of Asian hybrids (Asiatic Hybrids), or "Asians", is by far the most popular among gardeners. The area of ​​distribution of the original forms - East Asia, therefore, the resulting hybrids are unpretentious. They are winter-hardy, undemanding to the sun, not very susceptible to disease, multiply rapidly and have no odor.

    Многочисленные сорта этой группы имеют разные сроки цветения: июнь – август, поэтому при правильном подборе растений можно достичь непрекращающегося цветения на протяжении сезона. Окраска цветков очень разнообразна – от нежной пастельной до очень темной, иногда в одном соцветии бывает несколько тонов. Размер цветков – от 10 до 14 см. По форме могут быть звездчатыми, чашевидными, чалмовидными, есть сорта с махровыми цветками. Цветки направлены вверх, в сторону или вниз.

    С появлением на рынке некоторых новых гибридов, например ЛА, ОТ, спрос на «азиаток» несколько упал, однако они по-прежнему остаются любимыми цветами. Кроме того, селекционеры постоянно обновляют ассортимент новыми сортами. Очень интересное направление – вариации рисунка на лепестках. Now new varieties of this trend are combined into three groups:

    ● Tango - the specks on the petals are very large, ● Brashmark - the specks merge into large spots, ● Brashstrok - the petals are covered with strokes.

    Another promising direction in obtaining new varieties is to obtain tetraploids, plants with double the number of chromosomes, which leads to an even greater improvement in the decorative qualities of the flower and the speed of reproduction.

    Most popular varieties:

    ● Spring pink - flowers terry, delicate pink color, ● Cocktail Twins - flowers terry, bright scarlet, ● Tiny Padhye - flowers are wine-red, the ends are white, ● Dimension is an extraordinarily beautiful variety with dark maroon, almost black flowers, ● Fata Morgana is one of the most popular varieties with yellow terry flowers, partly covered with dark red small spots.

    The Martagon Group (Martagon Hybrids) has excellent qualities - the plants are cold-resistant, shade-tolerant, durable, have a pleasant aroma. The flowers are directed downward, with a turbid shape, smaller than that of Asian women — about 6 cm in diameter.

    ● early vegetation, therefore, it is necessary to protect from spring frosts, ● frequent damage to the bushes by botrytis - prevention is necessary, ● should be planted only in partial shade, since the sun will have smaller flowers, less bright, the length of the peduncle will decrease, ● slower reproduction - seedlings will bloom no earlier than 6 years, In this regard, the form is less popular than Asians, oriental and tubular.

    Of the few varieties worth noting the following:

    Еarly bird - the earliest lily, orange flowers with specks, Ivorine - white, very elegant flowers, powerful tall stem, Terrace City - flowers larger than those of other varieties, bright yellow, Bronze Medallion - inflorescence in reddish tones, better than others grows powerful high stem - up to 1.7 m

    The following three groups from the International Classification - snow-white (Candidum Hybrids), long-flowered (Longiflorum Hybrids) and American (American Hybrids) are found even less often in amateur growers, as they are very capricious and require a lot of attention.

    White lilies - surprisingly delicate and beautiful flowers. Previously, they met in gardens much more often, and even some of the difficulties of growing gardeners did not stop. About the sacred beauty of this flower is the fact that on the canvases of the old masters the archangel Gabriel, preaching Mary about the birth of the Son of God, holds the lily Candidum in her hands as a symbol of purity and integrity.

    American lilies - also forgotten in our time group. Unpopular due to capriciousness, but has great potential, has more than 100 varieties, its flowers are very beautiful and elegant.

    The flowers of longiflorum are very beautiful - rather large, up to 15 cm, elongated, wide-open stars with a pleasant aroma. Widely used in the creation of interspecific hybrids. A popular variety is Pink Heaven with large pale pink flowers.

    Tubular (Trumpet Hybrids) and Orleans (Aurelian Hybrids). The main part of the hybrids obtained from the Asian species, so the plants are unpretentious and resistant to fungal diseases. Sun-loving, winter-hardy, have a strong aroma, do not require frequent transfers. The flowers are directed up, sideways or down. The form is various - cup-shaped, tubular, star-shaped. The flowers can be up to 18 cm in length. There are difficulties in care: they are prone to diseases, they are afraid of May frosts, they do not like acidic soils, they require protection from the wind. Despite this, popular with gardeners, have many varieties. The most popular are:

    Pink Perfection - flowers are directed to the side, purple outside and pink inside, Lankon - flowers are directed down, white with a burgundy streaky-speckled pattern, Golden Splendour - yellow-golden flowers are directed to the side, African Queen - flowers are directed to the side or up, orange .

    Oriental lilies (Oriental Hybrids). The strongest aroma, bright coloring, large flowers make them the undisputed champions in popularity among all the groups described in the garden and in the cut. The first varieties were capricious in the care and heat-loving, but now in the range there are more unpretentious and winter-hardy varieties. The flowers are large, in some varieties up to 25-30 cm: Nippon, Barbados Deshima. The varieties are extraordinarily beautiful and smaller, about 20 cm in diameter: Hotline and Casa Blanca (white), Burlesca (pink), Double Surprise (double with a pink shade), Star Gazer (bright pink with a darker middle band and spots) ).

    However, now both tubular lilies, and Oriental, and Asians are losing their popularity due to the emergence of various complex intervarietal hybrids that have taken the best from the original varieties. These hybrids are combined into the eighth group of the international classification.

    Hybrid Lilies

    In the names of hybrid varieties, the initial letters of the Latin name of the species participating in the crossing are used: O - Eastern, T - tubular, L - Long-flowered, A - Asian or Orleans in the case of hybrids with Asian, M - March.

    The names of the hybrid varieties use the initial letters of the Latin name of the species involved in crossing.

    The most popular today are the following varieties.

    FROM - Orienpets. Viable, with large, more than 30 cm, flowers, very well reproduced by scales and give a lot of kids. Sizes are different - from 70 cm to two-meter giants.

    Beverly Dreme - flowers have a raspberry center and white edging of petals, Boogie Woogie - yellow flowers with orange piping, Shocking - yellow flowers with red center.

    LA Viable, unpretentious, winter without shelter, practically do not get sick. Bloom from late June. Flowers about 20 cm, with a pleasant smell. The most famous varieties:

    Freya - flowers of light yellow color without spots, Tropic Diamond - flowers of bright pink color with a small krapom at the basis, Original Love - color softly passes from dark to lighter shade of red. At the very base of the flower - a few small dark spots. The white tabs at the beginning of each petal create a special effect.

    LO - longipipeta. The flowers are very large, form - long-tube, color varied. The bulbs need a dry wintering - either cover or scoop. The most ornamental variety is the Triumphant - very large flowers, bright pink in the throat and with a wide white border around the edge. Among other species should be noted Prince Promise with flowers of light pink color.

    In addition to these groups, which have already spread among florists, there are less popular ones.

    AT Like hybrids LA, very viable, have large beautiful flowers of tubular shape of different colors. The most decorative is the Fairy Belz variety with semi-tubular bright orange flowers.

    MA - martizian - eliminated all the shortcomings of March wagon, except for sensitivity to spring frosts, like open areas, grow in penumbra worse.

    AA - aziapety - very healthy short neat hybrid.

    Of course, due to the constant emergence of all new hybrid forms, the classification of this subgroup cannot be considered perfect and unchanged. Sometimes there are hybrids of unknown origin, and sometimes popular hybrids are of controversial origin. Thus, recently, completely new NEP hybrids have appeared: the Nepali lily and the OT-hybrids, as well as the Prince Promise lily, a variety that probably marks the beginning of the LLO subgroup, since the species of the Longiflorum group and LO hybrids took part in the selection.

    The ninth group of the international classification includes all species and varieties of wild lilies. In the wild, there are hundreds of species that are not only actively used by breeders for breeding new varieties, but also serve as an ornament to garden plots. These are tiger lily (L. tigrinum), leopard (L. pardallinum), Dahurian (L. dauricum), wispy (L. martagon), Henry (L. henryi), royal (L. regale) and many others. As a rule, these plants are unpretentious, grow well in gardens and are well propagated by seeds, but some of them have features associated with the specificity of growth in natural conditions that you need to know. For example, the tubular beauties Royal Lily and Henry Lily need alkaline soil.

    In the following articles on lilies, we will dwell on the intricacies of growing all groups. After all, some of them are unpretentious, others require careful maintenance. In the meantime, enjoy the spring and choose your favorite lilies for your garden!

    FROM Lily Hybrids: variety names and photos, planting and care requirements

    OT Lilies are Tubular Representative hybrids with Orientals (Eastern Lilies), were bred in 1952 by American breeders and subsequently improved by Dutch botanists.

    A distinctive feature of this hybrid is a durable peduncle, the flowers can be either cubic or drooping. The best varieties of OT-lilies have on one stalk up to 30-40 flower stalks and look like a finished bouquet. Hybrids are distinguished by their beauty, strength, tall stature and pronounced aroma. Flowering earlier than other varieties.

    Lilies OT hybrids: types of photo varieties, features of care

    When buying a plant, be careful: unscrupulous sellers may offer hybrids from lilies, posing as a “lily tree” on which they can simultaneously bloom about a hundred buds. In fact, this is just an advertising ploy and this can not be.

    OT hybrids have several advantages over other varieties:

    • Some species a few years after landing can reach gigantic sizes - more than 1.5 m in height. On Stage varieties look very impressive in the garden. Pink, cream with a bright yellow throat Garden Affair, etc. If planting of such species is “diluted” with more stunted lilies, you get very original cascades.
    • The stem has many inflorescences, which in most species exude a unique aroma.
    • Hybrids from lilies less than other varieties are prone to disease.
    • This type of plant feels great on acidic soils, often found in the regions of Central Russia.

    Having decided to plant this gorgeous plant in your garden, think carefully about the landing site - tall FROM hybrids can become the main element of the garden landscape, overshadowing other flowers.

    Types of hybrids

    Breeders bred many FROM lily hybrids, the main ones being the following:

    • Lilium Anastasia. The plant is about two meters tall with a gracefully curved stem and pink petals. The white neck has green streaks in the center. The anthers are orange-brown in color.
    • Lilium donato. It grows up to 1.5-2 meters. The flowers are large (up to 25 cm) with a unique aroma. The color of the inflorescences is purple-red, with small violet patches. The neck is slightly wavy, yellowish-white in color.
    • Lilium Honeymoon. It is a late-flowering medium-sized plant (up to 1 m) with pale yellow flowers. On green stems are located from two to twelve inflorescences, reaching 30 cm in diameter.
    • Double yellow. Terry look with a lemon smell. Inflorescences are yellowish in color reminiscent of lime.
    • Urandi. A very unpretentious variety with large golden-pearl flowers.
    • Touching. Plant height 120 cm. Petals dark yellow color with a red star in the center, exude a strong aroma. The flowering period - the end of July-beginning of August.
    • Purple Prince - a hybrid, occupying a leading position among all others. Inflorescences are large, affecting their unusual size. The buds, dissolved, form beautiful satin burgundy-purple flowers.
    • Palazzo - FROM Lily with flowers of crimson-burgundy hue.
    • Red Dutch. Plant height reaches 90-120 cm. Flowers of wine-red shade with bright yellow tips. Blooms in mid-summer.
    • Robina — a lily of 90–110 cm high with pink flowers and a white “heart”. The diameter of the inflorescences is 15–20 cm. The flowering period is July-August.
    • Scheherazade. It looks like lilies-Orientali, but has larger inflorescences.
    • Silk Road is a hybrid with delicate buds of white and pink color.
    • Lilium Conca d Or is a hybrid slightly higher than 1 m, having a stem of a light-green shade. Differs in long flowering - up to one hundred days. Inflorescences are large (up to 25-28 cm) with a delicate smell.
    • Liliya Altari. The height of the plant is 100-120 cm, the flowers are large (18-20 cm), powdery, directed to the sides. Petals wavy with curved back tips. The inflorescence is formed from 5-8 flowers, exuding a light delicate aroma. Blossoms in the second half of summer (August).
    • Lilium Robina is a tall variety that reaches one and a half meters in height. Stems are green with dark marks. Inflorescences are purplish red with a yellowish white throat.
    • Lilium Miss Feya - low plant (up to 1 m) with dark green foliage. The flowers are large, up to 25 cm in diameter, purple-red shade, white edging along the edges of the petals.
    • Lilium Ovatie - tall lily, reaching a height of one and a half meters with a fairly strong stem.
    • Lilium Sheherazade is a tall plant (up to 2.5 m) with dark green foliage. On one stalk, up to thirty inflorescences of drooping dark red hue form. The diameter of the flowers is 25 cm. The lily blooms in the second half of the summer or at its end. Inflorescences are cupped, painted white. The neck is green, the pollen is brown.
    • Liliya Boogie Woogie. Hybrid height - 110 cm. Flowers of a white-pink shade, are directed to the parties. The smell is like the smell of lilies of the valley.
    • Nazeri Carillon is a tall hybrid with drooping, large (up to 30 cm) inflorescences of whitish-crimson color. They exude a pleasant scent.
    • Orenka is a tall plant with orange flowers.

    Interesting fact! Smell FROM the hybrid perfectly preserved in alcohol. If you cry the aroma you like - you can use it as a flavoring, for example, for bed linen.

    LA lily hybrids

    Today, in the collections of flower growers one can see the early (Donau, Raising Sun, Spirit and others) and late (Rodeo, Royal Parade, Dynamo, etc.) types of LA hybrids, among which is tall and undersized, speckled and without specks, two-colored and monophonic, odorless and with a light delicate aroma.

    At the end of the last century (1998) the newest types of LA lilies were bred:

    1. "Pride Star" with apricot flowers,
    2. "Nomad", having large inflorescences of a rich lilac color,
    3. "Manhattan" with crimson-pink flowers,
    4. Lilac-pink "Royal Ruby",
    5. White-pink "Showbiz" and "Don Quixote",
    6. "La Paz" with brilliant like lacquered lobes of dark red.

    Rules for planting and caring for lily hybrids

    FROM Lily is a light-loving plant, but when planting, one particular feature should be taken into account: the lower part of the stem needs some shading. The soil should be loose, well drained, having in its composition sand. For good growth and development of hybrids, it is recommended to plant the plants in beds of at least 15-20 cm.

    The formation of new bulbs is slow enough and it is recommended to replant the lily every five years. The best time for this procedure is September. In autumn, the plants should be covered with plastic film, and before the onset of cold weather, plantings should be additionally insulated with foliage and lapnik.

    The bulbs FROM the hybrids are planted at a distance of thirty centimeters from each other, the embedding depth is 15–20 cm. Planting takes place in late April-early May or in September-October. Lily blooms in July, the duration of flowering of most species - a month and a half or more.

    FROM hybrids are able to maintain the original freshness for a long time and look great in a slice. They are often planted along the fence when landscaping plots.

    The variety of species FROM lilies allows you to choose the variety you like (or several), and following simple rules and recommendations for planting will create a beautiful original flower garden in your garden.

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    Hybrids Kinky

    Also referred to as species. Refers to perennial flowers. They have a strong smell and beautiful appearance. Among the shortcomings - a rather complicated care.

    They do not need to be transplanted because they grow well in the same place. The difficulty is that they can hardly stand the neighborhood with other colors. In addition, they can not stand and frost. They like shade, relative to the soil is not very picky. Usually these are flowers of small sizes. These include varieties such as:

    • Daurskie
    • White,
    • Gailights,
    • Tiger,
    • Markhan (known for bright orange),
    • Martagon

    Also belong to the category of hybrids. There are about five thousand varieties here. Normally live in the middle lane, tolerant of frost. Differ spectacular appearance and endurance. Flowering occurs at the end of June and July. These flowers need to transplant about once every couple of years.

    Since there are many varieties, they are divided into several groups:

    • Harlequin,
    • Brasmarts. They have colored brushstrokes on the petals. The most popular varieties such as Rostani and Vagard,
    • Pixie. Known miniature size. The most popular varieties here are “Sorbet” (two-color) and Fata-Morgana (terry),
    • Tango Good for its bright color
    • Fiesta.

    In our latitudes, such varieties as Shims, Sun Ray, Navona, and Avingnon feel best.

    Snow white hybrids

    Their ancestors are European varieties of lilies. Such hybrids are prone to many ailments of flowers, feel good only on alkaline soil.

    Their flowers look to the top, tubular, can be both white and yellow. They are quite capricious and not very common in our latitudes. The most famous of the varieties can be called "Appolo." Flowering occurs in the month of June.

    Они же именуются восточными лилиями или восточными гибридами. Известны крупными соцветиями и выразительным запахом. Популярны из-за того, что эффектно смотрятся в букетах. Цветение приходится на август и самое начало осени. Такие лилии подвержены множеству недугов и тоже в уходе не очень просты.

    Цветки у них могут быть чалмовидными, а также трубчатыми и даже плоскими. Трубчатые идеальны для средней полосы. Сорта:

    • Casa blanca,
    • Barbarecu,
    • Cassandra,
    • Amalia (чалмовидный),
    • Mona Lisa,
    • Розовая дымка (также чалмовидные цветы),
    • Мон амур.


    Они же гибриды трубчатые. Любят открытые уастки и почвы нейтральные. Отличаются высоким ростом (до 1,5м) и большими цветами, а также волшебным запахом. Здесь около тысячи сортов.

    Usually bloom in July and the first weeks of August. Flowers are very different in shape, because they are divided as follows: star-shaped, cupped and actually tubular. Among the varieties worth noting:

    • Stellar Bells and Goden Sunburst Pagoda,
    • Crown White,
    • Fine "Regal",
    • African queen,
    • Sargent and many others.


    Also refer to hybrids. Also called longiflorum. There are not many varieties here, they grow for the most part in greenhouses, but they can live on open ground. Their buds are large, the smell is pleasant. Among the varieties worth noting Miaby and Formoz.

    American hybrids

    They bloom in the middle of the summer season. Plants differ in height (there are even two-meter specimens, flowers cannot boast with large sizes, but they are very bright and noticeable. There are usually specks on the petals.

    These flowers are not very patient to frost. In addition, they need a lot of moisture. Soils they love with good drainage and weak acidity.

    A special feature is the unity of the daughter and parent bulbs. Even a piece of such bulbs can grow a full-fledged flower. Flowering usually occurs in the month of July. As for varieties, you can note:

    • Butter Kap,
    • San Gabriel,
    • Afte Glow
    • Lake tolar
    • Del North (raspberry red).

    Interspecific hybrids

    These, too, are good and not only for its bright appearance. They are more hardy than other lilies and suffer less from the afflictions of flowers. There are very large. For interspecific attitudes, you can:

    • Hybrids of Long-flowered and Asian. Popular varieties such as Iceberg (of course, white) Al Garve (pink). There are also a lot of yellow varieties. Also called LA hybrids,
    • Oriental and Asian. Named OA. The most popular variety is Covery,
    • Tubular and Oriental (OT). Known to be resistant to viruses of colors, mycoses and parasites,
    • Long-flowered and Oriental. Flowers are large. Among the varieties worth noting Shocking and Triumphator.

    Among the rarer variations - Asian with tubular, which are good large flowers.

    Casablanca (Rus. Casablanca)

    Tall, up to 120cm, representative of oriental lilies with a heady aroma. The flowers are very large, up to 25 cm, white, without specks. Each stem simultaneously blooms up to 9 flowers.

    Lilia Casablanca has a large number of flowers on the stem

    Adding an article to a new collection

    Asian hybrids are the most common lilies in our gardens. All of them are very hardy, grow well and adapt to adverse conditions. But how to choose from the rich variety of varieties the most spectacular?

    Flowers of Asian lilies can be a variety of colors, while they are often combined two or even three tones. This makes a large bud even more attractive. Thanks to this variety, you will pick flowers to your taste, so that they harmoniously fit into the design of your garden.

    On one stalk of a lily up to 30 flowers can be placed. They, as a rule, do not exude a rich and sugary-sweet aroma, characteristic of most lilies, but at the same time they look no less attractive.

    All Asiatic lilies are unpretentious in care and endure frost up to –40 ° С. They grow best on neutral or slightly acidic and well-fertilized soils.

    So, let's see which hybrids of Asiatic lilies have gained the most popularity among gardeners.