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How to catch affection: traps, traps


It’s just great when you have your own farm (chickens, ducks, rabbits), it’s always nice to eat, meat and eggs made by yourself. Not everyone knows what kind of work it is, how much care is needed for animals, especially if they are small, pipetting them, various vaccines, every day (3 times a day) preparing food for them, cleaning and cleaning, preparing food and so on. month. Of course, later your work will be rewarded, and everything is going fine, until the day when there is no picture on your way that just shocks you. Opening your door to the chicken coop, you can see your favorite chickens, almost all dead or semi alive (you may not stay alive), and your work is going downhill. So what happened and who did it? The answer is simply to profit you came caress. How to get rid of affection?

You are just unlucky, like many private owners, as well as farmers, penetrated to you - weasel. Its appearance in your hen house, bears only one ruin, this animal will not leave anyone alive. You, as the owner, need to know how to get rid of affection, because in the confrontation of chickens and affection, only caress will come out the winner in any case, the chickens have no chance (remember this). Therefore - it is a war, confrontation between you and her. To defeat the enemy, you need to study it well.

This very cute, you can even say a cute animal, just a death machine, no wonder he wears the title of the smallest predator (mammal eating). This predator is a threat to the very existence of your farm (poultry house). This predator is a threat to the very existence of your household farm. He is insatiable, bloodthirsty and cruel, for one appearance in the hen house he will destroy the maximum number of your chickens and chickens (maybe geese can also be attacked in the same way). He chokes his victim with sharp teeth and then eats it. He can also deprive them of their heads, and you just need to take them to the dump.

Small stature
An elongated body, like all the family of mustelids,
Short toes on paws (five each)
The hair on the body is thin, but very thick,
Can for a long time, do without personal housing,
Quickly gets used to the person living next to him, after which he loses his fear of him.

The length of the male varies from 15 cm - 25 cm, the length of the female, a little less than about 11 cm - 20 cm, the weight of the male is about 250 g., The female is 100 -120 g., The tail is 8 cm in the male, and 6 in the female. see. In terms of size, you can’t say that weasel could have done it, but appearance is deceptive (just like with a person).

This predator lives in the forest, where it feeds on small rodents (mice, rats), hunts only at night. If he saw your chickens, turn him around, he will surely pass to you under the cover of night. The very first event that you need to do is to protect your chicken coop, here's how to get rid of affection.

Coop - not for petting

Weasel is a very flexible animal, thanks to its anatomy, it is not difficult for it to penetrate the small slot, hole, gnaw through a weak board, make a digging thanks to its nails (it kills them) and teeth (bites off the head). And so, what we will do to get rid of caress:
The integrity of the perimeter of the barn, no cracks and holes, if any, immediately close up everything,
Watch for wooden structures, that would not be rotten and cracked (ideally to make brick)
The light should be lit at night, which should scare away the intruder (turn on the radio, but loudly, the sound should scare him away),
Set the grid around the perimeter of walking your animals,
Strengthen the door and lead the castle,
The floor must be made of sturdy boards,
Dog is a man's friend, so if it is close to the chicken coop is another plus,
Cleanliness is a guarantee of health, so there should be a clean and no landfill near the hen house (they can hide there)
The roof must be intact, the outlet is filled with a small sturdy mesh.

If, however, a caress, does not want to leave your house, and penetrates with enviable periodicity, it is required to catch him and once and for all turn him away from his hen house. Here are some ways to protect poultry.

Catching these cunning animals on their own without the use of improvised means is quite risky (you can get hurt). Therefore, traps have long been used. They can be placed both on the approach to the coop, and on the path weasel. Traps are of three types:
• Plate
• Framework
• Self-made

The price of the first two in the stores of household goods ranges from about 500 rubles. up to 1500 rubles., are reliable and time-tested means to combat caress. Traps are used when the beast is practically very difficult to catch. When it enters the trap, the spring works and squeezes the paws and head of the animal, and does not allow it to free itself from captivity. For fishing, weasels are used more (more efficiently) of the frame-type traps, since the plates are still more designed for a larger beast. When installing a trap, you need to remember that in no case do it with your bare hands. Why? The smell of a person will remain on the trap, turn all your labors to be sure they will be in vain and not effective. We do everything only in gloves, and dips the trap itself with manure to discourage the human smell. How to get rid of affection, the main question.

You can protect your poultry house with the help of other animals on which weasel does not pounce. For example, geese, when they appear to caress, they will create such a sound siren that she will walk away. Again, the dog, with its barking, will drive it away from the hen house, but whether it is a question of duty. You can also hang goat skins on the walls, the smell should also ward off your enemy (not very effective).
The installation of low-frequency pulses (electronic repellents), they cause panic, and the same is true of every desire to approach your homeland. A fairly effective tool, and besides, fashionable (expensive). To establish a bright lantern that will react to movement, and when moving caress in its field, it will shine with a bright beam of light, which will surely frighten and make the predator run away.

The walls are smeared with tar, its smell drives away the caress, but the method is old and has many drawbacks, because the caress can attack from the roof, and it’s easy to dig for it (not effective). You can try.

Catch and punish affection, you can and barehanded, but the task is very difficult. It will take a night that would track down, suffer, be nervous in this restless night (decide for yourself). It is necessary to throw a blanket (awning), these curtains should be weighty, to caress. Hands should be in durable gloves, remember the claws and teeth of your opponent. There is a struggle ahead, do not think that the caress to surrender the current is simple. If you are lucky you will catch it. The method is not for the faint of heart, to hear the cries of affection, it is still a sight to see.

Useful animals can be caress, if they fall into your hands in infancy. Turn around, weasel will be the master in the yard, you definitely will not have any rodents (rats, mice), but a clever friend and helper will appear.

No matter how much we want to get rid of affection, one should always remember that we are human beings and how to deal with this small but predatory animal as humane as possible. Of course, you need to be careful, especially if you trace it along with the offspring. It is advisable to give the offspring to the nearest zoo or animal shelter, let's not kill them.

How to get rid of affection with the help of traps?

These devices include not only purchased, but also home-made devices. All of them have a special design. In addition, the prerequisite for the successful completion of the hunt, is the presence of bait. In most cases, a mixture of ten grams of peppermint oil and three hundred grams of fish oil is used for these purposes. Meat, small poultry, pickled fish, rotten eggs, rogoza seed or sour cream are added to the resulting mass.

It should be remembered that it is advisable to use frame traps to catch animals that live in natural conditions, far from human habitation. When choosing such devices it is necessary to give preference to designs of the smallest sizes.

Features of the use of trails and cages

Those who are interested in how to catch affection should definitely learn about another effective method. It consists in the use of an improvised mechanism adapted to capture the animal. At the same time, the hunter himself must hide and disguise himself in advance near the place where the predator is supposed to appear. This method is advisable to apply in the evening. Do not overlook the fact that corneal weasel, devoid of escape routes, can attack a person standing nearby.

In some cases, it is allowed to use special cells with small holes between strong metal rods. A small and nimble caress easily gnaws through the wooden lattice and crawls through the widely spaced openings. Inside the cage, you must put the bait, prepared from the above ingredients.

Scarers and folk methods

Those who already understand how to catch affection, but do not set themselves the task of catching an uninvited visitor, we can recommend to pay attention to special devices. These electronic scarers are installed in the hen house. They emit low-frequency signals, causing panic among predators and forcing them to leave the forbidden territory.

Those who do not have the opportunity to purchase such a device, you can use an alternative. For such purposes, suitable conventional flashlight, complete with motion sensors. When the uninvited guest approaches, the device begins to reproduce the light and sound signals that scare the animal away.

Our grandmothers smeared the walls of the coop with tar. Although this method has long been used by villagers, it is not very effective. This is because the animal can get inside the house through the roof. In addition, no one guarantees that the smell of tar can frighten affection.

How to build a homemade trap?

The animal, settled near the chicken coop, can cause significant damage. He is ravaging bird nests, stealing chicks and eggs. Therefore, the villagers are trying by any means to get rid of these predators. Often people use homemade traps.

For the manufacture of this primitive design you will need a bait, a bucket and a two-liter plastic bottle. With the latter you need to cut off the neck and bottom. After that, you can proceed to further action. To strung the bait, you should make a spear-like cutting at the throat part.

Wearing a piece of meat on the resulting device, you need to place it in the place where weasel was noticed. It is important that the bait side hangs slightly off the table or chair. Under this edge it is necessary to substitute a bucket with a slightly opened lid that could slam at the slightest hesitation. The animal that has fallen into this trap must be taken away from the house and set free.

Ermine and Weasel - Minor Coons

Two of these animals belong to the family of weasels, two of its smallest representatives. In the summer dress it is difficult to distinguish them from each other, both redheads with a white breast. In winter, the animals change into a white outfit, only an ermine has a black tassel on its tail, known to everyone from the royal mantles.

The most important difference between ermine and affection in lifestyle. Ermine is a forest animal and does not contact with humans. But weasel is a long-time neighbor of a village resident, she often settles nearby. In nature, she lives in the fields, in the victories, arranges a nest in mounds of straw, in heaps of branches. Next to the housing of a person, she can live in carelessly left old boards, in last year’s hay, under a hayloft floor, in the attic. The main thing is to be dry and quiet.

Nimble animal with a body length of 15-20 cm, weasel - caring parent. If the nest is broken by someone or someone, it will dramatically drag the young to another location. This is dictated by the fact that in the natural environment of the enemies of affection set. If weasel settled in the compound, you need to do something. Otherwise, she will feel like a hostess in your house. How to get rid of caress in a hen house?

Ways to fight a ruthless hunter

Consider radical measures, how to get rid of caress in the hen house. As an animal accustomed to man, weasel is not afraid of the smell of iron. To scare her decomposed metal objects will not succeed. But it makes it easier to trap it. The traps can be used the same as for rats or moles. Rat put "in the trail", that is, on the trails and near the Laz. Krotolovki put on rat underground passages and burrows. You can use live traps with bait from fresh prey caress. They are sold in specialized stores or manufactured independently. Schemes of such devices are known to all:

Put a dead bird or a piece of meat in a special cage-trap. What to do next with the animal - it's up to the owner. Some even try to breed affection in the cells like fur. It is worth remembering that if the brood still escapes, then it will be unsafe for your farmstead and neighbors!

An ordinary trap is an extreme measure! Whether to use this method is up to the owners. Do not forget about the good deeds of the little brown-house!

An interesting device can be made from a plastic bottle. A curious animal will surely stick its nose there and will not be able to get out ... Only the size of the bottle should be slightly larger than for mice.

Neighborhood with such a small animal delivers a lot of trouble for poultry houses. Ruthless destroyer terrifies poultry. But the weasel does not crush the bird indiscriminately and, if there is a food base outside the hen house, and access to the bird is closed, the weasel will leave you alone. Young caress can be tamed by the hands, the deal with the animal is also a way out. But everyone has the right to decide what is needed at the farmstead.

Peculiarities of affection

To understand how to get rid of affection in the hen, you need to know the biological characteristics of the behavior of the animal.

Animals unusually careful. Before a hunt begins, weasel always comes to the house, a barn for exploration. The hens actively react to the visit of the predator: they worry for no reason, they refuse to leave the premises.

A sign of the presence of the animal are characteristic traces, representing two points. The distance between them is 2 - 3 cm.

Weasel remains active during the day and at night. The leading mode of movement is jumping. When bypassing the hunting territory, the predator tries to move through the places sheltered from sight - near the bushes, walls of houses, sheds. In winter, she sneaks through the wastelands inside the snowdrifts. In one day, weasel can overcome up to 2 kilometers.

The animal does not dig holes, but lives in ready-made "houses", destroyed by rodents. Weasels like hollows, but they also feel great in the roots of trees or rock crevices.

The size of the area on which only one weasel can hunt can reach 10 hectares. It is influenced by weather conditions, the amount of potential production.

The appearance of the animal

Weasel - small in size animal, weighing no more than 100 grams. The length of the elongated narrow body does not exceed 16-18 cm. There are sharp claws on the short legs. The muzzle is narrow, turning into a powerful neck. The eyes are small, black, protruding.

The body ends with a short tail. At its base is the prostate gland, producing a foul-smelling secret. Used by a predator for setting territorial marks.

The color of wool depends on the season: in the summer it is light brown with a yellowish or white tinge on the abdomen, in the winter it is completely white.

Harm from an animal

Cute look caress is very deceptive. In reality, it does not know mercy to prey predator. When attacking, the animal strangles the victim, then tears it to pieces. Thanks to sharp teeth, it can easily kill a small goose, a chicken.

A tiny body, brown hair helps caress well to mask, so catch it is very problematic.

Weasel attacks on laying hens and other poultry relatively rarely, preferring to hunt for a proportionate prey - mice, rats. But if the main food is not enough, the predator is happy to visit hen houses, sheds. After its appearance, you can miss dozens of chickens, finding a lot of dead chickens.

How to quickly get rid of affection

How to get rid of caress in the country? To catch the animal uses different traps, traps. If necessary, apply the poison.

How to get rid of affection in the barn?

You can collect a homemade device to catch the animal:

  • On the emphasis the box / bucket is established. Inside the bait is interesting for the predator - a piece of fresh meat. Trying to pick up food, the animal will surely touch a support, being inside the trap.
  • Cage with bait placed. The door is installed in a special way. It should slam immediately after the animal is inside.

Traps are effective, as the animal does not always respond to meat, preferring live prey. In addition, the person is forced to constantly be on duty near the assembled device. The animal, having fallen into a trap, will try by all means to escape from there.

Своим размером ласка не превышает обычную крупную крысу, поэтому, говоря о том, как вывести ласку из сарая, можно собирать мышеловки больших размеров.

  1. Возьмите деревянный или ящик из металлической проволоки.
  2. Внутри необходимо соорудить подвесной мосток, который соединяет проходы, но распадается в средней части.
  3. Над центральной частью мышеловки подвешивается кусок мяса, который выступает в роли приманки.

To get to the appetizing food, the animal climbs onto the bridge, when moving falls inside the trap. Get out of the box without help he can not.

Large mousetrap can be made independently or purchased at a specialty store.

Folk methods

How to get rid of affection folk remedy? In addition to traps, traps are used folk methods of scaring the animal. The most famous is the processing of house walls with tar. The method can not be called reliable, because the animal sneaks into the chicken coop and through the roof, and through the tunnel under the foundation.

In the role of a powerful natural repeller is the goatskin.

Pieces need to be expanded on the territory of the chicken coop. The characteristic goat smell gives the animal a sense of danger, he tries to avoid such places.

If we talk about how to get rid of the caress in the house, it is allowed to use the usual poison to bait rats. Manufacturers offer different types of poison - granular and powdered.

Signs of an uninvited guest

Caress, as well as ferrets and martens, is inherent caution, it is almost impossible to take them by surprise. Not always the predator begins to hunt immediately, at first it can go on reconnaissance. Chickens feel the presence of this predator, and this is reflected in their behavior. The next morning, it looks unusual: the chickens are restless, trying not to leave the house.

A clear sign that the compound visited the animal at night are unusual two-footprints on the ground or snow. The distance between them will indicate the type of animal that attacked the chicken coop. Weasel leaves traces with a distance of 200-300 mm, marten - 300-400 mm, ferret - 500-600 mm.

Traces caress on the snow

What is the danger of petting and marten

Although the kind of weasel looks cute enough, yet it is a merciless predator. Attacking, she strangles the victim and tears it to shreds. This animal has very sharp teeth, which allows it to easily kill a small goose or chicken.

Due to the small size and brownish color of wool, weasel can mask well, which is why it is not easy to catch it. This animal rarely attacks chickens, feeding mainly on mice and rats, but in their absence it will begin to look for other sources of food. Weasel is chosen to hunt in the hen house, there have been cases of attacks on cats and dogs. After the appearance of caress in the house you can see a few dozen killed chickens and chickens.

Killed predator chickens

Similar animals, martens, feed on small birds and rodents, but if there are villages with poultry near their habitat, they will also hunt there. During the attack, the marten first gnaws at the victim's throat, and then eats it. She moves deftly and quickly, making it difficult to capture. To destroy all chicken stock at a time is not a marten method. She will eat chicken for one arrival until the chicken coop is empty.

Ways to enter the chicken coop

To get to the house weasel can through any available hole. A crack in the foundation or an inconspicuous tear in the wall - all this helps the uninvited guest to get to the chickens. If the walls of the house do not have holes, but there are boards that are rotten from time and humidity, weasel easily gnaws them.

Rat and mouse holes are the favorite way to penetrate the house, so protecting the yard from these predators is just as important as the chicken coop itself. If there are no cracks and holes in the territory, the animal can make its way through the ventilation system, or dig an underground hole with its sharp claws.

Petting is based on small rodents.

Do it yourself

You can catch the animal with your own hands, but this method is quite complicated. We hunt caress at night, at this time and need to hide and watch. Having noticed the caress, you need to quickly throw a heavy blanket or raincoat on it, press it and put it in a cage.

In the process of catching you must wear tight glovesso that the beast could not bite. If he did bite you, you need to hold his nose and put a piece of wood in his mouth.

Get rid of the animal can be a humane way - for this it is taken away from the house and left in its natural environment.

Self-catching affection is quite difficult - the animal is very fast.

Homemade devices

There are several methods for catching small animals that attack chickens:

  1. A bucket or box mounted on the support under which the bait (a piece of meat) is placed. The predator, seeking to take possession of the bait, knocks down the support and is trapped.
  2. The cage in which the bait fits. The door must be installed so that it closes immediately after an uninvited guest enters it.
These methods do not always give the expected effect, because the animal can ignore the traps, preferring live chickens to them. In addition, near such structures you need to be on duty, because, even having landed there, the predator will try to get out with all its might.

Large size mousetraps

Weasels are small animals, so when catching them you can use large mousetraps. They are a box made of wood or metal wire; a suspension bridge is placed inside which connects the aisles.

At the center of the mousetrap is attached bait. To seize the prey, the predator runs across the bridge and falls into the camera. It’s impossible to get out of this trap by yourself.

Such mousetraps can be bought in specialized stores, or you can make them yourself.


A good method of dealing with predatory animals is to arrange hunting traps on the territory. When a weasel enters it, a device of springs and plates firmly clamps its neck and paws, thereby immobilizing it.

However, we should not forget that these animals are very prudent and will not come close to the trap that smells like humans. To resolve this issue, you need to lubricate the trap with manure, boil it in spruce needles or cover it with quick lime. Set the trap after treatment is necessary in the fabric mittens.

If the house is undermined or there is a passage dug by rodents, traps are placed at the beginning and end of the tunnel. The bait can be chicken feathers - the animal will be interested in them, will want to look closer and fall into the trap.

Traps for small predators

How to protect a chicken coop from a predator

As a "live alarm" you can settle around geese or turkeys, which, sensing the appearance of a predator, immediately raise the alarm (just recall the famous legend about how geese saved Rome in this way). At the same time, they are large enough so that the predator is unable to quickly deal with them.

You can scare a weasel, marten or polecat with the help of pets: dogs and cats. The cat must be left in the chicken house. The dog must be put in a booth installed nearby, or make it a long chain.

If your pets have not yet suffered from the attack of uninvited guests, you need to take certain security measures to prevent this from happening:

  1. Monitor the condition and repair of the chicken coop, avoiding unnecessary cracks and tears.
  2. The rotten boards in the walls must be promptly replaced with new ones.
  3. The territory should be fenced with a metal grid so that the animal could not get into the house.
  4. On the floor in the hen house you need to expand the plates of metal, and the door to provide a reliable lock.
  5. In the poultry house and in the surrounding area, it is necessary to keep clean, avoiding the accumulation of garbage in which the animal can hide.

Weasel in the hen house is an unpleasant guest, but, with some effort, it is quite possible to get rid of it. Knowing all the ways in which it can be caught, you can permanently protect your hen house from the appearance of such a predator.

Family of weasels

These petty thieves of farmland are excellent hunters and love flesh: two characteristic molars in the jaw, intended for cutting meat, speak for themselves. Raid a nearby chicken house for them a trifling matter. And the methods they choose are not the most humane: a ferret, for example, climbs into the house under cover of night and, despite its small size - only 50 cm in length, can easily strangle a chicken or even a goose. The raids of representatives of the Mustess family, to which these half-meter-long creatures belong, are becoming more frequent with the onset of cold weather, but this problem is also urgent in the summer season.

Punks of the weasel family

Before you protect your pets, you should make a detailed dossier on the representative of this huge family. Cunha is a family very rich in various species, in the center of which is European marten. Mink, grisons, polecat skunk, badger, wolverine, otter, weasel, ermine - not a complete list of these nimble and agile inhabitants of forests, fields and swamps. Russian farmers are most often faced with affection attacks.

Weasel: habits and body features

This representative of the weasel is characterized by:

  • small stature
  • short paws of 5 fingers,
  • elongated body,
  • fine and thick coat
  • the ability for a long period of time to exist without personal housing,
  • quick addiction to the proximity of a person and, ultimately, the loss of fear of him.

Appearance of affection

Before you choose ways to deal with a ruthless hunter, you should explore its features and habits. This cute animal proudly bears the title of the smallest mammal predator:

  • male body length: 16 - 26 cm,
  • female body length: 11–21 cm,
  • male weight: up to 250 g,
  • female weight: up to 100 g,
  • male tail length: up to 8 cm
  • female tail length: up to 6 cm.

Weasel in the natural environment

Despite the grace inherent in the build, their neck is quite massive. The muzzle is small, narrowed, and the ears, on the contrary, are so round that they are not directed upwards. Some zoologists have noted a small identity with the snake: the rapid movements, greater mobility and the ability to overcome most geographical obstacles. With the onset of cold weather, the animal's fur thickens and changes its color from brown to white, which allows the predator to remain invisible in the snow. In the warm season, the brown color returns, and the fur thins. Sometimes weasel mistaken for ermine: the differences between these species are poorly identified, but still there.

Winter and summer color caress

Differences between weasel and ermine

In addition to the black tassel on the tail of an ermine, each species has its own characteristics.

Weasel, in contrast to the ermine, has a rather uneven distribution, which narrows for it the search for prey zone. However, unlike an ermine, a small body size makes it more mobile and gives superiority in tracking and catching forest trophies. On the other hand, the fine texture determines a more saturated exchange of energy.

The differences between weasel and ermine are very blurred.

In the non-winning period in terms of affordability, the ermine demonstrates high adaptive abilities and is able to comfortably exist with a small concentration of animals that it can catch. In taste preferences, he is less whimsical compared to affection. Bird, fish, insects - he can eat anything that comes under his paw, so you can't call him a gourmet.

In the cold season, the ermine feeds on fish

How to catch affection: ways to catch small predators from the hen house

It is not too difficult to catch robbers of hen houses: knowing the habits and addictions you can ease their pressure. For more than one century, farmers have used traps and other traps to catch small predators.

Snout trap