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How to put a window sill to the plastic window with your own hands?


Often when carrying out major repairs in the room have to change the old windows. However, installation of the window can not be considered complete without exterior decoration, installation of slopes and window sills. It is about how to install the windowsill (the windows are already at the same time), we will speak in this material.

Common installation methods

There are several solutions that allow you to find the answer to the question of how to install a window sill with your own hands:

  1. The design can be fixed through the use of adhesive. This is a rather old way, which is rarely used today by craftsmen due to the appearance of more reliable options.
  2. One of the simplest solutions is the use of screws. Fasteners are screwed into pre-prepared holes in the window sill. To impart rigidity to the structure allows the use of special pads and foam.
  3. The following method assumes the use of spring metal clips as fasteners. The latter are screwed to the profile of the window sill with all the same screws.
  4. And finally, the last method consists in compacting the space under the sill with the linings until the edges of the plane enter the window frame with the achievement of an increased level of density.

Tools and materials

How to install a plastic window sill with your own hands in the most elementary way? This may require the following tools:

  • building level,
  • screwdriver
  • gun for styling foam,
  • perforator,
  • jigsaw,
  • pencil,
  • stationery knife,
  • roulette.

Preparatory activities

How to install a window sill? The first step is to prepare the above tools, which will definitely come in handy in the process. Next, you need to make the right measurements. The aesthetic appearance of the installed sill and its reliability directly depend on this.

When performing measurements, it is important to consider not only the parameters of the web being installed, but also a whole list of additional characteristics. The location of the existing radiator deserves special attention. If the latter is set high enough, the presence of free space of a few centimeters to the lower edge of the sill can lead to disruption of air circulation in the room and the deterioration of the microclimate.

When performing measurements, it should be borne in mind that the length of the window sill should be greater than the space of the window opening. The width of the product can be chosen arbitrarily, depending on personal convenience and needs. A convenient option would be a window sill, which protrudes from the wall at a distance not exceeding 8-10 cm.

For installation it is not recommended to choose a too thick window sill. Determining the size, you should check how well the air circulates, which is heated by the radiator.

Trim window sill

So, we consider further how to install the windowsill correctly. Sometimes during installation, trimming of the product is required so that the latter corresponds to the parameters of the window opening. The most overall sills reach lengths of 3 m or more. The width of the structure can be from 25 to 70 cm.

If the window sill is too large, excess material may be cut from the side of the mount to the wall. Particular attention is paid to the line cut. It should pass without touching the stiffeners, which are located inside the window sill. Thus, the structure is not deformed during operation and will be reliably connected to the frame.

For trimming the window sill it is recommended to resort to using an electric jigsaw. It is allowed to use a small handsaw for wood or plastic, depending on the material used to manufacture the structure. The work should be carried out slowly, thus avoiding the appearance of chipping and scratching on the front surface of the sill.

Sawing products, do not forget about safety. Since breakaway pieces of material can get into the eyes, it is recommended that work be done with mounting glasses. To protect your hands you should use gloves or work gloves.

How to install a plastic window sill: basic steps

Installation of plastic window sills is quite simple:

  1. First, a thorough cleaning of the surfaces. Pollution is eliminated, garbage is removed.
  2. Using the building level, you must determine the horizontal position of the structure, set the beacons. Usually, when installing window sills, their plane bends down about 5 mm. This solution allows the formed condensate to flow off the plane.
  3. How to install window sills on plastic windows? The design sits on a special glue or mortar. As an alternative solution, you can resort to fixing the plane with screws on mechanical supports.
  4. In the next step, the free space between the concrete slab and the window sill is filled with mounting foam. The surpluses protruding outside are neatly removed with a clerical knife.
  5. Finally, special end caps are installed on the end edges. The surface of the window sill rid of the protective film.

How to install window sills on plastic windows correctly? For this, a free distance of about 6-7 cm should remain between the radiator of heating and the lower edge of the plane of the product. Only in this case, warm air will freely rise from the battery, drying windows and slopes.

How to install a wood window sill?

To install a wooden window sill is much more difficult. Before starting work, you should pay attention to the quality of the source material. Sill board should not contain obvious flaws in the form of chips, knots, other defects. Moreover, a well-dried board should be used. Otherwise, the latter can crack during operation under the influence of sudden temperature fluctuations and changes in humidity levels.

How to install a windowsill in this case:

  1. The existing base is scouted from all sides, after which tears are created on its back surface. The latter are small gutters 5-6 mm deep and 7-8 mm wide.
  2. A felt lining soaked in antiseptics is laid on the back surface of the board.
  3. The prepared window sill is inserted into the openings in the wall. Teardrop shoes are installed on pre-prepared wooden bars. Structural elements are fastened with nails.
  4. The edges of the structure are reinforced with plaster mortar.

Masters who are well versed in how to install a window sill made of wood are recommended to perform a rather impressive bias into the interior of the room, which should be about 20 mm. This avoids the accumulation of condensate on the surface of the product and prevents the material from rotting.

Installation of slopes

Upon completion of the installation of the sill should be made slopes. The first step is to resort to leveling the window opening vertically and horizontally. The easiest way to cope with the task is to use foam. The latter will serve as a good protection for the slopes from freezing.

Surfaces can be reinforced with a mounting grid or plasterboard. The main task is the maximum alignment of the planes, as well as the formation of a smooth texture. From above, the slopes can be painted, focusing on the choice of color on the features of interior solutions.

Useful tips

If the edge of the window sill protrudes inward by 10 cm or more relative to the edge of the wall, it is recommended to strengthen the structure. For these purposes it is worth resorting to the use of metal corners. But even with the implementation of such a solution, one should not overload the edges of the window sill during operation, as this may cause deformation of the plane.

Particular attention should be paid to the installation conditions of the window sill on the balcony. In order for the surfaces to be firmly “grasped”, it is desirable to maintain the air temperature within the range of +16 to +20 o C for several days.

It is recommended to apply a lot of polyurethane foam when mounting the sill on the ends and in the middle of the product. To strengthen the design allowed the use of silicone sealants and glue.

As you can see, the installation of a window sill with your hands is quite a doable task. The main thing is to carefully approach the work, not to lose moments that may adversely affect the subsequent operation of the structure.

The attractiveness of the exterior design of the window opening depends on the installation of window sills. Failure to install them will not only make the room untidy in appearance, but also create some inconveniences. In particular, the homeowner will have to regularly eliminate the leaks of condensate formed on the windows. Otherwise, annual finishing and surface renewal will be required.

How to put a window sill to a plastic window?

Replacing the window sill or installing a new one with your own hands is the most important point in installing any type of window. The fact is that it is designed to play not only an aesthetic role in the interior, but also a protective one.

It is he who is constantly affected by various temperature drops and mechanical loads. It is he who suffers from constant moisture and sunshine falling on him.

And it is precisely these moments that largely determine the specifics of its installation. The materials used to manufacture window sills can be the most diverse - wood, PVC, marble, etc. And, of course, all the details of the installation will depend on them to some extent.