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How to scare pigeons from the balcony and other important places


Many urban residents who live on the upper floors of apartment buildings are disturbed by the most ordinary pigeons. They bother and harm very much, so some people try to discard them in every way, not knowing how to get rid of the pigeons on the balcony forever. Of course, in small quantities pigeons may not interfere with people, especially if they rarely arrive. But if they settle under a balcony or above it, then its operation becomes very difficult.

The main problem here is litter.

It is important to understand that pigeon litter contains uric acid, which has a destructive effect on many finishing materials (moreover, it can even eat away paint), therefore a large number of feces can cause serious damage to the exterior and interior lining of the loggia and balcony. In addition, in the litter of most pigeons there are harmful microorganisms, which can be very dangerous for people and pets.

We must not forget that pigeons suffer various diseases such as torulosis, ornithosis, and encephalitis.

What can prevent pigeons

First of all, these sociable birds are carriers of dangerous diseases, such as salmonellosis, encephalitis, toxoplasmosis, listeriosis. Treatment of these diseases can bring a lot of trouble.

The unpleasant nuance is the fact that, having made the balcony of a city apartment its temporary dwelling, pigeons leave their droppings everywhere, which can also be a carrier of harmful bacteria and fungi. In addition, the waste product of birds is very hard to wash off surfaces. Birds living on the balcony cause inconvenience by cooing, clawing, rustling the wings on the window sills, which creates an unpleasant noise that stops only at night.

Why do pigeons live on balconies

One way to keep birds away from the balcony is to arrange this part of the apartment so that it becomes uncomfortable for the life of the birds. In order to do this, you should deal with what the balcony attracts a pigeon. There may be several common reasons for this:

  1. Balcony is a place that is protected from adverse weather conditions.
  2. Sills have a sufficient width, which is convenient for taking off and landing of birds.
  3. Some people keep food supplies on the balcony, which can also attract pigeons.
  4. Trash in the form of old furniture and other household items, which are traditionally stored on the balconies, is perceived by birds as an ideal place to incubate chicks.

If the balcony meets all the parameters described above, the probability that pigeons will nest will be very high.

Pigeon fears

How to ward off the pigeons from the balcony? To do this, understand what these birds are afraid of:

  • sharp and loud sounds
  • cats, as predatory pets are great lovers of bird hunting,
  • moving objects.

This knowledge will help you choose a method that effectively removes the balcony from the invasion of pigeons.

Various scarers

People who are tormented by the question: “What to do with the pigeon on the balcony?” Are prone to inventing home scarers from scrap materials. Such devices struggle with birds no less effectively than commercial devices. The most common methods are:

  1. A layer of foil is lined on the window sill, which by its noise scares the birds, as a result of which they gradually lose the desire to sit on the rustling surface. The advantage of this method is also the fact that with the help of foil you can protect the window sill from litter, which is left behind by birds.
  2. Pigeons do not tolerate shiny glare surfaces, so the same foil or CDs can be laid out on the windowsill.
  3. As a method that will temporarily repel pigeons, you can use a realistic layout of a large bird of prey - owls, falcon. This structure will scare pigeons for a while and they will stop nesting on the balcony. The downside is that sooner or later the birds will realize that this is just a real figure, and will again occupy their usual places on the balcony.

Pigeons are birds that quickly adapt to innovations, so over time these methods can lose their deterrent effect.

Creating adverse conditions

No less common option is to create conditions for life that will become unbearable for birds. To do this, use the following methods:

  1. Oiling with petroleum jelly or petroleum jelly on the windowsill acts as follows: pigeons simply have nothing to cling to, so it becomes impossible to sit on the ledge. The downside is that this method significantly pollutes the window sill, it is very difficult to clean it later.
  2. In the hardware stores you can find a special adhesive tape with a smooth surface, which operates on the principle of oil, but leaves no residue on the windowsill.
  3. Some independently make a prickly surface by hammering nails into a plank. This design is placed on the places chosen by pigeons, thereby restricting access. Some use small fragments of barbed wire for this purpose.
  4. An effective folk method is sprinkling salt and spice in the habitats of pigeons.

When choosing methods to get rid of annoying pigeons, it is important to remember that the balcony is not a place to store food that may interest them. Also, do not show weakness and feed the birds.

Additional methods

If all of the above methods were not crowned with success and the pigeons are still interested in the balcony, radical measures should be tried. The most popular among such techniques:

  1. If the balcony is an open area, you should do it with glazing. Of course, this entails significant additional costs. Glazing open balconies once and for all close the birds access to this part of the home. It is important to pay special attention to the windowsills - they should not be too large, preferably small sloping structures on which the pigeons can not hold.
  2. If the pigeon has built a nest on the balcony and is preparing for the appearance of offspring, eggs should be replaced with other similar items. The method does not work immediately, but when the bird notices the substitution, it will never return to the balcony, as the pigeons do not live in places where one day it did not work to have offspring.
  3. Water dousing - many birds do not tolerate such a step in their direction. To implement this method, you should install a garden watering on the windowsill and, after waiting for the birds, turn it on. After a few douches, the birds will remember the balcony as a place unfavorable to life.
  4. An automatic air freshener with a strong and not very pleasant smell can also push birds away from the balcony.

You should not show pity for the birds, because in this case you have to endure an unpleasant neighborhood for more than one year.

Bioacoustic apparatus

In stores that specialize in products for the destruction and scaring of pests, you can find such a useful thing as a bioacoustic pigeon repeller from the balcony. Its essence lies in the fact that the device makes certain sounds that mimic the cries of animals and birds that can be dangerous to pigeons. Birds feel the danger and try not to approach the balcony. The caveat is that the sounds that the device makes may interfere with the quiet life of the apartment owners and their neighbors.

Pigeon house construction

Sometimes a person, adhering to pacifist convictions, does not want to intentionally harm living beings. In this case, there is an alternative way to keep the pigeons away from the balcony. It's about building dovecote in the yard.

You can build it from sheet metal or wood. It is important to provide in the structure comfortable conditions for the life of pigeons, and then they will gladly move to a new dwelling. However, the disadvantage is that the pigeons will not live in the loft just like that - you need to maintain optimal conditions - feed, clean up. This requires certain material costs, as well as a large amount of free time.

Professional assistance

If all of the above methods did not help get rid of the problem, you should entrust the matter to professionals. In this case, it is specialized services that are engaged in the destruction of insects, rodents, birds. This method is not suitable for pitying or impressionable people, as companies use insecticides in their work, which lead to the death of birds. It can happen anywhere - on the balcony, near the house or even in the apartment, if the bird somehow got inside. Collecting and disposing of dead pigeons is not an exercise for impressionable personalities.

The help of professionals is often resorted to by desperate people to whom pigeons have brought significant harm.

Preventive measures

How to discourage the pigeons from the balcony or to make the birds do not have the desire to settle there? The most effective are the following activities:

  1. Cleaning on the balcony. Traditionally, the balcony is a place to store unnecessary or necessary things that you feel sorry to throw away. It is necessary to allocate time and do the audit, thereby freeing the balcony from the trash, which can serve as a shelter for birds. If this is not possible or the necessary things are stored in the room, it is recommended to simply cover them with a strong plastic wrap.
  2. Start a cat that will exhibit a hunting instinct and hunt birds. Since pigeons are considered one of the smartest birds, they will quickly understand what's what and stop nesting on the balcony. However, in this case it is important to ensure that the cat does not fall from the visor down.
  3. All edible supplies should be removed, even those that do not seem to eat pigeons. In fact, a truly hungry bird will not disdain even cat food.
  4. You should not feed the birds from the balcony or the window, otherwise they will remember this place as favorable for life and breeding. If the desire to feed the birds is great - you should do it in a local park.

If a balcony is a passageway where people often appear, the risk of its population by pigeons is also minimal, since these birds do not like fuss around them.


Often, city dwellers are interested in the question: "How do you drive the pigeons from the balcony?" Especially this issue is relevant in the winter, when birds seek shelter from cold and bad weather. This article provides examples of popular and effective ways of dealing with annoying birds. It is important to remember that the most effective use of their complex, then the works will bring results.

What is the discomfort and harm from pigeons on the balcony, roof, attic?

First of all, the pigeon neighborhood is dangerous in that these birds can be carriers of various diseases, including:

  • Encephalitis
  • Ornithosis
  • Histoplasmosis
  • Torulosis
  • Salmonellosis
  • Toxoplasmosis
  • Cryptococcosis
  • Listeriosis
  • Newcastle disease
  • Pseudotuberculosis

And this is not a complete list of diseases that can attack a person through contact with infected birds, and it is not necessary to feed them from their hands or touch them.

Is it worth it to say that the litter looks just not aesthetically pleasing and spoils the look of any yard, balcony, attic and roof. Among other things, pigeons make nests and continue to coo. On the balcony can also settle rats, how to get rats, you can find out here.

And uric acid, which is contained in pigeon droppings and is a white substance, is capable of corroding enamel, paint, spoiling the decoration of buildings, automotive coating and other surfaces.

What is the fight with pigeons?

Methods of dealing with pigeons are mainly aimed at scaring off birds, and not at their destruction. There are many ways, so that everyone can choose the most appropriate strategy for themselves.

Ultrasonic repellers, various preparations, spices, stuffed animals, sharp barriers, reflecting devices, spike ribbons, etc. are popular.

Before embarking on an active fight with pigeons, it is worth making sure that all access to feed is blocked to the birds: most often pigeons live where they find food. Sometimes, to get rid of pests, it is enough to clean the area and isolate access to food.

This includes not only crumbs and human food, but also plant seeds, stocks, animal feed.

It should be done at least once, the birds will associate your home with a place where you can get food. Also, do not allow anyone to feed pigeons in your territory.

What harm from pigeons on the balcony?

Why do people try to rid themselves of the neighborhood of such noble birds? Firstly, because they are very annoying. Few people like to listen to the whole day long tramp of paws along the visor and constant cooing. And if you once show weakness and feed a couple of these birds, then the next day, wait for this invasion. Sensing comfort, the pigeons will certainly wish you to settle down and begin to build their nests.

To some it seems that there is nothing catastrophic in this. However, this is until you have to clean specific white piles. Bird droppings are not only unpleasant, but also very dangerous. It contains uric acid, which corrodes all surfaces on which it falls. Everything that is on the balcony will very quickly become worthless.

But this is not the worst. The birds' feces may contain a very large number of bacteria and fungi harmful to human health, causing diseases such as encephalitis, ornithosis, torulose, and histoplasmosis. The names alone cause a nervous shiver. And if you pick up such sores, then the treatment will take a very long time. People who have had these "bird" diseases know firsthand how difficult it is to get rid of the pigeons on the balcony.

Birds on the balcony can bring a lot of trouble to its owner.

Creating barriers

If pigeons have settled on the balcony, then you need to come up with as many barriers for them as possible, make the habitat they like, in particular the railing unavailable. The easiest way is to pull at a distance of 5 cm from the railing fishing line and firmly secure it. Thus, you can permanently save yourself from annoying stomping on the railing and eternal noise. After the construction of such an obstacle pigeons will lose the opportunity to freely move on the surface of the railing.

If this method does not cause you to trust, and the pigeons are still sitting on the balcony, you can still take any a stick that corresponds to the length of the railing, stuff nails on it. The edges should look out of the stick by 1-2 centimeters. Attach the stick to the railing, points upwards. Pigeons will not be able to sit on such a surface, so peace will be provided for some time.

Now on sale there are ready protivopresadnye thorns from birds

Changing habits

The most frequent mistake compassionate owners of the balcony - is feeding pigeons. They will arrange a picnic for a couple of days, and then they do not know how to get rid of the pigeons on the windowsill. If the desire to do a good thing to the birds is overwhelming, go to the courtyard, and even better - to the town square and feed your pets as much as you like. But at home do not leave food in open areasotherwise you will not know how to turn the pigeons from the balcony.

Feeding pigeons contributes to their appearance on your balcony more and more often.

Scare devices

In order for pigeons to forget the way to your balcony forever, you will have to be patient. Often nothing is left but to scare the pigeons from the balcony or loggia. This can be done in several ways:

  • Use regular baking foil. A hank of such material can be found in almost every hostess. Cut the foil into strips and secure them in different places on the balcony. The specific rustling and reflections of the light will slightly cool the desire of pigeons to fly into your balcony.
  • Spoiled effects are similar. CDs. Make a small decorative panel of them or randomly place them on the balcony. It looks very creative, and the pigeons will be afraid of bright highlights.
  • Pigeons are afraid of loud, sudden sounds. You can install a radio on the balcony or regularly listen to loud music, but this method has a number of minuses. The stores sell special noise repeller, they can also be used. True, it is likely that over time the birds will get used to the voices and sounds and will again delight you with their “pleasant” neighborhood.
  • The most original way to scare - put on the windowsill stuffed crows or hawk, natural enemies of pigeons.

The most radical method

Particularly sophisticated people know how to get rid of pigeons from the balcony. If the previous methods did not work and the pigeons firmly settled on your cozy balcony and began to build nests, then you can influence them by a psychological method. Recently twisted nest needs to be thrown from the balcony. Если же голуби успели нанести яиц, то специалисты рекомендуют убрать их и заменить на муляжи: кусочки мела, камешки подходящего размера и т. д. По прошествии некоторого времени птицы поймут, что потомства ждать не стоит и оставят вашу территорию, посчитав её непригодной для воспроизведения птенцов.

Если не сделать описанное выше вовремя, то в скором времени вас может ожидать вот такой результат

Important: Even if insolent pigeons bring you to complete despair, remember: killing birds is inhumane.

Original solution

The above described methods that are convenient to use if the pigeons are in close proximity to a person. But how to get rid of pigeons on the roof of the balcony? It's impossible to reach them. Try smear the visor with some fatty substance. It can be petroleum jelly, vegetable oil or hand cream. On an inclined and slippery surface, the birds will be very difficult to hold. The only negative - the procedure will need to be repeated regularly.

If you have tried all methods, but still do not know how to get rid of pigeons on a loggia or balcony - use a non-standard solution. Buy in the hardware store any agent with adhesive effect and apply it on all surfaces chosen by feathered guests. They do not stick completely, but they will feel significant discomfort when moving.

An ordinary domestic cat or a cat can also become a serious obstacle for pigeons.

One cat is good and two is better

Important: Having made the decision to fight pigeons with a domestic cat, let her out on the balcony only if the apartment is not above the third floor.

And finally, I would like to give a little advice to those who still manage to get rid of this problem. In order not to collide with the birds again and in a panic, do not shout: “Again the pigeons on the balcony, what to do?”, Make an inventory of all the “good” folded on the loggia. Remove everything that can be regarded by pigeons as a place convenient for nesting. This old cabinets, and boxes, and baskets, and bedside tables. And if nobody uses a balcony, then everything can be simply covered with a thick film.

The reward for all your efforts will be a clean and tidy balcony, as well as long-awaited peace.

How to scare pigeons from the balcony, the roof?

  • Reflective items. The reflective film that scares the pigeons has proven effective. You can also use regular foil, including your own fantasy. The main thing is that the light of the sun in the summer or the snow in winter be reflected from the smooth surface.
  • Hose watering. Pigeons are extremely disliked when a stream of water is directed at them. This method is quite effective, however, to achieve a stable result, the procedure must be carried out a number of times. Only then do birds have a reflex that it’s better to stay away from your home.

How to bring pigeons from the balcony, the roof?

  • Studded anti-fall tapes performed well. These simple accessories can be bought in hardware stores or made independently, for example, with the help of knitting needles.

The essence of this method is in fastening studded ribbons in the places where the birds sit: roofs, railings of balconies, attics, etc. The tape must be used according to the instructions.

  • As an alternative to studded tape, the Slinky toy is often used - a multi-colored spiral. It is easy to install on handrails and railings, if necessary, fix with adhesive tape.

The distance between the turns of the spiral should be at least 3 cm. This does not allow the pigeons to sit comfortably, for which they soon would prefer to find another place.

    Adhesives. Such chemical additives are sold in hozmagami or pet stores. With their help, according to the instructions, surfaces that pigeons have chosen are processed.

This makes their stay in the treated places extremely uncomfortable. Such substances have a rather lasting effect.

  • The use of conventional tape. Smooth satin ribbon is fixed on the handrails and railings, where doves sit.

This makes it impossible to maintain balance. It is advisable to use waterproof tape.

  • Spicy spices. The essence of this method is simple: the surface inhabited by pigeons, you need to generously sprinkle with spices. It can be black or cayenne pepper, mustard or any other hot and spicy spices.

They have a strong deterrent effect for pigeons. The disadvantage of this method is that the procedure must be repeated at regular intervals: especially after wind and rain.

  • Block inputs. If it is a closed space, an attic or a storage room, then you need to work in the direction of overlapping entrances. Avoid the penetration of birds inside.

Air vents should be blocked with bars, block large holes with thick curtains or plastic tape. In addition, for this purpose, you can use silicone sealant, galvanized mesh, industrial and polymer bird mesh.

It is worth spending time on a thorough inspection of the premises for the presence of holes and loopholes through which birds penetrate. But the result will be worth the effort.

How to deal with pigeons on the windowsill?

In principle, any methods described above will be suitable for scaring pigeons from the window sill.

Here are some more little tricks:

  • Take the old stuffed toy and sew brilliant big buttons instead of eyes. Fix on the windowsill. This is a kind of mixture of the "stuffed" and "reflective objects" method.

  • Tighten a thin line or thick thread in several rows at a height of 3-5 centimeters from the window sill. This will not allow the birds to sit on it, and soon they will remember it and stop flying at all. You will have to spend some time reliably fixing the fishing line, but this method is quite effective.
  • Laying naphthalene balls on the windowsill: do not tolerate the smell of naphthalene.

Useful tips

  • Pigeons are very intelligent birds that remember well the place that they consider home and are able to return there from any distance. Some desperate people are trying to catch the pigeons (this is easy to do at night), and take them out of the house, in the hope that it will work.

In fact, this method is extremely inefficient, as the birds will soon return. The only thing that can make them stay in a new place is binding to the young. But the likelihood that pigeons will acquire offspring there, is extremely small.

  • The sooner the fight against pigeons is started, the easier and faster it will be to pass. It is not necessary to postpone the expulsion of birds for later.
  • Pigeons multiply very quickly. Some people struggle with them by shooting or placing snares, but this is also ineffective, since the remaining individuals will make up for the loss in the shortest time, bringing even more offspring.
  • If the problem has reached a large scale or you cannot solve it yourself, you can always call a professional service that will come to the rescue.
  • The following advice may seem strange and does not fit all situations, but in some cases it is the place to be. Namely, if we are talking about environmentally friendly rural areas.

So, if you can not drive away the pigeons in any way, you can catch them and eat them.

Pigeon meat has good taste and valuable in composition. So many pigeons now divorced for the reason that they were once released from farms: until the twentieth century, pigeon nestlings meat was considered one of the staple foods, there were many industrial poultry farms.

So, it is best to catch almost mature individuals, but not yet left the nest. Naturally, you need to adhere to the rules of food safety and take into account local laws on the protection of animal rights.