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Ridomil Gold fungicide: instructions for use, reviews


Among the many fungicides on the market, Ridomil Gold, the instructions for use of which are very simple, is the most popular drug. This is a unique tool used to combat many fungal diseases. The drug is used mainly for potatoes, grapes, tomatoes and other vegetable crops. With the right reception, a positive result will not take long.

Drug description

This means is made in the form of powder or granules. Ridomil Gold's active ingredients are mefenoxam and mancozeb. Thanks to them, the plants are fully protected from dangerous diseases. For those who want to get a good harvest, this tool will be "like a find."

The mechanism of action of the drug is as follows: mancozeb at a concentration of 640 g / kg is able to create a kind of protective film that removes dangerous fungi from the surface of leafy plates and stems. Mefenoxam, in turn, penetrates into the cells and has a detrimental effect on pathogens in them, thus restoring all the natural processes of the plant. Due to the presence of systemic protection, the addiction of fungi to this type of drug is zero.

The advantages of this type of fungicides:

  1. It is highly effective in any development of diseases.
  2. The mixture is able to control the occurrence of infection throughout the growing season.
  3. The tool belongs to the group of drugs with prolonged exposure.
  4. Plants that are treated in this way can be watered after 30 minutes.
  5. Fungicide Radomil Gold is not washed off after sudden, heavy rains.
  6. The mixture is absolutely safe for all types of crops.

This tool is developed primarily from peronosporovy mushrooms. For powdery mildews it is not used.

Ridomil Gold is in the second class group of danger to the human body. It is forbidden to pour the remnants of the mixture into reservoirs, as this adversely affects fish and other living microorganisms.

This is an effective tool that can dissolve in a liquid in just one minute. Such his ability gives the opportunity to immediately begin processing. Each procedure is able to protect plants for two weeks.

How to work with fungicide?

Instructions for use of fungicide Ridomil Gold is very simple. If you follow all the rules and recommendations, then the drug is absolutely non-toxic.

Instructions for use:

  1. Preparation of the solution. In a working solution in 10 liters of water dissolve 25 g of the drug. For severely affected plants, the amount of fungicides should be doubled. To prepare the mixture, take a clean container. Water should be used at room temperature. Once the powder is well dissolved, you can proceed to the procedure.
  2. Spraying For the season to spend from 3 to 4 treatments. Their number depends on the level of infection. If the plants are severely affected, 4 treatments will be required during the season. The first treatment is carried out for prophylaxis during the period of active plant growth. The second is carried out in 2 weeks. The third procedure is carried out no later than 2 weeks before harvesting, it is very important. It is recommended to spray bushes only in dry and windless weather. For this, it is better to use a spray gun so that the liquid is evenly distributed on the leafy plates and stems.
  3. Precautions. In order to minimize undesirable effects, the treatment is carried out in rubber gloves and a respirator. If the liquid gets on the skin, wash the area well in cold water with soap or other means. If the mixture gets inside, you need to drink a large amount of liquid and immediately consult a doctor.

Preserving this type of fungicides is very simple. Shelf life Ridomil Gold is 3 years from the date of its release. Throughout the period, the tool does not lose its abilities. Granules are absolutely not afraid of sudden changes in temperature. Bags with a mixture can be stored at air temperature from -10 0 C to + 35 0 C.

The number of treatments with this fungicide during the season should not exceed 4 times.

Ridomil specifically designed for the prevention and treatment of diseases such as Alternaria (dry spotting). Often, this disease affects tomatoes and potatoes. Also, the fungicide is used for late blight (brown rot). Ridomil is an excellent option for processing cucumbers and onions affected by peronospora. It is used for grapes with the appearance of downy mildew.

Feature of application for various cultures

In order to have the most effective effect on plants, it is necessary to know for which species and in what quantity it should be used. Before you start the procedure should be remembered that spraying is not carried out after the leaf has closed.

The first procedure should be carried out at the beginning of the growing season. Spray potato bushes should be 0.5% solution. It is necessary to carry out the treatment only upon the occurrence of weather conditions that are able to favorably influence the development of fungi. Spray the potatoes should be three times with an interval of two weeks. In order to see the result, you will need to wait about 14 days.

Bushes need to be treated with a solution in the ratio of 400 liters per 1 ha. The first procedure is carried out when active growth of shoots is observed. For tomatoes will need from three to four procedures. It will be most effective if spraying is carried out in warm and sunny weather. The interval between treatments should be about 10 days.

Prevention of the disease is carried out with an interval of 13 days. To do this, prepare a solution. In a bucket, combine one packet of the drug, in the amount of 25 grams, with 10 liters of pure water. The consumption of the resulting liquid is 125 ml per square meter of vegetable garden. The last procedure is recommended 2 weeks after flowering. To wait for the result will need 21 days. Only at the end of this time it will be possible to observe a positive effect.

Cucumbers and onions

This type of plant needs to be processed three times per season. The interval between procedures should be about 10 days. If the requirements are not met, the hardwood plates can change their color and color and begin to fall. The waiting period for onions after processing is 15 days, and for cucumbers - 5 days.

Ridomil Gold can also be used to treat indoor and garden flowers. It fights particularly well against rust, which affects the leafy plates of roses. Processing flowers is carried out exclusively before the period of budding. When the first signs of flowering appear, all procedures should be stopped.

Apply the drug Ridomil Gold for plants on which there are no signs of the disease, optional.

This type of product is compatible with many fungicides. The main thing is that they have a neutral chemical reaction. Indicators should be in the range of 6.0 - 6.5 pH. If you plan to combine several different drugs and process the obtained liquid plants, it is recommended to check their compatibility. To find out if the drugs are suitable for each other, it is necessary to allocate a small place on the site and treat the plants with liquid. If cultures have not changed their color, then you can continue to work.

Ridomil Gold - a drug that is able to protect plants, he development of the most dangerous diseases. Observing the rules of application, it is easy to get a bountiful and high-quality harvest. After all, only with the help of this fungicide you can forget once and for all about various types of rot, spotting.

What can be used for?

Most often, the drug "Ridomil Gold", the instructions for use of which will be discussed below, is used for prevention:

blight and Alternaria tomato or potato,

peronosporoza cucumbers and onions,

Very effective "Ridomil Gold" is from peronosporovyh mushrooms. From powdery mildews it is not used.

"Ridomil Gold" for tomatoes. Elimination of late blight

The causative agent of this dangerous disease is Phytophthora infestans. An infected plant is instantly covered with brown-brown spots, and its fruits or roots start to rot. The development of the disease is usually provoked by prolonged rains in warm weather. Cure phytophthora impossible. Yield losses on infected beds and plots can be as high as 50% or more. In order to avoid infection, in the conditions of rainy summer you should definitely use the drug "Ridomil Gold". Its application in most cases ensures complete safety of the crop.

Danger of peronosporosis

This disease is considered the most dangerous and difficult to cure for cucumbers. Therefore, measures for its prevention should be taken necessarily. The first signs of peronosporoza, or downy mildew, appear in the period of flowering cucumbers or other pumpkin. The leaves of the plants on the top side are covered with yellow oily spots, and on the bottom - with a purple bloom. As the disease progresses, the plates begin to dry out and crumble.

On an infected plant, very few Zelentsi develop. At the same time their taste is significantly deteriorated.

Signs of mildew

This terrible disease can destroy the entire grape harvest in just a few days. Like cucumbers, the leaves of the vines are first covered with an oily yellow patina on the top and with a mycelium from the bottom, and then they dry up and fall off. The skin of the affected grapes is wrinkled. As a result, they take a pear shape. Only ripe berries do not affect mildew. In order to prevent such troubles, you should use Ridomil Gold. Its use for grapes is considered even more effective than traditional Bordeaux liquids.

Rules of use of the drug "Ridomil Gold"

This fungicide is diluted in water in the proportion of 25 g per 10 l of water (in special cases - 50 g per 10 l). The working solution of this concentration is suitable for the prevention of both mildew and phytophthora and peronospora. Use divorced "Ridomil Gold", instructions for use (reviews of this drug, we consider a little further) which includes a couple of simple steps, you need to immediately. Do not store the solution.

Spraying is done exclusively in dry and windless weather. In the afternoon in the very heat it is impossible to process plants. It is best to spray them in the morning or in the evening.

In the event that it rains the same or the next day, it is not necessary to repeat the treatment. Mancozeb penetrates plant tissue within half an hour after spraying. The film formed by metalaxyl on the surface of leaves and stems is very resistant to moisture.

In dry weather, repeated spraying of nightshade, pumpkin or grapes is carried out on average in 10-20 days, in rainy - in 8-10 days. During the growing season, prophylactic treatments are performed 2-3 times.

Ridomil Gold is particularly effective in the period from the appearance of sprouts to the flowering of crops, that is, when the green mass is booming.

"Ridomil Gold": instructions for use

Mixing this drug with any other chemical means is not recommended. In the most extreme case, its simultaneous use with compositions having either neutral or acidic reaction is allowed. Therefore, before using to avoid mixing with the remnants of any funds sprinkler should be disassembled and thoroughly rinse all its parts.

After this operation is completed, a little warm water is poured into the tank and the required amount of Ridomil Gold is poured into it. Applying it will give a good effect only in case of thorough mixing. After the powder or granules are completely dissolved, the remaining water is added to the tank.

Before spraying, wear rubber gloves, a respirator and clothing specially designed for such cases without fail. The spraying itself is done carefully, strictly against the wind.

As a result of processing the leaves and stems of plants should be moistened evenly. Allowing the solution to drain to the ground is highly undesirable.

This is how Ridomil Gold is used. Instructions for use for cucumbers and tomatoes practically no different from the method of use for grapes. There is a slight difference in waiting times. But more on that later.

What should I know?

"Ridomil Gold" - the drug is not environmentally safe. In addition, as already mentioned in this article, it contains a substance penetrating into the tissues. Therefore, the last preventive treatment of plants should be carried out no later than two weeks before harvesting. During this time, all harmful substances will be removed from the fruit and root crops.

How to store?

Since Ridomil Gold is supplied in powder and granules, he is not at all afraid of low temperatures. However, in the winter it still should not be stored outside, but indoors. If moisture gets inside the package, the drug can be compressed and lose some of its beneficial qualities.

There are no special rules for fire safety during storage of Ridomil Gold. Neither the granules nor the powder burn.

Judging by the statements of manufacturers, this fungicide is able to maintain its useful qualities for three years from the date of manufacture.

Drug reviews

The summer residents, who have already tried this wonderful drug in practice, praise him very much. According to the majority of farmers, “Ridomil Gold”, the instruction on the use of which does not include too many steps, benefits in comparison with many imported and domestic means, including the same price category. Despite the fact that manufacturers position it solely as a preventive tool, many owners of suburban areas successfully use it as a curative one. Of course, he does not restore parts of plants affected by blight or mildew. However, it dramatically slows down the course of the disease and prevents its development, as a result of which the farmer can save at least part of the crop.

A long term protective action (10 days) is also what makes Ridomil Gold different. Reviews confirm this. In addition, they praise him for the fact that the prophylactic effect in its application is manifested not only on the already existing parts of the plants, but also on the growing later.

Drug consumption

Thus, we have figured out what constitutes Ridomil Gold. Instructions, reviews about him - all this was reviewed by us in detail. However, information on the use of this drug will be incomplete without specifying the exact waiting times and consumption of the working solution. This information can be found in the table below. These standards are valid for a solution of 25 g per 10 liters of water. The last sprinkling of the grapes (“Ridomil Gold” is suitable for this purpose as well as possible) is produced immediately after flowering. This will avoid the accumulation of harmful substances in ripe berries.