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Nurseries fruit trees in the suburbs


Where to buy high-quality and cheap seedlings of fruit and berry crops in Moscow and Moscow region. Reviews of fruit nurseries, price comparison for apple, pear, cherry, plum seedlings, description of the range.

For every person who has ever seriously thought about a garden on his plot of land, sooner or later the question arises (during periods of autumn and spring planting of fruit, he rises especially sharply): where to buy high-quality seedlings of fruit and berry crops? Such fruit seedlings that will take root well in our cool climate and from year to year without much trouble will delight you with tasty fruits? In which nursery the lowest prices and the widest range of saplings of fruit trees and shrubs? Where to find planting material, grown in our climate zone? Where to find seedlings of old local varieties (varieties of folk breeding) of the smallest size, and even not subjected to the formation, which are best suited for growing under permaculture?

Trying to find an answer to these questions, I went to the fruit nurseries of Moscow and the near Moscow region.
To begin with, I identified for myself the main features of the nursery, where I can most likely find what I need in accordance with the questions posed, based on these criteria, I have compiled a list of nurseries for review.
Seedlings should ideally be bought directly from the producer (and not from the reseller) at the place of production (and that the seedlings are sold where they are grown), the nursery should be located in the same climatic zone where the seedling will later grow. It is desirable that the nursery would be quite old, well-proven (where qualified specialists work), preferably on the basis of some specialized scientific institution, where there is a large collection of each type of fruit crops.
So, I selected mostly very old well-known nurseries, which were previously known that they are independently engaged in the cultivation of seedlings. In general, it was not easy to find a large nursery that sells seedlings that are grown on its own territory, and not brought from somewhere in the south, so in Moscow and the near Moscow suburbs I found seven such nurseries worthy of attention.
So, I visited the following nurseries: the Department of green cuttings of the fruit-growing laboratory of the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, the Michurinsky Garden of the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, the Botanical Garden of the Biological Faculty of Moscow State University, the All-Russian Breeding-Technological Institute of Horticulture and Nursery Breeding (VSTISP), Sadko Garden Company, Lenn State Farm LLC , Ivanteevsky forest nursery.
Here's what happened in the end:

1.Department of green cuttings of the laboratory of fruit growing at the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy :
At once I will say that on the territory of the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy in its various places a lot of saplings of fruit trees and shrubs, as well as ornamental plants are sold. Most of these seedlings selling points have no relation to the Timiryazev Academy and the quality of these seedlings remains on the conscience of their producers and sellers, so be vigilant and know that planting material, including fruit seedlings grown directly on the territory of the RSAU-MAHA Timiryazev Academy specialists sell only in two places: in the Department of Green Cutting of the fruit growing laboratory at the fruit station and in the Michurinsky Garden (addresses and driving directions will be indicated below).
I put this nursery in the first place because saplings are grown and sold in the same place (on the territory of the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy in the north of Moscow). There are mainly fruit saplings of small age and size (winter vaccinations, one-year-olds, two-year-olds), a huge number of varieties, including old ones, which are not easy to find in nurseries now. The nursery specializes in the cultivation of fruit seedlings with a closed root system (in pots). Of course, this is far from a chic garden center, but here you can find high-quality seedlings of good varieties at a very reasonable price and will be advised by qualified specialists here.

Apple tree (150 sorts on seed and clonal rootstocks):
1- year-old ZKS - 200-250 rubles (depending on the variety),
Pear: (60 varieties) 1-year-old ZKS - 250 rubles.,
Cherry (own-rooted, grafted - 42 varieties): 1-year-old ZKS - 250 rubles.
Plum (grafted 63 varieties): 1-year plan ZKS - 250 rubles.

In addition, rare cuttings (including old ones) of varieties of fruit plants for grafting are sold in spring. This is true for those varieties of fruit that are not sold in the form of seedlings. The cost of the cutting - 50 rubles.
I decided to purchase fruit tree seedlings in this very nursery. It is very valuable, in my opinion, that you can buy exactly the smallest fruit seedlings with a closed root system.
How to get: Directions to the stop "Pasichna Street", tram number 27 from M "Voykovskaya", M "Timiryazevskaya", M "Dmitrovskaya", bus No. 87 from M "Timiryazevskaya", bus No. 22 from M "Dinamo", bus No. 72 from M "Savelovskaya", and M "Water stadium". Then go along the apiary street (in the direction of Timiryazevsky forest), the entrance to the last green iron gate in front of the forest.

The department of green cutting does not have its website.

Phone: 8 (495) 976-82-29, mob. 8 (963) 676-67-95

Detailed information about this fruit nursery here.

2.Michurinsky Garden Timiryazev Agricultural Academy - is a nursery of fruit and berry and ornamental crops, which is engaged in the production of planting material with an open and closed root system, as well as provides training on pruning and grafting of fruit crops. It implements cuttings of rare varieties of fruit crops from its collection (there are many old varieties of apple trees in the collection, there are old varieties of pears, cherries and homemade plums).
Practically in no way inferior to the Department of green cuttings of the fruit growing laboratory. The only reason why I placed it in the second place in the review is that saplings are still sold there larger than in the green cutting department, although the same age can also be found.
Prices for fruit seedlings:

Apple tree on seed stock: one year old ACS - 200 rub. / ZKS - 300 rub.,
two-year ACS - 300 rub. / ZKS 500 rub.,
An apple-tree on a clone stock: a one-year ACS - 250 rubles / ZKS - 300 rubles, a two-year ACS - 300 rubles / ZKS - 550 rubles.
Pear: one-year-old ACS - 250 rubles. / ZKS - 350 rubles.,
two-year ACS - 350rub. / ZKS - 550 rubles.
Cherry, plum, cherry plum: one year old ACS 250 rubles / ZKS - 300 rubles, two-year ACS - 300 rubles / ZKS - 550.

In the Michurinsky garden mostly 1-2 tap-holes are sold, but there are also three-year-olds, four-year-olds, five-six-seven-year-olds with both an open root system (for large-sized seedlings it is an earthen clod of appropriate size) and with a closed root system (in a container) . Three-four and five-year-old saplings of apple, pear, cherry, plum, cherry plum, apricot and sweet fruit rowan berries are also sold, which are simultaneously grafted in 2-3 different varieties.

It makes sense to come to the Michurinsky garden of the Timiryazev Academy, as well as the department of green cuttings of the fruit and vegetable lab of the Agricultural Academy, primarily for saplings of fruit crops.

Address: Moscow, Upper Alley, 5A,

Phone: 8(495) 976-19-65, 8(495) 799-71-39

Site Michurinsky garden has an interesting and informative (the site has a description of the collection of varieties of fruit crops of the Michurinsky garden with a detailed description of each variety in the form of tables, files with these descriptions can be downloaded directly from the site).
Detailed description of the fruit nursery of the Michurinsky Garden of the RSAU-ICCA here.

3. Closely behind the Timiryazev Academy is Botanical Garden of the Biological Faculty of Moscow State University.

Planting material is grown on the territory of the botanical garden in Moscow by highly qualified specialists, seedlings are sold in the same place where they are grown. There are seedlings of both old and new varieties on sale (the latter are mainly for breeding of the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University). In addition, the Botanical Garden conducts training in grafting (as well as the Michurinsky Garden of the RSAU-ICCA) and also sells cuttings of numerous varieties of fruit crops from its extensive collection. In the Botanical Garden, the MSU mainly grows and sells seedlings with a closed root system, but in a small amount there are seedlings with ACS (open root system - pear, cherry, plum).
In the MSU Botanical Garden I was fortunate enough to purchase the “Catalog of Apple Varieties” and “Pear Varieties” collection of the Botanical Garden of the Biological Faculty of the Moscow State University recently released by the Faculty of Biology of Moscow State University. Remarkable reference books describing varieties of apple and pear, with excellent color illustrations on high-quality coated paper at a very low price (for this quality) - one cost 200 rubles, the other 100 rubles.
Prices for seedlings of fruit crops are about the same as in the Michurinsky Garden of the Timiryazev Academy or slightly higher.
Therefore, she placed the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University in third place, this nursery is also more than worthy.

Apple tree 2 years ZKS - 500-700 rubles. (Depending on the size of seedlings).

Address: Sparrow Hills, st. Mendeleev,

Phone: Fruit Department. v.939-18-08

Detailed description of the nursery can be viewed here.

4.All-Russian Selection and Technological Institute of Horticulture and Nursery (VSTISP).

I was in this nursery two times: in the summer in the heat, he made not a very pleasant impression on me, but in the fall during the season the sales of fruit range and prices turned out to be much more interesting and attractive, even the sellers in the fall were much nicer in communication than in the summer.

The nursery specializes in the cultivation of seedlings of all fruit crops (ACS / ZKS), ornamental shrubs, creepers, herbaceous perennials, as well as sell green manure seeds and honey plants, catalogs of varieties of fruit crops. The range is wide. The seedlings are grown on the territory of their nursery, the district of Biryulyovo, Moscow, not far from the Moscow Ring Road (though I heard that a few days ago there was a supply of seedlings from the south), but at the moment the seedlings seem to be normal - locally produced (as far as sellers can trust).

Apple tree 1 - ACS tap - 200 rub. / ZKS - 300-500RUB, 2 years, ACS-300 rub. / ZKS 300-750 rubles, 3 years, ZKS - 900 rubles.
Pear: 1-year-old ACS - 400rub. / ZKS-500rub, 2-year-old ACS - 500rub. ZKS - 550 rubles.
Cherries: 1-year-old ACS - 400 rubles. / ZKS-500 rubles., 2-year-old ACS - 500 rubles.
Plum: 1-year-old ACS - 400 rubles. / ZKS-500 rubles., 2-year-old ACS - 500 rubles.

Address: Moscow, district Biryulyovo East, Zagorevskaya st., 4, metro Tsaritsyno, Kantemirovskaya.

You can read more about this cattery. here.

5.Sadko Garden Company LLC - nursery of fruit and ornamental plants.

Impressions from visiting the nursery remained pleasant. Here you can buy seedlings of both fruit and ornamental plants.
The plants in Sadko are mostly small (for those who are not chasing large plants), the prices are pleasantly pleasing, the assortment is the widest. There are savings and seasonal discounts. Mostly seedlings are sold in small containers (ZKS), fruit trees and shrubs are both with an open root system and with a closed. On each seedling and container there is a label indicating the type and variety of the plant, as well as information about the stock (seed / clone, dwarf / half-dwarf, if implanted to a plant of another type - the type of stock is shown). Seedlings are quite well developed, do not give the impression of being overfed or unnaturally large with overly thick sprigs. Plants with ACS stand in special wooden boxes - the roots are covered with wet sawdust. When I saw these sawdust shed well with water - so that the roots of the fruit seedlings did not dry out.
I was pleased with the proposed choice of types and varieties of fruit crops. The prices were also very acceptable:

Apple-tree 1-year-old ACS 170-200 rubles / ZKS 150-190rub, 2-years OKS / ZKS - 290 rubles,
Pear 1-year-old ACS - 200 rubles. / ZKS 190-220-330 rubles, 2-year-old ACS 290 rubles.
Cherry 1-year-old ZKS 180-220 rubles., 2-year-old ACS - 250 rubles / ZKS - 275 rubles.

I was primarily interested in the origin of the fruit seedlings, so I began to ask the sellers where the saplings of fruit trees are grown - the first seller somehow reluctantly answered that in the Moscow region and in Ryazan. The second nursery employee was more benevolent and sociable. She said that the majority of fruit seedlings are grown in farms at a latitude from Moscow to Ryazan and in any case not south of Lipetsk, some apple trees (columnar) are grown in the Moscow region. Many ornamental shrubs and herbaceous perennials are grown directly on the territory of the nursery. Ornamental medicinal perennials are grown in a farm in the Ryazan region. Some herbaceous perennials are brought from Poland and Holland in the form of frozen roots, seated and grown in a nursery.
Despite the fact that most of the saplings were grown south of Moscow, they did not make an impression on me of typically “southern” saplings, nevertheless, Ryazan was not Krasnodar, and I was pleased that the sellers did not hide the origin of the saplings, I did not cause the distrust provided by them. In addition, I was very pleased with the 50% discount for a number of ornamental and fruit crops on the day of my arrival at the nursery.

I really liked Sadko, I recommend buying here if not saplings of fruit trees (if your site is located north of Moscow), then everything else: ornamental trees and trees, ornamental and fruit lianas, herbaceous perennials and medicinal herbs (there are a lot of them in the nursery ), as well as Far Eastern plants widely represented in Sadko and quite rare in other nurseries.

Address: Moscow region, Yaroslavl highway, Pushkino, mkrn. Klyazma, Botkin, 33

Phone: (Tarasovka) (495) 778-25-35.

The nursery "Sadko" has its own website, quite convenient and informative.

More information about the nursery "Sadko" can be found here.

6.State Farm named after Lenin.

Recently I learned that the famous state farm named after Lenin, from where they still bring crates for sale near Moscow strawberries and where people still eat at her collection (as in former times) is also engaged in breeding and growing planting material of fruit and berry crops: strawberries, honeysuckle edible, apple, pear, cherry, plum, cherry plum, black cherry, currant, gooseberry, sea buckthorn, black chokeberry, raspberry, viburnum (sweet fruit), yoshta, wild cherry (fruit), large wild rosehip, as well as ornamental shrubs and trees.
I went there - the impression was mixed: Fruit saplings are grown directly on the territory of the sovkhoz. Lenin (the seller assured me of this), ornamental plants partially grow themselves (mostly ornamental shrubs), partially imported for sale (conifers, ornamental trees). Looking at one of the apple seedlings, I noticed a suspicious formation in the area of ​​the root collar — not the cancer, or the infection in general — in general, I didn’t want to look further at the fruit seedlings. Frankly speaking, the range of fruit crops did not impress me at all, since the variety of varieties, in my opinion, is not particularly large (many crops are represented by 1-3 varieties), mainly sell new varieties of fruit crops. There are very few old varieties of fruit crops and by the end of the season they are completely dismantled.
Prices are good, at the level of all previously listed nurseries or slightly higher (for some crops):

Apple-tree one-year-old ACS - 190 rubles / ZKS - 250 rubles,
Two-year ACS - 350 rubles.
Pear: one-year-old ACS - 250 rubles, two-year ACS - 450 rubles.
Cherry: two-year-old ACS - 500 rubles,
Plum: one-year-old ACS - 320 rubles, two-year ACS - 430 rubles.

A plus in my opinion is that the seedlings are grown on the territory of the Moscow nursery, minus the fact that among them there are infected, that there is a small assortment of varieties of fruit crops and that the emphasis is on new varieties.
Another plus - good prices - at about the level of the Moscow Agricultural University and the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University, but their diversity is far away. Honestly, I would for fruit in the State Farm. Lenin would not have gone after having been there. What you can buy there: I think strawberry saplings and edible honeysuckle, because the state farm specializes in the industrial cultivation of the berries of these crops. Also, in this nursery those summer residents can be bought who do not come across other more interesting fruit nurseries, and they cannot go for fruit seedlings to other fruit nurseries, they just need to choose the seedlings carefully so that they are healthy and well developed.

Address: Moscow region, Leninsky district, Lenin State Farm, Kashirskoye shosse, 23 km, the garden center is located immediately behind the Podkova building materials market.

Phone: (495) 385-96-32 (garden center), (495) 548-64-90 (sales department of seedlings).

The nursery has an official site - quite informative and convenient.
Read more about this cattery. here.

7.Ivanteevsky nursery.

I came to Ivanteevsky nursery two times: in the summer and in the autumn. В первый раз была приятно удивлена широтой и разнообразием ассортимента, невысокими ценами и скидками, а второй раз была неприятно удивлена ситуацией с плодовыми саженцами и отсутствием того разнообразия которое наблюдала летом . Приезжать в Ивантеевский питомник лучше весной.
Цены на плодовые саженцы несколько выше, чем в описанных мною ранее питомниках

Яблоня однолетка ОКС –350 руб., Двухлетка ОКС – 500 руб.
Груша: однолетка ОКС – 350 руб.,
Вишня: однолетка ОКС – 350 руб.,
Слива: однолетка ОКС – 320 руб., двухлетка ОКС – 430 руб.

Saplings of fruit crops with an open root system, dug in on the marketplace, seemed very suspicious to me: they were too large and thick (1-2 years). When I asked the saleswoman about where these saplings were grown, she replied that she only sells and does not know such details (such an answer is suspicious in itself), then after my remark that it is strange not to know anything about the origin of the planting material. who is selling, another nurseryman appeared (apparently more senior in office and more devoted to the question of the origin of saplings), so he told me that all fruit saplings are brought from Michurinsk (north of the Tambov region). But he said it this way ... that I had a doubt, but from Michurinsk ... Of the fruit seedlings available at that time in the nursery, only the largest krupnomer (OKS) worth 1,500 rubles each turned out to be local. (This information for some reason caused me to trust - perhaps these large-sized plants remained from the time when nurseries in Ivanteevsky grew their own seedlings and planted themselves. By the way, the same nursery officer informed me that from the next they will plant the seedlings themselves in their nursery and he will personally manage this. So there is hope - let's see what the nursery will offer to its customers next year. It is not yet known what to plant (the rootstock origin), otherwise I found out that some nurseries are inoculating something Moscow suburbs, and the stock is being brought from some Tula region. But I sincerely believed in the authority of the Ivanteevskogo Nursery and were going to buy fruit seedlings there, now I got sick of something. Michurinsky seedlings (and it’s not a fact that Michurinsky) for the site in Tver I don’t especially fit.

In the Ivanteevka nursery, it is worth buying saplings of ornamental trees and shrubs, lianas, rare Far Eastern plants (Amur lilac has rarely come across to me in nurseries), but it’s still too early to buy fruit plants, it’s worth waiting for them to grow and plant fruit again.

Address: Moscow region, Ivanteevka, Zavodskaya street, 8

Phone: 8(496)536-53-67, 8(496)536-57-02

The nursery has an official site - pleasant and convenient.

More information about this cattery can be found. here.

Kennels TSHA

Michurinsky garden:

This is the second name of the famous Timiryazev Academy.

Saplings of tens of apple varieties are still far from fruit trees (most of them are 1 year old), but they are presented reliable varieties domestic and Canadian breeding from Antonovka ordinary to Welsey:

  1. 10 varieties of cherry seedlings.
  2. 6 varieties of home plums.
  3. 20 varieties of pear.
  4. Sweet cherry saplings
  5. Apricot.
  6. Peach and much more for the orchard.

Most of them are annual saplings, but there are quite mature trees up to 10 years.

Where, if not in this kennel, you can be sure that you will buy it declared varietyabout which they write in magazines. Saplings of fruit trees, which are sold in the nursery, are grown here (it is important that they are not brought from other climatic regions).

Students and graduates of the academy may not be very brisk merchants, but they will definitely be good consultants, and for buyers, live advice on fruit trees, right on the spot, is very useful. There is a website Here you can also buy cuttings for vaccination.

Green Cutting Department

The official name of this kennel is very long, but these three words are enough to make it clear that we are talking about a site on Pasichna street belonging to the same academy. Only the names of fruit trees, seedlings and cuttings of which you can buy, will be enough for 2 pages.

But in both of these nurseries, seedlings begin to sell on a certain day, and in order not to be late, it is best to choose everything in advance, make a prepayment and arrive on the specified day.

In this case there will be a guaranteethat the seedlings are grown by experts of the Academy in these nurseries. Otherwise, you can get on the sellers who have no relation to the academy, and their advertising labels can mislead inexperienced buyers.

In this kennel, as well as in the first one, they mainly sell annual saplings, but here you can find old varieties that are rarely found in other nurseries. Graduates of the Academy will advise on any issues related not only to fruit trees and vaccinations.

Other nurseries

Kennel Institute VSTISP in Biryulyovo East:

From the Institute of Gardening can be expected quality and wide assortment of fruit trees. In some parts, the diversity here is inferior to the TSHA kennels, but the choice of apples from this institute is simply huge.

  1. You can buy small annual plants of more than 30 varieties.
  2. With open or closed root system.
  3. If opportunities permit, then you can take a fruit tree of three meters in height.
  4. With root system in container (pickup).

All the details easier to learn on the website of the Institute -

Botanical Garden of Moscow State University

This nursery has a very long history of development from the “Pharmaceutical garden” of the times of Peter the Great (on Mira Avenue) to the MSU Botanical Garden on Mendeleev Street. All this can be read on the site, but it does not have a pronounced commercial component and it is much better to sign up by phone and go on a tour - it will not be wasted time.

By phone you can sign up for classes on grafting or planting Apple trees, unlike video tutorials, here you can ask any questions and immediately receive live answers.

Finally, Muscovites who have never been to the Botanical Garden should catch up with it long ago - there are not too many places in the stone jungle of the city where beauty is so naturally combined rest and useful knowledge.

And the one who is interested in concrete fruit trees in the nursery will find here not only the richest collection, but also sensible consultants. After all, it is the nursery of the Faculty of Biology! Here everything is in one place: knowledge, seedlings, and sellers.

Sadko Garden Company LLC

In this nursery of fruit trees (there are other cultures there), you can begin to understand the company's website The site is quite developed, there are catalogs and descriptions. The company has both plants from the Moscow region, and imported from neighboring areas.

You can find out all the details by contacting the contacts indicated on the site, or you can personally, by dropping in the town of Pushkino, Moscow Region.

State Farm named after Lenin:

The company is more specialized in other crops, but also has a large assortment of fruit trees. The catalog can be found at

Ivanteevsky nursery

The fate of this kennel has long been firmly tied to Forestry Institute (now MGUL) - hence the name. There are a lot of cultures that may be of interest to landscape designers.

The interests of gardeners are also taken into account: in addition to the usual fruit trees in this nursery you can find grafted hazelnuts. What is grown in a huge area - about 250 hectares can be found on the site

In conclusion, too trusting gardeners should be reminded that, before engaging in the cultivation of fruit trees, it is necessary to do a thorough sellers selectionin order not to repeat the fate of the characters of the stories of O. Henry.

Michurinsky garden

Michurinsky garden is part of The main botanical garden of Moscow. This nursery is under the care of Tymyazev Academy, Employees and students are also engaged in production and business activities.

Garden workers not only study the cultures of fruit and berry and ornamental plants, but also engage in their selection. The close scientific and applied activities of the specialists of the Michurinsky garden make this nursery of saplings the best in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Michurinsky garden has about five hundred fruit trees, among which you can find both domestic varieties and "overseas". For example, on the territory of the nursery, along with the well-known Antonovka, the Canadian apple tree Welles is growing and successfully breeding.

Among the "wards" of the nursery there are also saplings: pears (20 varieties), quinces, apricots, cherries (10 varieties), sweet cherries, peaches, plums (6 varieties) and other fruit trees.

Nursery "Garden company" Sadko "

The relatively young, but already having established itself from the best side, the nursery of fruit trees "Sadko" is a serious competition to the "old-timers" of this market. The company's assortment has a huge number of garden trees, fruit shrubs, herbaceous medicinal and ornamental plants.

The nursery "Sadko" closely cooperates with professional breeders and gardeners. Nursery staff and employees of the research laboratory are working on the cultivation of new varieties of fruit trees and shrubs and are improving already known garden crops.

Among the "exhibits" of the nursery you can find both the usual varieties of pears, apples and cherries, and ducks (hybrids of sorts of cherries and sweet cherries), edible honeysuckle, frost-resistant mulberry and much more.

Nursery saplings are grown on farmer plots, away from the industrial zone (Pushkino, Moscow region). Fruit crops are sold both with a closed root system, and with an open one (in wooden boxes, with roots covered with wet sawdust), which is very convenient when landing in the ground.

Forest nursery in Ivanteevka

Ivanteevsky nursery is associated with the forestry institute, which provided it with a technical base and research developments. Forest nursery in Ivanteevka - This is a whole green building center with a wide range of activities. Local workers conduct experimental work on the breeding, reproduction and cultivation of garden and ornamental plants (flowers, shrubs, etc.).

By the new planting season, about 2 million garden and bush and tree crops are produced in the Ivanteevsky forest nursery. Most of the seedlings are local varieties of fruit plants, but in the nursery there are also many plants brought from other countries that have adapted to local conditions and give a good harvest.

All-Russian Institute of Horticulture and Nursery

Nurseries of the agricultural and technical department are part of Institute of Horticulturelocated in Eastern Biryulyovo on the street. Zagorevskaya. For your 80 years of work The institute has gathered a whole collection of various varieties of fruit and flower-ornamental crops.

Such large nurseries of garden trees and shrubs like the All-Russian Institute of Horticulture are not limited to plant breeding alone. Within the framework of the institute's program, work is underway on:

  • mastering new breeding technologies
  • removal of high-yielding and winter-hardy varieties of fruit plants
  • pest protection
  • improving plant care methods
  • expansion of the technical base of the institute (construction of new machines and units)

The services of the All-Russian Institute of Horticulture are used by large entrepreneurs, agricultural enterprises and private farmers.

Adding an article to a new collection

We know in which Moscow nurseries - the best choice of plants and the biggest discounts. Hurry up to buy seedlings at a good price!

The season of autumn planting is already in full swing. If you want to buy good seedlings and do not miss the novelties of this year, go shopping now!

To make your choice easier, we have prepared a review of 8 proven nurseries in the Moscow region, where you can purchase planting materials of excellent quality and at reasonable prices.

Nursery of decorative cultures "Yuzhny"

This nursery specializes in breeding conifers, fruit and berries, as well as ornamental trees and shrubs. Here you can buy seedlings of different ages and sizes.

In addition, the "South" - one of the few nurseries working on the system "all inclusive". Here you can get advice from gardeners, order the delivery of seedlings to your home, make a sketch of the landscape design of the site, order a landscape composition, or purchase a ready-made set of plants selected by landscape designers.

Discounts on fruit seedlings (apple tree Antonovkacurrant Vologdacherry Crimson and others.), conifers (juniper Hornibrookespruce Lucky Strike) and leafy plants (lilac Moscow sky, potentilla Hoplace Orange and etc.). Also there is a discount card system for regular customers.

Tel .: 8 (800) 700-16-20 (free call)
Working hours: Mon-Sat from 9:00 to 19:00, Sun from 9:00 to 16:00
How to find: Moscow region, Serpukhov district, village of Old Kuzmenka.

Plant nursery landscape company "Paer +"

The main advantage of this nursery is its location. Unlike most similar institutions, it is located in Moscow.

Paer + sells ornamental shrubs (spireas, weigels, barberries, hydrangeas, rhododendrons), perennials (roses, daylilies, phloxes, violets), conifers (larch, thujas, junipers, pines), deciduous (maples, lindens, bird cherry) and fruit (apple, cherry, plum) trees. The range is huge.

In addition, the company offers landscape design services. Feel free to contact here for the complete improvement of your site.

The nursery does not skimp on discounts. Only here, rose saplings were sold at a discount of up to 70%. And now they promise the same generous discounts on other products from the catalog.

Tel .: +7 (499) 372-02-38, +7 (499) 977-85-18, +7 (499) 977-85-27
Working hours: until October 31 - Mon-Sat from 9:00 to 18:00, from November 1 to February 28 - Mon-Fri from 9:00 to 17:00.
How to find: Moscow, st. Botanicheskaya, d. 31, bld. 30 (check-in from Komdiv Orlov st.).

OOO NPP "Microclone"

The technology of this company will delight anyone who is interested in science. All plants of this nursery are grown by clonal micropropagation in a sterile environment in the laboratory. And this means - you can not worry about the fact that seedlings can inherit the disease from their parents.

In the Microclone catalog there are forest trees, all kinds of ornamental shrubs and perennials, fruit and berry plants. The nursery specializes in breeding actinidia, geyhery, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, lilacs, phloxes, echinacea. A total of about 50 species and 500 plant varieties are grown in the laboratory. You will not have to complain about the range!

By the way, in this nursery you can also stock up on aquarium plants.

Up to the end of November, a 35% discount applies to any order.

Tel .: +7 (925) 880-89-74, +7 (495) 587-14-11
How to find: Pushchino, Moscow region

Agrofirm "Search"

In the assortment of the nursery of the agricultural company "Poisk" - deciduous, fruit, coniferous, ornamental trees and shrubs, herbaceous perennials, aquatic and coastal plants. Flower lovers will appreciate the wonderful selection of roses and clematis.

In addition, here you can buy flower bulbs, strawberry seedlings, mushroom mycelium, vegetable and flower seeds, winter onions and garlic.

From September 22, a 30% discount is valid for retail customers. Until September 17 - 10% discount on fruit, conifers and perennials. The nursery also offers a 15% discount on the purchase of 240 or more strawberry seedlings in P9 containers (0.5 l).

How to find: Village Vereya, Ramensky District, Moscow Region, Ostrovetskoe Highway.
Working hours: Mon-Fri from 8:30 to 19:00, Sat from 9:00 to 14:00.

"Nursery Savvatevyh"

It offers an enviable selection of fruit, ornamental trees, bushes, conifers, roses, hydrangeas, perennials of their own production. Plants sell throughout the season: in spring and autumn, seedlings are offered both with a lump of land from the fields and in containers, and in the summer - only in containers.

By the way, ornamental and fruit trees are of different sizes and different ages: here you can find 2-3-year-old saplings, and mature trees of 5-7 years old!

A special pride of the Savvateev Nursery is a beautiful park, which in September is literally buried in the flowering bushes of paniculate hydrangea. Anyone can admire this beauty. Enough to sign up for a tour by phone: +8 (965) 185-00-54 or +8 (985) 845-30-26 (Lyubov Ivanovna Panova).

Throughout September, the nursery has a 30% discount on all types of roses, except for wrinkled ones, as well as on remontant raspberries Orange Miracle and Ruby Necklace. During the autumn, the company promises to please buyers with new stocks.

Tel .: +7 (495) 995-75-40, +7 (962) 976-15-56
How to find: The village of Spas-Vilki, 52, Shakhovskoy District, Moscow Region

Nursery of ornamental plants "Agro"

Here you can stock up on planting material for every taste and budget: apple and pear, actinidia and grapes, larch and juniper, bird cherry and buddley, astilba and daylilies. There is everything!

Prices for perennial flowers start from 180 rubles, for fruit trees and berry bushes - from 200 rubles, for deciduous bushes - from 210 rubles. It also sells winter onions and garlic, lawn grass seeds, peat and all kinds of garden and garden care products.

In September, the nursery "Agro" pleases with incredible discounts! The entire month you can buy seedlings of ground cover roses and 60-80-centimeter spiny spruce plants for only 300 rubles. Blueberry seedlings and all conifers have a 25% discount, and any type of hydrangea - 5%.

Tel .: +7 (985) 765-21-67
Working hours: Mon-Sat from 8:00 to 18:00, Sun from 9:00 to 15:00.
How to find: The village of Sukhanovo, Kashirsky District, Moscow Region, 100 km from Moscow along the M-4 "Moscow-Rostov-on-Don" highway.

Nursery of ornamental plants "Vnukovo"

This nursery specializes in growing coniferous and deciduous trees and shrubs. Здесь можно найти саженцы нескольких сотен видов растений: туи и можжевельника, лапчатки и барбариса, гортензии и пузыреплодника. Всего не перечислить!

Работает питомник исключительно с оптовыми покупателями, поэтому цены тут действительно впечатляют – ценник на саженцы стартует от 170 руб.

Питомники саженцев Москвы и Подмосковья

Самые лучшие растения вырастают из саженцев, выращенных в специальных питомниках. All varieties in this case correspond to the declared parameters, that is, grows that, which should have grown. No re-grading. For convenience, we arranged all plant nurseries in the directions.

On Simferopol highway

LLC "Landscape Design" - a network of garden centers

Garden center in Strelkovo. Address: Moscow region, Podolsky district, pos. Strelkovo (12 km from MKAD along the Simferopol highway).

All seedlings with open and closed root system:

  • Deciduous / ornamental trees and shrubs
  • Coniferous plants
  • Fruit and berry
  • Perennial flowers and seedlings
  • Lilac
  • Liana
  • Roses
  • Fertilizers and plant protection products
  • garden tools
  • Seeds

LLC Ornamental culture nursery "Yuzhny"

Nursery's address: Moscow region, Serpukhov district, village Old Kuzmyonki
67 km from Moscow on Starosimferopolskoye highway

Sale: Coniferous plants, Deciduous plants, Fruit and berry cultures, Bonsai, Soils, fertilizers, grass mixtures, MAFy. Wholesale and retail

Provision of related services:

  • Green doctor
  • Landscaping (private / commercial sector)
  • Landscape Design and Design
  • One-time garden and lawn care services

Telephone: 8 800 700 16 20 (toll-free in Russia including calls from mobile phones) /

By Dmitrovskoe highway

Michurinsky garden - nursery of fruit and ornamental crops

More known as the Timiryazev Academy.

Implements planting material only in its territory.

Implementation of seedlings It starts in spring (according to long-term data on April 5-10) and continues throughout the spring-summer-autumn season (before the start of steady frosts - the end of November)

Implementation of cuttings fruit, ornamental trees and shrubs, as well as blackcurrant cuttings for rooting and mulberries for grafting and rooting, begins in winter, from late January to late March

Phone: Ludmila 8 965 427 96 45, Sergey 8 915 162 90 73.

Address: 127550, Moscow, Upper alley, vl. 5 A.

When driving from the center on Dmitrovskoye Highway - when approaching Petrovsko-Razumovskaya metro station, turn right (signpost Bolshaya Akademicheskaya ul., Leningradskoe shosse and Center), drive under the bridge, then from under the bridge to the left and move right before turning right - Upper Alley, leaving about 500 m are moving on it. The Michurinsky garden will be located on the left side of the road, the entrance to the garden is located opposite the pedestrian crossing, opposite to D. 12 along the Larch Alley (40 m horse-riding complex, Upper Alley, 5)

When driving out of area on Dmitrovskoye shosse, following the exit from the bridge, adhering to the rightmost row, turn right - go to Upper alley, drive about 500 m. You will see the Michurinsky garden on the left side of the road, the entrance to the garden is opposite the pedestrian crossing, opposite d. 12 along Larch Alley (in the 40 m building equestrian sports complex, Upper alley, 5)

Garden centers and nursery "Medra"

Address: Moscow, Dmitrovskoye shosse, 167 (near Vinogradovo).

  • perennial flowers
  • roses (all kinds)
  • lilacs, conifers
  • ornamental trees and shrubs
  • liana, including clematis
  • rhododendrons
  • erica and heathers

Growing plants occurs in natural climatic conditions, which allows them to quickly get accustomed to the natural environment, to easily transfer the transplant and quickly take root.

The garden center provides an excellent opportunity to see with your own eyes the best varieties of seedlings and ornamental plants of excellent quality. Therefore, he is not engaged in delivery, which allows customers to be convinced of the excellent quality of plants and cheaply buy their favorite prices, which will pleasantly surprise.

Garden Center "Krasnaya Niva"

Address: Moscow region, Dolgoprudny str. Grape 9P
(5 km from Moscow Ring Road on Dmitrovskoye Highway).

Phones: +7 (495) 408-80-83, +7 (495) 576-34-77

Operation mode: from 9 to 18-00, without days off and holidays, without a break for lunch.

Your attention is invited to:

  • more than 600 names of tropical and subtropical plants
  • collection of bonsai dwarf trees
  • coniferous plants for open ground with ZKS
  • least many cultures of many plant species for further cultivation
  • water plants
  • feed and pet supplies for your pets
  • various pottery for indoor plants and bonsai containers
  • arrangements of dry and living plants
  • sale of plant care literature
  • holiday bouquets
  • fresh flowers - cut
  • plants for rent
  • stone and stone products

Kennel "Chestnut Grove"

Sale of plants wholesale and retail.
Delivery of planting materials to order.

  • Flowers: Perennial. Annuals. Bulbous. Ampelnye.
  • Trees and shrubs: Deciduous and coniferous.
  • Lianas.
  • Roses.

Address: Moscow region, 25 km on Dmitrovskoye Highway, Lugovaya
Scientific town, Breeding and greenhouse complex, №12

Nursery telephone: 8 (495) 577 73 42, 8 (499) 130 70 25

The schedule of the nursery: every day without a lunch break from 8.00 to 17.00.

In addition to a huge range of shrubs, trees and various perennial crops, a nursery of ornamental plants provides its customers with a landscape design service. Our experts will take into account all the wishes and design your site so that it is a heavenly place to relax. Each order is issued on an individual design project, taking into account the conditions of the terrain and the location of the site.

In addition, craftsmen working in our grove, in addition to landscape design, provide the following services:

  • phytodesign office space
  • roof gardening,
  • decoration of winter gardens
  • gardening of city streets,
  • planting trees and shrubs,
  • flower beds, rose gardens and alpine slides
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On Novorizhskoe highway

Nursery of ornamental plants "Vnukovo"

Garden center Vnukovo: Volokolamsky district Spassky rural district, the village of Vnukovo.
On Novorizhskoe highway to Volokolamsk. After the traffic police post in Volokolamsk, turn right- RUZA. On the main road in the direction of Ruza to the village of SPAS (approximately 15 km from Volokolamsk). In Spas, turn right, right after the church - the index “RED MOUNTAIN”. After 20 km turn left- the indicator “SMALL SYNKOVO”. After 4 km, immediately after the village of CHERNEVO, turn right - the pointer Vnukovo. Along the macadam road, not stopping in any villages and not going anywhere to the Garden Center of the nursery.

The garden center is open daily from April to October inclusive from 8 to 20 hours without days off and lunch.

  • Fruit trees.
  • Apple Trees: Oryol Striped, Pear, Zhigulevskaya, Papirovka (White filling), Golden Chinese, Kitayka, Melba, Skoroplodnaya, Stroyevskoye, Spartan, Bogatyr, Freshness, Ströfling (font, autumn striped), Medunits (cow, fast pacemaker), Venyaminov’s, Venyuminovskaya , March, Svetits, Mantet, Berkutovskaya, Orlik, Orlovsky synapse.
  • Cherries: Dessert Morozova, Kharitonovskaya, Lebedyanskaya.
  • Plum: Eurasia 21, Alyonushka, Renklod Soviet.
  • Pear: Michurin's Favorite, August dew, Skorospelka, Dyushes.
  • Roses.
  • Coniferous plants
  • Deciduous plants.

"Green Park Master" - Zalessky nursery and garden centers

How to get there: Novorizhskoe highway, 42nd km, turning right in the direction of Knyazhe Lake,
drive 2.5 km to the village. Pavlovskaya Sloboda (on the right is the Garden Center).

Address: Moscow region., Istra district, pos. Pavlovskaya Sloboda.

Offer seedlings and planting material:

  • Ornamental shrubs
  • flowering shrubs
  • ornamental trees and shrubs
  • Conifer
  • Hardwood
  • Fruit
  • Krupnomery
  • Lawn, rolled lawn
  • Vegetative soil, peat

Plant Nursery "Teryaevsky"

Address: Moscow Region, Volokolamsk District, p. Teryaevo, st. Teryaevskaya, 92
Directions: by Novorizhskoye Highway (111 km from Moscow Ring Road) or by Leningradskoe Highway (130 km from Moscow Ring Road) via Klin and R-107.

  • Coniferous trees and shrubs (spruce, pine, cedar, larch, fir, thuja,
    juniper, cypress)
  • Deciduous trees and shrubs (oak, birch, elm, willow, maple, lilac,
    hydrangea, azalea, honeysuckle)
  • Fruit trees and shrubs (apple, pear, cherry, plum, currant, gooseberry, blueberry ...)
  • Saplings of roses and perennials (floribunda rose, tea-hybrid, park, climbing, soil-cover)
  • Ornamental shrubs
  • Seedling
  • Krupnomery
  • Fertilizers

Nursery of decorative plants "Seasons"

Address: Moscow region, Istra district, Pervomayskoe. Novorizhskoe highway, 63 km.

  • Fruit
  • Perennial flowers
  • Ornamental shrubs
  • Conifer

Directions to the nursery:
Take Novorizhskoye Highway (M9 Baltiya) to the 72 km signpost, turn onto Mansurovo. Then go along the main road to Onufrievo about 7 km, turn right to the village Karasino. Turn right before the village, go along the village (without entering it) to the end, about 500 meters. You're at the place.

The nursery works for visitors: daily from 10-00 to 18-00, the day off is Tuesday.

Before arrival, you can check the availability of plants of interest to you by calling 8 (903) 621-75-70.
Pre-order is also possible. We carry out delivery of orders to Moscow (Mitino), the cost of delivery is 300 rubles.

In the nursery you can purchase seedlings of annual flowers, fruit trees and shrubs.

The nursery offers planting material of the following plants:

Azorella, Aconite, Alyssum, Anemone, Antennary, Armeria, Astilbe, Astra, Acer, Acene, Badan, Barberry, Periwinkle, Colchicum, Belotsvetnik, Borodnik, Brunner, Buddley, Buzulnik, Cornflower, Veigella, Verbeynik, Veronikor, Rethymnum, Vendyka, Buzulnik, Cornflower, Veigella, Verbeynik, Veronik, Rethymn, Rethymnon, Budleyya, Buzulnik, Cornflower, Veygela, Verbeynik, Veronik, Rethymnum, Bordechnik Carnation, Geykhera, Geranium, Gypsophila, Kachim, Globularia, Gentian, Mountain Trap, Hortensia, Goryanka, Grushanka, Gutchinziya, Deviasil, Degenia, Delphinium, Dreamman, Dryad, Drache, Dusheney, Blackberry, raspberry, living room, Living Hotel, Liven, Dryad, Drake, Dyusheney, Blackberry, raspberry, living, living, living, living, living, living Strawberry, Serpentine, Iberis, Iridodictium, Iris, Hyssop, Saxony a, erythronium, Clematis, Knifofiya, salsify, Bluebell, lyme grass, Coreopsis, Kotula, Cat's Claw, Senecio, Burnet, Crocus, grits, Solomon's seal, Lavender, Bloodroot, Len, Leontodon, Dandelion, daylily, lily, Campion, Bow Liubka , Mahonia, Mack, Daisy, Medunitsa, meconopsis, Young, Euphorbia, Monarda, Muscari, Saponaria, digitalis, Aubrieta, fescue, onosma, oxytrope, Sedum, Dactylorhiza, Penstemon, gerbil, peony, psyllium, Artemisia, Primula, Scilla, Androsace , Chamber, Pterocephalus, Pushkinia, Rezuha, Rhodiola, Rosulyaria, Ruta, R Bochik, Sakura, Sizyurinhiy Edrayant, Enotera, Erigeron, small-scale pied piper, Erizimum, yellowcone, Ethienema, Ephedra, ephedra, Juno, Yaskolka, Hawthorn, Orchus, Barley.

Preference given plants for alpine slides and plants for hedge, they account for more than half of the entire collection.

On the Leningrad highway

Nursery MR Green (from MSU)

Address: p / o "Shock" Moscow region., Solnechnogorsk district, art. Kryukovo Oktyabrskaya railway d., pos. Chashnikovo, Leningrad highway.

  • Coniferous cultures
  • Ornamental trees and shrubs
  • Perennial flower crops
  • Fruit trees and shrubs

Nursery of annual and perennial plants "Fitoniya"

Address: Moscow region, Khimkinsky district, Vashutino village (along the Leningradskoe highway 7 km from the Moscow Ring Road), near Sheremetyevo-2

  • ornamental shrubs
  • large trees
  • seedlings of ornamental and vegetable annual crops
  • houseplants
  • garden perennials

By Minskoe highway

LLC "Paer +"

Address: pos. Forest Town. The 30th km of Minsk highway, the left side from Moscow.

Large selection of planting material, both Russian and foreign production.

From the price list of Russian production:

  • Apple tree house: "Anniversary of Moscow" - a winter grade, "Lobo" - a winter grade, "Melba" - an autumn grade, "Sinap" - a late winter variety, - "Stroyevskoye" - a winter variety, "Freshness" - a late winter variety, "Sun" - late autumn variety, “Valkeaculas” - summer variety, “Veniaminovskoe” - winter variety, “Pirya” - summer variety, “Spartan” - winter variety, “Mantey” - summer variety.
  • Manchurian apricot.
  • Honeysuckle assortment. Cherry felt. Prunus virgin.
  • Common pear: "Belarusian Late", "Beauty Chernenko", "Rossoshansoe"
  • Currants in varieties
  • Common lilac
  • Rose, spirea, elderberry and others in the range
  • Conifer

The presence of plants in the nursery must be clarified further.

Garden Center "Garden of Your Dreams"

Address: Moscow region, Odintsovsky district, the 25th kilometer of the Minsk highway (10 km from the Moscow Ring Road) Shopping Center Park Avenue.

Mode of operation: daily, seven days a week, 9.00-19.00

Tel +7 926 327 57 05, +7 926 534 49 73, +7 926 933 93 22

From March to December in the Garden Center you can buy trees, shrubs, ornamental and fruit crops of your own production, as well as cultivars from partner nurseries in Germany, Austria, Finland.

  • A large collection of roses near Moscow.
  • Fruit crops:
  • Yabloni - Anis new, Anis striped, Antonovka ordinary, Aport, Bely filling, Bessemyanka Michurin, Bogatyr, Hrushovka Moscow, Zhigulevskoe, China early golden, China red, Candy, Cinnamon new, Cinnamon striped, Lobo, Manthet, Medunitsa, Melba, Orlovskoy striped, Papirovka, Pepin Saffron, Sinap Oryol, Glory to the winners, Spartan, Welsey, Shtreyfling.
  • Pears - Moscow Bergamot, Bere winter michurin, Dushes summer, Lada, Yakovlev Favorite, Michurinsk summer, Marble, Elegant Efimova, Autumn Yakovlev, In memory of Yakovlev, Memory of Zhegalov, Chizhevskaya.
  • Apricot - Apricot ‘Tsarsky’, Edelweiss, Red-cheeked, ‘Sayan’, Apricot ‘Son of Krasnoshcheky’, Apricot Khabarovsky.
  • Sweet cherries - Fatezh, Oryol pink, Michurinsk late, Bryansk pink, Valery Chkalov, Leningradskaya black, Moscow pink.
  • Cherry - Molodezhnaya, Turgenevka, Shokoladnitsa, Lyubskaya, Vladimirskaya, Fertile Michurina, Shubinka, Podbelskaya (Gridel of Podbelsky).
  • Red currant, Gooseberry, Black currant.

On Kashirsky highway

CJSC "State Farm named after Lenin"

Address: Moscow region, Leninsky district, Lenin State Farm, Kashirskoye, 23 km.
Travel to the garden center: Moscow, Domodedovskaya metro station, exit from the first car from the center, buses No. 364, 367, 3rd stop "Market of building materials" Horseshoe ".

They offer: fruit and berry seedlings, ornamental shrubs, conifers, seedlings, seeds, fertilizers, soil, covering material, juices, nectars, honey.

Ltd. Greenstayl

Seedlings of deciduous trees and shrubs: acacia, quince, andromeda, actinidia, barberry, birch, bamboo, hibiscus, ginkgo, blueberry, hydrangea, pear, deren, Inkis cherry, blackberry, jasmine, honeysuckle, willow, irga, Kalina, kalina, blackberry, jasmine, honeysuckle, willow, irga, Kalina, kalina, blackberry, jasmine, honeysuckle, willow, irga, Kalina, kalina, blackberry, jasmine, honeysuckle, willow, irga, Kalina, kalina, blackberry, jasmine, honeysuckle, willow, irga, Kalina, kaline, blackberry, jasmine clematis varietal mountain, maple, cranberry, lavender, hazel, linden, magnolia, raspberry yellow, broom, rhododendron, rose, ashberry, boxwood, lilac, plum, currant, snowberry, sumac, spirea, apple tree.

In the varietal assortment, fruit and berry saplings: simple and columnar apple trees, pear, plum, cherry, cherry plum, sweet cherry, apricot (northern varieties), garden strawberries (strawberries), ordinary and remontant varieties, currants, raspberries, honeysuckle, blackberries, aronia rowan shtambe, sweet cherry, cherry, hybrids cherry, plum Renklod Sovetsky, cherry Wonderful cherry, Tree-garden, Zagorevskaya cherry. There are wholesale and retail.

Address: the complex is located 10 km from the Moscow Ring Road in the village of Gorki Leninskie.

How to get there: magnificent access from 5 directions: along the old Kashirskoye highway (turn left to the village of Gorki Leninskie), follow the road to Domodedovo airport (turn to the children's rehabilitation center, to the left along the forest 700 m to the T-shaped intersection, to the right 700 m straight to the signpost Gorki Leninskie. After the pointer, Gorki Leninskie after 50 meters is the first turn to the right to the greenhouses.), As well as from the New Kashira, Simferopol and Warsaw highway.

Opening hours: without lunch and weekends from 10.00 to 18.00 hours.

Nursery of ornamental plants "Roots"

Nursery's address: Tula region, Venevsky district, village Konchinka.
From Moscow on the highway M4 DON Kashira (New Kashira highway). 110 km from the Moscow Ring Road on the border of the Moscow and Tula regions in the village of Konchinka turn around under the bridge. The nursery is located on the outskirts of the village of Konchinka (in the direction of Moscow) a hundred meters from the M4 DON Kashira highway.

The nursery catalog contains:

  • Saplings of deciduous and coniferous bushes with ZKS
  • Seedlings of perennial flowers, ground cover, plant near-water zone, cereals, medicinal herbs, ferns
  • Plants with an open root system, dug from the field, the sale of which is made in the spring (from April to May) and in the autumn (from late August to November).
  • Trees with a closed root system (100 liter polypropylene containers) are offered for sale all year round.
  • Fruit seedlings of apple, pear, plum, currant, raspberry, honeysuckle edible Russian selection.

On Egoryevskoye Highway

Kennel Nikitenko

100 km from Moscow along the Egoryevskoye Highway there is one of the largest nurseries in the Moscow region - Nikitenko Nursery (total area 200 hectares), where saplings of ornamental shrubs more than 60 names, conifers (more than 20 names), deciduous trees (10 nimenov), fruit and berry crops (more than 40 items).
Everything grows in open ground, plants are formed and well-groomed, prices are quite low.

Address: Moscow Region, Egorevsky District, Efremovskaya Village, 48a. Въезд в питомник Никитенко Сергея слева в конце деревни, если ехать со стороны Егорьевска.

Телефон: +7(915) 302-02-00

Режим работы: Пн — Вс с 9 до 18

По Ярославскому шоссе

Фермерское хозяйство А.М. Марченко «Русский Парк Водных Садов. Питомник растений для водоема»

Адрес: Московская область, г. Пушкино, мкр. Клязьма, ул. Полевая, дом 12

Как доехать: от МКАД до нашего питомника можно доехать примерно за 15 минут. Для съезда с Ярославского шоссе на развязку, как при следовании из Москвы в область так и обратно, ориентируйтесь на указатель » ст. Klyazma, Forest Glades, Pine Forest. " For those traveling from Moscow, we are on the left and the junction allows us to cross the Yaroslavl highway under the bridge. From him to turn on the street. Field approximately 250 meters. Landmark - the end of the anti-noise shield on the left, as well as our pointer and the pointer company "Sadko". After the exit to st. Field must proceed straight past the entrance (left) at the gate of the Sadko company and then another 200 meters to the right.

Tel / Fax: (495) 993-52-48, +7 915 074-5538

Willow and girlish grapes begin to sell from April 15, and aquatic plants from June 10, when plants reach full decorative qualities, in particular, lily pads.

For safety reasons, the free entrance to the nursery is closed, entry only for the purchase of plants, by telephone call to the number indicated on the nursery gate.

On the Kiev highway

Ulyanovsk State Ornamental Gardening (USDS)

How to get there: Arrival at Kiev highway from Leninsky avenue or Vernadsky avenue, then 8 kilometers to the region, turn right to Rasskazovka (there is a sign), then 600 meters ahead. To the left of the road is a lake, to the right is a checkpoint.

The nursery catalog includes:

  • Hardwood
  • Conifer
  • Fruit and berry crops
  • Perennial plants
  • Vegetable crops
  • Bulbous
  • Roses
  • Annuals
  • Soil, fertilizer

Aduevsky nursery

Address: Kaluga region, Medynsky district, Aduevo, 109 (140 km. From Moscow)
From Moscow on the Kiev highway to Maloyaroslavets. Further along the highway A101 towards the town of Medyn. Before Medyn 10 km turn on the village Marutino.

  • Deciduous trees and shrubs
  • Conifer
  • Fruit
  • Climbing plants
  • Perennial flowers
  • Water and coastal plants
  • Decorative cereals

According to Gorky Highway

Garden Center "LEO ROSE"

Here you can buy: saplings of fruit trees, saplings of fruit bushes, saplings of ornamental trees, saplings of ornamental shrubs, saplings of roses and saplings of other flowers. Also in the online store of the garden center "LEO ROSE", you can buy: fruit creepers, decorative creepers, coniferous plants, garden soil, peat, garden figures and much more.

Address: Moscow region, Noginsk district, 34th km. Gorky Highway (opposite the gas station "Lukoil") "STROYDVOR".

Phone: +7 (968) 026-27-77, +7 (926) 820-89-99

Mon - Sat. from 9.00 to 18.00
Su from 9.00 to 17.00

On the Kaluga highway

Nurseries and online store "Sadtorg"

  • Kaluga highway, 43 km.
    Warm Stan, auth. 508, 512, 515, bus / march 531 to the stop “Red Pakhra”. Next: go through the road to the gas station "Rostneft". From a gas station along an asphalt road 800 meters to the Garden Center “SadTorg”.
  • Kaluga highway, 47 km.
    Warm Stan, bus./Marsh. 512, 515/508 to the stop “47 km of Kaluga highway”. Next: go back 300 m., Turn left on a country road 800 m. To the sign “Nursery”.
  • Starokashirskoye Highway, 31 km (11 km from Moscow Ring Road)
    m. Domodedovo, auth. / march. 466 to the stop at the request of the “Greenhouse”, go to the opposite side of the road and go back 500 m to the “SadTorg” billboard and then follow the signs.

The nursery offers seedlings: coniferous plants, deciduous trees, deciduous shrubs, as well as rhododendrons and azaleas, bonsai, lilacs.

Also available for sale: soil, fertilizers, plant protection products, garden tools, mulch, garden arches, covering materials, flexible containers, trolleys, biotoilets, grill, grill sets, garden furniture, snow removal equipment, ecogel.

Network of garden centers LLC Landscape Design

Garden center in the gums. Address: Moscow region, Leninsky district, Desna village (12 km from Moscow Ring Road on Kaluzhskoye Highway).

  • Deciduous / ornamental trees and shrubs
  • Coniferous plants
  • Fruit and berry
  • Perennial flowers and seedlings
  • Lilac
  • Liana
  • Roses
  • Fertilizers and plant protection products
  • garden tools
  • Seeds

Dendropark - garden center

Located 25 km from the Moscow Ring Road in the direction of the area on the Kaluga highway, Krasnaya Pakhra.

  • Deciduous: Birch Oak Willow Chestnut Maple Rowan Nut Lipa Loch
  • Softwoods: Larch Cedar Juniper Spruce Fir Cypress Touya Pine
  • Some types of ornamental plants
  • Biohumus, soil, bark decorative

Kennel "Spring"

Address: New Moscow, Kaluzhskoye Highway, 24 km from MKAD (near Krasnaya Pakhra). Turn from the Moscow Ring Road to the Kaluga highway, go in the direction of the area to the city of Troitsk. Driving through Troitsk, after 2 km in the lowland there will be a crossroads with a traffic light, turn left (the landmark is the yellow filling station Rosneft Sunflower), our nursery will be 500 meters away on the left side.

Phones: +7 (495) 764-07-67, +7 (495) 772-63-02, +7 (926) 911-60-97.

Nursery opening hours: 8.00 - 19.00 every day without weekends and holidays

Planting material of the highest quality from leading European manufacturers (Holland, Germany, Poland, Belgium), as well as own-produced plants:

- large-sized coniferous and deciduous,
- coniferous trees and bushes,
- deciduous trees,
- ornamental and garden shrubs,
- fruit and berry,
- curly (creepers),
- flower cultures,
- seedlings and seeds.

Always available related products, tools and garden decor.
Works online store.

Novoryazanskoye highway

Hothouse agrocomplex "Moscow Region" - Rastex flowers

Phones: 8 (985) 769 7363 Cvetlana, 8 (926) 526 4760 Irina customer service manager

Opening hours from 7.00 to 21.00 every day without lunch and weekends

In the catalog: one-year flower seedlings, vegetable seedlings, ampelous seedlings, hanging pots, shrubs, perennial shrubs, tulips.

Address: Novo-Ryazan highway, 15 km from Moscow Ring Road
Moscow region, Ramensky district, Ostrovtsy village, ul. Moscow region d. 15.
On the territory of JSC "Podmoskovnoe" GREENHOUSE number 108. From the metro Kuzminki, bus number 865 to the final (v. Ostrovets)

On the Warsaw highway

LLC "Company Vedi" Nursery

Address: Moscow, Rastorguevskoe shosse, 1 on Varshavskoe shosse, turn left at Butovo.

Planting material grown in the conditions of the Moscow region.
Conifer. Deciduous trees: decorative apple, sea buckthorn, Manchurian Aralia, birch, oak, chestnut, willow, maple, linden, mountain ash, poplar and others.

Shrubs: quince, irga, barberry, hawthorn, elderberry, lilac, spirea, chubushnik, snowberry, rose, rhododendron, clematis species, honeysuckle, turf, blueberry garden, etc.

Perennial flowers: bell, daylily, tree peony and others.

Nursery Agrofirm "Sedek"

Address: Moscow region, Domodedovo, md Vostryakovo, st. Parkovaya, 19.

The store-nursery of ornamental and fruit plants offers:

  • Deciduous trees and shrubs.
  • Coniferous trees and shrubs.
  • Fruit saplings:
  • Apple tree: Orlinka, Zhigulevskoe, Mekintosh, Liberty, etc.
  • Pear: Muscovite, Chizhovskaya.
  • Cherry: Zagorevskaya, Morozova Dessert, etc.
  • Plum Stanley.
  • Roses.
  • Seed potatoes.

In Balashikha

"The cottage of your dreams"

Address: Moscow region, Schelkovsky district, SNT Orlovka

Phone: +7 (916) 432-01-13

Opening hours: daily, 9: 00–20: 00

There planting material of the following plants: Astilbe, heucherella tiarelly, Heuchera, cereals and grasses, irises, Bushes decorative-deciduous and flowering, vines, clematis, clematis, Hemerocallis double and simple, lilies, hyacinths, crocus, Narcissuses, grouse, ferns, peonies , Molodil, Sedum, Phlox awl, Primroses, rare plants, hosts, chrysanthemums.

The company "Flowers"

Wholesale - lily bulbs, tulip bulbs.

Warehouse address: Moscow region, Balashikha district, der. Rusavkino-Romanovo (next to

Tel .: +7 495 792-18-14

Opening hours: Mon.-Fri. from 10:00 to 21:00 (during shipments from 8:00 to 22:00, seven days a week).

Nursery ground cover roses "RusRosa"

Address: Moscow region, Solnechnogorsk district, der. Yakimanskoe (50 km. From Moscow Ring Road)

  • English Bush Roses (Scrubs)
  • Ground cover roses
  • Ground Cover Roses for Rockaria and Rock Garden (DRIFT Series)
  • Floribunda roses
  • Hybrid Tea Roses
  • Climbing large-flowered roses
  • Standard forms
  • Climbers
  • Historical roses
  • Roses Liliputi (Miniature)
  • Rosehip varietal
  • Spray Roses
  • Fertilizers and rose protection products
  • Covering material for roses
  • Perennial plants
  • Raspberry varietal

All varieties are grafted on winter-hard stock. Saplings of roses with ZKS.

Free delivery is made when purchasing seedlings for the amount of 6000 rubles or more in Moscow and the Moscow Region within 30 km from the MKAD, as well as along the Leningradsky and Pyatnitsky highways within 90 km from the MKAD (before the entrance).