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Tomato tree


Recently, more and more you can hear about the tomato Sprut F1, which is also called the tomato tree. Many gardeners dream to grow this crop and get 1000 kg of tomatoes from a bush. What is the peculiarity of this miracle tomato?

  • Features Tomato Sprut
  • What you need to grow
  • Tomato tree farming
  • Seasonal cultivation of tomato Sprut

Features Tomato Sprut

The appearance of the hybrid Sprut has aroused genuine interest and the desire to grow a miracle of selection among farmers and gardeners all over the world. The peculiarity of the variety depends on the method of cultivation.

There are 2 ways to grow.

Normal, seasonal. To do this, use the traditional planting in a greenhouse or open ground (depending on the band). For the season with a tall tomato can get about 10 kg of fruit.

Cultivation using a special technology provided by the variety. An unlimited plant grows as a spreading tree and produces 1000 -1500 kg of fruits from a bush. It will take about 1.5 years to grow it and therefore special conditions are necessary.

The first option is not bad, but the second is much more interesting. A single tomato tree can replace a whole plantation. The crown of an adult plant is scattered in diameter up to 50 square meters. Interestingly, this variety is not required to pinch and remove excess color brushes. Gives full fruition to all shoots. Brushes are tied every 3 leaves and form 4-6 fruits, weighing from 100 to 200 grams each. A full-grown adult plant for the year of fruiting can produce from 8 to 14 thousand fruits.

Octopus - a mysterious tomato, which can be a real pride of any gardener (if you can achieve the desired results). His agricultural technology is fundamentally different from the standard and requires its own approach. How to grow this miracle and what is needed for this?

This article has helped many gardeners to stop straining at their site and at the same time receive a generous harvest.

I never would have thought that in order to get the best harvest in my backyard during my entire dacha career, all I had to do was stop picking on the beds and trust in nature. How many can remember, every summer I spent in the country. First on the parent, and then my husband and I bought ours. From early spring to late autumn, all free time was spent on planting, weeding, garter, pruning, watering, harvesting and, finally, conservation and attempts to preserve the crop until next year. And so in a circle.

Tomato tree should be grown in hydroponics. This is a prerequisite to save him from diseases and pests that can attack in 1.5 years of life. Genetic congestion to growth and branching requires proper care, nutrition and lighting. Otherwise, the plant does not reach the height of the tree.

What you need to grow a wonderful tomato:

  • Heated greenhouse with fluorescent lights all year round.
  • Capacity for landing, ranging in size from 1 to 1.5 square meters. The height must be at least 0.5 meters. Often, an old bath is used for this purpose.
  • A lid for a container with a hole in the center for a tomato. It can be made from sheet foam. The cover is necessary to protect the nutrient composition from overheating in the summer.
  • A container in which solutions will get divorced.
  • Aquarium compressors that will enrich the nutrient solution with air.
  • Special fertilizers for the manufacture of hydroponic solution. The composition of Chesnokova and Bazyrenoy will do.
  • Glass wool for the manufacture of planting cubes.

    Hydroponic method of cultivation is considered the most successful, as it allows not to worry about drying or contamination of the soil. The only thing to take care of is the temperature of the solution. In the summer, it should not exceed 25 degrees, and in winter it should fall below 18. To reduce the likelihood of overheating, it is recommended that the container should be painted white. When everything is ready, you can start landing.

    Tomato tree farming

    To prepare a hydroponic solution, it is recommended to make a mother liquor;

    • Ammonium Nitrate 0.2 kg
    • Potassium 0.5 kg
    • Iron citrate 0,009 kg
    • Superphosphate 0.55 kg
    • Boric acid 0,003
    • Magnesium 0.3 kg
    • Manganese sulfate 0,002 kg

    At 1 liter of the solution is taken 100 liters of water and stirred. To get a good tree, you need to grow a plant in the fall. For this, seed sowing is done in August. Glass cubes are cut out of cubes, measuring 20 by 20 cm, in the middle a recess is made for the seeds.

    Each preform is moistened with nutrient composition and placed in a container for growth. The surface of the cube is moistened several times a day. 60 days after the emergence of shoots, the plant is placed in a larger cube of glass wool, air supply tubes are fed into it, and placed in a container. Above the bath is covered with a prepared lid.

    The whole cold period is carried out by artificial highlighting, thereby forming a 12 hour light day. Highlighting is carried out until the end of February. If flower shoots appear during this period, they break off. This will form a beautiful and dense crown. The plant should not bear fruit until 8 months of age. Fruiting should begin no earlier than May.

    With the observance of agricultural technology and maintaining the temperature of the plant will give a rapid growth. To maintain it you will need a trellis. At a height of 2.5 meters you need to tighten the grid, which will be placed branches of tomato tree.

    Seasonal cultivation of tomato Sprut

    If there is no opportunity to grow a full-fledged tomato tree, then you can use seeds for seasonal purposes. After all, the promised 10 kg of fruit from the bush is also not bad. And if you consider that this variety bears fruit almost to frost, tomatoes are well-lined, then you can provide yourself with fresh tomatoes for 8-10 months.

    What is the peculiarity of the seasonal cultivation of tomato Sprut:

  • Sowing seeds for seedlings made no later than mid-February.
  • Be sure to dive.
  • Planting bushes to produce at a distance of 1.5 meters from each other.
  • Breaking stepchildren is not necessary.
  • For full growth requires regular feeding at least once every 3 weeks.

    Seasonal plant in height can reach 4-5 meters. To avoid this, you need not forget to pinch off the central stem when it reaches the desired size.

    Tomato Sprut - a true miracle of breeding. With successful cultivation, any gardener can be proud of his work and diligence. But even if the tree did not meet its expectations, you can get a wonderful crop of tomatoes, which other varieties cannot always give.

    Video about the incredible tomato tree:

    Tomato tree and its features

    The sprout tomato f1 is an inderminant variety, which means that, under favorable conditions, the growth of the stems is unlimited. That is, if you create the optimum temperature throughout the year, the tomato will grow and produce a very long harvest.

    There are several ways to grow a tomato tree, which allow you to get a good crop of tomatoes:

    • conventional outdoor cultivation
    • in the greenhouse with heating and without heating,
    • hydroponic method.

    If you grow a hybrid Sprut as a seasonal vegetable, you can get two buckets of beautiful tomatoes from the bush. This is not a bad result for tomatoes of an interterminant type.

    Hybrid Sprut as a seasonal vegetable

    However, in the cultivation of a special technology, which was developed specifically for this hybrid, they teach a tomato tree with a spreading crown and a crop of up to 1.5 tons per bush for the first 18 months of cultivation.

    Of course, the first option will allow not to “bother” much and at the same time be with the harvest. But the second is more interesting and makes it possible to unleash the potential of the plant, and turn the process of cultivation into creative work.

    One such bush replaces a whole bed of ordinary tomatoes. Its crown in diameter reaches 45-50 m 2. This is achieved by the fact that the hybrid is not a stepchild, which means that each stepchild is able to grow and produce flowering brushes. They are tied behind every 3 leaves and form fleshy tomatoes weighing up to 200 g. Knowing how to grow a tomato tree at home, in one year you can provide fruits not only for your family, because the harvest will be up to 14 thousand fragrant fruits.

    Octopus - an amazing hybrid that can not only feed, but also turn the gardener into a magician who creates his miracle. After all, his agricultural technology is individual and absolutely different from the usual care of garden plants.

    Interesting! In order not to buy seeds of a hybrid, propagate the plant by rooting cut-off stepsons.

    Necessary conditions for growing

    To reveal the potential of the tomato tree Sprut f1 to grow it is required in hydroponics. Indeed, for a long period of tomato life, it will be attacked by pests, viruses, and fungi. Hydroponics will reduce the likelihood of infection, which in turn will give the plant the opportunity to spend strength on growth, rather than countering disease.

    Octopus in hydroponics

    This hybrid must be carefully protected from both pests and diseases. Preventive measures play an important role in obtaining a good harvest.

    A bush that reaches the size of an apple tree will not produce a crop without systematic supplements, additional lighting and a stable temperature. Only all these factors in the complex will allow you to get a truly amazing harvest.

    To grow a tomato in this way will require:

    • Greenhouse heated in the cold season, equipped with fluorescent lamps, which will create a 12-hour daylight hours in the winter months.
    • The capacity in which the tree will grow. Its volume must be at least 1 m 2; a metal or plastic barrel will be suitable for this.
    • The lid, which will close the container, with a hole in it for the tree. Usually for this use sheet foam. This simple device will allow to protect the nutrient solution from heating to a critical temperature in the hot summer months.
    • Capacity for nutrient solution.
    • Fertilizers. Good result gives the mineral composition of Bazyrenko or Chesnokova.
    • Glass wool from which cubes will be made for planting.

    Growing the hydroponic method will avoid many problems. No need to worry about soil contamination or insufficient moisture. It is important to strictly observe the temperature of the nutrient solution. In the summer months, its temperature should be no more than 25 degrees, while in the cold season it should not be below 18 degrees.

    Important! To the capacity of the plant does not overheat, it is better to dye it with lime.

    Agrotechnica tomato miracle tree

    To prepare a concentrated nutrient solution, you need a capacity of 10 liters. It is placed in:

    • ammonium nitrate - 0.2 kg,
    • potassium - 05, kg
    • iron citrate - 0,009 kg
    • superphosphate - 0.55 kg,
    • manganese sulphate - 0,002 kg,
    • boric acid - 0,003 kg
    • magnesium - 0.3 kg.

    After all the components are in the vessel, it is filled with water to the specified volume and mixed. For direct use, 1 liter of this solution is taken and diluted in 100 liters of water.

    Concentrated Sprout Nutrient Solution

    It is better to start growing a tree in the fall. In late August, a seed is placed in a glass wool cube with a 20 cm face and placed in a container with a solution so that it only slightly moistens the cube.

    When it takes 2 months after germination, the tomato tree is placed in a larger cube and the air supply compressor is fed. Add a solution to the plant container and cover with a hole for the shoots.
    Throughout the entire period of growing the seedlings of tomato tree, the Octopus be sure to finish it, creating a 12-hour light day.

    All flower brushes that appear are removed. At this stage, the main goal is to create a strong bush, which has developed a strong crown. In her in the future and the crop will be formed. The brushes cease to be removed only in mid-April in order to receive the first fruits by the end of May.

    If you comply with all agricultural practices and adhere to the light and heat conditions, during this period the plant will reach 2-2.5 m in height. It is at this level that the net is tensioned, it will hold the crown, and it is harvested from it.

    Outdoor cultivation

    If you do not want to mess with the solution and glass wool, tomato tree can be grown in the open ground in the usual way. With good care and prevention of diseases, regular, every 2-3 weeks, fertilizing with mineral fertilizers and stable watering is quite possible to get up to 12 kg of tomatoes.

    Growing a tomato tree Octopus in open ground

    Important! When growing in open ground, maintain a soil moisture level of at least 60%.

    For seasonal cultivation of tomato tree, the following recommendations should be followed step by step:

    1. Sow seeds for seedlings in early February.
    2. After 2-3 weeks, pick the seedlings.
    3. Create a 12-hour day.
    4. No stepson plant.
    5. Do not plant tomatoes closer than 0.5 mx 1.5 m.
    6. Mandatory garter all stepchildren.
    7. Systematic feeding and watering.
    8. Mulching beds.
    9. Timely gathering of fruits.

    Considering that the variety does not stop its growth, before the onset of cold weather, stepchildren pinch the tops.

    An interesting way to grow a tomato tree Sprut offers Zinaida Osipova. Plants are placed on the ground, on a pillow of chopped grass, and the sides are set around the bush where the ground is gradually added. On each side of the four sides, they install sticks and cover them with a film or non-woven material, thus creating a mini-greenhouse. Such a planting tree will allow you to develop additional roots and get a bountiful harvest.

    Tomato tree Sprut is an amazing plant. Having invested in it soul and work, it is possible to achieve results that no other variety can give. And using the hydroponic method, also provide yourself with fresh fruits throughout the year.

    The tomato is good in vegetable cocktails, as a part of sauces and gas stations. The fruits are suitable for canning, long-term storage, the manufacture of tomato juice.
    There are special reserves, which allow tourists to better get acquainted with this variety of tomatoes Sprut. How to grow them in open ground, in conventional greenhouses, on balconies and loggias, in industrial greenhouses hydroponically?

    For most fans, the option of growing a hybrid for one season in a regular greenhouse or open field is suitable. The technology of using effective bio-fertilizers will help to grow a decent harvest.

    We start with seedlings

    It is better not to experiment with this variety of tomatoes, but to use only purchased tomato seeds octopus f1. The cultivation technology is quite simple and below we look at it in detail:

  • We disinfect and soak the hybrid variety in the traditional way for all tomatoes.
  • Terms of sowing seedlings from late January to mid-February. Seedlings germinate at a temperature of + 20-25 °. Shoots need additional lighting and heating.
  • We dive into large tanks.
  • Repotted in open ground from May to mid-June. Transplanted in the phase of 5-7 leaves, with a height of seedlings up to 30 cm. In warm areas, planting seeds directly into the ground is possible.
  • Not a day without care

    During the summer, it is recommended to fulfill some simple requirements.

    1. Letters of tomatoes until the barrel is completely filled with soil mixture. In the future, stepchildren and buds do not pinch. You can familiarize yourself with the scheme of pasynkovka tomatoes in the greenhouse here.
    2. By the middle of the summer we provide whips and brushes with support. Until then, they can hang freely and even travel along the ground.
    3. Soil moisture is maintained at 60%. For this we carry out loosening and mulching. Water 2-3 times a week with warm water.
    4. We feed up, starting in July, 2-3 times a week with a chatterbox from a biocompost. We do the following talker: fill the container in 1/3 with mixed soil and biocompost in equal quantities. Fill with separated water to the top. Insist the solution day.
    5. We feed tomato tree with solutions of mineral or organic fertilizers simultaneously with irrigation.
    6. When ripe fruits of the first brush remove the leaves. Repeat the operation when the tomatoes on the second brush begin to grow brown.
    7. Old, withered, yellowing leaves must be eliminated throughout the vegetative season.
    8. Pour weak aqueous solution of iodine for prevention.

    On the balcony

    A small fruit tree can be grown on the balcony. It is possible to plant a hybrid all year round, but preferably in the spring. We plant deeper one and a half centimeters. We water, we shelter. Shoots seated in separate containers. We place on the insulated loggia, the southern windowsill.

    We mulch with moss, expanded clay, sawdust. As we grow older, we transfer to a shallow, wide pot. We pour with solution with top dressing through the pallet once in 2 weeks.

    In winter, watering is reduced, fertilizer is not applied.

    General description of the variety

    Tomato Sprut F1 is therefore called a tree, which is grown for two seasons and reaches very large sizes. The trunk of such a perennial tomato is lignified, and the shoots form a spreading crown, the area of ​​which can reach 40-50 m 2. With just such a tree can collect up to 1500 kg of fruit. Ограничений в росте этот сорт не имеет. При этом он постоянно дает новые побеги. Поэтому в теплице при его выращивании устраивается специальный каркас.

    The fruits of such plants as tomato-tree Octopus F1, reviews of which are also good for this reason, are distinguished by simply excellent taste characteristics. They praise this variety for the fact that its fruits have an even, close to round shape and not too large sizes. In one brush can be up to 6-7 tomatoes. The color of the fruit of such a tomato is red. The brushes themselves grow every 3-4 leaves.

    Another reason for the extraordinary popularity of this variety and good reviews about it is the fact that its fruits are distinguished by increased keeping quality. Some gardeners manage to store tomatoes Octopus F1 until the New Year.

    Care features

    How is this original tomato grown - Octopus F1? Photos, reviews of gardeners and gardeners make it possible to judge him as a really very original and at the same time fruitful plant. However, to get a lot of tomatoes from this variety can, of course, only with appropriate care. In addition to the actually unusual appearance and size, the Octopus F1 tomatoes are different from other varieties and growing technology. They are planted exclusively in large greenhouses, which are necessarily heated. After all, as already mentioned, one bush can be grown for two seasons. In the warm season, the optimum temperature for these tomatoes is 24-26 degrees, in the winter - at least 19 grams.

    Many gardeners grow these tomatoes and simply in the open field or unheated greenhouse - for one season. The tree in this case, of course, does not grow. But being planted on the street, the tomatoes of this variety reach quite impressive sizes (even more than De Barao).

    When grown in the ground for tomatoes Sprut F1 use the same fertilizer as for conventional varieties. It can be both organic and mineral compounds. But more often, these tomatoes are grown according to a special technology - in hydroponics. This allows you to fully control the process of plant consumption of nutrients and promotes the receipt of the maximum amount of oxygen to the roots.

    Growing in hydroponics

    So, we have given a detailed description of such a plant as the Octopus Tomato F1. The reviews about it are excellent, especially when using exactly the technology of cultivation in hydroponics. In this case, professional farmers, and sometimes just gardeners, use special plugs from a material that absorbs water well. The seeds are planted in them. A week later, each such cork is placed on its side and combined into several pieces on a tray. As a result, the stems of tomatoes are bent and become stronger. The cubes themselves are thoroughly soaked with water.

    Transfer the seedlings to special containers filled with perlite and connected to drainage pipes. When watering the rock gathers nutrient solution, the remnants of which flow into special tanks. They plant tomatoes Sprut F1 even if they do not want to get the trees at a considerable distance from each other (1-1.5 m).

    Sometimes instead of containers with perlite for plants, special plates are used (for example, “Argo”). Nutrient solutions for irrigation prepared according to special recipes-tables. At the same time using a variety of fertilizers and trace elements. When growing a tree for the first 7-8 months, these tomatoes are not allowed to bear fruit. At this time, the plants actively form the root system and the crown itself.

    Recommendations for growing tomatoes Sprut F1

    Seedlings of these tomatoes should be highlighted in the evening. If it is supposed to grow tomatoes using conventional technology, in the ground, the seeds are planted not in boxes, but in a bigger container. Many gardeners sow them in soil-filled plastic bags (several pieces). When carrying seedlings to the ground, tomatoes of this variety must cut the main root without fail. This contributes to the rapid development of the root system. Trellis in the cultivation of these plants - the condition is also mandatory. After all, the large size is what makes the Octopus F1 tomato different. Reviews (the photos presented on the page show the size of the bushes visually) about these tomatoes are good mainly for those gardeners who did not violate any recommendations and technologies in the process of their cultivation.

    For example, tomatoes Sprut in no case can not be subjected to pasynkovanyu. Attempting such an artificial formation of a crown of tomatoes of this variety can lead to a significant decrease in yield. The gardener should be monitored only so that there are no yellowing leaves on the bushes or a tree. Top dressing when grown in the soil contribute to the root.

    Types of tomatoes Octopus F1

    Tomato Sprut F1 (photos, reviews of gardeners allow us to judge him as one of the most productive and unpretentious varieties), thus, can be grown as a "tree" for two seasons. In addition to its main variety (actually F1), there are also tomatoes F1 Cream. This variety is also positioned by breeders as a tomato tree.

    From the main variety of tomato Octopus F1 Cream, reviews of which are also quite good, differs primarily in the shape of the fruit. Tomatoes in this variety are not round, but oval, but also have a red color. At the same time they have a dense and rather juicy and tender flesh. With cream, this variety is named precisely for the slightly oblong shape of the fruit. Dimensions they, like tomatoes of the main variety, are not too large and are collected in brushes of 6-7 pieces.

    The excellent taste of the fruit is also something for which the Octopus F1 reviews deserve good. In open ground or unheated greenhouse, these tomatoes can reach a height of more than 1.5 meters (up to 2.2 m). The fruits of tomatoes Sprout F1 Cream ripen on the 101-110 day after planting. As well as the fruits of the main variety, Cream can be stored for a very long time. Even under normal conditions, ripe tomatoes do not rot for almost 1.5 months.

    The benefits of tomatoes Sprut F1

    In addition to tasty fruits and intensive development, the advantages of this class include:

    Fruiting from July to September.

    The uniform distribution of fruit in taste. The tomatoes gathered in the upper part of the bush are no different from the tomatoes picked at the bottom.

    Adjustability to high humidity, cold and heat.

    Tomatoes Sprut F1: reviews gardeners

    As already mentioned, the opinion of gardeners about these tomatoes is remarkable. Of course, tomato trees on their plots grow only rare lovers of the exotic. Most gardeners plant tomatoes of this variety in ordinary unheated greenhouses or in open ground. However, many gardeners believe that in this case from the bushes you can get just a great harvest. On one plant for the season usually ripens up to 10 kg of fruit. This variety is popular with the owners of summer cottages in almost all regions of our country.

    In addition to the yield and relative ease of care, good tomato varieties Sprut F1 reviews gardeners deserved for their resistance to disease. For example, these tomatoes are practically not afraid of aphids and cicadas. In addition, the variety is resistant to such common diseases of tomatoes as tobacco mosaic and verticillium wilt.

    Feedback from farmers and housewives

    People who grow these tomatoes for sale also praise them for the possibility of transporting almost any distance without loss. In addition, tomatoes Octopus F1, reviews of which are positive and have housewives, suitable for both the preparation of summer salads, and for pickling or marinating.

    What pests can affect

    To diseases tomatoes Octopus F1 is practically insensitive. However, sometimes bacteria, fungi, or common insect pests affect these plants. Like most other tomatoes, this variety is afraid of infections such as root, white and gray rot, mosaic, late blight, fomoz, etc. Therefore, a number of preventive measures aimed at preventing infection should be used in tomato cultivation Sprut F1. In addition to fungi and bacteria, insects such as spider mites, scoops or whiteflies can harm them.

    Tomatoes Sprut F1 - a great choice for the dacha

    Well, we hope, now you more or less understand what constitutes a tomato Sprut F1. Photos, reviews, considered in the article - all this serves as unconditional proof of its unusual and high-yielding. It’s not for nothing that the Octopus F1 tomatoes deserve their popularity among the owners of summer cottages. The variety is not only fruitful, but also very powerful and enduring. At the same time, it has unusually tasty and lezhky fruits. However, in any case, it is possible to grow a tomato tree or even just a few dozen healthy bushes in your own area, of course, only by strictly observing all the necessary technologies for caring for plants.

    Tomato tree Octopus F1: description of the variety, features, characteristics

    Octopus F1 is an indeterminate tomato variety that can form new shoots with incredible intensity. Only a few years ago, practically nothing was known about him, but today he caused a real stir. And it is not surprising, because a tomato tree with the right and complex care is able to please with an incredibly generous harvest.

    It is a very powerful plant that is a real tree, with lush foliage and a well-branched root system. Octopus F1 is a mid-season hybrid, which in the first 7-8 months of its life is not used as a fruiting plant, but is grown to produce a strong, strong tree. The rest of the time, the tree actively bears fruits with the most delicious fruits.

    Octopus sometimes reaches an incredible size: with proper care, the crown can have a diameter of about 50 square meters. The fruit of the plant is small, with a bright red skin and excellent taste.

    Attention! Surprisingly, but a fact: a tomato tree, the Octopus F1, while respecting agricultural technology for 1.5 years of its life, can yield an incredible amount of harvest with a total weight of more than 1 ton.

    Among the advantages of this tomato variety are the following:

    Tree growing technology

    Tomato tree can be grown in both open and closed ground. The main difference between these methods is the end result. In the first case, the usual seasonal plant grows, with the proper cultivation of which (in their responses, gardeners talk about the simplicity of this process), you can get about 10 kg of tasty tomatoes from each bush. In the second case, the present sprawling tree, hung with tomato fruits, grows. To achieve this result, you can use a special technology (hydroponic method). All this further.

    Agrotechnics cultivation for lovers

    Tomato seeds Sprut must be purchased exclusively in a specialty store. Landing properly prepared planting material should be carried out approximately in February.

    By the way, it is preferable to purchase seeds, rather than ready-made tomato seedlings, because in this case you will increase the chances of successful plant cultivation.

    Like any other, the seeds of the Sprout must be carefully selected. Treat the best specimens with a weak manganese solution. Sowing seeds is carried out in a container with a previously prepared soil substrate (planting depth should be no more than 1 cm).

    Capacity with seedlings must be rearranged to a fairly warm place. At night, provide additional lighting and (if necessary) a sufficient amount of heat.

    When the first two leaves appear, you can pick the plant into separate small pots. The planting of grown and grown seedlings in open ground is carried out approximately by the beginning of summer. At the same time, the seedlings should be not less than 15 cm in height, the number of leaves should be at least 5.

    When choosing a suitable place in an open area, be extremely careful: the place should be as calm as possible and with a minimum amount of shade, and the soil should be as fertile, loamy and waterproof.

    Attention! Since the plant is very demanding on the composition of the soil, the development of a culture will directly depend on its quality. In the soil mixture for planting tomato seedlings must be present humic acid. If there is none in the soil, it is necessary to add humus compost to the soil.

    Planting seedlings is carried out at a depth of about 20 cm. In this case, the lower leaves should remain on the surface of the soil. Be sure to pinch the main root in order to activate the enhanced branching of the plant.

    Since the Octopus is an indeterminate, also quite sprawling, it is important to observe a certain distance between individual saplings of about 1.5 m when planting, and prepare a wooden support (peg) or trellis near each plant so that the tomato can rise up unhindered.

    The process of care for this variety is extremely simple. The main thing is to introduce complex top dressing in time (at least 1 time in 3 weeks), regularly water the tomato beds and loosen them, but in no case pass the plants.

    Agronomy in hydroponics

    If you decide to apply a hydroponic method for growing tomato tree, first of all forget about soil mixtures and open ground: the plant simply will not withstand such conditions for such a long time and will definitely get sick.

    So, prepare the container in which the plant will “live”. Its dimensions are 1.5x1.5x0.5 m (the first two parameters can be 2 m each). The color of the container inside should be black, outside - white. In addition to capacity, you will need the following components:

    • A lid consisting of a black film covered on top with a piece of foam. In the center of the cover it is necessary to make a hole through which the tree will grow.
    • Glass wool (several blocks).
    • A set of micro- and macrofertilizers, from which a solution for hydroponics will be prepared in the future.
    • Compressor for aeration of the plant root system (suitable for aquarium).
    • Instruments for determining the composition of the nutrient solution, as well as its consistency.
    • Lamps for lighting the plant.

    The first step is to prepare a nutrient solution. The variant of Chesnokov and Bazirina will do (all nutrients must be taken at the rate of 1 ton of water). To simplify the process of preparing the solution, you can start with the mother liquor. To do this, all the elements are separated separately from each other in a small amount of water, then everything is drained into a 10-liter container, which is filled with water (up to 10 liters).

    It remains only to mix the water with the prepared solution: for every 100 l of water we take 1 l of the solution and gradually bring the volume to the required one.

    The following is the preparation of glass wool. It must be cut into cubes of size 0.5x0.5x0.3 m (for the main tank) and 0.2x0.2x0.1 m (for growing seedlings). In the center of each cube, it is necessary to make a small hole of 1x1x1 cm. Glass wool cubes are moistened with a nutrient solution and dipped in small containers with the same mixture so that they are half in it. Periodically it is necessary to moisten the surface of the cubes.

    Tomato seeds are placed deep into each cube and containers are covered with film / glass. As soon as the first shoots appear on the surface, the film can already be removed. Seedlings are grown until the appearance of 5-7 leaves (further seedlings do not make sense to grow, because this can lead to excessive growth of the roots).

    When the first shoots appear, it is necessary to immediately bring the tubes from the compressor to the roots, so that they are provided with air.

    In the first days every 5-6 hours it is necessary to check the composition of the nutrient mixture and, if necessary, add the missing ingredients. In the future, it is necessary to carry out this action weekly.

    After 55 days from the moment of sowing the seeds, the harvested main container is filled with a nutrient solution (the depth of the poured solution is about 35 cm) and a large cube of glass wool falls there. The grown seedlings are installed on a cube, and then tied up strictly vertically to the trellis.

    The container is necessarily covered with a black film, then foam, and air tubes are brought to the cube (to each side). Over time, as the roots grow, you can add more tubes, placing them in a staggered manner, at a distance of half a meter from each other.

    At the height of the trellis, the overgrown tomato branches are evenly laid out on the coarse-mesh grid in advance. The main stalk is necessary to pinch when it reaches the trellis. In the future, provide the plant with enough light and the right nutrient solution.

    This concludes consideration of the features of growing such an unusual tomato variety as the Octopus F1. If you have enough exposure and knowledge, be sure to try to grow this tree in your greenhouse. Good luck!