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Combine Niva CK 5 characteristics, description, photo


"Niva SK 5" is practically a legend of domestic engineering. This very compact combine appeared more than 40 years ago. At that time, it was the most popular model, massively used in the fields of the USSR. The company "Rostselmash" continued to release this version, only now it is a modernized and high-tech unit. New cars are distinguished by excellent technical data, and are able to compete with eminent foreign counterparts.

As a rule, these machines are used by farmers who have small areas for crops. These are farms where the use of high-performance equipment is unprofitable, and in almost all cases it is inexpedient. The combine "Niva SK 5" is almost irreplaceable in small areas, thanks to which the demand for this equipment does not fade away year after year.

Appearance history

The Rostselmash plant, known throughout the country and far beyond its borders, began the production of agricultural machinery at the beginning of the last century. With the first assembly went off the conveyor.

Combine harvesters "Niva SK 5" appeared in 1973. This model served as a base for the further creation of highly specialized machines, for example, such as:

  • units for work on slopes, the size of which reached 30 degrees,
  • rice-harvesting combines, and others.

In the future, the fifth model has been upgraded more than once. In the modern market the car has received the name "Niva-effect".

Technical details

The letters in the name are decoded as a "self-propelled combine", and the figure speaks of its performance, in this case it is 5 kg / s. Other characteristics of the combine "Niva SK 5":

  • Dimensions: length - 7607 mm, width - 3930 mm, height - 4100 mm.
  • Weight - 7.4 tons.
  • The rotation speed of the threshing mechanism, presented in the form of a drum, is 2900 rpm.
  • The bunker with a capacity - 3000 l.
  • Installed 64 knives.
  • Reaper width - 5 meters.

Power unit

The buyer is presented with five different engines with which the Niva SK 5 combine can be equipped:

  • SMD-17K and SMD-18K, whose power is 100 liters. with.
  • SMD-19K, SMD-20K, SMD-21K, their strength is 120 units of power.

All five models - 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, in-line design, working on diesel fuel material. 120-strong versions are supercharged. Before entering directly into the turbine, the air is forcibly cooled. This allows you to eventually increase power. Modern cars "Niva-Effect" equipped with a 155-strong "heart" with the marking D-260. This motor has a lower fuel consumption. A large stock of torque ensures stable and reliable operation even under heavy loads.


All versions of the combine are equipped with a V-belt drive. This suggests that the time from the power unit to the transmission shaft is transmitted using a V-belt transmission, the so-called variator. This has improved the ability to adjust the combine SK-5 Niva.

The variator is used to change the gear ratio. The workflow is carried out due to the axial displacement of the element from the master unit. Depending on the position of the discs, the width of the stream varies, depending on this parameter, the radius of the bending around the belt changes.

Control is carried out from the cab. In the maximum extended position of the handle of the spool - sets the maximum speed, and when it is set to the "back" position - the minimum.

Work equipment

The harvester "Niva SK 5" is designed for mowing and subsequent transportation of the grain mass for further processing in the thresher. Additionally, a pick-up can be used, which is used for the selection of previously mown stems, which were laid in rolls. Header size can vary, depending on the task, but the design remains unchanged, and consists of:

  • cases with special shoes,
  • reel
  • cutting apparatus
  • auger
  • floating type conveyor
  • pick-up.


Experts with extensive experience with harvesting machines, almost unanimously argue that the main advantage of the combine is its efficiency, and at the same time relatively low price. The technique is characterized by simplicity of design, and ease of maintenance. Spare parts for the combine "Niva SK 5" can be purchased without any problems at an affordable price. Such a machine is an excellent choice for working in the modern climatic conditions of the country, with specific soils characteristic of individual regions.


Against the background of all the positive qualities, there are also disadvantages, which greatly complicate the use of the grain harvesting unit. The main disadvantage is the working body of the variator. The belt drive does not allow to perform a smooth ride on relatively soft soils, with a full bunker. Special reliability cannot boast of the header attachment system.

In all other respects - a good combine for those farmers who want to purchase an inexpensive, but at the same time proven equipment with simple maintenance.

Modern models and their improvements

After a number of upgrades and improvements, the Niva SK 5 received new fluororubber seals instead of the previous rubber ones, which are distinguished by a small resource. The reliability of the hydraulic system is ensured by the cleanliness of the oil due to the tight connections that prevent air from getting in. An oil change was required every 50 hours of operation. After upgrading and improving the life of the lubricant increased to 240 hours.

All modern combines from the Rostselmash enterprise use German-made reinforced drive belts. The reliability of these elements is proven by a series of tests. This made it possible to increase the operating time of the variator, thus increasing the efficiency of the harvesting machine.


In the modern market, the combine "Niva SK 5" is considered to be practically the most affordable option among all represented. The cost varies from 160 thousand rubles (for this money you can get a car that will be on the move, but you will need to carry out a number of repair measures to restore working condition) and up to 600 thousand that amount to buy a car, and then carry out repairs).

Combine Niva SK 5 description and specifications

Keeping up with the times, the designers of the Rostselmash plant made new models more convenient for the combine operator, rejecting Soviet asceticism. The cabin of the new Niva SK 5 combine, initially performed in the Spartan spirit, pleasantly surprises with its comfort. It has become airtight and made of modern sound-proof materials, which provides the necessary conditions for the efficiency of the combiner.