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Do-it-yourself dacha table: best projects and ideas not difficult to build (120 photos)


Arrangement problem - the process is ongoing. That you build something, you arrange it. And the furniture is constantly required and the most in demand in the country tables. And put in the garden, and near the house, and even in the gazebo. How to make a table for giving with your own hands we will tell in this article on the example of finished projects.

Homemade pallets table

The material for this table served disassembled pallets. Naturally, you can use new boards. Only one condition - they must be dry. You can buy dry (it is more expensive) or buy the usual ones, put them somewhere in a ventilated pile and endure it for at least 4 months, or better for half a year. In general, any furniture, including garden benches, is made from dry wood.

We assemble the table for the street - we will not put them in the gazebo, therefore we will not glue the boards together, but fasten them from below with the help of slats. This is a very simple country table and very cheap.

Having examined the pallets we get boards with individual color and pattern. After a little conjuring, shifting several dozen times to them in different manners, we are achieving the desired result. It turns out quite nice tabletop.

From the boards we collect the tabletop

Take the side of the pallet. We use them for the table frame. We sand them first with coarse sandpaper, then finely bring to the desired smoothness (grain 120 and 220).

The side slats will go to the sides of the table

We take the strips, which remained unused, with their help fasten the tabletop. We place them in the place where the board joints are located. On the fastening of each board with a joint, we use two screws, for the integral one.

From the processed sidewalls and two boards (also to grind) we collect a table frame. Its parts are fastened with screws to the end (two for each joint). The frame can be glued or also "put" on the screws. Only their length is long. Under each pre-drill holes with a drill, whose diameter is slightly smaller than the diameter of the screws.

Tabletop is almost ready

Turn the assembled countertop and grind. The procedure is the same - first with a large grain sandpaper, then with a fine one.

Next - install the legs. Choose four boards of the same size, check their length, adjust if necessary. Then - polishing again. It's easier than sanding the already screwed legs. Grinded boards fasten to the frame. These will be the legs. On each - two screws fixed in a diagonal (look at the photo). For greater stability, set the jumper below. From the floor to the jumpers you can leave about 10 cm. We connect everything with screws, so that the boards do not crack, we pre-drill holes.

Install legs and jumpers

Next, we cover the table for giving varnish. After the first layer, the entire nap will rise. Do not worry, this is normal. Take sandpaper with a thin grain and grind to smoothness.

Table for giving their own hands is almost ready. It remains to cover it with varnish

Removing dust, again varnish. In theory, the lacquer should lie flat, but it depends on the wood, so you may need another polishing / painting cycle. As a result, we get such a homemade dacha table.

Do-it-yourself dacha table ready to use

If you do not like the motley planks and traces of old nails, you can make the same design of their boards. This table can be rectangular, maybe - square. All sizes are arbitrary - look at the available space.

How to make a garden table made of wood with benches

For this table were used boards 38 * 89 mm (dissolve themselves), but you can take the standard sizes. The difference in millimeters does not really affect the results. In the photo below you can see what should happen.

Outdoor table for giving with benches

To connect the parts used studs 16 cm long with washers and nuts (24 pieces). All other connections - nails 80 mm long.

The parts of the table are interconnected by studs with washers and nuts

Parts are installed in place, a through hole is drilled with a drill. A stud is installed in it, washers are put on from both sides and nuts are tightened. Everything is tightened with a wrench. What is convenient option? For the winter can be disassembled and carried to the barn or garage.

Make the seat

Drawing benches with dimensions

According to the drawing we cut the boards of the required size. Everything is necessary in double quantity - for two seats. Grind the boards, pay special attention to the ends.

We cut short lengths with which we fasten the three seat boards at the edges at an angle of 45 °. First, we assemble a structure that is attached to the seat below. We take a board about 160 cm long, in the butt we attach to it two short boards cut at an angle. It is necessary to attach so that this board was in the middle.

Seat support assembly bottom

Then we fasten the legs to the resulting construction (it is possible with nails). Then we add boards that have been sawn at an angle, and we tighten everything with bolts and pins.

To the resulting design fasten seat boards. Since this is a table for the street, it is not necessary to knock them down tight. Leave a gap between two adjacent at least 5 mm. We nail to the supports (which are sawn), two for each board.

We fasten the seats together

We fix the finished seats with the help of four boards with a length of 160 cm. Each leg is fastened with studs (if you walk, you can put two studs by placing them in a diagonal or one above the other).

The legs are connected to the boards with studs

We collect a table

The table is going in a different way. Please note that for the worktop, the transverse boards along the edges are cut at 52 °. We fasten them at such a distance that the legs enter. On each board for 2 nails. You can finish, with small hats, and you can hammer deep, and then mask the holes with putty.

How to make a street table made of wood

Now you need to collect the legs-crosses. We take two boards, cross them so that the distance between their ends is 64.5 cm. We circle the place of intersection with a pencil. In this place you will need to remove the wood at half the thickness of the board.

It will be necessary to cut

Do the same notch on the second board. If you add them they turn out in one plane. We connect with four nails.

How to make X-shaped legs for the garden table

In the same way we make the second leg for the table. While the table is not collected.

Set the table

Now it is necessary to fix the legs to the structure on which the benches are installed. They set at an equal distance from the benches, fastened with pins.

Table leg mount

Now install the countertop. We also fasten it with studs. The last stage - painting. Here everyone does as he pleases.

Outdoor table for giving with benches

Variations on the topic

According to this drawing, you can make separate benches and a table for the garden. The design is reliable and simple in execution.

Separate benches and table for the garden on the same drawing

You can make the appearance more decorative, slightly changing the design of the seats and tabletops

Another option with separate benches

Painted white

Table for giving the hands: drawings

Resistant suburban table

Simple table with X-shaped legs

Wood garden table

Homemade wooden table with cross bar below

Country table do it yourself

For the manufacture of furniture requires a serious approach, certain tools and skills. But you can make a simple and very economical version of wooden pallets.

  • Sandpaper
  • Self tapping screws
  • Pallets
  • Wood primer
  • Varnishes and paints for wood

Pallets must be cleaned with a sanding machine (for this you can use coarse sandpaper). Then process fine-grained emery paper, in order to facilitate the work, the paper can be fixed on the bar. Next, you need to cover the pallets with a primer, if necessary, paint and varnish.

If the finished furniture will be in the open air, blanks must be varnished. So it lasts longer and will last several seasons. Before you start connecting the pallets, you need to decide on the type and size, choose the photo of the table for the dacha on the Internet and do it.

Two or three pallets can be mounted on each other and fastened with screws. If the table will be used at home, you can attach the wheels to it for easy movement.

You can also attach ready-made metal legs to the pallets and thus make a complete dining table. Also from pallets you can make budget chairs, benches and sofas for the veranda. This material is the most affordable, you can buy new pallets, or get the previously used ones free of charge.

Folding country table

Required materials and tools:

  • Hacksaw
  • Screwdriver
  • Roulette
  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Pencil
  • Wooden lath 5 m long
  • Wooden plate for countertops (board, plywood or OSB)
  • Screws and nuts

When using plywood is obtained is not an expensive option. If there are tools for woodworking at hand, it is better to use them, so the process will go faster.

To start, cut the workpiece in the following sizes:

  • 4 details on 70 cm
  • 4 details on 45 cm
  • Worktop 45 cm by 65 cm.

In order to properly assemble the folding mechanism, it is necessary to find in the Internet drawings of summer folding tables, or step-by-step photos.

On the details of 70 cm measure 40 cm from the edge and put a mark in pencil, then drill holes. We connect two legs together with a screw, on the other hand we tighten the nut, we also act with the second pair.

The table top is divided into two equal parts of 32.5 cm and cut. On the details of 45 cm (for folding mechanism) from the end of the slats back down 1 cm and drill holes. Details for the folding mechanism must be rounded so that they do not cling to each other.

According to the scheme in the photos we collect all the details together and get a folding table. Next, the table must be primed, painted and varnished. When using these sizes, it turns out a very compact table, it will be convenient to take it with you to nature and carry it in the car.

Additional Information

The design of the folding table can be adapted to your size and make the drawings yourself. To make the table look better, the tabletop can be smoothly rounded.

The primer for wood helps protect wood from insects, so do not neglect to use it.

When painting tables and chairs it is necessary to use new brushes, during the process you need to make sure that the paint does not bubble. Usually they are painted in two stages; you can proceed to the final stage after the first coat of paint has dried.

Tables for the street must be varnished so that dampness and mechanical effects do not affect the wood. It is necessary to do this in a well-ventilated area, it is better not to take out the product until it is completely dry.

If the construction is large and there is no possibility to bring it into the room, it is possible to varnish on the covered veranda, where moisture can not cause harm.

Lucky vary in degree of protection, some protect only from moisture, others help to avoid minor scratches, they can also be with the addition of paint.

In the manufacture of wooden tables, you must observe safety precautions; use cotton gloves for work; be careful when working with tools. If the work occurs on the street, you need to follow that the moisture does not fall on extension cords and sockets.

Street table for giving from a tree

Undoubtedly, the most pliable and environmentally friendly material is wood. The wooden table can be made round, square, rectangular or irregular in shape, it all depends on the size of the gazebo or the number of seats. As the legs of the tabletop, you can use a normal stump.

The shape and type of the table is largely dependent on the style of your holiday home and exterior. A log cabin can be supplemented with furniture made from logs and boards. The main tool for machining parts is a grinding machine, since the surfaces of the tabletop and benches should be smooth, without chipping.

The tabletop can be made of slats or narrow board, strung them on metal rods, or by connecting them with short strips.

The table made of wooden cuts looks interesting, especially if there are tracks of the same elements on the site.

To make such a table in several ways:

  • connect the cuts between each other with staples or tongue-and-groove joints, forming a flat surface,
  • fix the cuts on any basis (in this case, the parts must be of the same thickness to form a flat surface). The product must be sanded and varnished. If desired, the gaps between the saws are filled with epoxy resin, after which it dries, the surface is once again polished and covered with a protective compound.

Garden table made of wood with benches, made a single design looks great in the gazebo, and in the open area.

Make it easy. Use the diagram below to make your own drawing and calculate materials.

In drawing up the drawing, consider some generally accepted standards:

  • bench seat height from ground level - 400-500 mm,
  • seat width - 300-400 mm,
  • height of the table top from the floor level - 700-750 mm,
  • worktop width - 580-900 mm.

The length of the table and benches is individual. The figure shows an example of making a table with benches located on two long sides of the table top. Similarly, you can make a design with benches on four sides.

But a variant of a small round table with stationary benches-stools for four seats. It is easy to move it to the right place at the moment: on the open area, under the shed or in the house.

If desired, you can buy or make your own folding garden furniture, which is easily installed in any part of the garden or in the house.

Such furniture will last longer, as it will not be exposed to the constant effects of precipitation. The weight of such products is small, they can be easily and quickly transferred to a permanent storage place in a house or shed, where they will not take up much space.

In order for the product to serve for a long time, all wooden elements must be treated with an antiseptic and coated with varnish, wax or paint. To give the wood the desired shade, use the stain or special impregnation with pigment.

Garden table made of scrap material

We have previously talked about furniture made from ordinary pallets. A stylish table made of pallets is cheap and looks good on the garden plot. The design, supplemented by furniture wheels, is also mobile.

Ordinary stumps, decorated with mosaics, look very original and can serve as a small table or stool in the recreation area. For a mosaic decor fit a different tile, the remainder of the repair, stabbed into small fragments and laid on tile adhesive or cement mortar.

The originality of this composition lies in the creative approach of the owners. The most ordinary stumps turn into a work of art.

An old, unusable table can also be decorated with mosaic and thereby update the tabletop. It is necessary to remove the old paint from the feet, sand them and re-paint them. Such a garden table will serve the owners for a long time and will gather around itself a family for lunch and tea-drinking.

A wooden reel for cable winding can also serve as a table, it is enough to process it and decorate it a little or simply paint it in the desired color. The table will move easily if the wheels are attached at the bottom.

Many have things inherited, as they say: it's a pity to throw it away, and there is no place to put it. Try to be smart and use them when arranging your summer cottage. As the legs for the table, you can use the base of the old sewing machine, metal headboard and much more. Tabletop, by the way, you can simply buy and install it on top of the metal structure.

Those who have the skills of weaving can make garden furniture from the vine with their own hands. If you are not capable of such feats, but love wicker products very much, then you should go to the store. Manufacturers offer tables and chairs made of wicker, rattan or artificial fibers for every taste and budget.

Metal garden furniture

If you are "friends" with metal, have a welding machine, then you can make garden furniture from this material. Such furniture is usually azhurna and original. In order for the product to serve for a long time, the metal must be protected from the effects of corrosion before it is used. One of the easiest ways to protect metal surfaces is a primer, which is applied to the product before finishing painting.

Forged furniture to give - a great solution for respectable owners of the house. Only masters of blacksmith forging with appropriate equipment and the presence of a forge can make one.

Forged products are perfectly combined with many materials: wood, glass, marble. If desired, you can purchase a forged blank for the table, and complete the filling yourself.

Stone table

Recently, small architectural forms of stone are gaining popularity. В том числе в продаже можно встретить столы и скамейки, выполненные из мрамора или гранита. Такие изделия имеют высокую стоимость.

Но это не единственное решение. You can independently make a stone base of the table and benches, for example, of rubble, limestone, brick or blocks, fitting them into the overall look of the garden, combining with other buildings of stone.

As you can see, there are quite a few options for arranging a recreation area in the garden: from cheap, practically worthless, to expensive ones. A table made with love will definitely gather wonderful people around you, and joint gatherings will bring pleasant moments.

We determine the design and construction

To choose a design, it is necessary to decide where the product will be used: on a grassy lawn under a tree, to complement a gazebo, to stand in a workshop or in a house.

The simplest country table can be mounted in a few hours with a minimum of materials, but it will not last long. To get a product that will be really nice to use, you need to carefully prepare the boards and qualitatively carry out all the technical operations at each of the stages.

Its main advantage, unlike the purchase, is undoubted savings.

If you find a large tree stump in the forest, it may turn out to be an easy-to-make garden table. It is only necessary to remove the bark from the stump, make a smooth cut along the top, polish it, treat it with an antiseptic and varnish it. It is enough to nail or fasten a ready-made furniture shield to the “leg” of the stump - and that's it.

Worktops made of planks, fastened at the bottom with transverse rails, look good. If you like the glued tabletop more, you can do it yourself, but it will take a lot of effort.

If you succeed in emphasizing them successfully - you will become the author of a completely unique design product, which is a pity to be left in the garden in the rain.

It is difficult for a novice master to secure the legs securely, so try to choose a design, properly assessing your skills and taking into account the cost of labor and time. The easiest to make cross-shaped and L-shaped legs. To attach straight legs - you need to carefully complete the connection details.

One of the coziest garden options is a collapsible table with benches that can be installed in the gazebo or on the veranda. It is easy to do it, the main thing is to choose quality materials and properly prepare them for work.

The simplest country table can be mounted in a few hours with a minimum of materials, but it will not last long.

How to choose a tree?

Many types of wood are suitable for a garden or kitchen table, both soft (pine, spruce, cedar, fir) and hard wood (oak, birch, ash, walnut, maple, apple, pear, acacia, etc.) The exception is too soft wood (poplar, alder, aspen, willow).

One of the main parameters of the suitability of wood for the manufacture of furniture is resistance to decay: the above breeds meet this requirement.

If you do not plan to engage in furniture work all the time or just start to practice, give preference to the most common wood species - pine and birch.

Worktops made of planks, fastened at the bottom with transverse rails, look good.

For tabletops, frames and legs it is possible to use wood of different species. At the assembly stage, dowels will be needed: they are usually made from acacia or boxwood. Birch wood has an inexpressive pattern and can significantly warp due to spilled liquid - it is better not to use it as a tabletop material, but thanks to the hardness of this breed, you can make legs out of it.

Tabletop is better to perform oak or pine. If you know how to brush wood, the surface of the kitchen table can become a real work of art. Wood of soft species lends itself to brushing: wood is burned with a gas burner, and soft fibers are removed with an iron brush. Work is best done in the yard because of the large amount of dust. If you managed to burn wood evenly, the result will please you. Brush can be tinted with stains, stains, diluted with water artistic acrylic paint. Of course, the brushing of wood is not necessary: ​​it is only a finishing option.

If you like the glued tabletop more, you can do it yourself, but it will take a lot of effort.

The choice of paints and adhesives

Before proceeding with the installation, the boards must be protected from rotting. Wood should be impregnated with water-polymer emulsion (VPE): the treatment is carried out twice with an interval of 3-5 days. This is enough to make the product last a long time.

Some models require glue. Along with special woodworking adhesives (BF-2, etc.), you can use construction PVA: it is applied to both glued surfaces, dried to “tack-free”, then connect the parts and hold under pressure for up to three days.

It is difficult for a novice master to secure the legs securely, so try to choose a design, properly assessing your skills and taking into account the cost of labor and time.

The choice of paints and varnishes is determined by where it is planned to use the product: in the yard or indoors. For the garden table, which is inevitably exposed to precipitation, suitable alkyd, alkyd-urethane, nitrocellulose varnishes and oil paints. For the kitchen table, as well as for any furniture that is constantly located in the room, it is better to use acrylic paints and varnishes: they are more environmentally friendly and do not have a strong smell. Lucky, marked with "blue angel" are recommended for children's furniture and toys.

If you decide to cover the wood with stain, paint or simply with tinted varnish, this must be done before assembly. It is necessary to consider the compatibility of materials. The lacquer is tinted with a suitable paint composition: if the lacquer is alkyd, the paint should be oil-based, if you use acrylic lacquer, it can be tinted only with acrylic paint. First, a small amount of varnish is thoroughly mixed in a separate container with paint, and then the resulting mixture is added to a larger volume of varnish.

One of the coziest garden options is a collapsible table with benches that can be installed in the gazebo or on the veranda.

What tools are needed

For work you will need:

  • hacksaw,
  • circular saw or jigsaw,
  • drill,
  • screwdriver
  • hammer (if decided to use nails).

Many types of wood are suitable for garden or kitchen tables.

This list includes only the most necessary tools, but to make the work more comfortable, and the finished product looks aesthetically pleasing, it is advisable to buy or rent a swivel bar, eccentric grinder and a milling machine.

The swivel bar allows you to cut at exactly the right angle. An eccentric grinder will allow you to prepare parts simply, quickly and efficiently: in an hour you will be polishing the boards, instead of doing it all day by hand with sandpaper. For high-quality machining of the ends, a belt grinder is useful, and a milling machine allows you to select the wood for the necessary grooves and process the edges.

If you do not plan to engage in furniture work constantly or just start to practice.

Homemade pallets table

Spectacular table in rustic style can be constructed from pallets (wooden pallets). If you are a happy owner of such a container, especially a two-cloth pallet, simply disassemble it: there is no problem acquiring boards!

Do you think that buying new boards is always better? You probably did not work with wood before: raw wood cannot be used (the product is deformed in a few months), and dry boards cost much more. To dry the boards of raw wood, they are piled in a well-ventilated room: this necessary process will delay your project for 4-6 months! A good option for a kitchen table can be the already mentioned rejected boards, which are also dry.

For tabletops, frames and legs it is possible to use wood of different species.

Back to the pallets: they are disassembled. Now you have at your disposal strong boards with different patterns and colors, it is possible that from trees of different species. These features should not be considered as shortcomings: they will give the product a zest: you just need to create an interesting composition from them, alternating boards of a similar shade.

From the side parts of the pallet you get an excellent frame, and the remaining strips will be used to assemble the table top.

Work is best done in the yard because of the large amount of dust.

To make the legs, you need a bar with a thickness of at least 5 cm. All the details need to be prepared: sand the paper strictly with fibers, first with coarse sandpaper (No 120-150), then finer grain (No 400-600), carefully removing dust.

Some boards can be painted with acrylic or oil paint. Loft-style fans can use stencils in the form of numbers or simple graphic characters. Boards with a beautiful natural pattern “freeze” or simply varnish. After staining or the first layer of acrylic varnish, the soft fibers rise, they need to be patted with medium-grain sandpaper and apply a new layer of varnish.

Spectacular table in rustic style can be constructed from pallets (wooden pallets).

If a non-water based lacquer is used, it is enough to apply 2-3 layers, and if acrylic - the number of layers can be up to ten.

After painting the parts, you can proceed to the installation, which consists of several stages.

A good option for the kitchen table can be discarded boards, also dry.

The boards of the table top are fastened with the boards, which are placed at the joints of the boards. With the help of a drill, screwdriver and screws we fix the boards to the slats (at the joints we use two screws, on solid boards - one). The use of a drill is necessary so that the wood does not crack when screwing in the screws. We assemble the frame from the prepared sides of the pallets. With the help of a drill of a suitable diameter for self-tapping screws, we drill holes at the joints. We coat the joints with glue and fix them with screws. Install the legs: just fasten the boards to the frame, screwing the screws on the diagonal. To strengthen the design, in the same way we make the bottom of the jumper.

To make the legs, you need a bar with a thickness of at least 5 cm.

Wooden table with glued top

For a glued table top you need to pick up boards of the same width. If the table is designed for the workshop and its appearance does not matter much, you can use the old floor boards: there are already grooves. To make the grooves yourself, you need a milling machine.

A level surface is required to collect the worktop. We simply coat the sides with glue, we join the boards without gaps and we tighten the resulting construction with clamps. Depending on the glue used, the tabletop should dry from 1 to 3 days. If done correctly, you will get a tabletop with a completely flat surface without gaps. It remains to work the ends - first trim a jigsaw, and then polished. In the absence of a belt sander, this must be done manually - with sandpaper, first of all with large, then medium grit.

After painting the parts, you can proceed to the installation, which consists of several stages.

If you do not want to mess around with glue and clamps - you can use a ready-made furniture shield from the hardware store. Then the tabletop remains covered with clear or tinted varnish.

For a good result, you need to apply 5-7 (for acrylic varnish up to 10) layers. After every third layer, the working surface of the tabletop should be sandwiched with fine-grained emery paper, carefully removing the dust with a damp cloth. At the stage of varnishing it is important not to rush: each layer of varnish should dry well.

It remains to make the legs of the garden or kitchen table: dwell on the version with L-shaped legs. You will need boards with a minimum thickness of 22-25 mm.

For a glued table top you need to pick up boards of the same width.

L-shaped legs consist of two parts, connected at an angle of 90. On the joined boards, you need to make a selection, lubricate the joint with joiner's glue, and then install self-tapping screws.

When the glue dries, we coat the legs with varnish and, after drying, simply fasten the screws to the tabletop.

The connection of the legs to the table top has several options.

Straight leg table

To make straight legs, it is enough to cut a thick timber into pieces of the same length. The connection of such legs with the table top has several options.

In order to have straight legs installed securely, at home you can use the connection on dowels. They can be made independently of acacia wood or buy ready-made. For assembling dowel joints, quick-drying joinery glue (BF-2) is needed.

To make straight legs, it is enough to cut a thick timber into pieces of the same length.

Table with X-shaped legs

X-shaped legs are made of bars or boards with a minimum thickness of 50 mm.

  1. On the inner side of the table top we fasten two screws on each side to the screws.
  2. To the table looked good, the edges of the slats need to be pre-cut at an angle of 52.
  3. The paired straps are fastened so that the legs fit, we make 2-3 mm overlaps on each side.
  4. Put the boards on a flat surface, crossing them at the right angle. Measure the distance between the ends of the boards: it must match the width of the table.
  5. The place of intersection is circled with chalk: here it is necessary to choose half the thickness of the boards, so that after assembly they lie in the same plane.
  6. We coat the grooves with glue and place the parts under the press for 1-3 days. For greater reliability, the connection can be strengthened with self-tapping screws.
  7. We varnish legs.
  8. It remains to attach them to the tabletop, placing them in the grooves formed by the slats - and the table for the villa with your own hands is ready.

X-shaped legs are made of bars or boards with a minimum thickness of 50 mm.

Table with benches

The optimal solution for the gazebo is a dining table with benches attached to it. It is better to make such construction collapsible to clean for the winter in the room.

The table will require thick boards (from 32 mm), which need to be cut into pieces according to the drawing. In this embodiment, two benches are attached to the table. When all parts are cut, they must be sanded, paying particular attention to the ends. Each board separately varnished.

The optimal solution for the gazebo is a dining table with benches attached to it.

To connect the parts of the structure, we prepare the studs (length 160 mm), nuts and washers - 24 pcs. Each. For other compounds, use screws or nails of suitable length. With the help of a drill, it is necessary to prepare all the mounting holes.

According to the drawing we collect the table top and the upper parts of the benches. We cut the cross rails along the edges, the angle should be 45. This is convenient to do with the help of a rotary miter box.

We make and fasten all the legs on the screws. Fasten parts cut at an angle.

Each board separately varnished.

We tie the product with bolts. The holes for the studs must be pre-drilled. When installing the stud, you need to put the washers on both sides and tighten the nuts using the wrench.

We tie the product with bolts.

Seat boards fasten with gaps of 5 mm. When the seats are connected with sawn supports, we fasten them to the assembled base with boards of 160 cm: 4 boards will be needed.

Install the remaining studs and enjoy the result.

With the help of a drill, it is necessary to prepare all the mounting holes.

Folding table of improvised means

The folding table is an irreplaceable thing not only on a personal plot, but also in garage or a country house. It fits perfectly into any interior and does not take much time and effort to manufacture. The main advantages of such a table are its compactness and mobility.

You can take it with you to a picnic in the countryside or put it in the garden, it will not take up much space. Folding table can be of various forms and complexity of design.

Consider the simplest, but at the same time reliable version of the folding table. For the manufacture will need a few bars, sawn on a circular saw and table top, which can be used as a box, sheet chipboard, wood cut, etc.

After processing the details of the construction with a jigsaw and grinding machine, we assemble the table, holding the legs and foot supports together with a bolt. The table top to the base will be fastened with screws on a pre-printed markup. After assembly, it is recommended to apply a protective compound against chipping and dirt.

Round table for the spiritual company

A round table in your garden or summer house will make the atmosphere more comfortable, besides, the round table top always looks elegant and stylish.

The manufacture of a round table begins with the selection of materials and cutting out the main blanks.

Make a drawing of the future product in advance. The table will consist of the following elements:

  • base
  • racks
  • table top base
  • tabletop itself

For the assembly will need the following blanks:

  • three bars for the base (1 piece - 50х100х1025 mm, 2 pieces - 50х100х470 mm)
  • four identical bars for racks (100x100x600 mm)
  • nine bars for the tabletop base (1 piece - 50х100х825 mm, 2 pieces - 50х100х525 mm, 4 pieces - 25х100х475 mm, 2 pieces - 25х100х600 mm)
  • nine boards for the table top (25x150x1950 mm).

Initially, the base should be assembled by fastening the cross-bar between each other with self-tapping screws and glue. Grind the resulting irregularities with a grinder.

Затем к основанию крепятся четыре основные стойки, которые будут ножками стола. Важно при креплении обратить внимание на строго вертикальное положение ножек, чтобы стол не получился кособоким.

Соедините между собой доски предназначенные для столешницы и с помощью лобзика срежьте края ровно по кругу. In advance, you should make a markup so that the circle is even.

Next, the base is assembled, which will fix the boards of the tabletop to each other and connect it to the lower part of the table. Please note that the strength of the mounting base depends on how strong your table will turn out.

For convenience, small bars of 25x100 mm in size can be attached to the ends of the crosspiece, which will protect the base from contamination and water.

After the end of the assembly, check that the caps of the self-tapping screws are set deep and cover all the holes with wood putty. Paint the resulting table exterior paint.

The table for giving the hands on a photo is an example of what you can receive as a result of work. Now you know how to decorate your personal plot with a gazebo or country house, while spending a minimum of money and effort. Your family and friends will be able to appreciate the work of the master, gathered at a wonderful country table amicable company.

Material for the country table

table must be strong

Outdoor furniture is subjected to serious tests, so it must be made of durable materials. Specifically for the table, you can take:

Tables of the latter look particularly interesting. But first things first.

Wooden table

furniture set for outdoor dining

Selecting material, pay special attention to the type of wood. Blackboard chalkboard - discord and to use, in our case, not all are suitable. The soft and easy-to-use conifers, alas, will not work. In addition, they need special impregnation, because they are too flammable, so the resin they release will spoil the tablecloth and dishes.

The necessary elements must be sought among the hardwood blanks. On the table top you need to dial the boards with a thickness of 30-50 mm. For greater strength, they are stuffed on the frame. The legs of the structure can be saddled straight or X-shaped. It is important to work out all the details well, so that there is no danger of driving a splinter by wiping the table. Mandatory processing of the finished product protective impregnation.

folding wooden table in the country with their own hands

In order to make the table "for centuries", cover it with varnish, and do it, as they say, without sparing the brush. The composition must be literally rubbed into the wood, and this will be possible only if you slightly heat it up in a water bath. Lacquer coating make a three-layer.

Stone table

round table and stone benches will last more than a dozen years

You want to make a monolithic structure, amazing imagination and creating a special mood for meals - try to work with a stone. A table of this type for giving you can create your own hands or buy a finished product. Shops offer a wide range of granite and marble options. There you can also choose a bench with them from a similar material.

to inspire life in the old table, it is enough to perform facing the table top with tiles

It will not be cheap, but if you really want to have the luxury of a stone table in the garden, try cheapening it. Lay out the bases of the benches and the table yourself. For this, it will fit perfectly:

  1. Booth
  2. Flagstone.
  3. Brick.
  4. Modern blocks.
  5. Plain cobblestone.

stone stump table

These materials will be much easier to fit into the overall concept of the garden and combine them into existing buildings. On the countertop, seats and backs it is possible to take an artificial stone. The view from this, the composition will not lose.

Metal tables

Those who are "friends" with iron and have a welding machine on hand may be interested in the option of metal furniture. Products turn out elegant and aesthetic, with openwork inserts decor. The metal table will also need to be protected from early destruction. This is done by priming the metal before the final painting.

round table for giving with a stone table-top and figured metal legs

Forged tables will satisfy the needs of respectable owners, but it’s impossible to do it yourself. Such designs are ordered by professionals. Forging requires forge conditions. However, given the fact that products of this type can be wonderfully combined with wood, stone, glass, you can purchase only a forged base for the table, and complete the table top with your own.

Table for giving your own hands: interesting ideas

stylization of the table and chairs under the mushroom glade will create a certain zest in the landscape design of the suburban area

If you have firmly decided to work on creating a country table on your own and are ready to make it non-standard, look at the “unnecessary” things in each barn. Perhaps among them there are objects that can become consumables for creativity.

Assorted Assorted

Not less practical option of the dacha table, along with wooden, metal, rattan, stone products, is a hodgepodge of all kinds. This creation will become a multicolored “character” of your garden and will never be left without attention. What to make it from? You will not believe! Source materials will serve you:

  1. Broken flower stand.
  2. Metal barrel cover.
  3. Trim color plastic or round glass.

set of timber

Take a piece of paper and try to depict on it a circular ornament in the spirit of the Moroccan style. Increase the creation to the desired size. A photocopier will quickly help.

We put the resulting blank under the glass and draw the lines with a copper contour. Leave to dry for a day or a little less. Recommended drying time manufacturer indicates.

it is enough to decorate the sides of the bench and chairs with wheels to get the original garden furniture for the garden.

Now the turn of painting the marked glass with stained glass paints. Here the main thing that colors exactly settled in the site allocated for them. If you have never worked with specific paints, it makes sense to practice on a separate piece of glass in order to understand how much they need to be taken for high-quality coloring of the fragments. Completed painting must also be thoroughly dried.

The finished glass can be further decorated with elements painted with a copper outline.

Cover the barrel with white paint, which will hide traces of rust, and proceed to the preparation of the main part of the tabletop.

table for vazyanki wood

The metal part of the flower stand, which will supportdo-it-yourself dacha table, it is necessary to prime, paint with acrylic paint in the color of copper and partially zakatinirovat.

After the footboard is ready, glue the points of contact with the glass with window sealer. This is necessary for its better attachment.

Now the final stage. Put all the pieces together: put the glass worktop in the lid and hoist the composition on the stand.

It can have dinner at such a table and is not very comfortable, but it will be very pleasant to drink coffee in the evening cool.

decorating a regular stump with mosaic, you can get an original table

Pallet models

After the construction of a country house, you probably have at least a few pallets left on which packed brick or building mixes were brought. You do not even know what a magic wand is for finishing the cottage. With their help, the table will be ready in a few hours, and it will look like it will not be a shame to put it not only in the garden, but also in the home interior. At the same time note that you do not even incur much financial costs.

table for giving from pallets

A dacha table, made by your own hands from pallets, can be constructed in several ways. For example, for the simplest option, you will need:

  1. Screwdriver.
  2. Brushes.
  3. Sandpaper.
  4. Swivel wheels.
  5. Color antiseptic stain.
  6. Screws.

mobile table for giving from pallets

The first thing to do is polishing the pallet. In the first stage of removing the rough layer, use a coarse-grained sandpaper, fine-grained will be required for final processing. If there is a Bulgarian in everyday life with a grinding wheel, use it instead of sandpaper rolls. This will speed up the preparation process.

master class of making a table for giving your own hands

Turn the pan over and attach small swivel castors to the bottom. This is done using ordinary screws. For greater reliability, attach under the last washers that can be removed from similar screws used for metal roofing. Do not neglect this advice. The bases of the wheels have large enough holes, and a screw without a lining will not be able to qualitatively fix a part to a wooden surface.

step-by-step process of making the table

Now it remains to open the finished product wax-antiseptic. If you want to highlight the structure of the tree, use a transparent composition. To make the color will need stain. You can stylize a table:

A low wide table will be appropriate on the veranda, in the attic room, the interior of the bath.

a table without serving will serve at least two seasons

If you want to make the summer recreation area more comfortable, make not just a table from pallets, but a whole set of country furniture, complementing it with permanently fixed benches. Such a set can be made portable and, if necessary, move it from the brazier, say, to the pool or pergola.

bright table of pallets for the whole family

A pallet transformed into a tabletop and equipped with vintage legs left over from an old dresser, table or wardrobe will become a creative option for the dacha situation. This detail should be highlighted in a contrasting color.

You can use such furniture in the bedroom, gazebo, on the terrace.

Coil table

vertical planks allow you to place various items

“The coil is heavy on its own, but it’s easy to construct a lightweight versiontable for giving and again, do it yourself»

The cable reel is also an excellent material for creating country design. Look at her - this is almost a ready-made table! A bit of decor and it's ready to use. The easiest way to decorate the coil can be twisted twine. To do this, simply wrap it tightly with its trunk. The upper disc design is polished and lacquered. If you wish to add functionality to the product, install vertical slats along the circumference. They can also be decorated with a rope. With the advent of crossbars, you can store the necessary items under the table.

Coil table with umbrella mounting

The coil is hard on its own, but it’s easy to construct a lightweight version of the table for the dacha, and again, do it yourself. You will need only the top disk from the product, which will act as a tabletop. The frame frame for its installation can be made of metal.

If in a shady garden there is a suitable stump height and strength, then it can also be transformed into an improvised table with the help of a reel disk. This idea will be good not only for the playground, it is also rational to use it when organizing a relaxation corner for adults. Having cut a wooden disc in half, you will be able to assemble original chairs that can also be put on hemp legs. Get a good garden set.

the coil table can be decorated with any pattern

A wood table?

Why not? Such a brutal option can be a decoration of the barbecue area and even the living room. Works something - nothing at all. We find an old thick log, we saturate it with wood stain and level the lower part, giving the product stability.

table on wheels from the stump

No less simple to manufacture and attractive in design mobile table of hemp. By the way, its functionality can be expanded, if you are not too lazy to sew a foam seat on it, which allows you to easily transform the structure into a comfortable pouf.

Not in short supply in the country and chopped firewood. Of these, it is also not a problem to quickly build a comfortable table design for giving with your own hands. Assemble the flat base and fasten the stab sticks to the worktop with a belt tie. Put all this on the legs and enjoy the communication with the primitive nature in full.

table for the living room problem of the old log

Garden tire arrangement

Do not rush to get rid of old tires. They can be made into a magnificent landscape décor of extended functionality: using the table not just as a table, but a pouf next to it, not only as a pouf, but to arrange a place for garden tools inside them, for example.

table and chairs are made in a single design style of old tires

Paint the tires in a color that is acceptable to you, dry it, fold it with a column, holding the elements together with a silicone sealant or other suitable composition.

Now work on the table top and seat. The first is not bad to make from durable plastic or to cut them out of wood. For pouf, also cut a plywood disk of a slightly smaller diameter than that of tires, glue foam rubber to it and cover it with a cloth. Removable parts are ready.

Cooking table

movable table from the old wilderness with a wooden table top

Found in the bins grandmother's vyvarku? Sumptuously! We transform it into a mobile warehouse table. We equip the bottom with wheels, and for the upper part we assemble a tabletop from boards. Having cut boards to size, we assemble them together on transverse planks, the length of which must correspond to the diameter of the welding. This will help the tabletop to keep tightly in place, and not to move aside and not roll over at the slightest load. Inside the improvised table there will be enough space to organize a mini-bar.

By the same principle, empty boxes, barrels, etc. can be converted into useful items.

original table with large metal wheels instead of legs and built-in benches


As you can see, it is very exciting and absolutely easy to assemble a table for giving with your own hands. Here, even beginners will not have to be afraid, to spoil something, because, as a matter of fact, objects and elements that are initially unsuitable for direct use go to work. Try your hand at something unusual for you so far. Perhaps the final results will be an incentive not to stop there, but to go further. From the presented materials it is possible to make many more unusual and necessary things in the dacha everyday life!