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Recipe for tomato juice at home for the winter for preservation


Want to look always slim and fit? Prepare tomato juice for the winter at home right not only for the whole winter, but also for the months ahead. Very tasty juice is obtained only from fresh tomatoes. Such a drink used to be harvested through a sieve or meat grinder, and now it is full of modern technology - you can make tomato juice from tomatoes using a blender, juicer or juicer.

Many young housewives are faced with the problem of making tomato juice at home. Previously, it was difficult to choose the method of its preparation, but experience and time put everything in its place. Therefore, I decided to help the newly-made keepers of the hearth, recommending 9 easy ways to preserve this helper in cooking.

And you know that the benefits of such juice is simply colossal. He needs almost everyone who wants to tighten the figure and is on a diet. It is useful in many vitamins that are in its composition.

1 cup of tomato juice contains only 40 kcal. It lowers blood cholesterol, removes toxins, destroys free radicals (delays old age), reduces the risk of cancer and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Drink juice and you will be healthy!

How to make delicious tomato juice at home for the winter out of tomato

The first step is very simple - the preparation of tomatoes. I carefully wash them in a large bowl, and cut into halves. If necessary, remove the white seals. I put the sliced ​​pieces in an enamel bowl on the stove and cook for about 7 minutes.

The second step is the separation of the skins from the juice and pulp. I put the cooled tomatoes on a medium-density sieve and press them. The remaining peel throw. This process can now be simplified with the help of modern kitchen appliances. The resulting mass (6.5 -7 liters) is poured into a large pan, covered with enamel, and sent to the boil gas. Kitchen salt and a pinch of sugar pour directly into the slush. Also I throw bay leaves there. I give to boil for about 15 minutes on moderate fire.

The final step is the canning process itself. While the liquid is boiling, I wash the jars. I prepare podhvaty, zakatochny key and covers. Then, without turning off the gas under the saucepan, I pour it into the cans and roll it.

Canned natural juice, perfectly emphasize the taste of your favorite dishes.

Thick tomato juice with pulp for preservation for the winter - cook in blender

The process of juice canning with the help of modern blenders is very easy. Therefore, even if you are cooking this product for the first time, you will quickly get comfortable.

List of required products:

  • small tomatoes - 6 kg,
  • kitchen salt - 50 g,
  • basil.

Choosing tomatoes for this type of juice, I opted for ripe tomatoes of the “De Barao” variety. Their dense pulp makes the drink more thick.

Having washed the fruits, I cut them in half and poured boiling water (not hot water, but just boiling). Kept tomatoes in it for 5 minutes. This allowed me to easily rid them of unnecessary skins.

I ground the cleaned halves using a hand blender and pressed through a kitchen strainer. I got a homogeneous foam mass without stones, very light in color.

I put this mass in an enameled pan. Having added salt and basil to it, I sent the container to the gas stove to boil and boil in a few minutes. The main thing is that the fire should not be too strong, otherwise the juice will burn.

A little thickened while cooking a drink, pour into hot cans and roll. Juice from selected tomatoes, preserved in this way, will serve as an excellent aperitif for children before lunch.

Tomato juice at home - a simple recipe for winter through a juicer

A classic recipe for making juice from tomatoes can be called, its preparation using a manual juicer. Previously, these were in many homes. Externally, it is somewhat similar to a meat grinder, but is designed to extract juice from tomatoes. When using this tool, the juice output is much higher than when using an electric juicer. Sorry, distracted.

You will need the following products:

  • tomatoes - 15 kg,
  • salt.

I tell the process step by step:

  1. I buy two types of tomatoes for this juice: large, so-called lettuce and medium. Houses thoroughly rinse them and remove the damaged parts.
  2. Large tomatoes cut into slices, medium and so pass. Then I skip everything through the juicer. Tomato puree is immediately in an enameled large saucepan, and the cake and seeds go to another container. My output of 15 kilograms of fruit is almost 14 liters. When using an electric analog, it will be about 12 liters, but squeeze it out much faster.
  3. I set the pot on a small fire and let it boil. While she is warming, I prepare jars. As soon as the liquid begins to boil foam appears, do not worry, it will soon settle down. At this moment I pour the salt and carefully stir with a slotted spoon. I give more time for some time, then I pour it into the banks and close it.
  4. I turn the preservation upside down and cover with an old thick blanket, a warm jacket is also suitable for such a purpose.

Juice, it turns out not very thick, but amazingly tasty!

Delicious tomato juice, traditionally cooked through a sieve, without adding sugar and salt

It is very simple to do conservation for the winter in city conditions. I also made tomato juice with a meat grinder and a sieve. True, this traditional method is quite long, but as a result of hard work, a very aromatic drink is obtained.

For its preparation will need 14 kg of large tomatoes.

I prefer to buy fruits of such varieties as:

  • Red sun
  • Little Prince,
  • Fat Jack.

Tomatoes of these varieties have a sweet and sour taste, so there is no need to add salt and sugar to the juice.

I wash the fruit several times. Then I cut into 6-8 parts depending on their size. If the tomatoes are not the first freshness, then remove the rot-prone areas.

I process fruits by the meat grinder. It turns out the mass with seeds and shredded skins, which will help get rid of kitchen sieves. The first thing I miss slush through sieve with large holes, then through the gauze folded in four layers. As a result, comes out 10 liters of raw juice.

I boil a drink on the stove, in an enamel pot, stirring regularly. When the liquid is boiling, I wait another 7 minutes. Then I pour it into cans and preserve it. They should cool down in an upside down state, covered with an old jacket.

Home canning is very interesting:

The recipe for homemade tomato juice "Yum Fingers", use a juicer

This summer I tried to close the drink, not just skipping the fruits of a tomato through a juicer, but before putting it out in the oven. The result conquered all my household.

Cooking products on the list:

  • ripe tomatoes - 15 kg,
  • salt 30 g,
  • citric acid - 10 g,
  • sugar - 20 g,
  • black pepper 5 g
  • ginger - 5 g.

First of all, I washed the tomatoes and cut them in half. Then she divided into parts and took turns extinguishing them in the oven for about 20 minutes at 150 degrees. I used a cast iron gooseneck with a lid to extinguish, but I think it would be more practical to use stainless steel dishes.

While the second and third batches were being quenched, I simultaneously skipped ready-made tomatoes through a juicer. Thus, the cooking process did not stop for a minute.

Tip! If you cook with this recipe, sterilize the jars in advance.

In the end, I got a homogeneous thick mass. Then she poured it into an enamel pan, added spices, and boiled it for 5 minutes over moderate heat. Filled in the already prepared banks and closed. I wrapped the banks in a blanket and left for a day.

Juice turned out such that the ears can not tear from him. I am afraid that he will not live to winter. My children once tried, walk around the niche in circles.

Fragrant delicious tomato juice at home for the winter - the original recipe through the meat grinder

My mother loves tomato juice with bones, so for her personally, I roll this kind of preservation. For its preparation, I use a meat grinder.

  • tomatoes of large varieties - 9kg,
  • kitchen salt (at your discretion),
  • bay leaves -1-2 pcs.,
  • red pepper - 5g.

The density of the drink depends on the amount of pulp in the fruit, so I choose dense tomatoes of medium size. Carefully wash them and get rid of the stalk. Then pour tomatoes with boiling water for a few minutes. Important! Vegetables must be covered entirely with water.

Drain the water, peel them and pass through an ordinary meat grinder. Thus, only the peel departs, everything else merges into an enamel container.

In the resulting tomato puree add table salt, bay leaves, pepper and cook over moderate heat. While the juice is boiling steaming banks.

After 20 minutes, I begin to pour it into a glass container and roll it. Preservation put on the blanket to the top of the bottom and wrapped for a day.

Juice is hot and very fragrant!

Cooking tomato juice in a juicer for the winter correctly and tasty

In some families, harvesting tomato juice in the pressure cooker for the winter is a traditional method. I myself have discovered this method quite recently. I liked it because of its simplicity. The main thing to remember is to add water regularly to the bottom of the juice cooker.

Ingredients to prepare:

  • tomatoes - 4 kg,
  • sugar - 1 tbsp. l.,
  • kitchen salt - 0.5 tbsp.

Tomatoes thoroughly rinsed in water. I divide them into pieces and load them together with table salt and sugar into the upper bowl of the juice cooker. Water poured into its lower part. I hook up a hose to a medium structure, which I then send to an enameled vessel. I collect all the construction on the stove, and make fire moderate.

Near the stove, I put the appropriate volume of dishes, so that the released juice flows into it. Every 8 minutes, carefully mix the fruit in the bowl and check for water. When the tomatoes have given away all the juice, turn off the gas and drain its remnants from the juicer.

The resulting nectar put on the gas, so that it boils. After that, immediately poured into jars and closed.

The original recipe of aromatic tomato juice with bell pepper without using a juicer

The last will be my favorite recipe. According to him, I make juice for myself, I don’t even give the family to try it. I know that later I will not get anything.

To prepare 6 liters of this excellent drink stock:

  • tomatoes - 8 kg,
  • sweet pepper (preferably thick-walled) - 1 kg,
  • kitchen salt - 6 tsp,
  • bay leaf - 3 pcs.

First of all, in an electric oven I sterilize jars and boil the lids for 7-8 minutes.

Then I wash out the tomatoes and peppers, remove from them all the excess. Peeled fruits of vegetables individually skipped through a meat grinder.

Recommendation! Choose very ripe fruits with a lot of pulp, they will give thickness and make the flavor more saturated.

In a saucepan through a sieve with small holes I push tomato slush, removing delicate skin and seeds. Add the ground pepper, bay leaves and kitchen salt to the separated juice. I mix and send to boil over moderate heat.

I do not collect the foam that appears, but if it annoys you, you can remove it with the help of a skimmer. I use it to determine the readiness of the juice, when the foam disappears, it is 100% ready!

Without removing the container from the heat, I pour the juice into the jars and close them. Conservation is always more practical to do with someone, but as long as you pour and spin yourself, the juice in the pan burns.

Natural juice, preserved in this way is very fragrant, pleasant to taste. And the gravy prepared on its basis delights with its unique taste.

Video recipes for a delicious home-made tomato juice

Tomato juice for the winter at home

Just look at what beautiful jars, well, as if from a store, but only their home, without any additives, flavors and other nonsense.

The most delicious and favorite cooking recipe, which can be made very quickly and easily at home.

For this we need a bunch of tomatoes and, as always, a great mood))). The secret of cooking is very simple and easy, if in a nutshell, then take the fruit and mince or blender, and then canned in jars.

If you want to drink it immediately, then the moment of preservation can be lowered and made it even without salt and sugar at will.

We will need:

  • ripe tomatoes - 12 kg
  • salt per 1 liter - 0.5 tbsp
  • sugar per 1 liter - 2 tsp

Addition: You can not put sugar and salt in general, or do it based on your taste preferences.

Cooking method:

1. Wash the tomatoes well and cut into pieces, remove the stalk and various not beautiful places on the skin.

Important! It is best to choose quality tomatoes without any flaws, so that there is less waste.

Then pass all the pieces through a meat grinder or juicer. Who, what is that and use. Through the meat grinder, the juice is always obtained with pulp, but through a juicer without pulp.

Interesting! There is another way, if there is no meat grinder, and also, if you want to make it without a juicer, today everything is possible, the device is broken, then there is no money to buy, which then you can think of.? To do this, take the usual sieve and grind all the pulp of tomatoes, so it is that everyone has.

2. After you squeeze the juice, there will be a lot of oil cake, move it aside, it will not be needed.

Interesting! If you want and enough time, you can twist the cake through a juicer or meat grinder several times.

3. Place all red liquid in a saucepan, salt and sugar.

Important! How much do you need to take salt and sugar per 1 liter? How do you usually take? My calculation for such 1 liter is taken 0.5 tablespoons (or 1 tsp) of salt, and 2 teaspoons of sugar.

4. Heat the raw mixture and bring to a boil. Do not forget to interfere so that the juice does not burn. Boil from the moment of boiling for 10-15 minutes, and in the meantime you can sterilize the jars and lids.

Important! When boiling a lot of foam is formed, reduce the heat a little, stir well, and the foam will disappear, you can remove it with a spoon.

5. Next step, pour the already hot ready juice over the sterilized jars.

6. Twist under the cover or roll up with a twist.

Important! Check if everything worked out, for this, turn the jar upside down and see if the liquid is leaking. Wrap the cans under the blanket and let cool.

7. In such a wonderful way you can cook this miracle of nature, and in winter you can get it and drink it, or you can make your favorite tomato sauce or ketchup.

I have another idea how to keep such a billet, namely, you can squeeze the tomatoes and freeze the resulting juice, this year I am conducting this experiment, putting the juice in containers, containers, ice cups, and then in the winter I’ll add and add, for example, salad dressing. How do you like such a storage idea for home?