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Green Tomato Jam: 4 Recipes


Sometimes, due to the weather or pests, tomatoes do not have time to ripen. So that they do not disappear, they are left on the windowsill until they turn red. Another, even more appetizing, option is to make jam from green tomatoes for the winter. It is easy to prepare it and not for long, the dish will diversify homemade spins and will delight the household. If everything is done correctly, the taste of the dessert is delicious and unusual.

Recipe 1. With lemon

To jam with lemon, cooked according to this recipe, turned out especially tasty, choose the most green and dense fruit. The greener the tomato, the less likely it is that the skin will separate from the pulp, as a result, the jam will result in a denser consistency.

  • 1 kg of green tomatoes,
  • 1 kg of sugar
  • 2 lemons.

Tip! A “chertinka” jam will add one lemon lemon peel - cut it into straws and combine with tomatoes before cooking.

  1. Wash and dry the tomatoes, cut into small cubes. Put the pieces in a saucepan and put sugar on top. Stir, cover the pan with a napkin.
  2. After 3 hours, when the tomatoes put the juice and sugar partially dissolved, cut across the lemons and squeeze the juice out of them into the pan.
  3. Put the dishes on the fire and cook, stirring the mass from time to time.
  4. After a quarter of an hour, the syrup will change color. When the sugar is dissolved, and the syrup becomes thick, jam is ready.

The resulting dessert can be rolled up in sterile jars or stored in containers that are tightly closed.

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The subtleties of making jam

  1. If you decide to start cooking, pick up the raw materials taking into account all the subtleties and carry out its preliminary preparation. Dense, fleshy fruits that do not accumulate a lot of juice are suitable for cooking. If there are spoiled or cracked places, such tomatoes are rejected. Pruning rotted places will not save pathogens from penetrating under the peel of the fruit.
  2. In immature tomatoes there is solanine, which in large quantities causes damage to human health. Solanin is also found in ripe fruit, but in small volume. Therefore, before cooking jam it is necessary to get rid of it. There are several ways to eliminate the "poison".
  3. You can pour the tomatoes with filtered purified water and leave for 3-5 hours. During this period solanine washed. Alternatively, use the second method: green specimens are soaked for 1 hour in salt water. All methods are effective, you need to build on only the amount of free time. Next, the tomatoes are dried on towels and chopped.
  4. Before you start cooking the treat, you must cut out the area where the stem is located, as well as remove all the dots and black spots. The cutting variant depends on personal preferences and the recipe itself. Usually tomatoes are chopped into a cube, "orange" slices.

Green Tomato Jam - Classic

  • purified water - 340-360 ml.
  • immature tomatoes - 1.1 kg.
  • granulated sugar - 1.5 kg.

  1. Prepare all the necessary products according to the recipe and dishes for cooking treats. Pour water into a small saucepan, wait until the boiling begins. Slowly add sugar, stir at the same time.
  2. Switch the stove to minimum power, continue to simmer the syrup until the grains dissolve. When the consistency is reached, turn off the burner.
  3. Start preparing tomatoes. This includes pruning, washing, drying. If the tomatoes are small in diameter, they are cut into 4 pieces. All others should be approximately equal in size. Chop them into slices or cubes.
  4. After soaking in a salty solution or plain water, the tomatoes should be placed in a cooking pot and filled with freshly prepared syrup. Cover the container with several layers of gauze, wait 18-20 hours.
  5. When the specified time comes to an end, drain the resulting sweet mass and boil it separately in another stewpan. The remaining tomatoes in the pan again fill this composition. Note another 16 hours, then start cooking tea.
  6. Place the fireproof dishes on the stove, cook on the smallest fire until the syrup thickens and the fruit is transparent. To understand whether a delicacy is ready or not, you need to drop some sweet mass on a piece of paper. If it is not completely saturated, ready.

Tomato Jam with Citric Acid

  • water - 0.35 l.
  • granulated sugar - 1.5 kg.
  • green tomatoes - 1.25 kg.
  • lemon powder - ¼ tsp
  1. Immediately it is necessary to clarify that in the process of preparation of conservation only purified filtered water is used. Plumbing is not suitable, it accumulates a lot of chlorine.
  2. So, after preparing the tomatoes and soaking them in water to remove solanine, it is necessary to dry the tomatoes and chop. Prepare pan for cooking.
  3. Put in it the prepared raw materials, enter so much water that it covers the components. If necessary, the amount of liquid is slightly increased.
  4. Send the refractory container to the burner and wait for the boiling. When this is achieved, set the minimum power of the plate and note the time. After 10-12 minutes the fire turns off.
  5. Drain the liquid obtained from boiling tomatoes, it is not required. Pour the sugar into pieces of tomatoes, mix gently and boil over medium heat for about 15-20 minutes.
  6. When the time allotted for cooking the treat has expired, remove the dishes from the stove and leave the treat for 3 hours. Tomatoes will absorb the syrup, become dense and do not fall apart.
  7. Then cook them again for a quarter or a third of an hour, leave to go for a couple of hours. Then comes the next stage of cooking - the third. At this step, pour in citric acid and stir the treat.
  8. At the exit you get a thickish jam with a yellow tint. It is enough to roll it hot in the banks, turn it over and leave it for a day to reach. Then the treat moves into the cold.

Tomato jam with cloves and rum

  • rum - 40 gr.
  • vinegar (6–9%) - 0.25 l.
  • small tomatoes - 1.1 kg.
  • granulated sugar - 1.1 kg.
  • Clove buds - 2 pcs.
  • lemon - 1 pc.
  1. As in all previous cases, tomatoes must first be prepared for further action. To this end, they are soaked in saline or plain filtered water. Further, the fruits for treat are chopped into slices or arbitrarily.
  2. Start cooking the syrup from half the volume of sugar and 0.5 liters. water. When the granules dissolve completely, add the entire acetic solution according to the recipe.
  3. Put the chopped tomatoes into the sweet mass, cut in 6 minutes and turn off the burner. Leave the ingredients to insist for 10-12 hours.
  4. After this period, pour out the syrup, add sugar residues to the tomatoes. Again, boil, for this time, get ready to prepare a lemon. It is necessary to wash and chop the skin with cubes.
  5. When the syrup is boiling and boil for 5 minutes, put tomatoes and citrus pieces on it. Add a carnation in the buds, mix and continue languishing at low power.
  6. When the treat merges with the syrup, turn off the burner. Rum is added after hollow cooling. Prepack in containers, store in the refrigerator.

Tomato and Nuts Jam

  • sugar sand - 1.3 kg.
  • drinking water - 370 ml.
  • walnuts (peeled) - 220 gr.
  • green tomatoes - 1.1 kg.

  1. Choose tomatoes of small size, it is convenient to cut them into circles of not too large thickness. Nuts must be freed from the shell, and the kernels separately fry in a dry frying pan without oil for 5 minutes.
  2. Then the nuts are crushed to the state of the crumb by the method convenient for you (blender, rolling pin, etc.). Boil a thick syrup of water in the amount of the recipe and granulated sugar, the granules should dissolve completely.
  3. Fill the tomatoes with nuts and place in a refractory container. Top with syrup, cover with gauze or towel, leave for 20 hours at room temperature.
  4. After the specified period, pour the syrup, boil it, again add to the tomatoes and roll on the banks. For even cooling it is better to leave the jars in the kitchen.

Considerable popularity among vegetables for preservation is occupied by green tomatoes. They are rolled up for the winter in the form of jam, observing a special technology in order to later enjoy a delicious snack. View popular and delicious recipes.

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Jam from green tomatoes is an unusual preparation for the winter to taste, besides, it sounds strange to the ears. And what to do, they provided themselves with ripe tomatoes all the way (thanks to the cottage), friends too. Unripe until the autumn a lot, willy-nilly, you have to start up green tomatoes for other cooking recipes - jam from these vegetables. The only thing I do not know how syrup (but, but, I know a lot of his other recipes) of them to cook.

Such an original version of homemade preservation is not polished every day, but whoever tries this preserve will not guess from what it is cooked. But tasty, nothing to say, if you do not dwell on how it is. And then used in the recipes to the stencils and, even worse, to store surrogates.

Most of all (in principle, everyone is coming) are suitable plum-like fleshy green tomatoes, which have not changed, are solid and smaller.

Simple recipe

  • green tomatoes are small,
  • Sugar - 1.2 kg
  • water - 300 ml.

My tomatoes and put in a bowl. Cook the syrup and, after cooling it a little, pour the fruits for a day. Then pour the syrup, heat it to the boil, pour the hot vegetables over and over again for a day.

Again we merge, we boil, we fill in and we cook to readiness on very weak spark, which we define on not spreading droplet.

With walnuts number 1

  • green tomatoes - 1 kg,
  • walnuts (kernels) - 60 gr,
  • sugar - 200 gr,
  • water - 500 ml.

Hard, ripe tomatoes, without stem, wash and dry. From the side opposite to the stem, we make a well, we get seeds with a very shallow spoon and fill with chopped (in your opinion) walnuts.

Add sugar to the water, boil a thick syrup, pour the stuffed vegetables over it and leave for 7-8 hours. Next, put on a low fire and cook 60-70 minutes.

With rum and lemon

  • green tomatoes - 1 kg,
  • sugar - 1 kg,
  • 9% vinegar - 250 grams
  • lemon - 1 pc,
  • Clove - 2 pieces,
  • rum - 30 ml.

Wash small tomatoes and cut into slices. We take half of the sugar, pour 250 grams of water into it, boil it, add vinegar and lower the sliced ​​into the boiling syrup (in small portions, alternately) and cook for no more than 5-6 minutes.

Cooked tomatoes omitted in syrup and leave until the next day (time is not limited, but without fanaticism). The next day we pour out the syrup; add the second half of the sugar, sliced ​​lemons without grains, and cloves.

All mix and pour a mixture of tomatoes. The further process of boiling continues until the vegetables become transparent. In the cooled tomatoes add rum, stir and shift to clean jars.

With alcohol and lemon

  • green tomatoes - 1 kg,
  • sugar - 1 kg
  • lemon juice - 20 ml,
  • 1 lemon peel,
  • alcohol - 40 ml.

We wash the tomatoes, cut them into slices, place them in an enamel saucepan, pour in alcohol, mix well, cover with a lid and leave for 11-12 hours.

Water (700 ml) is heated to boiling, dissolve sugar in it, add lemon juice, chopped lemon zest, put the tomatoes and cook to the desired thickness. We warm the jam in sterile jars, close the lids and set, after cooling, in a cool place.

With walnuts number 2

  • green tomatoes - 1 kg,
  • walnuts peeled - 100-150 gr,
  • sugar - 1.3 kg,
  • water - 300 ml.

Small - 3-4 cm tomatoes, wash and put for a couple of hours in a solution of soda (20 grams per 1 liter of water), wash again and shift to a bowl. Walnut kernels, lightly roasted in a pan, cut into several pieces.

Pour vegetables with hot syrup, add nuts and leave for 4-6 hours. Then bring to a boil, cook for 10 minutes, set aside for 5-6 hours, then bring to readiness.

Not tired of tomato jam recipes? Then - the freedom of the artist, worked on no less unusual recipes, such as: from zucchini with orange, and even options from these vegetables with lemon. So billet for the winter can take the most bizarre forms.

Step-by-step recipe for making jam from green tomatoes with photo

So let's get to work:

Wash thoroughly green tomatoes. Put them on a paper towel, let them dry out.

Then cut each tomato into two halves, and cut each half into lobules.

Put the prepared green tomatoes in a wide clean container.

Pour in this purified water.

Put the pan with the contents on the fire and cook for 10 minutes, then turn it off and drain the water.

Add sugar to the tomatoes, mix and put on the fire again.

Boil tomatoes for 20 minutes, then set aside, let them stand for three hours.

Now boil them again and thus repeat the procedure several more times.

How will you boil the tomatoes last time, add a little citric acid, mix, turn off the heat and pour the most delicious jam from green tomatoes into jars, roll up the lids and put them in the basement!

Red Tomato Jam

And for the winter you can cook no less tasty and fragrant jam from red tomatoes. The recipe for this delicacy is very simple, but as a result you will be proud of your new culinary masterpiece!

So, in order to prepare the jam for this recipe you will need:

red tomatoes - 1 kg,
fine sugar - 3 glasses,
orange - 1 citrus,
lemon - 0.5 citrus,
natural vanillin - 0.5 sticks,
Ginger - to your liking.

    First, the tomatoes should be scalded with boiling water and then dipped in cold water.

Then gently peel off the skin, and cut the flesh into small pieces.

Peel lemon, orange, remove bones, white film, and cut citrus pulp into slices.

Vanilla stick and ginger should be chopped.

Put all prepared ingredients into one pan, add granulated sugar, set aside, let the products stand for an hour.

Then send the container with the contents to the fire and cook just a few minutes.

  • Turn off the heat, let the jam stand for about an hour, boil it again for half an hour, and then pour it into sterile jars, roll up the lids and put it in the basement for storage. And in the winter, you can taste the original jam with a light pleasant aroma of summer!

  • Good appetite!

    Can be delicious jam from green tomatoes

    At first glance, green tomatoes have neither taste nor smell necessary for sweet delicacy. And even at the hearing of his name is quite unusual. But, having prepared this sweet miracle, you will realize that you were completely mistaken. It is really tasty, beautiful and fragrant.

    It should be prepared at least in order to diversify your diet and surprise your relatives and friends with a new interesting delicacy.

    How to choose fruits for harvesting

    For cooking, choose unripe green tomatoes without external damage. Experienced housewives are advised to choose plum varieties if possible, although the rest are fine. Fruits should be fleshy, firm, not overripe, small or medium size.

    What you need in the kitchen: appliances and utensils

    • gas or electric stove,
    • enamel pan (from two liters),
    • wooden spoon,
    • cutting board,
    • ladle,
    • knife,
    • glass jar (0.5 liters),
    • plastic (kapron) cover.

    Step by Step Cooking Process

    1. Thoroughly washed tomatoes cut into half rings.
    2. Pour sugar with water and boil for 15 minutes (the color will darken a bit).
    3. Add tomatoes to the hot syrup and cook for 20 minutes on the heat off.
    4. Boil the tomatoes for 20 minutes on low heat.
    5. Leave them for two hours and then boil another 20 minutes.
    6. At the end of cooking add citric acid.

    With rum and cloves


    • small green tomatoes - 1 kg,
    • granulated sugar - 1 kg,
    • vinegar (9%) - 250 ml,
    • carnation - 2 pieces,
    • lemon - 1 pc,
    • rum - 30 ml.

    Cooking method:

    1. Small green tomatoes well washed, cut off all damaged areas and cut into slices.
    2. In a pound of sugar, pour in water and boil a little.
    3. After adding the vinegar, bring to a boil and gradually, in several pieces, place all the fruits in the resulting syrup.
    4. Boil for about five to six minutes.
    5. The resulting semi-finished tomatoes should remain cool until the next day (no longer worth it).
    6. Next, drain the syrup, add the rest of the sugar, cloves and sliced ​​lemon without the seeds.
    7. Mix well and pour the fruit again.
    8. After that, boil over low heat until the tomatoes become transparent.
    9. Add rum to the cooled product, spread it out into prepared containers and roll it up.

    With orange


    • large green tomatoes - 1 kg,
    • granulated sugar - 200 gr,
    • orange - 1 pc.

    Method of preparation:

    1. Thoroughly wash the fruit and cut into large slices (like on a salad). Remove from orange zest, the fruit itself is cut into two halves.
    2. Cover the tomatoes with sugar and bring to a boil over low heat, then add the zest and squeeze the orange juice.
    3. Boil still a few minutes, cool, decompose into pre-sterilized containers and roll up.
    4. Send to storage in a cool room - cellar or refrigerator.


    • green tomatoes - 1.5 kg,
    • granulated sugar - 600 gr,
    • vanilla - 0.5 pod,
    • lemon juice,
    • zest of one lemon.

    Cooking method:

    1. Хорошо вымытые томаты нарезать дольками, поместить в кастрюлю и засыпать сахарным песком.
    2. After 8 - 12 hours of infusion, add sliced ​​lemon zest and boil over low heat for about ten minutes.
    3. Leave the jam for six hours, then let it boil for 5 - 10 minutes with vanilla, then remove it. Leave another 12 hours.
    4. Boil with lemon juice for 30 - 60 minutes and kill with a blender until smooth.
    5. Bring to a boil again, pour into pre-sterilized containers and roll up.

    With alcohol


    • green tomatoes - 1 kg,
    • sugar - 1 kg,
    • water - 0.7 l,
    • lemon juice - 20 ml,
    • alcohol - 40 ml
    • zest of one lemon.

    Cooking method:

    1. Well-washed green fruit cut into slices, put in a saucepan and add alcohol.
    2. Mix everything and leave under cover for 12 hours.
    3. Boil water, add sugar to it, add lemon juice and chopped zest.
    4. Pour the fruit with this syrup and cook until thick.
    5. Hot product pour into pre-sterilized containers and roll up.

    Features and storage rules blanks

    Rolled up jam is stored in a dry and cool place, for example, in a closet. Ideally, the temperature there should not be higher than 20 - 22 degrees Celsius, however, a properly welded product will normally transfer a higher temperature. The shelf life of boiled green tomatoes is one year.

    Many use it after this period, but it is better not to do it. Jam under a plastic lid is stored only in the refrigerator and not longer than three months.

    What to serve with jam from green tomatoes on the table

    Like any other sweet treat, green tomato jam is good for tea drinking. It is served on the table along with sliced ​​fragrant bread, toast, biscuits and other pastries. Also well suited as an additive to other sweet dishes, such as pancakes or cottage cheese casserole.

    Italian culinary specialists believe that its refreshing taste goes well with fish dishes. Try, experiment, and you will find your favorite way of using this delicacy.

    Green tomato jam is an unusual and interesting preparation for the winter, which is an excellent way to successfully use the autumn surplus of unripe tomatoes from your villa. In addition, this is a great opportunity to surprise your guests with the original and unusual taste of the new dish.


    • Green tomatoes 1.5 Kilogram
    • Sugar 1.3 Kilogram
    • Water 1 Glasses
    • Citric Acid 1 Pinch
      on the tip of a knife

    1. If you think that green tomatoes make inedible jam - you are mistaken. I saw this amazing recipe in one culinary program. So prepare all the products, measure the right amount of sugar.

    2. Carefully wash the tomatoes, chop them apart. Optimally cut them into thin slices. We send them to the tank, in which they will boil.

    3. Separately, make a syrup according to the classic recipe. Mix sugar with a little water and bring to a boil. When the sugar is completely dissolved, pour the tomatoes into the syrup.

    4. Add citric acid and boil the jam over low heat. Bring to a boil and turn off, then repeat the same procedure twice. After boiling the jam until soft tomatoes and remove from heat.

    5. When the jam thickens, it can be rolled up in clean jars. Jam can also be stored in tightly closed containers without preservation. A part of the delicacy can be left to eat immediately.