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Crafts from tires: flower beds, flower beds, figures, garden furniture


The majority of summer residents seek to design the site so that it looks stylish, modern and neat. However, not everyone can afford to allocate sufficient funds for the purchase of finishing materials. An excellent solution would be to use car tires as flower beds. Products that have served their time have a chance to live a second life.

With old tires, you can make many options for flower beds and flower gardens for the garden or suburban area

Automobile tires allow you to create flower beds for giving a variety of shapes and colors. Such compositions near the house will decorate the site, as well as a good way to dispose of old tires. The only condition for successful work with them is the availability of a set of tools and auxiliary materials. So, will require:

  • old tires,
  • roulette, ruler (metal)
  • marker,
  • jigsaw, grinder, handsaw,
  • knife,
  • primer,
  • exterior paint,
  • mesh (metal)
  • decor: stones, wooden elements, shells, colorful glass, etc.
Brightly colored tires - a simple way to organize a flower garden

Tire Selection

Despite the fact that in any case, wheel tires for flower beds are used only for those that have served their time, it is easier to work with some of them, but not with others. In this regard, it is better to choose:

  • those that are pretty worn out - they are softer, if necessary, they are easier to turn inside out,
  • for the same reason, it is better to use imported, rather than domestic products,
  • if there is an opportunity to choose between summer and winter tires - it is better to take the latter.

Before starting work, tires should be cleaned so that dirt does not impede the work process. Regardless of the softness of rubber and tire wear, it is more convenient to cut them with a grinder or jigsaw. If there is no such tool, you can use a knife. Previously, it should be well sharpened and from time to time dipped into a soap solution.

The best tire cutting tool is a jigsaw.

Tire painting rules

After the final arrangement of the flower beds and design of its tires, it is recommended to paint them. This procedure will allow you to create a picture rich in color and give a flower bed a neat, well-groomed look.

The choice of paint is quite wide: you can choose any weatherproof coating. Nitroenamels, oil, car paints look great. Acrylic enamel is very popular - it does not smell, it can be diluted with water. In addition, this paint is on sale in the form of a spray, so it is convenient to apply. In addition, this method of coloring is quite economical - it consumes as much material as necessary.

Required Tools

To start making flower beds from tires, you need to prepare the necessary tools. First of all, it is a tool that will be used for cutting rubber (knife, electric jigsaw, Bulgarian). If you decide to use a knife, the blade must be sharpened well. It is worth considering that the dense rubber cut with a knife is quite problematic. To facilitate your work, before cutting the blade must be greased with grease. If the knife will not be used as the main tool for cutting tires, it can be useful for making small cuts.

Use as a cutting tool electric jigsaw will be the best option. The more powerful the jigsaw, the easier it is to cut the wheel. For cutting tires, the ideal option would be a high-quality steel blade with a reverse tooth. It is much easier to cut the tire with a grinder than with a knife or jigsaw. The disadvantage of this tool is that the rubber on the edges of the cut will be melted, the cutting procedure will be accompanied by an unpleasant strong smell.

If for the manufacture of the pot you need to cut the protector, do it better grinder.

Then it is necessary to determine the type of paint for the flower bed. Almost any paint is good for rubber. The following types are mainly used:

  • aerosol,
  • oil-based enamel,
  • nitro enamel,
  • auto enamel

If necessary, for painting tires, you must prepare a brush. You will need gloves to work, they will protect your hands from paint or other possible contamination.. For marking you need chalk, marker or soap. In the manufacture of complex shapes, some elements will have to be made from scrap materials. For mounting additional parts to the main figure of the tires will require brackets, screws.

How to do?

The manufacture of complex curly beds of tires is a laborious process that requires patience and some physical effort. Whatever form you want to give a bed of tires, the procedure for making a pot will always be almost the same. Here is a step-by-step instruction on which you can independently make a figured flower bed of tires:

  • Choose a tire. To work with the tires did not cause unnecessary trouble, you need to take tires that can be easily cut off (old, badly worn, thin winter or imported).
  • Carefully clean and dry the tire.
  • We are determined with the form. It is necessary to chalk with a chalk or a marker. The marks on the tire should be done as carefully as possible in order to facilitate the process of cutting out the shape in the future.
  • Cut along the drawn line, then remove the upper part. You can use a jigsaw high power.
  • We turn the tire inside out (you need to take the cut edge with your hands, first stepping on the middle of the tire and with a force pull the rubber towards you).
  • Grind the cut edges and treat them with gasoline.
  • At the end of the bed must be painted, dry well and, if necessary, decorate with additional elements.

All vases of tires can be divided into two main types: one-piece and carved. The simplest version of a bed of tires is a tire in its original form. Ennoble the appearance of such a pot can, using paint. These flower beds can be placed in small groups, or make of them a multi-level design.

Multi-level design will look more attractive if you give it a pyramid shape. To do this, you need to take tires of different diameters and set them on top of each other. The difference in tire diameter should be at least 20 cm. Suspended flower beds will be a more interesting solution. Hanging a flower bed can be placed along a wall or a dead fence. The form of such a flower bed can be very diverse.