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Apple jam in the multicooker


In the harvest years, there are so many apples at the summer cottage that one cannot eat them fresh. It remains only to engage in processing. From the fruits of the apple you can drive the juice, make fragrant jam, dry them. Apple jam - one of the most simple blanks. You can cook it in the way that you prefer. And if you add additional ingredients, the taste will be much more refined.

Ingredient preparation

According to the classification adopted in cooking, the jelly-like thick mass of sugar syrup and fruits is considered to be jam. Since it does not have to contain whole slices, it is quite suitable for making crumpled fruit or slices. This product differs from jam by a more uniform consistency. And if you compare it with confiture, then the density of the jam is inferior to him.

For the preparation of this billet need fruits with a high content of pectin (plums, apples, quince). You need to cook the jam according to the correct technology: first, the fire is made maximum, then the flame is reduced. According to the classic recipe, sugar is added in the process of cooking in small portions. Pre-sliced ​​fruit boiled in water, and then poured sugar syrup.

Best of all, sour apples such as Bely filling, Semerenko, Hrushevka, Slavyanka are suitable for cooking. They contain the maximum amount of pectin, which will allow you to get the perfect jam texture. Before cooking, apples should be washed, the core should be cut from them, cut into pieces or grated to speed up the cooking process.

The advantage of jam is that even “padushki” are suitable for its preparation - those apples that fell to the ground. Such fruits spoil very quickly and need to be processed as soon as possible.

In the multicooker

The slow cooker is convenient because it does not require the hostess to constantly monitor the cooking process, so this way of cooking jam is suitable even for inexperienced cooks. It is enough to set the required mode and the device will turn off exactly at the moment when the delicacy is ready. It is not necessary to prepare jam for future use. It can be eaten immediately after cooling.

The list of ingredients for this dish is minimal. You only need:

  • 2 kg of apples,
  • 900 grams of sugar.

Of course, the number of products you can increase, respecting the proportions. Before cutting the apples into slices, they must be cut off the skin, but not thrown away (it will give us the pectin necessary for gelling). The cut off peel is placed in a multicooker container, poured a glass of boiling water and include the "steaming" mode. This stage of cooking will take 15 minutes, during which time you can just cut the apples.

When the peel is cooked, it must be fished out of the bowl, and in the resulting broth, throw apples and sugar. Now you need to select the "extinguishing" mode. Cooking time will be approximately 2 hours (depending on the capacity of the multicooker and the variety of apples). It is permissible to leave the instrument cover open to observe the process.

Jem can be ready in 1.5 hours. This moment can be determined by the fact that the mass has reduced its volume and thickened. The finished product is poured into sterilized jars, rolled up and covered with a warm blanket. After the billet has cooled, it can be stored at room temperature.

To speed up the preparation of jam, some housewives leave the peel on slices. The advantage of this method is that such a product thickens well. But nevertheless, it is recommended to wipe it through a sieve immediately after the end of cooking, so that the mass acquires a uniform consistency.

When cooking jam according to this recipe, there is no need to finely cut the apples at the preparatory stage, it is enough to divide them into quarters. Of the ingredients you only need:

  • apples,
  • sugar.

They are taken in equal quantities. The sliced ​​fruit is placed in a saucepan and covered with sugar. Do not boil the jam right away, let the apple run the juice. After 2 hours, put the saucepan on medium heat, bring the mass to a boil, reduce the flame level and make jam, stirring constantly, so that the mass does not burn.

During the cooking process, foam will be formed, which must be removed. After thickening the apple sauce can be further crushed with a blender. If the consistency does not suit you, wipe the jam through a sieve and immediately pour it into sterilized jars. After that, the container should be rolled up with covers and wrapped until cool.

Apple and Pear Jam

Jam of apples and pears can be cooked in just 1.5 hours. Such a delicacy differs in that it has a bright aroma. Before you begin the process of cooking, you must prepare:

  • 2 kg of apples,
  • 1.5 kg of pears,
  • 2 kg of sugar.

According to this recipe, washed and chopped fruits must be peeled first. Fruits are mixed together and covered with sugar. Dishes immediately put on the fire, which is reduced after boiling. Stir the jam during cooking so that it does not stick. You can find out the end time of cooking by the texture of the fruit - they should be completely boiled soft.

With ripe fruit this happens in an hour, hard apples and pears can cook a little longer. If you want to get the consistency of jam, chop the apple-pear mass with a blender, and then bring to the boil again. Now the workpiece can be laid out on sterilized cans and rolled up. Covers also need to be pre-sterilized in boiling water. The filled cans are turned over and wrapped for a day.

Lemon jam

To diversify the recipe for apple jam, try adding lemon to it, and instead of sugar, put honey. These supplements themselves are also extremely beneficial. Due to the minimum heat treatment in such a billet, the maximum amount of vitamins, biologically active substances and useful minerals will be preserved. The list of ingredients for preparation includes the following:

  • 1kg sweet and sour apples,
  • two lemons
  • 600 ml of liquid honey,
  • 1 liter of water.

At the first stage, fill the pan with water for 3 cm and place whole apples there. They need to be steeped for 15 minutes on low heat, so that they soften. The boiled fruits are rubbed through a sieve, at the same time eliminating seeds and peels. In the resulting applesauce mashed juice, squeezed from 2 lemons, and cooked over low heat for 2 minutes. The honey is poured into the cooled to 50 degrees jam, the mass is thoroughly mixed, poured into prepared jars and sealed.

Apple Lemon Jam: Video

There are a great many recipes for preparing apple jam, we have selected for you the most interesting, varied and useful, preserving maximum of vitamins. This sweet delicacy will decorate your table in winter and will remind you of sunny summer with an amber color and taste of ripe fruit.

Method of making jam from apples in a slow cooker

1. For this jam fit any apples. Including the so-called “carrion”, which usually do not know what to do. I peel apples, trying to cut off wide strips. But I don’t throw it out, but I put multicookers in the bowl, pour a glass of boiling water on it, turn on the “Steaming” mode and let it boil for 10 minutes. This is necessary in order to boil out the peel of the natural gelling agent - pectin, through which we get a thick-pregustoy jam.

2. I catch apple skins from the multicooker with a slotted spoon and throw them away. Broth leave in the bowl.

3. I cut apples into slices, spread them into a bowl, and put sugar to sleep. I turn on the "Quenching" mode for one hour. I close the lid.

4. Mix the resulting mass. I turn on the Baking program for 40 minutes. I do not close the lid tightly. In the process a couple of times I mix the jam. At the end of cooking, it will thicken and acquire a rich bright color.

5. I put the prepared jam into sterilized dry jars and close them tightly with lids. This kind of jam is perfectly preserved throughout the winter.

Tip: do not increase the number of products. Put no more than a kilogram of apples, otherwise during the cooking process the jam may boil off and spoil the multicooker - the lid may “weld” so that you need special tools to open the device.

What fruits should be used when cooking

Choosing apples for cooking jelly in a slow cooker, you should pay attention to some features that will help to make a delicious, aromatic and appetizing dish. It is also worth noting that the duration of storage of twists depends on the variety of fruits.

  • Fruits must be ripe. Otherwise, you will not be able to achieve the desired consistency of confiture.
  • It is advisable to use red fruits, as they are considered to be more juicy and soft.
  • Small apples are more varied, therefore it is recommended to give preference to medium-sized fruits.
  • If the fruits are cotton, they should also be discarded, as there is little juiciness in them and they will not be able to give the confiture the desired thickness.

Surely each housewife has her own way of cooking jam in a slow cooker. However, when preparing it, it is important to properly observe the recipe so that it will turn out to be truly tasty and healthy.

It is worth cooking a small portion so that the apple jam does not smudge the walls and the lid of the kitchen appliances, however, there are a lot of blanks even when cooking in a slow cooker.


  • apples - about 1 kg or 500 grams of peeled
  • sugar - 200 gr
  • water - 1 + 1/3 cup
  • pectin - 1 sachet (can be replaced with confiture or thickener for jam)

The end of summer, the beginning of autumn - this is just the time to think about winter stocks. After all, nature offers a huge range of fruits and berries, from which you can prepare jams, jams, compotes. In the cold season it is so nice to treat yourself to something tasty, sweet. Apple jam and jam are especially popular among winter twists. In the garden or in the apple market is usually a lot and their choice is great: small, large, sour, sweet. Therefore, the preparation of apple jam in the autumn is more important than ever.

Probably, every housewife has her own recipe for this spin, because jams from apples are very diverse. Each recipe differs in some features and secrets in the cooking process. For my family, I often cook just apple jam in a slow cooker with no other fruits or berries. Try it and you cook it to please your loved ones with a delicate taste of dessert.

Readers today I will offer a very simple way of harvesting jam from apples for the winter in a slow cooker. I have a model Panasonic-18, but there are many other multi-helpers that are suitable for jam. Read the recipe further, and you will be convinced of it.

Cooking method

  1. For the preparation of apple jam in the slow cooker for the winter, we need, first of all, the apples themselves. You should choose the fruits that you like, but keep in mind: if they are sweet, then you don’t need to add much sugar, and if you’re sour, depending on what kind of jam you want to get, you need to adjust the amount of sugar yourself. And yet, it is better to use soft fruits for making jam - the softer the apples you take, the more puree the jam will be.

So, wash my apples, peel them.

  • Cut the core and cut the apples into medium pieces. You can use a knife, or you can use a large grater head. I love to get slices of apples in the jam, so I cut them bigger. I did not weigh the exact number of unpeeled apples, and when I cleaned the skin and cut the core, I weighed 500 grams.
  • Put the sliced ​​apples in the multicooker bowl.
  • Pour sugar and pour a glass of water. For lovers of oriental flavors, you can add a little cinnamon powder and shabby orange peel.

    Put the slow cooker on the "Baking" mode, time 30 minutes. While the apples are being prepared, we dilute the pectin in 1/3 cup of water.

    If you are not familiar with pectin yet, then I hasten to inform you that with this additive any jam will acquire a more jelly-like consistency, and also partially replace the properties of sugar. Cooking apple jam in a multicooker with pectin will allow you to get a sweet billet with a lower calorie content, as well as preserve healthy substances and vitamins from apples. Pectin is an absolutely safe dietary supplement of natural origin, it can be used to make stunning jams, jams, and marshmallows.

  • After 30 minutes, the multicooker will turn off. Diluted pectin is poured into the apple mass and the “Pilaf” mode is turned on. This is necessary so that the jam evaporated and there is no excess liquid in it. Cooking before the beep. It takes about 40 minutes.
  • Now apple jam in the slow cooker is ready. We put it hot on previously prepared sterilized jars (they can also be evaporated in a multicooker in a container for steaming) and leave to cool, wrapped with a towel or blanket. Then we send jars of jam to the cellar or storeroom to wait for our time.

    From the specified number of apples I got 1 liter of jam.

    This apple jam, cooked in a slow cooker, is great as a filling for pies, but you can just eat it with a spoon or spread it on bread, drinking tea or milk. And apple jam is perfect as a supplement to natural yogurt, which, by the way, can also be cooked in a slow cooker. Enjoy your meal!

    Jam benefits

    Apple jam, despite the high sugar content, is a useful product for the human body. It consists of apples, sugar and water, and it is worth noting that apples are invaluable for the body. The vitamins and minerals contained in them during heat treatment do not lose their properties.

    Pectins in the composition of jam are natural absorbents, contribute to the improvement of the digestive system, accelerate metabolic processes. The absorbing properties of pectin contribute to the binding of cholesterol and its removal from the body, thus reducing its level.

    The minerals contained in the dessert, such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese, help improve the quality of blood and strengthen the heart muscle, thus supporting the entire cardiovascular system. Vitamins A, C, E, K, PP and group B saturate the body, prevent the emergence of avitaminosis and reduce the level of infectious and bacterial diseases transmitted by airborne droplets. Antioxidants and flavonoids in the composition slow down the aging of the body and reduce the risk of cancer.

    It is also worth noting that apple jam promotes weight loss, but on condition that it is used in small quantities, because sugar added during cooking gives dessert a high calorie content. Its energy value is 265 kcal.

    Kitchen appliances and equipment

    To prepare apple jam, you must have such kitchen equipment:

    • multicooker,
    • blender
    • sterilized cans for bottling and subsequent storage,
    • cutting board for preparing the base,
    • ladle, knife and pot holders.

    Required Ingredients

    To diversify the taste of dessert, the standard recipe can be supplemented with any fruit. For cooking will need:

    • 500 grams of apples
    • 500 grams of oranges,
    • 1 kilogram of sugar.

    From such a quantity of products, 1 liter of apple-orange jam is obtained.

    Step-by-step recipe

    So, go directly to the recipe for delicacy:

    1. Rinse apples and oranges thoroughly under running water.
    2. From the fruit to remove the core and bones.
    3. Cut into small pieces of arbitrary shape.
    4. Put prepared fruits into the bowl of the multicooker.
    5. On top of the fruit, without stirring, pour sugar.
    6. Close the lid and select the program jam "Jam". If there is no such program, the Multipovar or Quenching programs can replace it.
    7. Upon stopping the cooking timer, mix the resulting base and chop with a blender until a homogeneous mass is formed.
    8. Pour the jam into prepared sterilized jars and close the lids.
    9. Cool at room temperature, then store for storage.

    The seemingly initially liquid consistency of apple-orange jam, when completely cooled, will thicken and acquire the desired gel-like consistency.

    The shelf life of the prepared dessert is in direct proportion to the amount of sugar added during its preparation. The fact is that sugar is a natural preservative and its use prolongs shelf life.

    Sugar proportions for making apple-orange dessert provide good preservation and taste for 12 months from the date of preservation. It should be borne in mind that the amount of vitamins and minerals contained in the dessert decreases with time, and therefore the body's benefits will also be less.

    Dessert did not go through an additional stage of sterilization (i.e., additional heat treatment) therefore it is recommended to store it in a dark and cool place at air temperature of 10. 20 ° C. But the most suitable place to store is the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Apple jam is a delicious dessert with simple cooking. The perfect combination of apples with other fruits and berries provides a variety of its species. Густая и желеобразная консистенция десерта не позволяет растекаться при использовании что наделяет его главным качеством — судобством. Помимо всего прочего, яблочный джем содержит в себе множество питательных веществ и несёт огромную пользу организма человека.

    Рецепты от пользователей сети

    Хочу за этот рецепт сказать огромное спасибо Ире (Шуше) и Тане (Кавева).

    Яблоки очистить от шкурки, вычистить косточки и нарезать на любого размера дольки. Перемешать с сахаром и лимонной кислотой. Довести до кипения в режиме ВЫПЕЧКА и затем поставить на 1 час в режим ТУШЕНИЕ.

    До этого я никогда варенье ручками не варила, только в хлебопечке. А она замешивает))) Т.е. джем получается однородным сразу. Тут открыла и обалдела: сироп отдельно, целые яблоки сверху отдельно. I took a spatula and just lightly missed right in Multe. It turned out just great homogeneous jam!

    ENJOY YOUR MEAL. author: Natasha Oleinik (Saechka) "

    Cooking process

    I love jam made from any fruit and berries, because it is unusually tasty, thick and can be used instead of cream for any baking. I also like to roll in small shaped jars and distribute to my loved ones. And since I add an unusual ingredient (ginger, cinnamon, cocoa) to almost every jam, this is new to them, something unusual, and they, naturally, are satisfied, and I am happy. And yet, before presenting my next jar, I give a sample and I propose to guess what it is from.

    Today we are preparing apple jam in a slow cooker for the winter.

    Prepare the necessary ingredients. The variety of apples does not matter - jam will come from any. Cinnamon in apple jam can not add - this is a matter of taste.

    Peel apples, remove the core and grate on a coarse grater. Here in this form should be 1 kg.

    Fill with sugar and leave for 1 hour.

    During this time, the apples will make juice and sweat the sugar. Put the bowl with the future apple jam in the slow cooker and turn on the "Quenching" feature for 40 minutes.

    Allow the mass to cool and turn on the Baking function for 40 minutes. Do not close the lid tightly and stir it periodically during the process. At the end of the wrap, the jam will thicken and acquire a rich color.

    Jam hot spread on clean jars and roll covers.

    Turn the jars upside down and wrap the heat to cool. Apple jam cooked in a slow cooker is ready for winter!

    You can store fragrant jam in the apartment’s pantry or basement.

    Cook with love.

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    Recipe "Apple jam in a multicooker":

    It's very simple, I will not show you sliced ​​apples, etc., just tell the order.
    We clean the apples (the peel turns out to be a wonderful compote), cut them into thin, random slices, put them in a saucepan, and I added some frozen black currant berries for color and smell.
    On apples pour all the sugar and 1 teaspoon of citric acid. No need to mix anything, immediately turn on Quenching mode (I have 2 hours) - and everything is ready!

    The jam turned out with a slight sourness, quite thick. And of course, delicious!
    And do not stand, mix, follow-nothing will burn and everything will turn out, of course :)

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    Redmond P400, baking mode (it is without pressure) 140 degrees, 55 minutes. It turned out very thick, add 100 grams of water at the beginning.

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