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Biological bactericide Gamair, how to dilute and apply tablets (manual)


Virtually all plants need to be protected from diseases and pests. To do this, you can use chemicals or look for something natural. In this case, more and more use of biological products. One of them is “Gamair”. How to apply this medicine to plants and what is its advantage?

Description of the biological product

Biological drugs for a while. One of them is “Gamair”. It was created by specialists of Agrobiotechnology CJSC (Moscow). Designed to destroy the causative agents of bacterial diseases of most cultivated plants. It also helps in some fungal diseases.

The active substance of this medication is beneficial microbes - antagonists of soil fungi Bacilus subtilis.

Available "Gamar" in the form of loose tablets of gray-brown color and SP - dry powder, which is easily dissolved in water. It is more convenient to use the powder on large areas for processing vegetables, fruit trees and shrubs. From 300 to 5 thousand liters are used per hectare.

Used for spraying adult plants or for tillage before sowing seeds. The drug successfully fights with powdery mildew, root and gray rot, moniliosis and scab on trees.

Tablets are more convenient to use for processing small areas. Application rate - 1-2 sachets of 10 tablets per hundred.

After the use of the drug has a quick effect. Its action begins almost immediately after treatment. This makes it possible to overcome the disease in the initial stages.

The medicine is not dangerous for people, warm-blooded animals and fish. "Gamair" is low toxic, it belongs to class IV at risk to humans. Substance does not accumulate in root crops, berries and fruits, leaves and stalks of plants. The drug, according to the instructions, can be used in any phase of their development. It does not have phytotoxicity.

How to use the drug "Gamar"

Instructions for use advises the right amount of tablets immersed in a glass of cold water, mix thoroughly. Then add water to get a certain amount of solution.

To better keep the drug on the leaves, add adhesive to it. This could be soap or a special growth accelerator bought at the store, for example, Epin. On a bucket of water you need only 1 mg.

Again carefully mix the resulting solution, pour it into the sprayer. Treated plants, occasionally shaking the balloon. After watering the drug plot dig.

Working with the drug, you need to remember that it contains living organisms. Therefore, it is necessary not to damage them, but to create good conditions for them to live. Do not immerse tablets in hot water. After all, it can destroy the bacteria, which will reduce to zero the benefits of using the drug.

What cultures are treated with "Gamar"

Tests have shown that "Gamair" has a positive effect on cereals, potatoes. Tubers are treated in solution immediately before planting. With it, protect cucumbers and tomatoes in open and closed ground. Used to protect white and cauliflower means "Gamar."

Instructions for use, reviews, liquid working solution is advised to apply for the protection and treatment of fruit trees, shrubs, strawberries. It has a selective effect on some pathogens of indoor plants.

Application of "Gamair" for tomatoes

Tomatoes are grown in the garden and in greenhouses. In order for the fruits to be clean and not hurt, it is advised to use the "Gamair" instructions for use, reviews. When to handle planting and what doses?

For tomatoes in the greenhouse from bacterial cancer, the soil is watered before planting, for three days, in suspension. On a bucket of water you need to take 2 tablets of the drug. To combat the white and gray rot for the same portion of water you need to take 10 tablets. Sprayed plants in the period of the appearance of buds, before the formation of tomatoes. Repeat treatment after 15 days. The maximum number is 3.

For the tomatoes growing in the garden or field, also used "Gamar." Instructions for use, reviews advise treating plants to combat various rot. To prepare the medicine, two tablets are diluted in a bucket of water. The resulting liquid is treated soil for two days before planting tomatoes.

Treatment for late blight is carried out every 2 weeks. The first time - during the appearance of buds. Dilute 1 tablet in a liter of water. For the season is treated three times.

Cucumber Processing

Indoor cucumbers are often affected by gray mold. To combat it, it is advised to use the "Gamair" instructions for use, reviews. When to process cucumbers and how to prepare a working solution?

2 tablets of the drug is diluted in three liters of water. Spray from the beginning of the appearance of buds to the formation of cucumbers. Processing is carried out 2 times per season. One hundred use up to 20 liters of working solution.

Cucumbers that grow in open beds are also treated for rot. On a bucket of water make two tablets. Spill the soil a few days before sowing the seeds. The number of treatments per season - two.

To combat peronosporosis, they also use “Gamair”. Instructions for use and reviews advise to spray cucumbers twice a month after the appearance of buds. For 1 liter of water make 1 tablet of the drug. During the season spend 2 treatments. For watering 1 weave need a bucket of solution.

Cabbage processing

To protect the cabbage, too, use "Hamair" (tablets). Instructions for use, reviews recommend their use for the treatment and prevention of black legs, bacteriosis. A suspension is prepared from the black leg, dissolving 1 tablet in 5 l of water. Spill the soil a few days before sowing the seeds. Perform one treatment per season. On 10 l of the area bring a bucket of solution "Gamair".

Instructions for use, reviews recommend for protection against bacteriosis to dilute 1 tablet per liter of water. Then spray the plants, starting with the formation of 4 true leaves, then - every 2-3 weeks.

Fruit tree processing

Use "Gamar" for processing fruit trees, including apple trees, cherries from scab and moniliasis. Dissolve 1 tablet of Gamar drug per liter of water. Instructions for the use of tablets advises to handle plants for the season no more than three times. The first time spraying is carried out when flower buds are just about to open, the second - after flowering. The last time is when the size of the fruit reaches 2-3 cm. Up to 5 l are used for processing a single tree.

Processing indoor plants

Helps treatment "Gamar" from the disease of flowers. Make a pill of 5 liters of water. On one flower pot leaves from a glass to liter of means. On 1 square meter in an open ground bring 5 l of solution. Some flower growers have a question: do they need to water the soil before using “Gamair”? Not necessarily, you can immediately make a medicine.

Processing the flowers from spotting, they spray the plants during the period of active growth with the preparation “Gamair”. Instructions for the use of tablets recommends per 2 liter of water to make them. During the season, up to three treatments of indoor plants and flowers in a flower bed are carried out.

Feedback from users is advised to use the medicine in this way: they pour 70 mg per half liter capacity with water at room temperature, place a flower in it.

"Gamar" instructions for use for orchids are advised to use together with "Alirin" (1 tablet) and "Fitosporin" (2 g) in 5 liters of water. The resulting solution is processed roots of flowers, dipping the pot in a bowl with a solution. Re-orchids with problem roots are treated in a month.

User feedback suggests that the drug helps in the initial stages of the lesion of pions and irises with root rot. But deep inside the soil, it works worse. Therefore, for indoor plants, if they are affected by root rot, it is better to remove the flower from the soil, treat it with a preparation, and then transplant it into a new soil.

Compatibility with other drugs

The drug "Gamair" instructions and reviews are advised to use with the tool "Alirin." In this case, instead of 2 tablets "Gamair" take one of each of these drugs. You can also use these drugs with Glyocladin in this way:

  • Seeds are treated for 2 hours in a solution of "Gamair" and "Apirin-B". Per liter of water make 5 tablets.
  • Before planting seedlings or sowing seeds, “Glyocladin” is added to the soil - 1 tablet per 0.5 l of soil. A week later, the site is watered with "Alirin-B" and "Gamar" in equal parts, 2 tablets per seedling pot. The soil is treated with a mill at a depth of 15 cm. The film of greenhouses and its structures are disinfected.
  • Three days after planting seeds or seedlings, the site is poured over with the “Alirin-B” preparation. On a bucket of water using 2 tablets of the drug.
  • A month after planting, make "Gamair" and "Alirin-B" 2 tablets per bucket of water.
  • A month later, repeat the treatment, increasing by half the dose of "Gamair".

Instructions for use, reviews claim that in addition to these biologics, insecticides from the Colorado potato beetle and other harmful insects are successfully used. But only natural, not chemical. Growth regulators, mineral fertilizers can be added to the sprayer bottle.

It is impossible to use at the same time "Gamar" and chemical fungicides. They will destroy the microorganisms that are the basis of the drug. Apply "Gamair" can be no earlier than a couple of weeks after using "chemistry".

Advantages of using "Gamair"

The drug "Gamar" has the following advantages:

  • It quickly restores soil microflora.
  • Works as a prophylactic.
  • Qualitatively struggling with pathogens.
  • In fruits, the amount of vitamins and trace elements increases.
  • Increased taste of the products.
  • The drug is environmentally friendly, does not contain chemical compounds.
  • After its application increases the yield of plants.
  • The tool is not addictive, so you can use it for a long time.
  • Using this medicine for plants is cost effective.
  • Completely soluble in water.
  • It’s easy to handle plants.

Users claim that the drug "Gamar" acts as "Fitosporin", which is also a natural drug, but much more effective.

Storage of medicine and ready solution

The finished solution can not be stored for a long time. It should be used on the same day it was cooked for 2 hours.

Although tablets and non-toxic, but they need to be stored separately from food. It is impossible in the dishes, which was used to dissolve the medicine, to cook food for people and animals. Children should not have access to the drug.

Dry matter can be stored a year and a half from the date of manufacture. Some packages have a shelf life of 3 years. The advantage of the drug is that it can be stored in freezing weather. It does not lose its properties even at 30 degrees of frost. The maximum storage temperature is 30 degrees Celsius.

Precautionary measures

Work with the drug should be using personal protective equipment. And yet the unexpected happens sometimes. If you get into the oral cavity and “Gamair” was swallowed, instructions for use, reviews recommend rinsing your mouth with clean water, drink plenty of water with a couple of tablets of activated charcoal. Cause vomiting to remove the drug from the body. See a doctor.

If the particles of the drug or sprays of the solution hit the mucous membrane of the eye, wash it with a stream of cold water.

Tablets "Gamar": a description of the drug

"Gamair" is made on the basis of soil bacteria, but as in any other case of using chemical agents, the plant driver can get the desired effect from the use of "Gamair" tablets, it is necessary to know how to use them correctly. For abundant flowering and excellent plant performance, they must be properly protected from disease.

The main causes of plant damage by various ailments are the fungi and bacteria that are contained in the soil. Fungicidal preparations were specially created to protect plants from phytoinfections. In particular, "Gamar" is a biological agent with a pronounced antibacterial and fungicidal action. It is made on the basis of beneficial soil bacteria, which is an active fungicide.

The active ingredient of the drug, how does "Gamair"

The bacterium Bacillus subtilis inhibits the development of pathogens of fungal and bacterial infections of plants, and it is thanks to it that it manages to protect cultures. "Gamair" is made in tablets, and after reading the instructions for use, you will learn exactly how to use the tool to achieve the maximum effect. The drug "Gamar" is used for the prevention and treatment of the following diseases:

  • powdery mildew,
  • gray rot,
  • peronosporosis,
  • root rot,
  • mucous bacteriosis,
  • vascular bacteriosis,
  • black legs
  • scab,
  • monilioz,
  • spotting
  • late blight,
  • rhizoctoniosis,
  • askokhitoza,
  • rust,
  • trachemicous wilt.

How to breed "Gamair", instructions for use

Let's take a look at how to dilute “gamair” in tablets correctly in order to maintain its activity against pathogenic flora. As we have already noted, the biological product "Gamair" is made on the basis of soil bacteria, which is also noted in its instructions. Therefore, in order to maintain its activity, it is necessary to correctly prepare the solution. To do this, it is not recommended to take hot water, as it can kill the bacteria and turn the solution into ordinary water for irrigation. One tablet of "Gamair" is dissolved in 200 or 300 milliliters of water at room temperature. After that, the working solution is brought to the desired volume with clean water.

Instructions for use of the drug "Gamar".

Consumption of working solution - 10 l per 10 m²

Consumption of working solution - 10 - 15 liters per 100 m²

Consumption of working solution - 10 l per 10 m²

Consumption of working solution - 10 - 15 l per 10 m²

Consumption of working solution - 10 l per 10 m²

Consumption of working solution - 15 liters per 10 m²

Consumption of the working solution - 10 liters per 10 m²

Consumption of working solution - 10 l per 10 m²

Consumption of working solution - 10 l per 10 m²

Consumption of the working solution - 10 liters per 10 m²

Consumption of working solution - from 2 to 5 l per tree

Consumption of the working solution - 1 l per 0.2 pot

Consumption of working solution - 0.2 l per 0.1 m²

Consumption of working solution - 5 liters per 1 m²

Consumption of working solution - 1–2 l per 1 m²

Advantages of use and features of use of the drug "Gamar"

The main advantages of using the tool "Gamair":

  • rapid restoration of soil microflora,
  • high-quality destruction and prevention of the development of pathogenic flora,
  • increase in the content of vitamins and minerals in fruits,
  • lack of resistance to the drug,
  • economical use
  • complete safety (the biological product "Gamar" refers to substances of hazard class IV (low hazard), which means that it is safe for humans, fish, insects (including bees), animals and beneficial entomofauna, does not pollute the environment even with prolonged use, thanks to which, in its application, it is possible to obtain an environmentally safe crop.),
  • absolute environmental friendliness of the product
  • high activity against pathogenic flora,
  • completely natural remedy that does not contain hazardous chemical compounds.
Many plant breeders note that the “Gamair” fertilizer can be safely called the best bacterial fungicide today, and it is enough to familiarize yourself with its instructions.

Compatibility of tablets with other means

The drug "Gamaira" has detailed instructions, from which it can be seen that it is preferable to use it at the plant vegetation stage. The tool is non-toxic, and therefore, when it is used, you can count on getting a green crop. To improve the efficiency of use can be used together with drugs such as "Gliokladin" and "Alirin B". When sharing "Gamair" with other drugs it is necessary to observe an interval of one week between their uses.

"Gamair": storage conditions

Despite the fact that the drug is completely non-toxic, with individual intolerance and increased allergenic background, the development of allergic and individual reactions is possible.

If, despite all precautions, the drug accidentally got inside, it is recommended to immediately rinse the mouth with cold water, then drink two glasses of water along with two tablets of activated charcoal and induce vomiting. Before the arrival of the doctor, repeat the procedure several times.

In case of contact with the skin or mucous membrane of the eye, rinse them thoroughly under a strong stream of cold water.

"Gamair" is an inexpensive, absolutely safe drug that will reliably protect your plants from a variety of bacterial and fungal infections.

Gamair - application

If you want, so that your plants are not sick, use Gamar.

Hamair - биологический бактерицид для подавления грибных и бактериальных болезней на растениях и в почве.

Действующее вещество – полезная почвенная микрофлора - бактерии Bacillus subtilis М-22 ВИЗР.

Выпускаются в виде таблеток и порошка.

Что защищает.

Используется в качестве профилактического и лечебного средства, quite effectively suppresses various pathogens of bacterial diseases in the garden, in the garden and on houseplants.

When making the drug in the soil or when spraying on the leaves gamair inhibits development causative agents of bacterial and fungal diseases as well as protects plants from infection:

* tracheomycous wilt,
* root rot (fusarious, pithy, rhizoctoniase),
* bacterial cancer of tomato,
* diseases of leaves and stems (powdery mildew, gray mold, septorioz, peronosporoz, rust, alternarioz, late blight, cercosporosis, moniliosis, scab)

How to apply.

The drug is first diluted in a small amount of water, then bring to the desired volume.

Consumption: dilute 2 tablets in 10 liters of water and pour 10 square meters. m. soil under plants or 2 tablets per 1 liter of water if we spray the foliage of plants.

In the solution, you can add liquid soap 1 ml per 10 liters or better stimulants Epin, Zircon, HB-101.

With the prevention of the consumption rate reduced by 2 times.

Download application guidelines

The mechanism of action and composition of the pesticide "Gamair"

The biological product "Gamar" occurs in tablet form, and in a more convenient form of powder. The fungicide contains a strain of bacteria isolated from the environment, Bacillus subtilis M-22. In agricultural microbiology, this substance is used to produce highly effective protective drugs that help get rid of any kind of plant diseases of bacterial origin.

Due to the effect of the active substance, "Gamar" selectively suppresses fungal diseases, while it does not have the property to accumulate in the leaves and fruits of the plants being treated. The drug itself belongs to the fourth class of danger and does not pose a threat to humans, animals and fish, as well as representatives of the flora.

Fungicide "Gamar" has found wide application in the treatment of soil for planting and the plants themselves. The drug is used to protect landings:

  • grain crops
  • tomato,
  • cucumbers,
  • strawberries
  • grapes, black currants, gooseberries,
  • apple trees and ornamental plants.

To enhance the effect of the fungicide, complex treatment is often resorted to by adding Glyocladin and Alirin B. The combination of drugs can improve the immunity of plants at the stage of sowing, it should only be treated with a solution of seeds or soil.

Instructions for use

The use of the fungicide "Gamar" is not limited to the phases of plant growth, that is, it can be used to treat seedlings, protect adult plants, process the fruits for the purposes of prevention. In addition to performing its main therapeutic function, the fungicide restores the microflora of the soil.

  • Dissolve the powder (tablets) "Gamar" in 250 ml of water in the sprayer tank,
  • Mix thoroughly and bring the liquid to the required volume,
  • During the treatment process, constantly shake the spray tank or mix the solution using a hydraulic press,
  • It is applied only on the day of preparation of the working solution, since the drug dissolved in water after a few hours gradually loses its functional properties.

Useful advice: To reduce the consumption of the drug and to achieve the maximum result of spraying, add a little liquid soap (about 2 ml per 15 l) to the working solution, thus increasing the “sticking” of the fungicide to the plants.

The concentration of the working solution varies depending on the culture being treated and the type of disease:

  1. 10 tablets per 10 l - to combat late blight, white and gray rot on tomatoes, cucumber peronosporosis, mucous and vascular bacteriosis of cabbage, as well as for treating apple trees from moniliosis and scab.
  2. 2 tablets per 10 liters - for getting rid of bacterial cancer, root decay of tomatoes and cucumbers, black leg in cabbage.
  3. 10 tablets per 15 liters - from gray rot in cucumbers.
  4. 1 tablet on 5 l - against root rot and wilting of flower cultures.
  5. 2 tablets per 1 liter - from spotting in flower plants.

Antifungal drug "Gamair" can be used from April to August.

Important! With proper storage (temperature should not exceed + 30 ° C and fall below -30 ° C) the drug is valid for up to three years.

Mode of application:

The drug should be diluted in water, first in small quantities, and then poured into the total amount of water.

Consumption rate: 2 tablets per 10 liters of water and 10 square meters. m. surface when watering plants and 2 tablets per 1 liter of water when spraying plants (treatment area depends on the size and foliage of the plant.

Adhesive (liquid soap, etc.) is recommended to be added to the solution in the amount of 1 ml per 10 l. Liquid soap can be replaced with stimulants, for example: Zircon, Epin, Ribav-Extra.

For preventive treatments, the consumption rate is recommended to be halved.

Processing method: the drug is applied by a sprayer on plants or a watering can on the soil, in the wells and under the root.


In the working solution it is compatible with biological preparations, insecticides, fungicides, plant growth regulators. With Glyocladin to withstand the interval in the application of 7 days.

An aqueous solution to use on the day of preparation, can not be stored!



Method, processing time, frequency of use

Fruit (apple, pear,
plum and others.)

Spraying * plants starting in early spring until the onset of symptoms of the disease, 2-3 with an interval of 7 days. With the appearance of the first symptoms ** of the disease many times with an interval of 5-7 days.

Spraying * plants working solution before and immediately after flowering, then 2 weeks after the second treatment. Last processing is carried out in mid-August.

When the first symptoms appear ** of the disease in the summer period - spraying * of plants repeatedly with an interval of 5-7 days.

Vegetable open and closed ground (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants, cabbage, etc.) Potatoes

Berry (currants, gooseberries, strawberries, etc.)

Flower-decorative (roses, chrysanthemums, etc.)

Bacterial leaf spots, late blight, powdery mildew, downy mildew, gray mold, necrosis of the stem core.
Gray and white rot, soft vegetable rot.

Preventive spraying * of plants in early spring 2-3 times with an interval of 7 days.

Medicinal spraying of plants when the first symptoms appear ** of the disease 2-3 times with an interval of 5-7 days, then until the symptoms disappear completely *.

Root and radical rot of a bacterial nature, late blight, Fusarium.

before planting seedlings the preparation is applied to the soil by a sprayer or a watering can, and then a milling cutter or a spade to a depth of 15-20 cm is mixed with it,
introduction to the wells - 1 tab. / 1 ​​l of water - at the rate of 200 g of working solution per well.
during the growing season *: spillage of the soil and especially of the root zone of the plant with a solution of the drug 2-3 times or many times with an interval of 5-7 days.

Bacterial cancer of tomatoes, a piece of cabbage.

Removal of plants in the focus of the disease, then spillage of soil in the focus and around it: 2-4 tables / l l of water / 1 m2. Next, repeat the 3-4-fold spillage of soil at the site of the disease. Observe crop rotation.

Indoor Flower Plants

Spraying plants during the growing season - 2 tabl / 1 l of water (0.1-0.2 l of solution per 1 m2)

Root rot wilt

When transplanting indoor plants - mixing the soil with the preparation - 2 tabl / 1 l of water / 5 l of soil.

Watering the soil in pots - 1 tabl / 5 l of water (0.2-1 l of solution for 1 pot)

* when spraying, add adhesive (liquid soap, etc.) in the amount of 1 ml per 10 l to the solution.

** with a strong defeat of the plant, alternation of biological preparations with chemical fungicides is recommended.

Ecological safety:

  • high efficiency, lack of phytotoxicity,
  • helps to restore beneficial microflora in the soil and on plants
  • not addictive for pathogens,
  • growth stimulating and immunomodulatory effects
  • removes soil toxicity after the use of agrochemicals.

Security measures:

Hazard Class - 4 (low hazard substance).

Safe for humans, animals, fish, bees, useful entomofauna and the environment. Does not accumulate in plants and in the soil, which contributes to obtaining environmentally friendly products

When applying you can not drink, smoke and eat. Wear gloves. To prepare the working solution do not use food dishes.

First aid for poisoning.

If ingested, drink 1-2 glasses of water in which 1-2 tablespoons of activated carbon are dissolved and vomiting is caused by irritation of the tongue root.

If swallowed through the respiratory system out into the air.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water.

In case of contact with skin, rinse with water and soap.

If necessary, consult a poison control center: 129010, Moscow, Sukharevskaya Square, 3, Moscow Research Institute of Emergency Care. Sklifosofskogo. Toxicological information and advisory center (works round the clock). Tel. 928-68-87, fax 921-68-85 or to the State Chemical Commission of the RF: 207-63-90, 975-41-50, fax 208-62-84.

During transportation it is prohibited to transport with food, feed and medicines. It is transported by all means of transport.

Ways to neutralize spilled and scattered pesticides, methods of neutralization, disposal of containers and pesticide residues. If the drug gets on the floor - collect it with a broom. Dispose of the preparation to be disposed of with the container in the trash can.

Shelf life:

Store at temperatures from -30 to + 30, out of the reach of children and pets.

Warranty period of storage without breaking the packaging is 1.5 years from the date of manufacture.

This article was created based on the manufacturer's instructions; it is for informational purposes only and is not an advertisement.

Article date: 05/19/2009