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Red Currant Jelly: Summer Canned


Red currant contains quite a lot of pectin, so in order to thicken the juice and purees obtained from it, you do not need to purchase and add additional components. Berry, sugar and a little time are all that is needed to make red currant jelly for the winter.

Cooking features

In order to prepare a tasty and healthy red currant jelly, which can be put on the winter without fear that it will deteriorate, you should consider a number of points.

  • Regardless of the conditions in which currant jelly will be stored, it should be made from good, intact berries. Pre-berries should be picked and washed. Some believe that it makes no sense to remove the stalks from the berries, as the currants will still be ground through a sieve. In fact, for better preservation of the delicacy, it is still better to remove the stalks in advance.
  • The dishes in which the jellies will be prepared should be dry and clean. Aluminum dishes are not suitable because of their ability to excrete toxic substances during oxidation. Stainless steel, enameled products, wood and ceramics, as well as plastic can be used safely.
  • They store currant jelly in glass jars, which, before filling, must not only be well washed, but also sterilized, dried. If the product was prepared without heat treatment or it was minimal, it can only be kept in a cool place, best in the refrigerator. Heat treatment allows you to store jelly at room temperature, provided that it is closed tightly.
  • Jelly should be laid out on the banks before it has time to thicken, so you need to prepare them in advance.
  • To jelly, made without cooking, "grabbed," you should not put it in the fridge immediately. It is better to do it in a day. For a longer period, leave the jelly cooked in a “cold way” at room temperature is not worth it.

The technology of making jelly is described in more detail in recipes, on which, in particular, the storage conditions of the sweet billet depend.

Classic recipe for red currant jelly

  • red currant - 1 kg,
  • sugar - 1 kg
  • water - 0.2 l.

  • Go through the currants, remove the stalks and debris, the crumpled and rotted berries. Rinse remaining in running water.
  • Put the berries in a bowl or large bowl. It is better to give preference to dishes as flat and wide as possible - so the area of ​​heating and evaporation is larger, which saves jelly cooking time.
  • Fill the berry with water, put the bowl on the fire and heat until the berry starts to burst and give the juice.
  • Strain the currant juice, squeeze it out of the remaining berries by placing the berries in a sieve and rubbing it through with a wooden spatula. Try not to press hard to avoid berry skins in jelly. If the cake will remain a lot and it will be a pity to throw it out, you can cook a delicious compote from it by adding sugar, water and some citric acid.
  • In the currant juice, add sugar, stir.
  • Cook the jelly over low heat, stirring constantly, until it thickens. After 15 minutes, the berry mass will decrease in volume by about a third.
  • Spread the jelly over the prepared jars until it is cold and roll them up. Turn the cans and wrap them up. After a day, put it in the closet - such preparation is well worth it at room temperature.

The red currant jelly prepared according to this recipe is very thick and sweet. Its good to use for the preparation of various desserts.

A simple recipe for red currant jelly

  • red currant - 1 kg,
  • sugar - 0.8 kg,
  • water - 50 ml.

  • Reassemble the berries, wash and dry. Pour sugar.
  • Leave the berry for 10 minutes, mix - the sugar should be wet.
  • Pour some water into the bowl with the berry and put it on low heat.
  • Boil 10 minutes after the water boils.
  • Transfer the resulting mass to a colander and put down a little with a spoon so that the juice is poured. Keep a colander at this time over a clean bowl or other similar capacity.
  • Immediately spread the resulting mass of sterilized banks.
  • Cork the cans, turn over, wrap. After they cool down, store for storage.

Jelly, cooked in a simple recipe, turns out a little less thick and sweet than the classic, but it is also well stored.

Red currant jelly "Five minutes"

  • red currant - 1 kg,
  • sugar - 1 kg.

  • After going and washing the berries, add sugar to them. Leave for 15–20 minutes.
  • Sterilize the jars.
  • Stir the berry with the sugar and put the container with it on the fire. The fire must be strong enough, and the berry must be constantly stirred.
  • Boil exactly 5 minutes after boiling.
  • Wipe the berries through a sieve, while trying to ensure that nothing superfluous (pelts, twigs, if they have not been removed immediately) does not get into the jelly. It is better to leave more cake than to spoil the billet.
  • Arrange in jars, close with boiled plastic lids.
  • Leave the jelly at room temperature for 18–20 hours, then store in the refrigerator for the winter.

The jelly made from this recipe is very tender. The minimum time of heat treatment allows you to save a significant part of the vitamins available in red currants.

Red Currant Jelly without Cooking

  • red currant - 2 kg,
  • sugar - 1 kg.

  • After sorting, washing and drying the berry, chop it in a blender.
  • Strain the berry mass through a sieve - the result will be about a liter of black currant juice.
  • Stir currant juice with sugar. It takes 5-10 minutes to mix.
  • Pour the berry mass into small, pre-sterilized jars. Cover them tightly with boiled caps.
  • Leave the jars for 24 hours warm, then move them in the fridge.

Gentle jelly, cooked for the winter without cooking, is especially useful because it saves all the vitamins.

Red currant jelly, according to whatever recipe it is prepared, will be quite thick and tasty, as well as fragrant. Only the storage conditions of this dessert and its usefulness depend on the recipe: the less was the heat treatment, the more vitamins left in the jelly.

Recipe 1: red currant jelly without cooking (step by step photos)

  • red currant - 600 g,
  • sugar - 900 g

Rinse red currants rinsed with cold water under the tap. For blanks for this recipe you need the most mature berries, you can slightly overripe, but without signs of damage and damage.

Take a bunch of currants and a fork, hold along the twigs - this is the easiest way to clear the berries from the twigs.

Put the cleaned berries in a colander and wash them thoroughly again, then scatter them on paper towels so that the berries dry completely.

We shift the currants in a clean pan, take a wooden pestle and crush the berries like potatoes.

We press carefully so that there are no whole berries left, a thick mashed potatoes with grains should turn out.

Put a piece of clean gauze in a sieve, then pour currant puree. Carefully squeeze the mass, so that as a result, a very small bag remains in the hands. It is better to filter the mashed potatoes in small portions, changing the gauze cuts.

Such jelly is prepared as usual, but after chopping the berries, the juice is not squeezed out of them, but is prepared together with the pits and skin.

Ready-made jelly is not only a dessert for tea, but also a filling for pies and cakes, an addition to ice cream and even a sauce for meat.

The time and efforts spent on cooking jelly in the fall are offset by the vitamin product in the winter and the gratitude of the household.

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For this recipe, the berries just wash well and remove the obvious large trash.

We will save our time and work and will not remove the currant from the branches.

All you need to do is to fill it with sugar and stir well. Currants put the juice, and the sugar begins to melt.

You can even crush the berries with tolkushkoy, so they gave the juice faster.

This is the berry-sweet mass that you should have. We put it on a strong fire.

Bring to a boil and cook for 10 minutes, stirring constantly, so that the sugar does not stick and dissolves well.

If the future jelly will run away, reduce the heat.

During cooking, you can not remove the foam, we will do it a little later, after filtering.

Take a deep container and pour the whole berry syrup through the sieve.

The liquid will quickly go away, but the berry flesh and twigs will remain.

This is followed by a very important point, the berries that remained in the sieve should be well ground through it.

In order for the jelly to freeze, you need to grind the cake as much as possible, because it is the skin that contains the most pectin.

After filtering, remove all the foam. By this time you should already be ready sterilized jars.

Pour the future of jelly on the banks.

Leave open until completely cool, and only then close with parchment paper or covers.

Such jelly is stored very well in a cool dark place.

And thanks to the acidic properties of berries and sugar, which is an excellent preservative, open jelly can be stored for a month without a refrigerator.

Jelly turns out very thick, perfectly smeared on bread. And just with tea - very tasty!

Homemade red currant jelly without cooking

In fact, even more vitamins are preserved, if the jelly is not cooked at all.

Due to its sour taste and the ability of redcurrant juice to harden on its own, without heat treatment, such jelly can be stored for a very long time simply in the refrigerator.

The method of cooking red currant jelly.

We're sorting out the harvest - we remove the branches, leaves, spoiled berries and stalks. Then pour cold water into the basin, put the berries in, wash it, throw it on the sieve. Flush under the tap, let the water drain.

We take a large pot with a thick bottom and a lid that fits snugly. We shift pure berries into it.

Put the clean berries in the pan

Normal tolkushkoy bit pressed currants to stand out juice. Instead, sometimes add half a glass of water, but I believe that the moisture in the jams should be of natural origin (ie, from the juice of the berries).

Squeeze the berry lightly to squeeze the juice

Close the pan tightly, send it to the stove, make a big fire. As they warm up, the berries will start to burst and give off juice when the mass boils, reduce the heat. After about 30 minutes the volume will decrease significantly.

Put the pot with the berries on the fire. Bring to a boil.

This is how well boiled berries look like - a lot of juice, and currants at the bottom of the pan.

Carefully wipe boiled berries through a sieve.

Now the most laborious part of the process is wiping berries through a fine sieve. I do not advise you to put a lot at once, add several tablespoons in portions. Currant is rich in pectin, but it is contained in the pulp and skin, so you need to wipe thoroughly, squeezing all the useful substances.

Red currant rubbed through a sieve

By the way, compote can be cooked from the cake so that the product does not disappear.

Mix berry puree and granulated sugar. Sugar should be more to jelly turned thick. Mix well until sugar is completely dissolved, send the pan back to the stove.

After boiling, boil for about 15-20 minutes. If you digest, it will not be a bright color, all natural paints from a long boil get a brownish tint.

In the process of boiling, remove the foam and mix.

Stir constantly and remove the foam

Cooking dishes for conservation. In a solution of baking soda in my jar, rinse with boiling water, then sterilize over steam or dry in an oven (temperature 130 degrees).

Closing can be done with boiled lids or clean parchment, folded in several layers.

Cooked red currant jelly is poured into jars

We decompose the hot mass in warm jars, close, remove in a dry and dark storage space.

Red Currant Jelly

It should be remembered that the banks, closed paper, can not be put in the cellar. In a damp room, the canned food closed in this way will not be preserved.